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Father's Way

He said to him the third time, "Simon, son of John, do you love me?" Peter was grieved because he said to him the third time, "Do you love me?" And he said to him, "Lord, you know everything; you know that I love you." Jesus said to him, "Feed my sheep. Truly, truly, I say to you, when you were young, you girded yourself and walked where you would, but when you are old, you will stretch out your hands, and another will gird you and carry you where you do not wish to go. (This he said to show by what death he was to glorify God.) And after this he said to him, "Follow me."

John 21: 17-19

The Israelites went the same course as Moses; all Christians had to follow what Jesus did. Likewise, whatever I have gone through must be experienced by Unification Church members. It is your five percent, and connects you to the 95 percent which I did, and which Moses and Jesus each did.

Home Church is My Kingdom of Heaven
1.1.81, World Mission Center

You must expect rejection in your home church area because that formula is unavoidable. Your people will slam the door on you, curse and spit at you. Without experiencing that rejection you cannot feel the heart of God. When you taste rejection, think of God who has been rejected for many thousands of years. Think of Jesus, who was rejected by his own people. Think of me, for I have been rejected my entire life by my own people and the people of the world. You are sharing that suffering heart.

The Birth of Jesus and the Consummation of God's Will
12.24.78, Belvedere

What kind of life do you lead? Just live as I have. There is no other choice. Since you cannot deal with the whole world as I have, you have been given home church, where you will do as I did. By doing so you will be given the same recognition as if you had saved the whole world. You shed tears for home church, and suffer almost until you die, and be persecuted almost until you die. The Cain-Abel struggle is going on in home church and you might almost be killed, as I was almost killed, but you must overcome and conquer death there.

We must jump over the stony path of death. How do you do it? By shedding more tears for home church than for your parents, your home or yourself. Shed tears, blood and sweat for your home church, period. If there had been no rejection at the time of Moses and Jesus then my path would have been easier, but instead everything was left on my shoulders. By myself I had to overcome it all, step by step, shedding sweat and tears for all of history. I have done it, and now I am asking you to do it on a limited scale, but still you will receive the same recognition I did. isn't that a good deal? That is your destiny.

Someone must liquidate the sorrowful blood, sorrowful sweat, and sorrowful tears of history, and then build a new history of joy in laboring for the kingdom. Because of rejection, tears, sweat and blood were shed at the time of Moses, Jesus and the Lord of the Second Advent. if there had been acceptance, they would have shed only sweat in building the kingdom. At the time of the Lord of the Second Advent restitution must be made totally; therefore, the Lord must be a king of sweat, tears and blood, paying the debt of all history.

All of history's sadness must be liquidated. Therefore, this is the time of harvesting that sweat, blood and tears. The tears of the past were false; there was much blood shed in the past, but it was not the true blood shed unselfishly for God. Without going this path in the righteous way there is no way you can inherit the Kingdom of Heaven. Does this just seem to be true, or is it really true?

This is my path, and I have lived it triumphantly. Now it is your turn to do so in the same position, inheriting what I have done. You have shed tears in the past, but when you met me the meaning of those tears was changed into tears of joy and hope. Your tears of despair are now tears of happiness. When home church is consummated and you are really embraced by the people as being God's messenger, then you shall truly have tears of happiness.

Stony Path of Death
4.27.80, Belvedere

When I set foot in America I felt that I came in order to love this nation more than anyone ever loved it, and that my love for it would be greater than any opposition to me that Satan could stir up. All you need to do is extend that kind of love to your area. Your area is a greenhouse and you are growing everything there first.

Regard yourself as the bridge of God's love to your home church, as the parents to that area, as the brothers and sisters loving that area. Then you are truly experiencing the realm of heart. After you correctly understand the realm of heart, you must broaden and stretch yourself to experience that realm. By loving me, you have already started experiencing the realm of heart; now all you have to do is extend that love to your area and your family. In the beginning you may not know what it will lead to, but as you experience more and more, your heart will be enriched.

