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Survival kit for 2013 – Tools for everyday living

Robert Haines
November 13, 2012

Toolbox of things to use in an everyday life of faith for students, for those at work, for singles and for married couples. We hope that this day will provide something for everyone between the ages of 18 and 30 – as well as some great food, music and a lively atmosphere.

15th December, Lancaster Gate, 8 am -- 8:30 pm

The morning session will include talks on "God and I" and "Where is our movement at and where is it going"

As well as parallel sessions in the afternoon on "Student life" or "Faith @Work";

"Personal Development" or "Life of a blessed couple"

There will be time for a trip to Hyde Park's 'Winter Wonderland' or just to relax together in the cafe.

£10 with CARP Christmas Dinner Ticket or £15 without – includes delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner made by our very own professional chef.

Online applications will be available shortly – check this site in a few days.

Need a place to sleep?

If you are coming from further afield and need a place to stay (Fri to Sat and/or Sat-Sun) you can stay at Lancaster gate, please bring a sleeping bag. Please do email us to let us know if you are sleeping over. 

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