The Words of the van der Stok Family

 Table of Contents

Testimony from Berkeley (Elke Klaiwater (van der Stok) - August 15, 1963)

Missionary Journey to Germany (Elke Klawiter (van der Stok) and Paul and Cristel Werner - May 11, 1964)

Testimony (Johan van der Stok - February 26, 1966)

Unity (A Sermon) (Johan van der Stok - New Age Frontiers, July 1967)

Our Leader’s Visit To Germany - First European Blessed Couples (Elke van der Stok - March 29, 1969)

On street corner, Johan has finished 30 days lecturing (Johan and Elke Van der Stok - November 24, 1969)

Some socialist students are now studying the Divine Principles (Johan and Elke Van Der Stok - January 28, 1970)

This is our first report from South Africa (Susan van der Stok - July 26, 1970)

In South Africa we are blessed in many ways and although some things are difficult (Susan van der Stok - September 7, 1970)

Johan and I gave out pamphlets (Susan and Wouter van der Stok - December 16, 1970)

The first three months in South Africa were not easy (Susan and Wouter van der Stok - January 13, 1971)

In Middelburg, we hope to make soon a center (Margot and Frank van der Stok - April 4, 1971)

We are printing over a thousand copies of first chapter (Susan and Wouter van der Stok - November 15, 1971)

Here in South Africa we are searching for spiritual children (Wouter van der Stok - December 2, 1971)

We will be moving to the center of Cape Town (Wouter van der Stok - September 16, 1972 pdf)

Working in a Muslim Country (Johan van der Stok - March 1974 pdf)

Children's Education (Elke Van Der Stok - April 12, 2010)

Bard Free Press Bigotry and Inaccuracies (Sammi Vanderstok - November 2010)

Discrimination and Errors in "World Religions Today" textbook by John L. Esposito, Darrell J. Fasching and Todd Lewis (Sammi Vanderstok - December 2010)

Taking (Vander)stok of Things (Sammi Vanderstok - January 26, 2012 pdf)

Marist College Baccalaureate Graduation Speech (Sammi Vanderstok - May 18, 2012 pdf)

What makes me me? (Sammi Vanderstok, Tanya Triggol and Janie Kinney - June 2012)

Morals and Messages from Harry Potter: Lesson Learned (Sammi Vanderstok - August 5, 2013 pdf)

Testimony / autobiography of Wouter and Susan van der Stok including Margo (Moes) and Frank van der Stok (Gromoes and Grootvader) (June 15, 2014 pdf)

Happy Ascension Dearest Wouter van der Stok (Lazarus Muthimba - May 19, 2018 pdf)

From Japanese Prison Camp Child Survivor to UC Missionary in South Africa (Wouter Van Der Stok - July 4, 2018 pdf)

The Unity and Cosmic Indemnity of our Unification Church Missionaries Wouter Vanderstok and Kazuo Yokoi - Restoring Japanese Atrocities in Indonesia (John Brady - July 4, 2018 pdf)

From Japanese Prison Camp Survivor to UC Missionary in South Africa [Part 2] (Wouter Van Der Stok - July 12, 2018 pdf)

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