In the beginning your home church people won't understand much, but if you continue working with them a bond of deep love will grow. Then if you are away for a while they will welcome your return with tears. Love is what home church is all about. In love you must embrace everything, not just one race, or one family. Without an object you cannot experience love, so you must create your object; that is your home church area.

If I were away for months or years, do you think you would miss me? Do you think I would miss you? I am the same way. As much as you love your home church, my love will be there to that degree, and God will love you that much or more. God can love you more because your object of love will have broadened, and so God's love for you can also broaden. God's love for you can become greater to the extent that your experience of the realm of heart becomes greater.

How do you go about improving your heart? You are widened as you live more and more for the sake of others. Then God can come closer to you. When people cry and are grateful to you, you feel that same gratitude to God and me. The world then comes close to you very quickly. For you, the realm of heart is your home church area. Love is not one-sided; your people must love you and you must love them. Then you will realize my love and God's love.

When I teach you to live and die for the sake of the world, I know that when you do it you will experience God's broader realm of heart; it is a must if you are to be connected to God and His love. Once you do that here, it is yours forever and ever. Home church is the microcosm of God's creation, a small universe. The individual and family are there, and when you rejoice together, the universe and God will take part in your rejoicing. if you are sorrowful, God and the universe will be sorrowful with you.

If people blame you for anything, it will be for coming late to them. Keep this kind of thinking, planning how you can thaw out their frozen minds and make them warm and lively people. How good it is if you do that in the name of love! Though you may not own much, and you are continually persecuted because the people are ignorant, how precious that experience will be. Now you are authorized to do in the name of love what no one ever could do, and by doing so you can deepen your heart. What a worthwhile experience that is! You can be proud of it. That is my source of pride, too.

That is the only foundation I have, in spite of the fact that I am famous. All of that does not outweigh the love which I feel for you and you feel for me. That love alone is here to stay eternally, and is the only thing which matters in spirit world. Home church is a perfect area of training for you to experience this.

Life of Experience in the Realm of Heart
3.15.81, Belvedere

You all want to go to the same place where I go. And all your home church members should look up to you the same way and wish they were going to the same place as you. You have to have them so attached to you that they want to follow you, and in order to do that you have to devote all your heart to them.

If you didn't have to go to home church you would like to work together with me, wouldn't you? Your home church members should feel the same way about you. This can happen because there is an ideal and unchanging love there. That's why you long to be close to me and work directly with me. If you really miss me then I will come to you in person. You will occupy that same position in your home church. and everyone will miss you and want to see you.

In order for them to feel this close, you will have to devote all of yourself to them. Then you will understand me. You will walk and walk, wearing out many pairs of shoes. Every household has a history and aspiration, and everything you invest in them will be inscribed there. Perhaps a certain family opposed you very much but later finally welcomed you. Every scene of those events is a source of pride for what you did. You should make them so anxious to help you that they are eager to do many things for you after you are married. They will feel more happy than at the time of their own marriage and want to do something for you. You must make them feel so deeply about you that they want to carry you on their shoulders like football heroes.

Eternal Happiness
2.25.79, Belvedere

I wish I could say that all Moonies love Reverend Moon. Those who say it is true, raise your hands. Why do you love Reverend Moon? Just to be nice? It is so that you can live again. I have the seal of victory, so all I have to do is stamp your application. With that stamp you have a pass to go to heaven, so if you can get that stamp from me then you love me even more, right? To win this foundation of victory I had to go to strange countries and fight my way inch by inch in places where I was not wanted. I have been working since that day to create a stronger foundation on which you will suffer less, but you have to produce some proof that you have loved me. Where will you find your proof? Home church. With my victory you have a valid passport, and now you need to take off like a rocket, launching to reach God's heart in love.

The Day of the Victory of Heaven
10.4.80, Belvedere

What do you need? Today, start living central true love, working central true love, dying for central true love, and living for eternity with central true love. it has to be with you all the way. I am the craziest for true love, and that is why I have been persecuted and become controversial. While I am receiving persecution I am still crazy about true love, and when I look around I see that all races have begun following me. What is the secret? I have lived this life for the entire world, and now I am giving you a small stage so you can take over as masters of true love.

