The Words of the Ferrete Family

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A Church without Walls or Boundaries (Teresa Ferrete - August 12, 2013 pdf)

Information on CARP Convention (Teresa Ferrete - June 14, 2014 pdf)

CARP Boston Plans Activities for Students and Public (Teresa Ferrete - April 24, 2015 pdf)

Outcomes of Free Sex (Jose Ferrete - April 30, 2015 pdf)

CARP Webinar: Intentional Unificationist Communities Across America (Teresa Ferrete - October 30, 2015 pdf)

Going Deep at BCSF (Teresa [Ferrete] Rischl - August 14, 2016 pdf)

CARP and GPA's Mentoring Partnership Needs You! (Teresa [Ferrete] Rischl - September 1, 2016 pdf)

CARP & GPA: Culture War, Understanding the Historical Context of our Culture (Teresa [Ferrete] Rischl and Tasnah Moyer - September 24, 2016 pdf)

CARP: What the World Needs Now Is… (Teresa [Ferrete] Rischl and Katya Beebe - November 23, 2016 pdf)

Reflections on the 2017 Sunhak Peace Prize Award Ceremony (Teresa [Ferrete] Rischl - February 3, 2017 pdf)

Naokimi Ushiroda now Director of the Youth, Students and Young Adult Ministry in America - Teresa [Ferrete] Rischl is the new CARP USA president (Michael Balcomb - February 28, 2017 pdf)

CARP Newsletter - A warm farewell to the president of CARP (Teresa [Ferrete] Rischl - March 6, 2017 pdf)

A CARP Member Is Walking Along Campus When… A short story (Teresa [Ferrete] Risch - March 7, 2017 pdf)

CARP’s New President and former National Program Director: Teresa Rischl (Teresa [Ferrete] Rischl - March 18, 2017 pdf)

Go on the Intercultural Exchange Trip to Japan & Korea - Summer 2017 (Teresa [Ferrete] Rischl - March 20, 2017 pdf)

Welcoming new leadership in CARP (Teresa [Ferrete] Rischl - April 3, 2017 pdf)

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