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The Words Of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Marriage Blessing

For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son.

John 3:16

There are a number of blessed couples in New York and their attitude sometimes is not right in the sight of God. They may think that because they have a baby to take care of that others should go out witnessing. That is wrong. The baby would say, "I'm a heavenly child. I don't want a mother like you but a mother who will do home church." Sometimes the baby cries because of that. Having a child is a blessing but it is no excuse not to do home church. I am going to expand the nursery so you can go out and work in home church.

. . . This is not the time to cling to your children because you must set the condition. People in the secular world cannot give up their closest loved ones but you must set a better standard. God gave up His son Jesus, so why can't you give up your child and go out for the salvation of the world? That is God's most logical strategy and that's how I have lived already.

The Birth of Jesus and the Consummation of God's Will
12.24.78, Belvedere

The years 1970-1972 were years of incredible ordeal for the Korean blessed couples. Leaving all their children behind, the blessed wives went out on pioneering missions throughout the country. They sent their children to orphanages or to live with families who were reluctant to keep them. It was almost like Moses' mother leaving her child in Pharaoh's palace. But Moses did not lose his identity. By the same token, when our blessed children went to other places to live, they did not think that their parents deserted them, but they knew that their parents were righteous enough to put their mission ahead of everything, sacrificing all for the sake of the mission. Adults complained about parents leaving their children behind, but the children received incredible sympathy from their peers. The more the parents rejected the children, the more sympathy they got from the other children. Through these experiences, the barriers that prevented national unity were broken down in some ways. After I and the Unification Church became famous, some of those who cared for the blessed children during those years came back and said, "Do you remember me? When you went out for your three-year mission, I took care of your children; you must pay me some tribute now." They all want to take credit now!

This time, however, you don't have to leave your children behind. You can care for your children, go out and work for home church, come back and be with your children. The next day, you can go out in joy again. The elder Korean members suffered this ordeal for the sake of the world, but all you have to do is home church.

Blessed Family
6.20.82, Belvedere

All of us must move straightforwardly toward that goal of restoration; it is truly all that matters. Of course, you have to think of your Blessing and tend to your children and families, but which is truly the most significant the home church work or your personal life? Surely home church work is more important than anything else in God's dispensation. If you worked diligently doing home church all your life, but could never receive the Blessing, you would have a wonderful life once you got to spirit world. You could call out to me and I could take you directly to the home of the True Parents and give you your free pass to Heaven. But if you came to spirit world without having done home church work, you would not be able to receive any pass or certification.

Total Completion of the Ideal
2,28.82, Belvedere

No matter how old you are, there is one thing more important than Blessing: home church. What parents do not want their children to get married? That's the whole purpose for which they have been raising their children.

I have been hearing that some of the engaged women are pressuring their fiancées to get more education so they can be leaders, even wanting them to get Ph.D.'s. Is it a wonderful fiancée who thinks that way? No, her fiancée should say, "You Satan. Instead of going to school, I will do something else." Now you agree with this after listening to me because you have a new perspective!

The hard way is to get your Ph.D. and then find out that what I am saying now is true. The way we work is much more worthwhile than getting a degree. Without going this course, no one can get to the heaven that I introduce. Do you need lots of education to register for citizenship there? No, being persecuted the way God and True Parents have been persecuted is the requirement instead. This is why "my indemnity" is part of today's topic. You must know what your indemnity is.

The World of Good and Evil and My Indemnity
9.28.80, Belvedere

When you are truly consumed by this fire of conviction then nothing matters, not even eating or sleeping; you are truly crazy about the mission. Now you have a fiancée, a new loved one, so you can love your people more. That is the standard I am giving you. Do you wish you had more time to spend with your fiancée instead of at home church? Your antenna should be directed to home church. Is it?

True Couple
5.27.79, Belvedere

When you look at your own fiancée you feel uplifting joy. However, that is the time to realize that before you love your home church and fulfill your own mission, you have no right even to love your own fiancée. You will realize that you must earn the right to love your own fiancée.

4.16.80, World Mission Center

Those who were in the matching ceremony, raise your hand. Have you imagined your fiancée in his home church? if your fiancée is in his area, would you go there? Maybe you would start out to go look at your own area, but your body would actually be moving toward his area! Is home church less important than your fiancée? You shouldn't waste time writing letters or holding hands for one year. Don't think about your fiancée so much because Principle says we must love our home church more and then we can love our fiancées later.

The Public and Private Way
1.11.81, Belvedere

Some of you sisters think you are old maids, but that is not actually the real problem. Your problem is home church.

