Home Church - The Words Of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

 Table of Contents



Father's Prayer

1. The Base Of The Kingdom

 The Significance of Home Church

 Historical Perspective

 Formula Course

 Liberating God

Father's Way

Our Attitude


The Value of Home Church

2. The Journey To Canaan

Our Destiny

Beyond Calvary

Uniting Cain and Abel

Attending True Children

Marriage Blessing

The Restoration Providence and "I"

Tribal Messiah


Society and World Affairs

3. The Public Way

Mobilizing Spirit World

Our Standard of Devotion


Service and Education


Tradition and Tribal Organization

Providential Numbers

God's Timetable

Home Church and Other, Responsibilities

4. Practical Strategy

5. Anecdotes

6. Appendix

The Base for the Kingdom of God on Earth and Home Church

Outline of Home Church

Our Activity From Now On

Tparents Home

Moon Family Page

Unification Library