The Words of the Redmond Family

In Memoriam Tania Redmond

David Hose
May 20, 1990
Director of the Foreign Missions Department

On Sunday, May 20, the phone rang at 3:25 a.m. and we learned of the passing of Tania Redmond, beloved wife of Carl Redmond, our WMD regional leader in the Caribbean.

Though there were deep tears at the other end of the line, at the same moment, one could feel that this kind of ascension only serves to move Heaven's work ahead. Tania, having fought breast cancer, which had spread to her liver and lungs, for the past two years, never lost her courage and vision.

Last November when I walked into her room on a visit, Tania stirred herself, smiled and began to speak of going to the USSR to pioneer when "this is all over" -- no self-pity, no thought of sickness, just the healthy dream of the purely faithful. Well, now Tania is fully free to go in a mighty capacity to the USSR (she comes from Russian Jewish ancestry). There is no doubt she is already planning.

Tania was born on April 18, 1956. She was blessed in 1982 at Madison Square Garden. Tania spent several years with the performing arts department in New York City, especially as a brilliant piano accompanist. She often worked with Ye Jin Nim on stage productions. Tania's ascension followed by a few hours the arrival of an express letter from Ye Jin Nim, read to her by Carl at the bedside, to her great joy. Tania leaves her husband Carl and a son and daughter. 

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