Home Church

The Words Of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

The Significance of Home Church

Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth; for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away, and the sea was no more. And I saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband; and I heard a loud voice from the throne saying, "Behold, the dwelling of God is with men. He will dwell with them, and they shall be his people, and God himself will be with them; he will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and death shall be no more, neither shall there be mourning nor crying nor pain any more, for the former things have passed away."

Revelation 21: 1-4

Only by creating the beginning of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth can we go to the Kingdom of Heaven in spirit world. God will be able to dwell on the earth when you bring unity in your area between Cain and Abel, between the people and yourself and ultimately the True Parents. That is what we mean when we say, "Home church is the base of the Kingdom of Heaven." The Kingdom of Heaven is waiting to begin in your area. Your base for the Kingdom is your area; likewise the people in spirit world must use home church as their base.

Let Us Protect Ourselves
5.1.82, Belvedere

Home church was supposed to have existed in the garden of Eden, with the home as the place of worshipping God. God should have been the main beam of the home where His children could have lived in His love, The original concept of God's creation began with one man and woman, who were to form one family, and then form one nation and world. Therefore, as their family grew to this higher capacity, home church was to have become national church and then world church. That would have been the ideal.

Having home churches was God's goal in the garden of Eden but it was broken into pieces by Adam and Eve, causing many different obstacles to be set up throughout history. Now I have cleared them all away and we are returning to the original concept. It is your blessing and privilege to participate.

Now you know what home church is. Ever since the fall of man, God, Jesus, and all mankind have been longing to reach the ultimate destination. That is home church. The Unification Church is Cape Kennedy and we are launching home church to the Kingdom of Heaven. Neil Armstrong lifted off from Cape Kennedy and reached the moon. Now we are lifting ourselves off from the Unification Church and our destination is the Kingdom of Heaven.

The Kingdom of Heaven is a big place, so where would you like to land? Right into the heart of God's love. The heart of God is not good enough; you have to be in the heart of God's love. When you land in the heart of God's love, you will surely give God a shock. At that moment God will really be awakened and He will smile ear to car in explosive joy. Then the dancing will begin. When God begins to dance, the entire cosmos will be ignited in joy. All creation will feel joy with all five senses and everything will be intoxicated in happiness. That dance will be the ultimate grand finale. After that no more work of restoration will remain to be done. God will say that His restoration work is over and His ideal of creation is complete. His broken heart will be completely healed.

Home church was the ideal of God in the garden of Eden but it was broken into pieces after many thousands of years of difficulties and tribulations. Now finally in the 20th century I have opened the doors. All conditions have been fulfilled and the doors of home church are open for all mankind to enter. That is the history we are witnessing today

Home Church and the Completion of the Kingdom of Heaven
1.1.79, World Mission Center

The unity between God, Adam and Eve, and the angelic world would have brought the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, but division came in the form of the fall. Now in restoration, by doing home church, you and God are united, like God and Adam and Eve. You and home church are united, like Adam and Eve and the angel. That restores unity of all three worlds. This is why spiritual help is bound to come when you do home church work.

Historical View of the Dispensation
9.18.79, Belvedere

The heavenly hierarchy is God first, then Adam and Eve, then the angelic world, then all the things of creation. As a result of the fall, this heavenly order was disrupted. Satan came to exist and man has fallen so low he doesn't even know that the realm of spirit exists. He doesn't know if God exists or what kind of relationship he should have with God. He certainly doesn't know the heart of original Adam, the true parental heart. The only thing mankind can see now is the "I" viewpoint and all the visible things of the created world. Mankind is degraded and lower than the creation; because of this, no one realizes the true value and dignity of human beings. . . .

By witnessing one by one to each other, it would take centuries to liberate the entire world; so if you were in the position of True Parents, wouldn't you want to find a more effective way to bring all mankind back to God? The thinking of God and the True Parents must inevitably be the same. If you asked God where He most wants to dwell, He would answer, "Home church." Within your area, the heavenly hierarchy must be restored. The houses represent all the things of creation; the ancestors of the people there who are already in spirit world represent the archangel position; and the Adam position is filled by the people themselves. Once God is brought into relationship with all these elements, the ideal of creation will be realized. As a result of this, Satan will have to leave your area because he will have no place to call his own. Within the realm of 360 homes, everything is represented -- 360 days of the year, 360 degrees of the circle. Since you are in America, all races of man are contained within your areas.

