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Then I looked, and lo, on Mount Zion stood the Lamb, and with him a hundred and forty-four thousand who had his name and his Father's name written on their foreheads. And I heard a voice from heaven like the sound of many waters and like the sound of loud thunder; the voice I heard was like the sound of harpers playing on their harps, and they sing a new song before the throne and before the four living creatures and before the elders. No one could learn that song except the hundred and forty-four thousand who had been redeemed from the earth. It is these who have not defiled themselves with women, for they are chaste; it is these who follow the Lamb wherever he goes; these have been redeemed from mankind as first fruits for God and the Lamb, and in their mouth no lie was found, for they are spotless.

Revelation 14: 1-6

The mark of true love will be upon your forehead; this will be your passport to the Kingdom of Heaven. You will have gained true love in an arena of 360 degrees, so you will be able to go anywhere with your true love. At that point, you will no longer need the law for you will have transcended it. You and the law will be one. True love will give you the special privilege to go beyond the law. When you obey and practice true love, you are entitled to live in the Kingdom of Heaven.

Victory of Home Church (Morning Address)
1.1.82, World Mission Center

What are you Unification Church members and why are you here? You are searchers for true love, but true love is not contained in the Unification Church; it has been stolen by Satan. We must go out to the satanic world, plant the seeds of true love in the soil and harvest it. That is our mission. in home church you are actually creating a tribe, and once you obtain it you can go all the way to heaven. What you have in home church is a microcosm of the world, and by practicing there what I have done on the worldwide scale you are entitled to receive what I have inherited from God.

Day of All Things
5.26.79, World Mission Center

The heirs of the True Parents would feel they could sacrifice anything necessary to preserve that great honor. How much the people in the present and the future would be envious of that position. When they are not only born in the True Parents' love but also raised in that love, what could their happiness be compared to? . . .

Why do you go to home church? Because you want to bring this ecstatic joy and privilege and share it with someone. The people will be envious of what you have and want to be part of the True Parents' love through you. That's home church. Wherever you go, people will want to follow, whether you go east or west, or even to the bathroom. if you doff t sleep for 24 hours, they won't want to sleep either. That kind of person is surely entitled to share your joy, and part of your joy will become his. Whether you live or die physically won't matter.

I know you share that desire to be with me wherever I go. if you really feel that then we are connected and can become one. Home church is the means to make that connection. Home church people will envy you.

The Present Time
2.4.79, Belvedere

This is the great conclusion of the Divine Principle, that the whole purpose of creation is the completion of the four position foundation. You have received a tremendous treasure without even knowing how valuable it is, yet it is given to you unconditionally. Once you become principled men and women you will be the center of the universe wherever you go, whether to Mars or to the moon, to the spirit world or physical world. . . .

. . . You are creating the heavenly four position foundation. Without it the universe will crumble and salvation cannot be brought to the world. It is the purpose of your life to start the living tradition of that foundation. That's why you need your wife or husband and children -- not for your own security and enjoyment, but to fulfill the heavenly foundation. You are becoming the point of stability in the universe and because of you the world will be stabilized. . . .

At this particular juncture of history God is using me to be a mediator of this true love to disseminate the example of a true individual, true family, true ideal society, nation and world. The Unification Church, therefore, is the place where you will receive it because I am the mediator to do that. Eventually you will receive God, and He will find His dwelling in you. Do you think you have received this inheritance or are you still receiving it? If you have received it are you really taking care of it? Are you using that inheritance in your own life? . . .

. . . Today you undoubtedly received the inheritance of the true love of God from His mediator, the True Parents. Then what can you do? You have to give it to others. Go to your home church and give it away, and go to your nation for True Parents and God. At the beginning of this sermon you couldn't answer the question, "What do you have?" But now you can answer that you have the true love of God.