Total Self Re-Evaluation
9.14.80, Belvedere

This is the time you start preparing to be a family; you don't just go into it lightheartedly. According to the experience of other people it is not all easy, and in no time at all you will have children. Have you established the required condition of having 84 spiritual children, as you all should, and are you taking up your family on that foundation? Of course you are not ready in that fullest sense. Because of the circumstances I am giving you permission to live together, even though you are not worthy yet, if you feel that you will try your best.

You are indebted to everyone around you, including your own children, until you fulfill that foundation. You have to clearly understand this. I know what the Principle calls for and I had to fulfill it literally, not symbolically. If my own children ask whether I have really done what I taught the members to do, I am prepared to explain how I indeed have done it. If God asks whether I have lived up to the standard Principle calls for, I am ready to give a straight answer; even if Satan asks, I have a ready explanation.

One day you will also be asked that question, and you should be able to answer as I do. Without doing so, how can you assume the position of true parents? Where will you get material with which to teach your children if you don't? Before I could become a true parent I had to establish all the traditions necessary in the Principle point of view. It is only logical that you, a branch of True Parents, become true parents also; but first you must establish the requirements. Only then can you genuinely educate the generations to come.

Untitled Address to Blessed Couples

I can see that you still haven't come down to earth after your engagement.

You are all wrapped up in getting to know one another and your faces are different. What you should do when you meet your fiancée is to put your heads together and decide that you will each go to win in home church and then come back to ask me to bless you. You need a certain condition to fulfill before Blessing, such as having Cain-type spiritual children and your tribe of 84 people. You have already heard all of these things, so you know why you are going in the capacity of Abel to home church.

True Couple
5.27.79, Belvedere

The actual order of things is that first you do home church and then receive the Blessing. The only reason you can have a blessed family before then is because True Parents and God regard you as a branch of True Parents, who are that trunk and root. When True Parents bear fruit, then you bear fruit because you are a branch. The significance of the fruit you bear is up to you, however. This is where your test is.

Historical View of the Dispensation
9.18.79. Belvedere

While this is still unfinished can you think about getting blessed? I could only allow those who already have the Blessing to receive it because they had brought at least three spiritual children. I took that as a condition, on the understanding that after the Blessing they could continue on to bring in 84 people altogether. Those who haven't succeeded after three years of separation should not want to live together. If you want to live together you must work much faster and fulfill this number. You should post these numbers everywhere, even in the bathroom on the sink, to remind you every minute of the day. From now on you will think this way, won't you? You must never forget this, even for one minute.

The Start of the 40-Day Witnessing Condition
7.4.78, London

There should actually be no Blessing before home church is completed. From this time on, no one is automatically eligible for Blessing simply because they have been members for a certain number of years. Only those persons who succeed in home church and restore spiritual children are qualified for the Blessing. Jesus first restored his three major disciples and then the three became 12. Those 12 plus 72 seventy disciples established the number 84. This is an important number for us and it must be done in seven years' time by bringing one person per month. Jesus would have had the holy wedding after he had 84 people completely united with him. That is the same path I walked.

Where are you actually going to find your mate, your ideal object? in home church. You will be blessed with the person you find. That is the ideal situation. The procedure will be that the entire home church tribe in a general conference will make a recommendation to True Parents saying, "This person and this person are just wonderful and our tribe wants to receive them as true parents. Would you marry them together?" That kind of recommendation will be given as the counsel of the home church. In the days to come there will be no such thing as Blessing without having the home church pro -gram completed. This is not my statement, but a statement of the Principle.

Home Church and the Completion of the Kingdom of Heaven
1.1.79, World Mission Center

After the completion of your home church crusade, you have the right to be blessed. Jesus Christ did not have the home church providence, and he could not have a heavenly wedding. Even though you may be blessed now, until you have completed the home church dispensation you cannot really have a home yet.

History of the Providence Through Restoration by Indemnity
2.10.81, World Mission Center

The time will come when the 360 homes will volunteer their sons and daughters, competing against each other to have their children accepted first. At the end of the third seven-year course everyone will be blessed. In other words, you will literally find your bride and husband in the home church. Unless you are welcomed in your home church you can have no wedding after the third seven-year course is over.

Home Church and the Battle of Love
1.7.79, Belvedere

Is it better to do this work and build a home church while you are single and then get blessed and start a family, or to start a family now and separate while going to the home church? A baby can be a nuisance because his parents are no longer free. Your most precious time is taken up caring for the baby, and then you would wish you hadn't married before you had completed your home church work.

