The Words of the Goto Family

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Dr. Chang Shik Yang Speaks In The Sunday Service At Northern Virginia Family Church (Hiroshi Goto - April 29, 2007)

Report on Northern Virginia Church (Hiroshi and Kathleen Goto - September 20, 2007)

Association To Abolish Abduction And Confinement: A Testimony At The Founding Assembly (Toru Goto - February 15, 2009)

MOA Signed between NFRDI and GPFF for Harvest of Hope Project (Aya Goto - July 31, 2009)

Toru Goto Forced to Convert in a Locked up Hotel Room (August 15, 2009)

Toru Goto: Disguising Conversion: Reappearance of Forced Conversion Agents (August 16, 2009)

Toru Goto: Severe Struggle under Confinement: State of Malnutrition when Released (August 18, 2009)

Goto Speaking Tour Stirs Outrage in the United States (Douglas Burton - August 24, 2009)

Faith in Hell -- Submerged in an Ocean of Lies (Toru Goto - November 21, 2009)

The Abduction Issue: What Might You Do? (Toru Goto - January 2010)

Toru Goto Takes Kidnappers to Court (Douglas Burton - February 9, 2011)

Toru Goto Reveals Documents in Lawsuit against Faithbreakers (Douglas Burton - June 15, 2011 pdf)

Faith-breakers’ Tactics Revealed in First-hand Account - Toro Goto (Michael La Hogue - August 2, 2011 pdf)

How Toru Goto Fasted His Way to Freedom: Final Days of Incarceration (Yoshi Fujiwara - September 28, 2011 pdf)

Goto “Deprogramming” Case Tests Japan’s Commitment to Religious Freedom (Elizabeth Brennon - October 12, 2011 pdf)

Urgent Prayer request for Mr. Toru Goto (Luke Higuchi - March 10, 2013)

Goto case nears a verdict -- will justice be done? (Dan Fefferman - December 2013)

Toru Goto awarded 4.38 million yen in suit against deprogrammers who held him captive for over 12 years (Shinyoung C. Simonds - January 28, 2014 pdf)

Toru Goto Opens Japan's Eyes to Religious Injustice (Shinyoung C. Simonds - February 4, 2014 pdf)

Toru Goto's victory for religious freedom in Japan (Peter Zoehrer - November 14, 2014 pdf)

Japanese Court: Unification Church members kidnapped and forced to convert in Japan constitutes human rights violations, compensations must be paid (Yong-ch’ul Kim - November 14, 2014 pdf)

A landmark court decision: Kidnappers and deprogrammers to pay dozens of million yen for attempted forceful change of religion (November 17, 2014 pdf)

Japan: A landmark court decision! Kidnappers and deprogrammers to pay dozens of million yen for attempted forceful change of religion (Willy Fautré, HRWF - November 18, 2014 pdf)

The Toru Goto case in Japan - abducted and confined for over 12 years (The Parliament Magazine - January 26, 2015 pdf)

Final Victory For Mr. Toru Goto!!! (Peter Zoehrer - September 29, 2015 pdf)

Testimony from LTF USA: Leadership Task Force 2017 Philippines (T. Goto - March 23, 2017 pdf)

Welcome Achille Acolatse, Kaeleigh Moffitt, Shin Nan Goto and Highmy Her are the new pastoral team for DC , MD and VA - Honoring Jim Boothby and Werner Seubert (Achille Acolatse - January 21, 2021 pdf)

Clarification on Unified DMV Community Tithing and Donations (Shin Nan Goto - February 9, 2021 pdf)

Japan High Court Landmark Ruling against Kidnapping and Deprogramming of Toru Goto (November 13, 2014 pdf)

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