What Kind of Thought Do You Have?
6.10.79, Belvedere

There are many ideologies in the world, but nothing that surpasses this Godism that I am proclaiming. All the great professors and theologians are entitled to inherit these things, but the inheritance is going elsewhere instead. The inheritance of the blessing is one thing, but fulfilling the responsibility that comes with it is the problem. You can do it, however, because the message is a simple one. No one is asking you to lecture at Harvard University; all God is asking you to do is to practice true love.

There is a specific way to practice our love of God, and your 360-home area is your battleground. This is your university curriculum. You should receive at least eighty points of credit, so in order to make this grade at least 288 homes in your area must say, "Yes, you are truly my tribal messiah. You are a great savior and subject of love." What kind of men and women should you become in your home church? Suppose there is a newly married couple who have just come back from their honeymoon. If they are in the bedroom when you knock on the door, then they should want to jump up to greet you.

The amazing thing in the Unification Church is that wherever I go, no matter how much a couple love each other, they follow me rather than each other. You should also be followed and respected to that degree. if you truly represent God then your home church people should respect you that much.

Thanksgiving to God's Will
7.8.79, Belvedere

In the small world of the home church you are going to demonstrate that you love the people in your area more than anyone else in history. You must be superior in heart to everyone -- past, present and future -- in loving that small world. if you can love them more than anyone else in history then you can certainly love it more than Satan. Then God can say, "Yes, my son, you have fulfilled that qualification. Come to receive my inheritance."

The Birth of Jesus and the Consummation of God's Will
12.24.78, Belvedere

Now you can clearly understand the meaning of the Day of the Victory of Heaven. This is the historical day which marks my victory over Satan and payment of all the debts of the world, just as Jacob struggled with the angel at the ford of Jabbok and finally won. I have restored the name Israel, which means victor, on the worldwide and universal scale. That is the meaning of this day.

We have laid a firm foundation for the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. Even if all of us except one person were to die, leaving that one person to carry the banner, he would succeed in building the Kingdom of Heaven. But we will not die; we shall win and the Kingdom of Heaven shall be a reality, not a dream. Since the Day of the Victory of Heaven, unity between God, Adam and Eve, and the archangel has taken place. In the garden of Eden they were all divided, but here they arc united and restored. . . .

. . . I want you to understand the true meaning of this day. Before this day was declared, the spirit world was in the subject role and here on earth we were in the passive role. But the establishment of the Day of the Victory of Heaven reversed these roles and now people on earth are the masters over the spirit world. It is we who are in command, not the spirit world.

What is the gift which the Day of the Victory of Heaven brought to you? What will home church bring to you? God's providence has prevailed in heaven and it shall prevail on earth; the priority has been reversed from spirit world to physical world. A new age has dawned. Why do we proclaim this new age? The old history has been terminated and the new age has begun. The direction of God's work has been changed from heaven to earth, and God will dominate directly. The highest of the satanic positions has been taken over by the heavenly side. . . .

Rebecca, Tamar, Mary and others really gave up their lives to serve God. Do you think I did that too? Would you inherit that tradition too? From this time on God is with you. Home church is your life-giving duty, and unto your life you should do home church. In home church you will indemnify everything that was lost in history -- all the things of creation, all the love and heart which was lost, all of God's personality which has been lost.

Day of the Victory of Heaven
10.4.79, World Mission Center

First came the age of worshipping through material, then through man, and finally worship of the true God. Now we can combine everything together and fulfill it, so combine everything in history in yourself and go for broke. Know you will succeed. Because of the weight of the true words you have, you will be heavier and tip the balance to your side. . . . Heavenly law is working here. If evil attacks good, but goodness does not yield, evil will become weaker and weaker, and that side will get lighter and lighter. Every time you meet persecution you can become stronger and stronger. . .

Now I can tell you to forget about history and concentrate on your own seven-year course. Now that you have inherited everything, you can give it away. What if I told you that you don't need home church? The authority to do home church rests with me, but what have you to do with me? The main problem is how you inherit the correct pattern from me in your own area; you have to have proof that I should give it to you. Actually you have no right to receive it, but if you can say that you are a son or daughter of the True Parents then you can say that I must leave it for you to inherit. Then I will agree.