Total Completion of the Ideal
2.28.82, Belvedere

At first man lived in God's realm, but after the fall he sank down to the realm God has nothing to do with. There is no direction or ideal in that realm. People today characteristically don't know where they are going or what is about to happen. They are in this godless realm, praying for direction. Now the individual has a small problem, then his family has a larger problem, and all the time the clan and society are groping; when the end of the world comes the whole world is groping, no better off than the individual who is searching. The people of the world have no idea of something new coming, but remain in their limited area.

God works by finding one individual in this realm and leading him to God's side. He does not choose arbitrarily, but takes a few from the world, a few from the nation, a few from society and a few from a certain family, setting up all the stages. Then for the first time in history God will teach them what the world of original creation was about. By learning it clearly they will be able to go to home church and prosper, ultimately going to various parts of existing society which have lost direction. Through these people God wants to show mankind the complete individual, family, and so on. He is looking clearly at the purpose of creation and will always go straight that way. His people will have such deep love as others never thought was possible in ordinary people.

The Way of Prosperity and Defeat
3.11.79, Belvedere

There are examinations to be passed on the family, society, nation and world levels. How many levels have you passed? Unless you pass on each level how can you restore the family? When you restore the family it means you have achieved the original ideal of creation, and if you reach that level then no matter what persecution and opposition come, you will not be affected. Your family should be like Adam's in the garden of Eden. There was no opposition or rejection in Eden because there were no other people, and as long as Adam and Eve obeyed God they could have had the easiest way of fulfilling home church. Today you should fulfill that role of Adam's family. Even though you may falter, you can regain strength because your Father and Mother have done it -- they are strong and have met God's standard and you are their children. You can think that even though you have your weaknesses, you will pick yourself up and go on ultimately to be like the True Parents.

Restored Family
1.21.79, Belvedere

In the dispensation of salvation God has worked to re-create mankind, and now we are doing the same thing. Where are we going to do it? Home church has a direct connection with the four position foundation. The home is the foundation where the four position foundation is increased. Now the four position foundation is everywhere here on earth, but with Satan at the center. We are going to change it into God's four position foundation.

The Dispensation of Restoration and Myself
4.6.80, Belvedere

The Unification Church home church crusade is truly the blessing. The home church model is already carved out, and all you have to do is to put it together, and then God will give you the full blessing. You can do home church everywhere, including the communist world. Home church is the restoration of heaven, and the launching pad toward heaven. Anything that is launched from the home church pad will be shot right into the kingdom of heaven. Who is going to ride on that rocket? It will be your entire family, your entire tribe, all the people surrounding you.

World Conference
2.25.80, World Mission Center

So far the entire religious goal has been how "I" as an individual can be saved, but our goal is not individual salvation. We are going to bring the entire tribe into heaven at once. if your 360 homes have faith in you, love you and believe in you, they will be saved. As you are saved, they will be saved. in the history of religion this kind of privilege never existed. Religion has never before included salvation for the whole family, but rather encouraged separation and meditation alone in the mountains.

Now I am proclaiming, "Go love your wife and your husband, love your children and your neighbors and bring them together into the Kingdom of Heaven." Such a privilege never existed until this time in history. An amazing era has arrived. Home church is the privilege God has given to you, saying that if you set the conditions to let the people know the truth and love you, He will save everyone you recommend in your 360 homes.

Actually, in order to come to perfection you have to go through all these paths. In the home church you are creating a miniature world but God will still give you full credit. Jesus gave the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven to Simon Peter for individual salvation, but now I am handing out the key that can save the entire tribe as one unit. I am anointing you as messiahs and whomever you bring shall have salvation. What a promise! Those are not empty words but a promise that will be redeemed in the Kingdom of Heaven in spirit world.

