True Parents' Textbook for the Unification of Korea and the World - Sun Myung Moon

 Table of Contents

Section 1. World Unification and the Unification of North and South Korea through True Love - February 10, 2000 - Olympic Gymnastic Stadium, Seoul, Korea

Section 2. The Cosmos is Our Hometown and Homeland - December 1999 - February 2000 - Reverend Moon's 80th Birthday Celebrations

Section 3. Everybody Wants True Love - February 10, 2000 - World Culture and Sports Festival Opening Banquet

Section 4. The Path for America and Humanity in the Last Days - January and February 2001 - One of the two speeches given on the 50-state speaking tour

Section 5. The Course of Life for the Princes and Princesses of God - March 12, 2000 - Olympic Main Stadium, Seoul, Korea

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