The Words of the Osei Family

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Ashanti King Honored as Ambassador for Peace (Helen M. Osei - December 9, 2009)

Partnership for Peace Education in Northern Ghana (Helen M. Osei - May 18, 2010)

Day of Peace in Accra, Ghana (Helen M. Osei - September 21, 2010)

African Culture Week Planned in Ghana (Helen M.Osei - November 23, 2010)

Appointing Ambassadors for Peace in Eastern Ghana (Helen M. Osei - March 24, 2011)

Nana Opoku -- A Man with a Vision (Helen M. Osei - March 28, 2011)

Africa Day Rally Held at Accra High School (Helen M. Osei - May 25, 2011)

Workshop on Marriage and Family in Accra (Helen M. Osei - October 27, 2011)

Africa Day Festival to Take Place in Accra (Helen M. Osei - April 18, 2012)

Day of Families Observed at a Forum in Accra (Helen M. Osei - May 15, 2012)

Africa Day Festival at St. Paul's Lutheran School in Accra (Helen M. Osei - May 25, 2012)

UPF-Ghana Holds End-of-Year Assembly (Helen M. Osei - December 17, 2013)

German-Ghanaian Cooperation Plants Seeds for Farming Venture (Helen M. Osei - January 18, 2015 pdf)

Ghanaians Engineer Christian K. Agbezudor and Bishop Christian Gawuga Recognized by UPF (Helen M. Osei - January 29, 2015 pdf)

UPF's Ghanaian Organic Farming Project Moves Forward (Helen M. Osei - February 28, 2015 pdf)

Christian Leader, Members Attend UPF-Ghana Seminar (Helen M. Osei - July 1, 2015 pdf)

Ghanaian Children Hear UPF Character Education (Helen Osei - August 1, 2015 pdf)

Ghana Observes UN International Youth Day (Helen M. Osei - August 13, 2015 pdf)

Charitable Prince Sets up Seminar for Nigerians in Ghana (Helen M. Osei - October 22, 2015 pdf)

Ghana and Nigeria UPF Chapters Hold Peace Conference (Helen N. Osei - October 30, 2015 pdf)

60 at UPF- Ghana's celebration of Africa Day and 53rd anniversary of the OAU (Helen M. Osei - May 25, 2016 pdf)

UPF Accra, Ghana met the speaker of Ghana's Parliament, Aaron Mike Oquaye (Helen Mabel Osei - July 10, 2018 pdf)

UPF South Dayi, Ghana organized dignitaries' one-day peace education workshop (Helen Mabel Osei - September 3, 2018 pdf)

UPF, WFWP and YSP Accra, Ghana celebrateThe UN International Day of Peace (Helen M. Osei - September 21, 2018 pdf)

UPF Accra, Ghana's International Association of Traditional Chiefs for Peace (Helen Mabel Osei - August 25, 2019 pdf)

IAYSP Ghana Online Character Education Training workshop for Youth Leaders (Helen Mabel Osei - June 27, 2020 pdf)

IAYSP Ghana's Annual Peace Legacy Summit on Nelson Mandela Day (Helen Mabel Osei - July 18, 2020 pdf)

UPF Ghana: Peace Education for Ambassadors for Peace and VIPs (Helen Osei - December 8, 2021 pdf)

UPF Ghana: End-of-Year Assembly and Ambassadors for Peace Award Night (Helen Osei - December 21, 2021 pdf)

UPF, FFWPU and WFWP Ghana's Service Project: Charity Impact 2022 in Anyinam, Ghana (Helen Osei - September 21, 2022 pdf)

UPF, FFWPU and WFWP Anyinam, Ghana's UN International Day of Peace (Helen M. Osei - September 21, 2022 pdf)

UPF Achimota, Ghana's Capacity Building Workshop for Ambassadors for Peace (Helen M. Osei - October 5, 2022 pdf)

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