The Critical Turning Point of the Dispensation of God
12.31.78, Belvedere

Ultimately, restoration is working toward one final conclusion: one common principle of genuine love which shall be the standard of each individual, couple, tribe, nation and world. Today we are talking about returning to hometown; are we returning only as individuals? No. We are not talking about an individual's birthplace, but the home to which all mankind are destined to return. That is the ultimate home and ideal, and everything from the individual to the universe must return there. . . .

There is a great distance to go for fallen people to return back to their original home. One type of couple only wants to be happy by themselves when they return to their original home and doesn't feel concern or obligation to anyone else. Another kind feels they cannot be happy all alone, but wants to go on to higher and higher levels and make others happy by enabling them to return home as well. Which type would be welcomed by the universe? It is not easy to live the second type of life because the farther you go the greater are the difficulties you must overcome. . . .

History has been aiming this way from the beginning. Jesus came to complete the journey, but still it has not been complete. it would have been easy for Jesus to return home alone, but that would not be the ideal. He should bring his family, nation and entire world to that goal. That's what made his path difficult. What is the most important necessity for us to return home? First, a burning desire to love God, a consuming longing to meet Him. Our question is not whether God exists; we know that He exists and He is love, and we want to love that Father. We want to meet God in a heartistic relationship so that nothing can ever separate us. . . .

When we talk about returning home we mean returning to the place where all mankind can find happiness. We need a bridge from the individual level to the cosmos. The bridge is built by the individual's sacrificing himself to go into the center of the greater circle, and then making that greater circle an even greater sphere. Every realm should join with the next higher level and enlarge to form the next realm. Thus, each individual can expand to cover the entire universe. Once the smaller realm is engulfed by the larger one, it is benefited whenever the larger realm is benefited. The greater universe includes all levels of existence, and each level contains the heavenly four position foundation. Jesus came to achieve this ultimate goal, and today the Unification Church mission is to go this road also. . . .

I want you to understand your individual position. You may think that you simply become a Moonie, wait for blessing, have a family and that's it. But that's not the end of it. Next you expand your family onto the worldwide scale and give it for world restoration. After ten years perhaps you have covered only a little bit of territory and think that you will never cover the universe by the time you are old. But you can sympathize with God. It took God 6,000 years to find one true Adam, so how much more difficult would it be to create Adam and Eve's family, society, nation and world? Not everyone can do these extraordinary tasks; though everyone must do it, we know that individual capacity is limited. . . .

We shall be superior to the standard of Adam, who fell. We shall be superior even to Jesus, who was crucified. Jesus proclaimed this revolution, but he became a victim and was murdered. But we will hang tough and survive to declare victory . . .

What weapon do we have? At every level of our existence we crave the true love of God. That love is our weapon. There is no other way we can fight. We give our heart and soul in serving and loving people, shedding tears and sweat for brothers and sisters, parents and grandparents, all the people who are extensions of our own families. Home church is your foundation, and in order to make it firm you have to stamp on that area one time, three times, ten times, a hundred times. You must feel that you are launching a satellite that is flying to the moon and sun, and home church is your launching pad. in order to launch a rocket, you need a strong launching pad which can withstand the fiery heat of take-off.

Home church is your world. Go ahead and duplicate the world of God in this small area. Love them as much as God loves them. When you do this, the 95% God created through me will be given to you for free. To inherit this, you must walk the way of life I have walked, for even a short time. Then you shall truly be lord of all creation and a triumphant person. With that accomplishment you shall return home. . . .

Before you reach your destination you must taste both death and life. Would you mind? Will you cover that distance with enthusiasm and excitement? Who wants to go there? Is home church good or bad? Home church is good! Amen.

Return to Hometown
3.18.79, Belvedere

The new slogan for 1980 is: Home Church is the Base of the Kingdom of Heaven.