I set the condition on the world level, and now in your 360 homes you shall receive the same reward and privilege. Are you ready?

Liquidation and Blessing
5.18.80, Belvedere

It is best to start with the older persons, the grandparents; then go to the uncles and aunts. The Old Testament era is that of the grandparents, the New Testament era is that of the uncles and aunts, and the Completed Testament era is that of young people. You should start at the beginning, with the Old Testament, then the New Testament, then down to the present. Some people complain that their home church area doesn't have any young people, only old people. You are going through an indemnity course, so the older people serve that purpose better. By loving the grandparents, then uncles and aunts first, you are going exactly the same way that I went. You should love older people more than you love your own age group, more than you love yourself, in that way, you can be victorious.

Victory of Home Church, Midnight Address
1.1.82, World Mission Center

Home church is where we create a base for the love of God. All human beings can come together in this ground. We have talked about the True Parents, their heart, God's heart, and so forth, but you don't really know them until you do home church. An early Korean member came and told me that the Korean members are all dispersed in different regions doing home church. It almost seems as if the church disappeared and became inactive. But that is the wrong concept; unless we have individual perfection in the area of home church, how can we talk about the perfection of the whole? We must start with individual perfection. Without going through the home church providence you cannot link yourself with me. We have been talking today about very deep theological and philosophical ideas, but if you just do home church you will know what I mean.

God and Us
2.1.82, World Mission Center

I went to Korea to restore all tribes, united around the one central tribe. Go to your home church and undertake the role of messiah, restore Cain and Abel tribes, and then when you come back to the home ground with True Parents you will be installed as parent of your tribe. I am in the position to restore the free world as the Abel tribe and the communist world as the Cain tribe and on that foundation I will ascend to God's dwelling. I am always working for both of these and the same principle that works for me works for you.

The Completion Period for the Dispensation
11.12.78, Belvedere

Father has brought you here and talked to you so seriously. He told you interesting stories but he has always made the conclusion that this is serious, so you must understand. When you do this with the utmost power then Heaven will recognize you, but if you don't work so hard and die somewhere, what meaning will you have? Even if you die while witnessing you must really witness as if it is a matter of life and death. We must understand why it is a matter of life and death, just as Father has explained.

You cannot have time to play, you cannot have time to sleep, you must succeed or else. Do you think that Father is too harsh when he gives you this reprimand? Should he say, 'My dear sons and daughters'; should Father say that to you now? (No.) Can your spirit now awaken? Father is always serious; he can joke and say many things. but he is always serious in front of God. We must never forget that.

Maybe there is another way for the individual who has perished, but what about Father and what about God Himself? What about the heavenly self? So many people depend on you, so you are not an individual. Do you know for sure why we must do this, and what we must do? (Yes.) Those who understand for sure now, as of this moment: instead of raising your hand, take off your watch and put it on the opposite wrist until you accomplish your mission. You must wind up your watch with your left hand, which is very inconvenient. You occasionally listen to the watch, and when the watch ticks, it is telling you, "Don't forget home church, don't forget home church." You must understand that the watch is ticking that message to you. What if you don't accomplish here? If you don't fulfill now, then later when you get blessed you will have to bring your whole physical family to live in the home church area and do the work. it is a formula, and a formula is like a law. Even a president comes under the law if he does wrong. There is no exception. Those who changed their watch, raise your hand. Now you understand for sure, don't you? If you still don't understand, and are not anxious to understand, then Father will really get angry with you.

If you forget your home church mission one day, then don't eat with your right hand. In the evening you must eat with your left hand if you have not fulfilled the standard that day. We have to be like crazy people. How much is "working hard"? We should work so hard that God will look down on us and He will cry; we must work that hard. All our ancestors will cry because we are working too hard. All the Satans who oppose us will cry, too. Once Satan cries, then he will no longer fight against you; he will go away, saying, "Carry on God's work." So we understand that God must cry over us before Satan will leave. Do you understand?

