The Words of the Redmond Family

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What does the spirit require for growth under indirect dominion? (Carl Redmond - February 1972)

Pioneering in Sydney Australia (Carl Redmond - February 25, 1973 pdf)

A new Australian brother has moved in (Carl Redmond - April 1973 pdf)

There are two new members in Sydney, Australia (Carl Redmond - May 1973 pdf)

The Australian Family has two new members (Carl Redmond - June 1973 pdf)

In Australia, I'm sure the way will open (Carl Redmond - July 1973 pdf)

The Australian Family continues to witness and speak out (Carl Redmond - August 1973 pdf)

Response to the Unification Church Australia is vastly Improved (Carl Redmond - September 1973 pdf)

Sydney, Australia bans distributing literature to hamper Unification Church (Carl Redmond - October 1973 pdf)

Pamphlets and public speaking brings attention to the Sydney, Australia family (Carl Redmond - December 1973 pdf)

"The Spirit of Freedom lives on" rally in Sydney, Australia (Carl Redmond - April 1974 pdf)

Amphitheatre for the Messiah (Carl Redmond - May 1974 pdf)

In Australia we participated in an demonstration for a prisoner in the USSR (Carl Redmond - October 1974 pdf)

Sydney Unification Church compiled 1,500 copies of the Principle of Creation (Carl Redmond - December 1974 pdf)

New member and Victory over a Porn Shop in Sydney, Australia (Carl Redmond - December 1974 pdf)

I spoke at the Conference on Occult vs. Christianity in Sydney, Australia (Carl Redmond - January 1975 pdf)

February saw full activity in Sydney, Australia with many interested visitors (Carl Redmond - February 1975 pdf)

Fasting for Vietnam in Australia and the visit of June [Darby] Perrin to Sydney (Carl Redmond - April 1975 pdf)

Unification Church of Australia Missions Founded in Brisbane and Tasmania (Carl Redmond - January 1976 pdf)

The Sidney, Australia family bought a boat with in which to do fishing (Carl Redmond - February 1977 pdf)

Spiritual Dictation From Jesus (Carl Redmond - June 1987)

Testimony to My Wife Tania Redmond (Carl Redmond - February 5, 1990)

In Memoriam Tania Redmond (David Hose - May 20, 1990)

Tania Redmond, a Virtuous Woman (Patsy E. Casino - May 20, 1990)

International Volunteers Honor U.S. - China Ties at a Baltimore Service Project (Matthew Redmond - August 2009)

Barrytown College on the Hudson (John Redmond - June 8, 2012)

Internship: a pilot model at Barrytown, Summer of 2012 (Claire Redmond - July 23, 2012)

Turn Around America Project (Tom McDevitt, Jim Gavin, Lordes Swarts, Richard Panzer, Bob Beebe, John Redmond, Robert Sayre, David Eaton - April 29, 2013)

The Era of Applied Unificationism (John Redmond - May 2, 2013 pdf)

The Crisis of Education and Spiritual Malnourishment (Claire Redmond - May 8, 2013 pdf)

Educating the Whole Person: A Unification Improvement (John Redmond - May 15, 2013 pdf)

Time for a New American Unification Renaissance (John Redmond - October 28, 2013 pdf)

You’re not Really an Adult Until Your Father Dies: Reaching the Highest Stage of Filial Piety (John Redmond - November 25, 2013 pdf)

Movement, Church or Business? (John Redmond - January 6, 2014 pdf)

Lead, Follow, or Get Out of the Way (John Redmond - March 24, 2014 pdf)

The Growth Period: An Opportunity for the Unification Movement (John Redmond - August 11, 2014 pdf)

“March Madness” and a Real Spiritual Life (John Redmond - February 23, 2015 pdf)

Good Leadership and Good Management: Why, How, What (John Redmond - August 17, 2015 pdf)

"Scaffolding" the Principle (John Redmond - November 30, 2015 pdf)

How to Get Rich in Three (Really Difficult) Steps (John Redmond - May 11, 2017 pdf)

The Future Belongs to Those Who Build It (John Redmond - August 7, 2017 pdf)

The Unification Movement’s Next 100 Years (John Redmond - October 28, 2019 pdf)

Unconscious First Principles (John Redmond - July 13, 2020 pdf)

Unification Thought Principles of Education in the Coronavirus Era (John Redmond - September 7, 2020 pdf)

Leading America Back to the Center (John Redmond - April 18, 2021 pdf)

The Next Great Awakening Through the Convergence of Science and Religion (John Redmond - June 4, 2023 pdf)

Patient Love Is More Important Than Doctrine (John Redmond - June 29, 2023 pdf)

The Applied Unificationism (AU) Blog Is Transitioning to a Member-Led Organization (John Redmond - September 24, 2023 pdf)

Authenticity, Sincerity and 21st Century Witnessing (John Redmond - February 25, 2024 pdf)

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