The Words of the van der Stok Family

Here in South Africa we are searching for spiritual children

Wouter van der Stok
December 2, 1971
South Africa

Mr. W. van der Stok

We thank you for your letter of Dec. 2 and all the good wishes. Please thank our True Parents and all our brothers and sisters in Korea for the great work and strenuous effort completed during this old year of 1971 for Korea and the whole world. May the New Year bring much success both spiritually and physically and many blessings from God for our True Parents, their children and the whole Unification Church. We trust that our Master's overseas travel will bring much of blessings and the spiritual revival in the many centers throughout the world will receive new power.

We feel that the next three years are of tremendous importance to the world, which is now standing at the crossroads, and pray that the Heavenly Kingdom will soon start also in the many countries where there are as yet no missionaries.

Here in South Africa Susan and I are still searching for spiritual children and we might soon have two: one European and one colored person, while the Principles are being translated in the first of about eight African languages: Xhosa. Over six chapters have since been translated and the first chapter was recently printed and had much success initially. As much indemnity has been and is still being paid by the various non-European peoples of Southern Africa in terms of poverty and humility, we feel that more people should soon start to come in.

We send our deepest love and prayers to our True Parents and all the Korean family members from this southern point of the world. 

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