Eternal Happiness
2.25.79, Belvedere

Those of you who understand the importance of the home church as your immediate business before your physical children arrive, I praise you and your ability to understand.

In Search of Our Home
7.11.82, Belvedere

In this area you will create your Cain-type home, and then after that you are entitled to create your Abel-type home. Once you find your Cain tribe you will establish your Abel tribe. Even if your ancestral lineage is inferior to that of people in your home church area, you will still receive greater blessing than anyone in your area because you set the necessary condition there. When the blessing comes to you upon this foundation and you have children, they will receive more abundant blessing than anyone in home church.

The restoration process in the fallen world is one of three major divisions of Cain and Abel, husband and wife, and parents, but now we are bringing these three together for the first time. Home church is the process of uniting the brothers, Cain and Abel. Your home church and your mate's home church will come together eventually, and you will become a couple after receiving accolades from your home church. Upon that foundation you will join as husband and wife. There are universal implications in two home church areas uniting together.

When you are united as husband and wife upon this home church foundation and have children, you move upward to the parent level. Your children will come upon the foundation of the home church success and all your labor there will be reaped by them. In that case you truly have a foundation where you can receive God's blessing abundantly. Because the Cain-Abel separation has already been made in the home church and there is no stain remaining, you can offer your children as a pure offering to God. Then God will gladly embrace you and your children. Unless you stand victorious in home church, however, you will leave that duty and responsibility to your children, who will then have to go through that tribulation themselves.

Only upon the victorious foundation of home church can you as men and women bear sinless children, just as perfected Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden would have born sinless children. No one shall be able to come against that pure child. You must fulfill all these conditions before God's Blessing comes to you to be husband and wife.

We can conclude that the more you are oppressed and persecuted, the happier you will be and the more you will gain. You suffer more because you want to make your Blessing more precious, for it is your added suffering that will make your qualification more precious, and your diamond more polished. All your suffering and tribulation can be vindicated by having your mate; this one Blessing alone can make it all worthwhile. Your husband or wife is far more precious than your home church, and if you can give anything for your home church then how much more could you do for your mate? Since you are already trained by serving your 360 homes, you can be even more serving to your own husband or wife.

In your 360 homes you are withstanding all kinds of persecution, yet even if all your people come against you, you still love them. If later God uses your husband or wife to give you a hard time, what would you do? Would you say you could not stand it and shove him out the door? You are already withstanding so much now that when some hardship appears within your own family it will be nothing in comparison. You are absolutely loyal to each other and you are willing to do whatever your husband or wife wants. . . .

I want you to feel that home church is a training ground for your future married life, and that all the people coming against you are in a position to train you to live with your future spouse and in-laws.

True Couple
5.27.79, Belvedere

After the crucifixion, the Holy Spirit came down and worked together with Jesus, and salvation work began through the Trinity. By the same token, a husband and wife working together are almost like Jesus united with the Holy Spirit, in a physical sense, going to home church to do the work of salvation. You should be able to say to your fiancée or spouse, "I love home church better than I love you." You may not do exactly that, but at least you know it.

In order to make a cold place hot, you have to become like burning charcoal. Would you grumble and fight with your husband or wife and then finally go to home church, or would you unite with each other and then go to home church? Husband and wife should chase each other out to home church. Pray together and go to home church, come back and pray more. Don't pray alone, but with each other. Your wife may say, "I need a little more sleep, you go ahead and pray," but don't give up; wake her up, pat her, shake her -- whatever technique you have -- make her come and pray with you. That is the most important thing: to pray together.

Why should husband and wife act together? Because when home church becomes successful, you should celebrate together, rejoice together. If the husband is celebrating but the wife's conscience hurts, she cannot laugh with him.

So you women like dramatic men, and you men like dramatic women, with lots of talents and many experiences. Thus, if the two of you go together to home church . . . you will attract many people. You will be just like me. I am versatile and multi-talented, so you love me. By the same token, your home church people will adore you, because you are in my position when you go to home church.

Blessed Family
6.20.82, Belvedere

. . . Furthermore, the path to restore these 360 homes is given to a husband and wife together. This mission is given to each couple.

There are all kinds of couples in the world. Yet each of you with your mate is a representative of all the couples of the entire world. That is the role of the Messiah and the messianic family.

The worst judgment you can receive is that you as a couple, whether engaged or blessed, don't work in your 360 homes.

Father has told you very precisely time and again why you need to work within a 360 home area. If you still don' t understand, then forget it. There is no other way for you. Somebody else should just take away your 360 homes.

4.16.80, World Mission Center

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