The Words of the Fuchs Family

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Matching and Blessing from True Parents 17 Feb 2010 Chung Pyung, Korea for all 2nd Generation (Rainer Fuchs - January 2010)

PMCnov European Parents Matching Convocation 19th -- 21st November Grävenwiesbach, Germany (Rainer and Chieko Fuchs - September 2010)

Reminder: Parents Matching Convocation in November (Rainer and Chieko Fuchs - October 27, 2010)

Prague Blessed Family Department Europe Report - European Cheon Il Guk Assembly 2011 (Rainer Fuchs - February 2011 pdf)

True Father's Seonghwa and the Unchanging Providence for Cheon Il Guk Foundation Day (Rainer Fuchs - September 26, 2012 pdf)

One Day Workshop - Preparation for Foundation Day with our elder brother Rainer Fuchs - Poland (December 2, 2012 pdf)

Report of the workshop for the 2nd Generation Kids born in 2000-2002 (Rainer Fuchs - January 1, 2013 pdf)

BFD-EU Parents Matching Convocation 3rd to 5th May 2013 (Rainer Fuchs - April 1, 2013 pdf)

Sunday School Seminars with Tim Atkinson (Rainer Fuchs - April 3, 2013 pdf)

The time after Foundation Day in Belgium (Rainer Fuchs - October 12 - 13, 2013 pdf)

Invitation to the ORIGINAL SUBSTANCE OF DIVINE PRINCIPLE Seminar in German language (Rainer and Chieko Fuchs - March 3, 2014 pdf)

Rainer Fuchs visit to Hungary (Tibor Krebsz - May 4 - 14, 2014 pdf)

Activity Report of Hungarian Family December 2014 (Rainer Fuchs - December 31, 2014 pdf)

5 Day Winter Workshop in Prague, Czech Republic (Rainer Fuchs - January 1, 2015 pdf)

HARP Education and Leadership Training 2015 in Dunajska, Slovakia (Rainer Fuchs - April 20, 2015 pdf)

Fishing in the Baltic Sea as Condition to open the Gates of Witnessing in Poland (Rainer Fuchs - April 30, 2016 pdf)

Invitation to the Original Substance of Divine Principle Seminar for all brothers and sisters 1st and 2nd Generation in English Language (Rainer Fuchs - March 20, 2017 pdf)

Original Substance of Divine Principle Seminar in Glanow, Poland (Rainer Fuchs - March 21, 2017 pdf)

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