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So what is it you actually do?

Robert Haines
November 9, 2012

'So what is it you actually do?' Is a question a number of people have asked in the two weeks I've had the job as youth ministry chairman (my granddad is quite amused by my title – 'Mr Chairman' he calls me now). I'll be honest, quite a lot and not that much at the same time. Planning HARP Winter Workshops, CARP Dinner (which is going to be great btw), thinking about visiting Scotland, finding Manchester on the map, managing the database, writing lots of to do lists, responding to parents concerns and lots of other things – very easy to be busy. It is a job that certainly occupies ones mind a lot. On top of all that I wanted to create some excitement about the activities we're planning for this year.

Naturally I set up a twitter account. Social media was the answer – hype. Yet how very easy it is to run around, but actually not go anywhere. I needed a map. I always look things up on Wikipedia or if I'm really interested I'll read a book on the subject. This, coupled with my dad saying there is nothing to learn from the way the Unification Church is run, led me to purchase Purpose Driven Youth Ministry by Doug Fields. The first chapter was a revelation.

"No youth ministry idea or program can compete with God's power working in and through you as he gives you a passion for students and you give him a pure heart."

I need to start right at the VERY beginning. True Children's Day is coming up soon. A day about discovering oneself as a True Child of God. Realizing oneself as a member of ones family. Remembering who you are. This is where I need to begin. Before I can try to lead my brothers and sisters in faith I need to rediscover my core identity as a son of God and True Parents more deeply than ever before.

"Be still, and know that I am God"
(Psalms 46:10)

I hope you can take the opportunity and join with me and our church family around the world to prepare for next Wednesday to remember who you are. 

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