Persecution and Blessing
5.1.80, Belvedere

. . . God's work will be expanded through the person who works hardest and gives his heart the most. All my life I have been working, even after my responsibility was finished. I only want to add to the foundation that has been built, not to live off it. God does not follow the person who expects recognition, but He follows the person who does more than his share and still continues to give. That is the mainstream of the Unification Church.

This is the tradition the True Parents leave behind, and is what I want you to inherit; it has much more value than leaving you money or property.

I am entitled to rest now, but I don't, so no one else is entitled to take things easy either. This tradition is the best gift I could give you. It is the result of my sweat, and through home church you can distribute this to the world.

If I had only given orders in my capacity as Abel, then Unification Church progress would have been very slow. But instead I carried out everything myself and showed the members through my example. That is my tradition. Now the leaders have seen this clearly -- not by being taught, but by seeing me do that first-hand. if they follow my tradition then many people will follow them. if you follow my direction in this then your members will more easily follow you.

I have no choice -- that is the Divine Principle way. If the grandfather does that, then the parents and children must also go that way. There is no exception. This is the precious tradition you are to receive and follow. Now under my authority you carry this out in home church, shedding sweat to leave the best tradition. If you don't do that, then the next generation will have to do it.

. . . If True Parents come in the name of God, then the individuals they authorize can travel freely anywhere. This is the only way anyone can go all the way from the family to the national level.

Do you want to qualify for this passport? You have to meet some standard first. If you finish home church successfully, then you can have a passport clearing you to go to any level. Everyone has to meet the same standard in order to get that pass. Do you think American citizenship exempts you from that qualification? Do you need Unification Church? Do you need Reverend Moon, who is an Oriental? How can you say it doesn't matter if my eyes are black and yours are blue? We can say so because the color of love is the same for everyone. Since you all need love, you need parents.

Parents Day and This Age
4.5.81, World Mission Center

I accomplished home church on the worldwide scale, and now that tradition has been freely granted to you. In sixty years I erected this tradition, setting the victorious standard. I give it to you free of charge; everything I have done is given to you.

Total Self Re-Evaluation
9.14.80, Belvedere

The indemnity condition for mankind to enjoy free passage throughout God's creation is home church. Therefore, the family of perfected Adam, True Parents' family, is necessary as a base for restoration. Through the True Parents, all of mankind can inherit the right to travel freely, since whatever the parents own, the children will inherit. Satan knows this law better than anybody else. Therefore, you are doing home church not because each of you is highly capable but because you are the children of the True Parents. When you go to home church, you are telling the people the good news -- that they can be proud of the True Parents, proud of their heavenly family and proud to be related to God. in this way, you inherit the position and heart of True Parents and free yourself from any accusation of Satan. Only you can do it; God cannot do it for you.

This is why I push you out to do home church. I want you to get that free pass, that heavenly I.D. card, which will allow you total freedom. Since I have passed on to you this inheritance, you must share it with your home church members; otherwise it will go nowhere. Any way you look at it, home church is a necessity.

Total Completion of the Ideal
2.28.82, Belvedere

It is imperative that all Unification Church members know what position we stand at in history today. To come this far, I had to indemnify all levels of the individual, family, clan, nation, world, and spirit world. I want to pass this on to all Unification Church members, so that you can stand in my position; but in order to inherit the advantage of this time, you too must first go the path of indemnity. Then you can stand in my position and be free to go anywhere. In a nutshell, this inheritance comes in home church.

Declaration of the Ceremony of Unity Between Spirit World and Physical World
3.28.82, Belvedere

When you visit your area you can think that one part represents Korea, another part Japan, and divide up your area to represent the six continents of the world. When white, black and yellow people all reject you, you can rejoice because you have received persecution from the whole world. It took me sixty years to lay this worldwide foundation, but if you really work well you can do it in your area in six months. By working in home church successfully you can raise yourself up beyond the realm of the fall. Who has given you that kind of power? True Parents. That is your inheritance from them.