In the Divine Principle the archangel should not have made God cry in the very beginning. In order to indemnify that we have to make God cry this time for good reasons. God must cry over us in a positive way. This is why Father had such incredible persecution. He knew that it would be better to be persecuted than to fail to accomplish his mission. He thought, "I must do my mission first, even if I have to die." Father felt just like a cow, like a prisoner about to be hanged. What if Father had lost that fight? What if Father had spoken but the people had not understood what he said, and denounced him? What would happen to Unification Church? Father was so serious. We must understand and do exactly the same before we can establish a true indemnity condition.

When Father went to Gloucester for tuna fishing, it was not physical tuna that he was interested in. He was laying a foundation. He was always fighting, always thinking, "How am I going to win this Washington Monument fight?" Everyone went to the boat and slept, but Father did not sleep. He stayed wide awake all the time and tackled the tuna. When Father went to the bathroom, he did not even know where the bathroom was. He thought he was at the toilet bowl, but he did the toilet on other places. Do you understand? You have to be very serious if you are missing the toilet. This is the way of indemnity.

Nobody understands the Unification Church without Father. Father worked so impossibly hard, and was so pitiful, that God helped Washington Monument. Father has been working all throughout his life this way. If we work only three years this way, it is nothing; especially when we are very young, nothing matters. Do you understand for sure now? (Yes.) Do you still say, "I don't understand, Father?" Can you say that? (No.) Even if Father leaves here are you going to work as you are working now? Those who are determined and can say, "Father, I will not work as I have been working; I will work much harder," raise your hand.

We eat and we sleep, but actually there is no time to do that unless the 360 homes are in your mind, and you are confident to accomplish the task, You know how much sacrifice Father has made. He has had many sleepless nights. Many times he felt hunger. How much Father prayed to God, "I will surely have revenge on this Satan!" Father went without food for many days, and yet he really felt that strongly. Nobody knows Father, except God. This is why, when he was in peril, in the most dangerous situation, about to die, God always rescued him. When Father did not have anything to eat, and was very hungry for several days, God would always bring food through someone. Many nights when Father could not sleep God came and encouraged Father to endure, and consoled him. We must be in the same situation where we work so hard that God takes pity and says, "You must persevere because your Father was that way."

We must think about 360 homes before we wash our face in the morning, before we put on our clothes, before we do anything. We must always think about 360 homes. We must do this for three years, our utmost best for heaven. Now we know for sure, don't we? It is simple, isn't it? Why have we not been successful so far? Why haven't we developed very much until today? You did not know what to do? Has it been vague all the time, what we are going to do? You did not have a clear image; therefore, you did not have a clear determination. That means that we failed to follow Father's detailed instructions; Father told you to do this, after this do that, and after that, do this. We did not pay enough attention. Do you understand? Father was never a back-seat general. He always fought at the front line, and he knows what the front line is like. You think that your method is good. But Father could have done that a long time ago, without your help even. He tried everything and this is the conclusion. if you do not follow this conclusion step by step, 100%, then actually your work has not much to do with the dispensation. Maybe you are working for your own sake. God also cannot help if you do not follow step by step.

Father Speaks to the Crusade
5.9.78, London

How blessed you are that I can give you the home church dispensation! You can be stationary and deal with 360 homes. Through this you can still achieve the same level that I achieved. This is truly the blessing! Compare it to the branch of a tree. one tree has many branches. Each of us will be responsible for one branch, and the effect will be the same: wherever you are, you belong to the one tree. I want you to understand that the next seven years is almost like indemnifying my life of sixty years. You should think, "I want to go out just like Father, receiving the same persecution." Then go ahead and suffer; you asked for it. By going out to serve people, you will taste my sixty years of service. That's what you can experience in the next seven years. Then you shall become victorious.

World Conference
2.25.80, World Mission Center

It remains for you to live up to what heaven has shown you; you don't need me to lead you by the hand. Unless you go forward on your own, you can never be independent. in doing home church you will be doing exactly what I have been doing on earth, so you are stepping into my shoes, into what has already been established on a world scale.

Parents' Day and This Age
4.5.81, World Mission Center

Yesterday Father gave you his Parents' Day message. As you recall, Father announced that yesterday was the consummation of the first three seven-year courses and, at the same time, it is the beginning of the second three seven-year courses.

