The Words of the Libon Family

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UPF Clifton, NJ's presentation on How to Find Unbiased News Sources (C. Libon - April 30, 2017 pdf)

Part of the 2,000 voice choir when True Mother spoke at Madison Square Garden (Christine Libon - July 15, 2017 pdf)

Mealing is a Holy Activity - Cooking and sharing a meal as a Holy Communion (Christine Libon on behalf of Christine Brunkhorst - September 2022 pdf)

On Writing My Memoirs - Focusing on my internal, personal reflections and relationship with God (Christine Libon - September 2022 pdf)

Studying Korean Language - A long-term investment with spiritual rewards (Christine Libon - December 5, 2022 pdf)

Kyoko Jewel - a Gem of an Artist (Christine Libon - January 12, 2023 pdf)

How Art / Color Affects Us - I Think I Gave Myself Color Therapy (Christine Libon - March 8, 2023 pdf)

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