The Words of the LaValley Family

 Table of Contents

Why Arranged Marriages Work: An Interview With Dr. Robert Epstein (Jack LaValley - January 16, 2012 pdf)

My Spiritual Odyssey with Father Moon (Jack LaValley - March 20, 2013 pdf)

My Seven-Year Vision 2020 Project Plan (Jack LaValley - May 21, 2013 pdf)

What is the Mission of the American Unification Church? (Jack LaValley - June 12, 2013 pdf)

A Proposal to Define the Mission of the American Unification Church (Jack LaValley - June 24 2013 pdf)

A New Model for How We Gather in Our Local Faith Communities (Jack LaValley - September 15, 2014 pdf)

Reconsidering Divine Principle’s Call to Create a Socialist Ideal (Jack LaValley - April 20, 2015 pdf)

Into the Future: Why We Need to Create an Alternative Service (Jack LaValley - August 31, 2015 pdf)

Scripture, Authority and Lineage in Unificationism (Jack LaValley - July 4, 2016 pdf)

Immortality: Reconsidering Unification Teaching on Eternal Life (Jack LaValley - September 5, 2016 pdf)

Beyond partisanship: A proposal to end the schism and bring our divided family back together (Jack LaValley - September 22, 2016 pdf)

Beyond Partisanship: A Proposal to Bring Our Divided Family Together Again (Jack LaValley - June 26, 2017 pdf)

Another Way Forward: Our Next Steps to Take in Transforming American Culture (Jack LaValley - September 25, 2017 pdf)

Invite to Profound Meditate Meet Up Group (Jack LaValley - October 2, 2017 pdf)

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