The most important basic understanding should be that the first three seven-year courses have been fulfilled by the True Parents. We could say that the main role played in the first three seven-year courses was by the parents. However, the leading actors and actresses of the second three seven-year courses should be the Blessed Couples.

The third three seven-year courses will be walked by your children. There are three different levels -- one walked by the parents, one walked by us, and the other walked by our children.

Father walked such an arduous and incredibly difficult path to pay indemnity for all of mankind. When we do the same, we are entitled to achieve the same level as Father did, even though we work less and pay less indemnity, because Father already set the condition. By the same token, by your good standing in this second three seven-year courses, your children will be affected.

Home church is your ground for paying indemnity. You pay the debt through working in your home church. That condition is being set for God to be able to recognize that you have done the same thing throughout the world. in other words, home church is the microcosm of the world. If you are in good standing as a member working to accomplish the fulfillment of home church, it will eliminate the necessity of your children paying this indemnity. Your children will then be free to enter into heaven. . . .

Do you want to do it all within seven years instead of going through the entire twenty-one years? By doing so, you would eliminate the need for your children to make this condition.

Actually, as you know, Father originally walked three consecutive seven-year courses. Yet even Father could have shortened this indemnity period and cut it into one third. If there had been true unity between Father and Korean Christianity, it would only have taken seven years. In the early days of Korea's independence, Father could have done incredible things.

In other words, if the sovereignty of Korea and the Christian churches of Korea had united with Father, then there would have been a total unity between Father, the government, and the church in Korea, and Father would not have needed to work for 21 years.

But this didn't happen. Since the Korean government and the Korean Christian churches came against Father instead of making unity, a total disunity was created. Father, therefore, had to pay extra indemnity by going through both a second and a third seven-year course. At this particular time we have completed the circle because we have now completed three seven-year courses. Father is now readily accepted by the Korean people, the Korean government, and Korean Christianity . . .

Father knew the time was ripening . . . . Therefore, one month ago Father instructed Mr. Bo Hi Pak, as his special envoy and representative to Korea, to meet all those important people in the government and in the field of politics. I came back a couple of days ago and reported to Father. Father knew precisely what would happen. It did, just as he had expected. That is the reason Father could declare yesterday that the first three seven-year courses have been culminated. Yesterday, he announced the termination of the 21-year course. It was successfully consummated; otherwise it could not have been announced. . . .

Father would not or could not announce the initiation of a second three seven-year course unless the atmosphere was ripe or enough conditions had been met. Therefore, Father successfully consummated his mission in the first three seven-year courses. Now it is your turn. With home church as your arena, you can begin your battle. If you do well in your home church, then through the next seven years, you can affect events throughout the entire world. . . .

The prayer that Father offered yesterday at the Parents' Day meeting must be translated so that you can read its contents yourself. It was a tearful prayer. How can all of you reach that level of heart? You have to walk. You have to walk. Your principle is a simple one: you should walk that path that our Parents have walked.

Who made Father suffer? God did. He ordered it, and Father obeyed. Now the Parents encourage you to go that same suffering path. It is the most natural thing for you to walk the same suffering path as your Parents did. If you were unwilling, then the Parents' tradition would be demolished. Actually, the tradition of God would also be demolished. Your failure would be Father's failure. Father's failure would be God's failure.

This past 21-year course has been comprised of three seven-year courses which Father and Mother walked. It is the True Parents' course. Now there is another identical three seven-year course set aside for us to walk.

Father entered the perfection stage on the worldwide level. Father has practically gone through the entire world and is working on the worldwide level. You will set the same condition by working within your 360-home area. How easy that is compared to what Father did! For you, the 360 homes will comprise your entire world. . . .

You are in an infinitely better position than Father. While Father walked all courses, even going to the worldwide level, your area will be limited to 360 homes. If you cannot accomplish this in seven years, then it is just as if you resign yourself to decline.