True Couple
5.27.79, World Mission Center

Why am I pushing the home church providence so much? It is your way to become messiahs. I have done so much to win my victory and I want you to be qualified to inherit this glorious foundation. Home church is that qualification. Your 360 homes are your own world, both internal and external. You begin with the internal dispensation but ultimately will win them externally too. The spirit world will be linked with your work and spiritual phenomena will happen there. Home church is where you will win your victory, and then you will move into the national and world levels and be liberated. If you try to bypass home church you cannot be a world citizen of the Kingdom of God. You are creating 360 homes of your own in your area.

I am the one who has paid all the indemnity for the sake of the individual, family, nation, world and spirit world. Now I want to share all these assets with you. Even if it takes seven years, you must determine to fulfill the home church providence. If you cannot, it will be extended 21 years. In my case, because of opposition from Korean Christians my seven-year course was extended to 21 years.

When the third seven-year course is over I will be traveling and not be here much. I will be going to many famous places and doing many things. . . . Who will accompany me when I travel? It is most natural that the home church champions among you will come with me. We will all be able to travel freely because no passports will be needed. When Harvard Ph.D.'s join the Unification Church they will do home church. If they want to come to my home, they will have to come through even a small member who is a home church champion.

Historical View of the Dispensation
9.18.79, Belvedere

Father won this foundation of victory in the dispensation. This can apply for everyone of us if we do the same as Father. Father is trying to inherit them, to connect them. This is what the 360 homes are about.

Father Speaks to the Crusade
9.5.78, London

The engagement this month was an extraordinary event, the grand finale of a year of engagements around the world. What is your determination going to be? it should be that you will receive the inheritance from your own True Parents and walk on their foundation. How can you tell the world that you have received this inheritance? By proving how worthy you are through home church. I have completed the home church mission throughout the world, so I assigned you one small microcosm of the entire universe, 360 homes, and by doing what I have done in home church you will prove to God that you should receive my inheritance.

The True Parents suffered all their lives, but by following their tradition and receiving their inheritance you can go over that level of victory with much less suffering. No one who retreats from doing home church is qualified for that blessing, though. in some cases your wife or husband may be hesitant to do home church, but push them out. For three years you must erect a victorious stand in home church. for that is your arena to win victory.

True Couple
5.27.79, World Mission Center

The True Parents come to this world in the messianic mission and in three different seven-year courses they lay the foundation of the home church. Now that mission comes to you and you reap the suffering of the True Parents on the foundation they have laid for you. The highway has been built on which you will run and gather the essence of the world in the name of home church. This is your present duty.

The Completion Period for the Dispensation
11.12.78, Belvedere

There are many steps beyond just home church. After that, there is the clan church, the tribe church, the nation church, the world church. You have to pass through all these levels. Doing home church is not easy, but doing tribe church and nation church are even more difficult. No individual is capable of doing all these levels; therefore, True Parents came to this earth to do it for everybody else, for you and all your posterity.

Victory of Home Church (Midnight Address)
1.1.82, World Mission Center

Where does God reside, then? He is far from where we are, far from the satanic domain, but still waiting to accomplish what He originally intended. From the individual, family, clan, society, nation, world and spirit world, there are seven layers. We have to advance through each layer, higher and higher, but how do we do that? A family, for instance, must go higher and higher until it reaches God's domain. . . .

It is simply impossible for the individual to cross all the barriers. All individuals cannot reach the highest level alone, but if the parents accomplish it then they can bequeath that to all those who are their children. Home church is the place where I can leave to you everything I have accomplished.

Is it easy to go each individual course historically? It is impossible, but now I have done it. Now you can pass quickly through it by doing home church. A completely new world will emerge, bigger and better than this country, and the old world will vanish. You should be the happiest person when you hear the words "home church." To reach heaven you must go around all 360 degrees once.