This slogan shows us that without home church the Kingdom of Heaven cannot become a reality. What kind of Kingdom of Heaven are we talking about? The Kingdom of Heaven is where there is rest and Sabbath, where there is true joy and happiness. When you take that rest do you do it all by yourself? You want to enter the kingdom together with your wife, with your children and parents, with your tribe, your nation and the world.

Home Church Is the Base of the Kingdom of Heaven
1.1.80, World Mission Center

If you witness to someone on the street, it has only the significance of that individual. An amazing thing is that, although we are doing the same activity, witnessing, when you do it at the home church level, it has historical and providential significance because it is connected at that point to the historical indemnity course. When you connect with one person in your home church area, that individual is representing his family, clan, nation, world and cosmos. By working with one person in home church, you connect yourself to the entire cosmos; but when you go out into the streets, you are only connecting with one individual. It is a one-to-one relationship that does not go beyond that level.

Victory of Home Church (Midnight Address)
1.1.82, World Mission Center

A home church represents the whole world in one family. When we talk about one world we are actually referring to the universe and the cosmos, and a home church extracts the very essence of the cosmos into its small world. This is the unified world of physical and spiritual, of the central religions and all other religions, of races and nations. Spiritual and physical unity all come into being in our home churches, representing an extract of the whole, world.

The Completion Period for the Dispensation
11.12.78, Belvedere

Furthermore, in your area you have 360 homes to live in. That is your home, clan and tribe. When you move into your home church area, God moves in with you, and Jesus dwells there with you, as well as the spirit world. The 360 homes represent all races, 360 nations, and 360 of your closest ancestors. Thus, you have the entire world and spirit world open to you without any boundaries.

Children's Day and Tradition
11.20.79, Los Angeles, California

The battlefield since that day (Day of the Victory of Heaven) is home church, where we are deeply moving into society. in home church we are winning on the level of family, people, nation and world, and the home church victory represents all victories. Home church is your divine altar to offer yourself as a living sacrifice for God. When you make a righteous offering there you are inheriting all of heaven. Your 360 home area is your world, your place of love, service, worship and prayer. There you care for the people and teach them, awakening them from darkness to light. Ultimately you shall be recognized as their tribal messiah. You shall be a master in three ways: master of love, master of all things, master of people. it all comes together in home church.

Day of the Victory of Heaven
10.4.79, World Mission Center

What would you do without home church? How would you accomplish your task? Without home church, you would have to walk around the entire world like a gypsy; you would have to cover the entire world by yourself Home church, however, is the microcosm of the world; without it you would have to go to the macrocosm, the entire world.

Blessed Family
6.20.82, Belvedere

Again, you will not go through exactly the same things I did in going from the individual to the family level, and finally to the world level during the past twenty years. That is not feasible for each of you; instead you will set up a 360 home area which encapsulates all the elements found throughout the world. The 360 homes will represent all the different nations and races on this earth. This has been endorsed by both God and Satan.

Home Church Is My Kingdom of Heaven
1.1.81, World Mission Center

You want to cross that bridge to get to the eternal world of God's heart. You have to start by crossing this bridge to reach the side of the heavenly individual, then the family, and so forth. Would you rather cross many bridges, or connect them all and cross over just one bridge? If God's purpose is to bring all mankind into salvation, wouldn't He want to have just one bridge? If you were entrusted with that responsibility, wouldn't you do the same? Home church is that bridge. Crossing the bridge of home church would be regarded as achievement enough for anyone to pass into the heavenly world. Don't you feel like crossing it successfully? . . .

Crossing many bridges would take many years, or even a whole lifetime, but crossing one bridge is much shorter. Unless I can create a shorter bridge which enables people to cross over everything at once, there is no real significance to my being here in this world. Have you cried harder for your home church people than for people you are already connected with? If you cry more for them than for your own family and relatives, then you have crossed the bridge in one step.

Life of Experience in the Realm of Heart
3.15.81, Belvedere

Instead of running many races, you can think about how to be victorious all at once, how to condense everything into one race. You want to participate in that kind of game, don't you? That's why you become a champion for all seasons, in all areas. I have a good brain and I am always thinking about what the one game is in which I can win everything. God wants to see His son win that kind of certificate. That one game where you can win the championship is home church. That is where you can run with your life, love, and ideal. No matter what the people say about you, it doesn't make any difference. Go ahead and run in all directions with this principle.

