The Words of the Angelucci Family

Fourth Graduating Class at IPLC

Marilyn Angelucci
April 11, 2012

Dear Leaders,

Now is April and soon we will have our 4th Graduating Class at IPLC. In July 2012 our main classroom building will be finished and in November our Women's Dorm, Men's Dorm and Administration Building will be ready for use. It is an exciting year at IPLC

At this same time we are conducting a 21 Day Pre-Admissions Seminar on IPLC campus for interested students who want to study this year at IPLC. We will be having our last such workshop on May 5th and want to inform you in order to prepare your future students.

This will be the last opportunity for students interested in studying at IPLC for the school year of 2012- 2013.


May 5-26th- 21 Day Pre Admission Workshop
June 4 Enrollment for classes
June 13th Classes begin


21 Day Workshop 1,200 pesos
IPLC Tuition, Board, Misc. 10,250 pesos per semester
Uniforms 2,500
Food is to be paid by student individually, not included in Misc.

Please inform any interested students to contact us at this address. Pre-registration is necessary for us to prepare properly.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.


Marilyn Angelucci
Dean of Student Affairs
Tanay, Rizal, Philippines 

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