The Words of the Okuk Family

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Peaceful Families Organization founded by So. Cameroon refugees in Nigeria (Cosmas Obi Okuk - September 19, 2020 pdf)

Peaceful Families Organization (PEAFASSO) at the Adagom 1 refugee settlement in Nigeria (Cosmas Obi Okuk - October 29, 2020 pdf)

The Holy Blessing and Responsibility and Plans to open the True Love Academy (Cosmas Obi Okuk - November 9, 2020 pdf)

Turning Despondent Moments into a Time of Resurrection and Blessings (Cosmas Obi Okuk - December 2, 2020 pdf)

Sunday Sermon in Adagom 1 Refugee Settlement: Repel Satan and Return to God (Cosmas Obi Okuk - December 6, 2020 pdf)

Peaceful Families Organization marches against free sex (Cosmas Obi Okuk - December 21, 2020 pdf)

Southern Cameroonian refugees receive merriness and solidarity Christmas 2020 (Cosmas Obi Okuk - December 25, 2020 pdf)

We hope to embrace 2021 together and shed the love in our hearts for this world (Cosmas Obi Okuk - January 4, 2021 pdf)

PEAFASSO Two-Day Workshop: The Role of Couples in Building World Peace (Cosmas Obi Okuk - January 16, 2021 pdf)

PEAFASSO works to complete the Heavenly Center and plans other activities (Cosmas Obi Okuk - January 23, 2021 pdf)

PEAFASSO's World Peace Home (Future multipurpose center for education, etc.) (Cosmas Obi Okuk - January 25, 2021 pdf)

Sharing our heavenly fortune with the people - Delivering firewood service project (Cosmas Obi Okuk - February 6, 2021 pdf)

True Love Farms Project Receives Donations - Continues Service To Community (Obi Cosmas Okuk - February 20, 2021 pdf)

Living for Others - The third episode of our efforts in feeding the people (Cosmas Obi Okuk - March 27, 2021 pdf)

Living for Others - The third episode of our efforts in feeding the people (Cosmas Obi Okuk - May 8, 2021 pdf)

Sharing Food To Yield Hope And Peace - Workshop at True Love Farms (Cosmas Obi Okuk - June 22, 2021 pdf)

Our World Peace Home is undergoing rehabilitation to host an agricultural academy (Cosmas Obi Okuk - August 7, 2021 pdf)

Workshop For Pastors And Civil Servants Witnessed A Powerful Exposition Of The Divine Principles (Cosmas Obi Okuk - January 5, 2022 pdf)

Africa's True Love Farms Inherits The Heavenly African Foundation (Cosmas Obi Okuk - January 6, 2022 pdf)

PEAFASSO Alpha Witnessing Team reaches non refugee Nigerians (Cosmas Obi Okuk - March 4, 2022 pdf)

PEAFASSO True Love Farms is sprouting beyond the expectations (Cosmas Obi Okuk - April 29, 20 pdf)

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