Things That Are Important To You
2.1.81, Belvedere

The microcosm of restoration can be fulfilled in home church. Home church is your universe, and without fulfilling there you cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven. The job is easy from now on because we don't recognize national boundaries, and wherever we go we do home church. Among home church people there shall be one family, even among people of enemy nations. Later home church champions will be wanted everywhere, and people will even smuggle them into hostile nations, for that is the only way the nations can be saved. That time will come.

Core Love and Indemnity
10.22.81, World Mission Center

Home church is a very precious blessing for you, for through it I am giving you a condition to go beyond the fall of man. You are an invincible force like the tide to cleanse your home church, and you won't be deterred by opposition. Do you know who is going to sign your certificate? Not me, but the hostile people in your home church area should be the ones to uphold you as a man of God. Is home church something to be grateful for, or just a burden? Home church is a short-cut to the Kingdom of Heaven. If you don't worry about anything else but that, you will find the Heavenly Kingdom.

True Couple
5.27.79, World Mission Center

Home church was announced in America rather than in Korea. How was that possible? In New York and in this country as a whole, you can find different races living in 360 homes. There is no other country like this. If all the 360 homes oppose you, it means that not just an individual or a family, or even a nation is opposing you, but many nations and races. In America, therefore, it is possible to go through the worldwide level of indemnity. After winning in New York, we will concentrate our efforts in Washington, Philadelphia, Boston, etc., and it will become easier and easier. For this reason, we cannot go to heaven without having home church.

Home Church is My Kingdom of Heaven
1.1.81, World Mission Center

Your country and your spirit world are condensed in your home church. You may think home church is only a witnessing idea, but this is the formula and law, not something that changes. It is more significant and precious in the spirit world than you can imagine. Throughout history there was no such thing as this arrangement of home church. As soon as the foundation is set, like a tree setting down its deep roots, you will see the satanic world crumble.

Eternal Happiness
2.25.79, Belvedere

I tell you this absolutely clearly: you will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven without going through home church. Jesus said, "I am the way, the truth, the life, and no one comes to the Father but through me." But I am saying, "I am the way, the truth, the life and love, and no one comes to the Father without coming through home church."

History of the Providence Through Restoration by Indemnity
2.10.81, World Mission Center

You are trying to work out some pragmatic way to get quick results, but since home church comes out of Principle, each person has to walk the Principle way. Without this road can you enter heaven?

Home church is like a launching pad. The fuel of your rocket is true love, and then your rocket can fly. When you reach the moon, God will come down and recharge you with His love. Next you will land at the sun. God knew my mission, and He had a reason to give me my name. Going up is moon-sun, and going down is sun-moon.

You don't like indemnity; I don't like indemnity either, but we cannot bypass indemnity. No matter what leadership position you have in our Church, without going through home church you cannot reach that moon. In Korea I pushed out all the older couples to do home church. Even if they were leaders of businesses, they still had to do home church. Not a single one of them opposed my plan.

As soon as I got to Korea I called all of them together and told them to write their resignations as company presidents, and in one hour I had them all. Then I gave them the home church mission. Does only a backward country like Korea need home church, and not a civilized country like America? If I did that in Korea, do you think I could do it here? If I pushed you like I have the elder members in Korea, it would be a social scandal, wouldn't it? All the newspapers would call me a racist.

Core Love and Indemnity
10.22.81, World Mission Center

By now we know that God exists and we certainly need Him. Once this fundamental awareness is revealed to us all kinds of theories and principles can be derived. The Principle of Creation explains what the world was made to be; the Principle of Restoration explains why the world is the way it is and how God has been working to restore man since the fall. This is the understanding the Unification Church is bringing. The Divine Principle of the Unification Church embraces all the phenomena of the universe and all historical phenomena, to fulfill the ideal of unification through the way of restoration. To make a long story short, Reverend Moon's ultimate method is home church.

