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America's Destiny Tour - One Family Under God - Hope - Harmony - Healing - Yeon Ah Choi Moon

Claudette Kambara
June 7, 2007
West Virginia

It was the first time West Virginia hosted the True Family other than True Father and True Mother, who came on previous 50-state speaking tours. This event was held at Reverend James D. Ealy's church in Charleston, West Virginia. Rev. James Ealy commented: "I was very impressed by Archbishop Stallings and I am planning to use some of his inspiring words in my sermons and will keep in touch with him."

We received a welcome letter from the governor, who praised us for coming together under the banner of universal peace and wished us glad tidings and a successful gathering. The event was attended by a former mayor and school board member.

There were over one hundred people in attendance. Five people were appointed as Ambassadors for Peace. Reverend Linda Duncan, who is the assistant pastor to Reverend Ealy, offered the flowers to Yeon Ah Nim, who embraced her warmly. Yeon Ah Nim led the signing of the Woman's Declaration for Peace, followed by Rev. Linda Duncan, and Rev. Claudette Kambara. In conclusion, the New Covenant Mass choir sang "Oh Happy Day".

I want to thank everyone who helped in any way to make this event a successful one.

Reverend Claudette Kambara

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