The Words of the van der Stok Family

On street corner, Johan has finished 30 days lecturing

Johan and Elke Van der Stok
November 24, 1969
Utrecht, Netherlands

On the street corner, Johan has finished 30 days lecturing Beloved True parents and family all over the world.

On Children's day the whole Holland family gathered in Amsterdam where we had a wonderful evening with singing, dancing and seeing slides.

In Utrecht we now have 3 meetings per week on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Johan usually gives the lectures behind our newly acquired lecture stand. Wednesdays and Fridays our more advanced students come. Some bought the book and we are continuing to study.

In this month our Father led us to a new and wonderful center (4 rooms, big kitchen, bathroom, toilet). We will move there at the end of December and we are so thankful to have found such a place at last. Day and night people will visit the new place, the address is:

Othellodreef 135, Utrecht.

Our Father also gave us free furniture and kitchen utensils for the new center.

We got business men in this month, one has a big carpet store and the other one is an American who is establishing health centers here in Europe. He has very impressed in our work and wants to become good friends with us. Johan has spent 30 days to lecture and he is newly distributing invitations on the same street corner. This effort is very good. We went some dormitories of students and talked and gave them our hand bills. So far this month more than 20 people came to our room to study. We pray that we really can expand next month in each city and over the world.

With lots of love to you, Father and Mother and to each member of His Kingdom.

We write in Their Name

Johan and Elke 

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