Where will we meet God? In the perfection of home church we have the meeting ground for ourselves and God. in order to perfect the universe, we need to create an altar, and home church is that altar. I can guarantee you that when you create this altar of home church, you will meet God there. I assure you of this. Now you know God, you know you need God and you know where to meet Him.

God and Us
2.1.82, World Mission Center

There are only two more weeks left in this year. Starting in 1981 especially, home church is really all your world. Home church is what God's dispensation has been aiming at; it has been the purpose of human history and the goal of religions. You want to live with me in spirit world but you can only qualify through home church. To accomplish home church is to complete all indemnity.

Heaven is the world which requires no indemnity. Who are citizens of the kingdom on earth? They are the ones who have worked constantly for this purpose. Who will build heaven on earth? We will do it. Because it was man and woman who fell, they must get together to build heaven on earth once more. Peter was given the keys to the kingdom by Jesus; those keys meant the keys to home church.

Home Church and Myself
12.14.80, Belvedere

Then where is that heaven? Heaven is where Satan has no place where he can work. In Jesus' time, even the entire mind was not of God; in the mind there was a boundary where the Kingdom of Heaven met the satanic domain. Now that borderline can be pushed further and further away -- even out of our bodies. Unless we chase Satan not only out of our minds, but further and further out of our bodies as well, we will be unable to enjoy heaven in our surroundings. "Home church" means heaven on earth in our daily surroundings.

Then what is this foundation of heaven on earth? Home church. Now this foundation of home church is given to you as your own Kingdom of Heaven. Through home church you have a direct connection to the nation and to the world. Thus, we can connect the mind kingdom to the body kingdom, to the home church kingdom, to the country kingdom, all the way to the world. Now we can look back clearly and see that Jesus was intended to do exactly that, pushing Satan completely away and making heaven possible in the environment. He wanted to extend the border even beyond that, making the entire country and the world into heaven as well.

There is a mind heaven and there is a physical heaven. Mind heaven is the mind which contains nothing that Satan can accuse. By the same token, in physical heaven Satan cannot claim any part of our bodies. Thus, if we are completely out of Satan's claim, we are in heaven.

Then beyond that, we need the environmental heaven, in which we can step out of our home and walk through a neighborhood which Satan has no claim over. That is what Jesus set out to achieve. . . .

The fall could take place because Adam and Eve did not yet have this environment set up. When this environment is established, then heaven is secured up to the clan level. That is the essence of heaven. Heaven is formed primarily in the family. Doesn't it make sense that you would have almost instant family-level heaven once you secure the environment? That environment has to be created by winning over persecution. Without winning victory in home church, or victory over the environment, you cannot be filial sons and daughters of the True Parents, because you have no base to stand on. The environment gives you that base.

God will recognize home church as the foundation through which you serve as filial children, as patriots and even as saints. God will recognize as a saint the person who accomplishes this. A saint is a person who lives on the world level, but God can recognize you as such on the foundation of home church.

Home Church Is My Kingdom of Heaven
1.1.81, World Mission Center

Our topic today is "in Search of Our Home" and you cannot exclude home church from your home. Your home is within the same fence as your home church area. No one will be able to invade your boundary. The position of "fence" will be fulfilled by the good angels: they exist to protect God's world from Satans invasion. Your home will thus be a safe place within the protective boundary of your home church.

In Search of Our Home
7.11.82, Belvedere

You can put up a barrier of love which will be greater than that built by unfallen Adam and Eve, and there is no way Satan will be able to overcome that fortress once you do so. in this sense home church is really wall-building for your own protection. I struggled in the satanic world to win this weapon, and now I am passing the secret to you so you can do just the same on a limited scale, which is home church. it is your world, and when you use this method to win there, God will acknowledge that your victory equals that over the whole satanic world.