Home Church and Myself
12.14.80, Belvedere

Why did I create the home church crusade? Simply because I would like to take you along with me to the kingdom of heaven. I want you to stay with me, and I want you to go to the same place with me in heaven. That's why! Don't you like that?

. . . Right now there is not even one single day that I do not stand with my two feet on the ground declaring the victory upon the accumulation of all the conditions in the universe that I ever paid. I stand on and claim every place, the family, the tribe, the nation, the universe, everything. Every condition that I ever paid accumulates in one place, and then I stand upon that place and claim it as my own. I have that land. But you don't. I want you to inherit it. The place to inherit everything is on your home church area. This is the way you inherit. I have been paying so much indemnity for the sake of the family, tribe, nation and world. I want to give it to you freely. Anyone can receive it and can stand on my foundation. All you have to do is to receive it.

World Conference
2.25.80, World Mission Center

Your family responsibility can be done to perfection without any more help from me. You are now going beyond just "man's portion of responsibility." God took 95% responsibility to man's 5%, yet as man fulfills his responsibility he earns a total dominion over the earth. Symbolically I had 95% of the responsibility for home church and you had 5% but you will receive 100% of the credit because you will be the one to actually do it. I am not going to help you do it.

In Search of Our Home
7.11.82, Belvedere

When I finish the third seven-year course my responsibility is finished. If you just follow faithfully for seven years then you can inherit the same result that I worked for thirty years to obtain. During these seven years you are indemnifying 7,000 years all at once.

The Age of New Dispensation
5.14.78, London

The third seven-year course is not primarily for the True Parents, but for their children. It is the children's responsibility, and the consummation of the total will of God shall climax at this point.

The Birth of Jesus and the Consummation of God's Will
12.24.78, Belvedere

Actually, home church was initiated here in America, in the last part of 1977. The home church dispensation has existed for less than five years. Since I have given this formula for home church for the restoration of all people around the world, my mission is all done; that is what God has been wishing for 6,000 years, what I have wished for sixty years, and it is what you can do in six months or six years.

In 21 years I have completed all the spiritual foundation for restoration. Now it is your time, your children's course. I have made a spiritual foundation, and now I want to create a worldwide economic foundation in the next seven years. That is why I went to Germany. I have been a controversial figure in the religious field, and now maybe I will be controversial in the economic and business fields. When that foundation is completed in seven years, the foundation for the Moscow rally will be done.

Now it is your turn. Do not lose this golden opportunity I have given you to meet the condition in seven years. Attack it and fulfill in seven years. This is a new era and now you are in my role. If you don't do well in seven years, your course will be expanded to 21 years, and I know you don't want that. We are marching toward the final goal.

Make a determination to take off as servant of servants. In order to fulfill that role a person must be willing to give his life at least three times, but people in the free world are not quite ready to do the things that God wants them to do. You will be going to the satanic world seven times at the risk of your life, then moving to another stage. That's why Jesus said that the person who was ready to lose his life for Jesus' sake would find it. Jesus also taught that the members of your own family are your enemy if they block the way.

Have you ever heard in all history of parents kidnapping their own children? That has happened to the Unification Church, however. Jesus' supreme teaching was to love your enemy, meaning not just someone in your family who doesn't like you, but any person trying to attack and kill you. You are working to pass the examination on the family and national levels, and then you should move on to the worldwide level. . . .

Shall we do home church? I have given you everything you need to know, so actually I don't need to meet you frequently. You know how you can defeat Satan, how to pay indemnity. in your heart you know what my position is. Do you want the easy way out or the hard way? The luxurious way, or the sacrificial way? Do you want to go to a friend's home, or an enemy's home?

I have given sixty years of my life in obtaining this victorious foundation, and now you can inherit the entire thing in six years. What a bargain! Do you think you can do it? After you know this truth, all you have to do is pack your bag with Divine Principle and a video-cassette and go to your home church. You don't need . . . Rev. Moon. Just dig down in your home church.

Core Love and Indemnity
10.22.81, World Mission Center

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