Father prolonged his seven-year course into three seven-year courses, but God was very sympathetic to him. God knew what a hard and incredibly lonely path it was. Where can you get this same sympathy? God, your parent, knows that you are in a favored position. Yet if you still cannot do it in seven years, don't expect to receive sympathy from Father or God.

You also know Father was opposed by every government and the Korean government. Father was opposed by every church as well as the Christian church. Father already mentioned that the time has come when the government will not persecute but will be favorably impressed instead. Furthermore, the persecution from the Christian churches will also decrease. What excuse will you use? . . .

This is your chance. If the government and the churches are dying to accept yet you fail to give them the truth, then it will not be their responsibility any more. it will be your responsibility. Furthermore, God only gives you responsibility for 360 homes. If you cannot even accomplish the restoration of 360 homes you will have absolutely no excuse in the sight of God. Do you follow? Don't even request the support of God and True Parents. Determine that you will do it all by yourself, with your own strength.

You are just like Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden. At that time, there was no one to oppose them. They were absolutely free. Their responsibility was simply to obey God and march forward. They did not do it. But this time there is no way those representing their position can fall again.

Does this just seem to be the case, or do you know this is true? Three hundred sixty homes will become the site of your life and death showdown.

It is perfectly logical. Perhaps it seems like a dream, but it becomes reality. By serving in your 360 homes, you can influence the world. Your area is your world; if you win there, you win the world. Secondly, you also win the entire spirit world. Thirdly, you win the heart and love of God.

God sent Father to this earth in order to initiate this providence. No one else could finish this except Father. Father came to this world and has walked that path. He won victory. Now he is directing you to follow by doing the same. No matter how treacherous the path is that you walk and no matter what tribulation you face, nothing can compare with Father's tribulation and hardship.

Yet no matter how much Father suffered through, nothing could compare to the suffering which God went through. However, God was patient and silently walked that path. He felt all the pain without complaint. Father followed that example. Now it is your turn.

4.16.80, World Mission Center

Considering the pressure and burden of the mission, it is a miracle that I have survived this far. I could have died many times over, but if I had died, there would be no more kingdom, no more hope and no victory. But today we are celebrating the great victory that I survived under those adverse conditions. Many times I used my own life like a bomb, throwing it into the enemy camp. Only because God protected me could I survive. If I had fought with only my own strength, I would have been dead a long time ago.

Now your job is a small one: 360 homes. You don't have to go through the tribulation I went through. All you have to do is conquer your home church by love in seven years. Then you will be entitled to a victory equivalent to what I have won. Complete and consummate your mission within your lifetimes. Don't drag it down to other generations.

It is truly an historical victory that I pronounced at the end of my 21-year course. During my three seven-year courses I had sole responsibility, but now, upon this victorious foundation, I can announce the three seven-year courses that will be walked primarily by you. Your job is very easy compared to mine because I have built a big highway; all you have to do is follow my example. I fought on the worldwide level, facing the American government and facing communism. All you have to fight for is victory in your home church. That is your world. I have been accused and persecuted, but your day will be different. Later on you will not be persecuted any more. You will be welcomed by the people.

History of the Providence Through Restoration by Indemnity
2.10.81, World Mission Center

Each of you must pay a certain amount of indemnity by doing home church. I have come through the entire process and I have erected such a powerful foundation that those hostile to me have a frenzied desire to kill me. But in your case, you encounter no such drastic opposition. Compared to what I have faced, your persecution is very minor; in fact, doing home church is an easy job. Do people try to kill you? You are not risking your life by doing home church. However, as I work in the United States there is a constant danger to my life. No one besides me is clearly declaring a war against communism; for that reason, the communists consider me their archenemy. . .

I have been doing this mission at the risk of my life, but you don't have to risk your life in the same way. I have created a safer way for you to go. You must become a tribal messiah in your home church in order to save your own family; the tribe is the strength of the family. When your home church is protected by the tribe, nation, and all the other layers, nothing can invade your home and family. When you willingly take up the cup of persecution in your home church area, trying to win the people, no power can invade you.

Victory of Home Church (Midnight Address)
1. 1. 82, World Mission Center

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