You might wonder why God can't freely give you His blessing without home church, but without it you have not erected that barrier against Satan. There is no guarantee of eternal stability without it. Home church work is like building your castle which Satan has no power to destroy. The more difficult home church is to create, the greater your wall of love will be. Actually, difficulty is all to your benefit. It is a great revolution that Unification Church can do home church, at the same time transcending national barriers, racial or cultural barriers. We can do home church as one unit on the worldwide scale. You and I pass away from earth, but we will not have to finish the unfinished task later by coming back to earth. Once you finish the task here victoriously, you will go to the Kingdom of Heaven in heaven, where you can enjoy life eternally with God.

Restored Family
1.21.79, Belvedere

Expect some miracle in the home church. When the Christians come to support you, what will the world be like? The world will come to God very quickly. When we are successful, everyone will realize who is on the side of evil and on the side of good. Do you think anyone could remain in the evil area for long after we become successful in home church? That's where the eternal foundation for happiness will remain on earth.

Eternal Happiness
2.25.79, Belvedere

I gave you each 360 homes in order to distribute God's love to you. As you distribute more love to the people then you in turn will become bigger and bigger. If you do not distribute love to the other people, however, then you will stay as gaunt as you are. if a tree wants to live then it must grow many branches and be healthy. If a tree grows no branches then it will simply wither away and die. I have never met one sensible person who asked me why I assigned him only 360 homes to distribute love to instead of three times as many.

Where God Resides and His Course
3.19. 78, Belvedere

Your 360 homes are your training center to open up your mind and heart of love. Once the love of God is consummated in your heart, you become the subject of your surroundings, no matter where you go.

The Sound of the Bell of the Mind
1.28.79, Belvedere

We are moving every day along this way of true love. Nothing is more precious than this. What is home church all about? It is giving you the method and the territorial boundary within which you can practice the way of true love. Home church is your arena where true love begins. I'm sure many of your parents oppose your membership in the Church, but their ancestors in spirit world are all on your side. Your children, grandchildren, and all your descendants will praise you. You need a base where you can create your own territory -- this is what home church is all about.

Seeking the True Master
11.29.81, Belvedere

The cherubim with their fiery sword represent an impenetrable curtain which no one can pass unless they embody the love of God which can break down that wall. The cosmic spring of the providence of God is here. We shall see the spring of heaven come to this world, and when we penetrate this barrier we will liberate ourselves from the fallen world and enter that realm. You have learned the secret weapon for penetrating that barrier. I came to this world to teach this to whomever is willing to learn.

The test I took and the hill I crossed over was no ordinary hill. It was the most severe kind of test, but by crossing over I laid the highway. Your hill, even though it is of the same kind, is much smaller. . . God's hill was incredibly big. God crossed over the biggest hill to reach out to meet me, and I crossed over my hill to search for you. Your hill is a microcosm.

Eventually, those hills will be flattened and no more will remain to be crossed over. The way to cross over that hill is home church. The springtime of home church shall be the springtime of the cosmic dispensation of God. The time for home church is at hand. The people who are anticipating the spring are like the early birds who know even in the cold weather when spring will come. Those people will respond to home church. There are people who are awakened and they will rejoice together in the song of spring.

Spring Season of the Providence
4.1.79, Belvedere

After hearing about the mission of home church for many years, do you now understand its purpose and mission? That is why you are so precious.

It is not easy to understand home church. Father has suffered so much in order for home church to become a reality. But if you can understand this now, then you are very precious people in the sight of God.

As long as we hang on to home church and keep doing it, there is no doubt that the satanic world will completely crumble. Do you have confidence that by doing it the Kingdom of Heaven on earth will become a reality? We all say "yes" so easily. God says "yes." True Parents say "yes." You should say "yes." You children say "yes." Yes! We can build the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

Father announced on God's Day this year that the motto for 1980 is: The Home Church Is the Base of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. What is the base? The base means something like Cape Kennedy. The home church, then, is like the launching pad. Father has been aiming at this target for 20 years. Before the twenty-one year course started, Father already aimed at such a target. Father is almost like Apollo, aimed at the sun and the moon. But in less than twenty years, Father got a bull's-eye. He hit the target in the center in the year 1976. He made history in that year.

