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Marilyn Angelucci
Feb 22, 2005

I know we all have a need to "know" or "understand" our position but I think we need to reflex more deeply about our positions as National Messiah. Think about what it means to be a "messiah". We need to think about True Father's course and what he had to go through to save the world. We were each given nations and in some way according to our ability and the foundation we have created in our own life of faith we need to "save" that nation. Maybe I'm jaded but I never expected to get any help from anyone. I felt that it is our responsibility and that we needed to create our own foundation. Of course it would be nice to have a John the Baptist in the form of the WMD but we don't, so what do we do.

I'm sorry to say this but I think that if we had all gone out into the field and had really gotten result then people would be moved to help us in whatever form. But we didn't do that and there are many reasons not just personal ones but the providence is behind on all levels. The same old story... if we had succeeded in home church than tribal messiah then maybe we could have a foundation for National Messiah. Also the movement in general has failed on all levels. Sorry to say... So what do we do?

Of course we try to change the situation. I don't deny that that is necessary. We also are suffering in the field with many tears and difficulties. But wasn't this Father's course and our Dear Heavenly Father's course. How can I reject this course that has been given to me by my messiah? (I’m not saying that anyone is rejecting the course this are my words to myself, don't misunderstand my heart.)

The question is how to get victory in the course that we are facing. Well I believe that the more I invest and give unconditionally that God will be there to help and we will create a foundation that finally will bring everything that we need.

We were all blessed to be able to take this mission not alone but with our partners and to me this is the greatest comfort. Even though I may feel alone at times I am always together with my husband in this great mission. Father didn't have that in the beginning he had to even create that himself. How to be like God is our real mission and isn't this the best way to do that through going the same course?

I'm sorry I didn't mean to make this a sermon...

We are all trying our best and do what we can and I am so proud of my precious brothers and sisters who take this mission with dignity and honor. We can be victorious and we will get the respect and support that we need but I don't think we have made the proper foundation yet.

Let gives praise to our dear Brother Gerhard and his family who have set such a good example for all of us and who recently received an award for their work. Maybe someone of the Bessell’s would like to share and help us to understand how they could accomplish so much even under so many difficulties. 

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