The Words of the Haines Family

SCOOP – Mixed Martial Arts Workshop

C. Haines
December 5, 2012

This workshop was great fun. We all gathered in the ballroom in Livingstone house which was covered with mats and new equipment. There were around 15 – 16 of us altogether. It was simply a great workout, great fun and very practical and educational with a variety of martial arts covered to a basic level so people could experience a taste of everything.

We started the day with Boxing Led by me (Sean) which simply consisted of learning the basic attacks and defence in boxing. Then we had Tae kwon Do kicking workshop led by Vitas LeBas which trained everyone in some good quality Tae Kwon do Kicks. Finally we ended with a session in Gracie Jujitsu led by Alex Shaw, which taught everyone some elaborate submission techniques.

We look forward to having more of these workshops as martial arts is a great example of learning to discipline yourself in mind and body. Both True Father and Hyung Jin nim have always encouraged 2nd generation to learn Martial arts, which is always good. Doing something fun that is actually good for you. Hope to see more people at the next workshop. 

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