Father completed this and he reached the target. Now Father is giving you the key. Now it is your turn. You must be the ones to open the door. You go out to your home church area and serve. You really only need to do this in one area. That is the way you fulfill. You must set the condition. In the meantime, Father will go around the entire world.

4.16.80, World Mission Center

As you are aware, we are now in the second of three seven-year courses, which is your time. What does that mean? So far I am transferring it into your hands. This means it is possible for you to do the work successfully without me.

Then on what ground can you do it? Home church. The motto for 1979 introduced home church: Home Church and the Completion of the Kingdom of Heaven; and the motto for the following year was: Home Church Is the Base of the Kingdom of Heaven. Now for the third year in succession the motto is focused on home church: Home Church Is My Kingdom of Heaven. That "my" is more yours than it is mine. The concept of home church during the past two years was related more to the whole, but this year it is more personal: home church is "my" responsibility, "my" heaven.

Home Church Is My Kingdom of Heaven
1.1.81, World Mission Center

I am very serious inside when I see how you spent the previous forty day condition. How are you going to make it? I was going to pray for you for forty days and see that you got started very well. Then I could leave to visit other countries and go back to Korea eventually, but if you slump down like this how can I be free to go? I must make sure that you understand this properly.

Tomorrow begin everything afresh, not like yesterday or today. Now that you know how important it is you can make a new start tomorrow. I actually blame the leaders because they were responsible for explaining this to you. If a leader didn't understand then he should have asked me once more to explain it to him. Now do you know for sure? If you don't, ask those who do to explain it to you.

When I made plans for home churches I made sure with heaven first that it was the right plan. I got assurance, not just once but many times, and God said to go ahead with it. You must know that I always check things in advance. There may be some disadvantages or shortcomings but they don't matter. We must be united and go ahead full speed. If you aren't serious then it will be impossible for you to follow me in the spirit world. I am going so fast that you will never catch up with me otherwise.

If it were not a difficult task then Jesus would never have died on the cross. There is no excuse or compromise in restoration. God and spirit world have chased me also. God did not prevent me from going to the communist prison camp or stop people from opposing us. God could have prevented those things but He would not. The path of indemnity is utterly serious. Even if you miss some meals or don't get much sleep, you must keep going to your houses and witnessing to the people. . . .

I have explained everything to you in detail, so now if you still don't follow it is no longer my responsibility. What can I do if you refuse to listen? It is only after you do your 5% that you can be connected with me. If I had not done my 5% I would not have any connection with God.

The Start of the 40-Day Witnessing Condition
7.4.78, London

Do you think Father is doing the home church as a hobby, because he simply likes it? Without doing that dispensation, there is no Kingdom of Heaven on earth. Ten thousand people divided up and really netted out could make all kinds of networks. If we created such a network of home church, working under one command, then we could save New York. . . .

Father has been preaching this since three years ago. How could you know what an incredible age of dispensation this is? Although you don't understand completely, you can demonstrate one great virtue: obedience. The Kingdom of Heaven hinges upon your ability to fulfill home church. Whether or not we can demolish and clean up the satanic world depends on home church. It is the one way we can win.

I know this is the most difficult dispensation we have ever faced. If ever I plant a tree, I'm going to plant a tree that's the most difficult tree there is under the sun. That's going to be our kind of experience.

State Leaders' Conference

Now you know why home church is important to you, to God and all humanity. You know this will be the last war which you or anyone will have to fight. You need to have a renewed outlook and determination in the 1980's. I feel I should establish the standard and tradition in America, and with that prototype the whole world can benefit.

The Abel's Path from the Providential Point of View
12.30.79, Belvedere

Jesus witnessed to twelve disciples; we are following the same pattern with the 360 homes; every element is there. if you win, you win the world. Maybe the relatively new member does not understand that. Some foreign members do not speak so much English so they don't understand really clearly, as a scholar does, but still it is true and it is very important for you. Not for anybody else but for you. You must understand that this is very important.

Father Speaks to the Crusade
9.5.82, London

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