The Words of the van der Stok Family

Some socialist students are now studying the Divine Principles

Johan and Elke Van Der Stok
January 28, 1970
Utrecht, Netherlands

Our most beloved Parents,

Thank you so much for the card of good wishes we were so deeply grateful and happy to receive it. We must make this year a great advance in our work. Many doors have opened already this month which is really a new beginning.

First we had an Open House party here for all Divine Principle students. Amsterdam and Laren family joined. We were 25 people crowding into our new center. Teddy gave a very good speech aimed at the students and the evening was very successful.

One law student has accepted the Principles, he is 30 years old and has been seeking in all groups. Another one is working in a shoe store putting pamphlets in the shoes which his customers buy. Utrecht seems to be a sleeping city on the surface, but as we look deeper we can see great activity of the younger generation. As an example, we are witnessing a lot now in the basements of the city hall. It has been turned into a workshop for protesting students, beatniks, socialist youth groups, art academy students, etc., who work and discuss day and night, running off stencils to change schools, working conditions, society, politics etc. About 100 to 400 students are there all the time. Some socialist students are now studying.

Through them we will be able to speak to a church group on February 15, and write some articles to newspapers. They are extremely active here.

We came in contact with a group of theological students who do not see any meaning in becoming a priest or minister.

Three of them are living together like Franciscans, share everything and have discussions with simple people and help them. They say that many others are like them. We have given our testimonies and they are coming to study the Divine Principles.

Another group is being opened to us, they call themselves also Koinonia. They are ex-priests and some are living in a commune.

We have made contact with the Parapsychology Department. Prof. Tennhaeff is one of the best known speakers in Europe on this subject. We have asked him to speak in Amsterdam. Across from the parapsychology Department is "The Green Waterman" a vegetarian restaurant where all our Divine Principle information is laying on a table with other books for people to buy or to read. They have a tearoom where one can talk and discuss. The owner self is in his 20's and is studying now. He has been heading a commune which has gone all to pieces.

Now that we have moved Elke is not working on a job anymore and can devote all the time to Principles. We hope to get this center filled as soon as possible so that you will have a large family when you visit us. We pray for the unification of Korea and the world and send our deepest love to you Father and Mother and to all our brothers and sisters throughout the world.

Your son and daughter

Johan and Elke 

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