Home Church

The Words Of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Our Activity From Now On

Home Church System from the Providential Viewpoint

One important concern that we have is how to raise witnessing results. I have emphasized the plan of bringing one person per month into the church, which adds up to 84 people in seven years. Up until now, however, in considering if the leaders and the members are truly united in one heart centering upon this direction, I have to conclude that, in fact, they are not. Therefore, no matter how desperately the spirit world wants to help you, they cannot relate with you. Your relationship with the spirit world is cut off.

Here the matter of home church arises. Home church is just not a method of witnessing, but is formed out of deeper providential reasons. If only the Unification Church can hold home church as its fundamental ideology, educate the members fully to have the conviction to live by it and thereby realize the solution of all matters of eternity through payment of indemnity, then it will not be difficult at all to bring ten people into the church from the 360-home area within one year.

Until now, we witnessed to people on the streets and taught them the Divine Principle. But so many of them left afterwards for somewhere unknown, and we didn't even have enough time, really, to take care of them. Once they left, they had no way to be connected to the Church. Therefore, after working for ten years, the number of people who left is many times greater than the number of people who remain. Such activity is nothing but a sacrifice. If you invest the same amount of time and effort within your 360-home area, you will surely come to be known and respected by everyone there. They will attend to you and treat you as a saint. Then you won' t even need ten years; three years will be enough.

If someone who lives in your area has attended a workshop, you should meet with him every day. Unification Thought is great, and it is important for him to listen to it for intellectual content and stimulation. You should talk about the contents of the Principle which he learned at workshop. It is even just common sense nowadays for people to know about the Unification Church because it is so controversial.

There are many different kinds of people in the 360-home area. There may be famous people, for example, scholars, lawyers, ministers of the cabinet, and so forth. Since the 360 homes cover a large area, you may have contact with a number of famous people. Then you can do so many things! For example, you can hold birthday parties or wedding celebrations; you can organize picnics in the summer. You should plan such activities, and then connect the people with each other and create a heartistic circle in the society. You can even do something like open a public bank account to create scholarships for those who are talented, but poor, in your area. You can do anything!

You don't need to witness directly; you can advance your foundation step by step, centered on such social activities. People will begin to wonder why you are doing such things, and by what power or inspiration you do them. As they think about it, they will begin to compare you with their relatives, their cousins, and even their own children. Even though you may not say anything, they will study you and start to wonder: "He is so wonderful. He is a member of the Unification Church. How do the members of the Unification Church become so wonderful? I can see at a glance that he is quite intelligent and has good critical judgment. But he can also serve others humbly. What is the power behind him which made him become such a great person?"

Based on this kind of record, you can ask people to introduce you to their relatives. Suppose there is one young person in every house; then there should be 360 young people in your area. Think about it. If there is one young person in every three houses, there should be 120. If there is even only one in every six homes, then there are still 60. This is a matter of no small consideration. Your area is like a diamond ore: the more you polish it, the more it will sparkle. The more you cultivate your area, the more fruitful it will become.

Let's Create External Heaven First

What activities should you do in your 360-home area? Simple ones. Meet people every day. For the first six months you don't need to talk about difficult matters nor about Divine Principle. You may just say, "Since society has become so corrupt, our youth organization has started to research various Tokyo communities where we can launch service and assistance projects. We want to help." Say this and practice it. In the beginning, people may look at you with suspicion. Some may even call the police to find out what kind of organization would start such a thing. Anyway, they will find out eventually and naturally that you are a member of the Unification Church.

So, you must do some simple all-out services. Serve all of the people in your area. You should be responsible to create the earthly, or external, heaven in your 360-home area. Before creating the internal heaven centering on people, create the external, environmental heaven. If there is a garden, then sow seeds in the early spring to make it bloom. You can cut hedges and prune trees, mow the grass or pull out weeds. If you find anything which is broken, then repair it, even if takes you three hours to do what a professional could do in a half hour. Suppose even that you see spiders' webs inside a home; you should visit that home once a week on your own to clean it up entirely. Everyone welcomes this kind of service, no matter who does it. Since the environment itself is not ideal, you have to do such social and environmental kinds of services as long as you are there. It doesn't matter if you are skilled or not. You will say, "I just can't stand looking at such a miserable situation, and I can't help but do this. So please, let me serve you." The people will say, "Thank you very much; you may do it."

People will watch you with curious eyes and wonder how long you will continue. But you will serve steadily, first one house, then two houses, then finally all 360 houses. What will happen? Parents will say to their children, "A young man of your age from the Unification Church is serving people very much, and is becoming famous in this community. But how about you? You just drink a lot and get into trouble." They will give advice to their children based on your good example. Some of them will come and secretly ask you, "Please take care of my children, and give them guidance. I tried my best to educate them, but nothing worked. I lost hope. You must understand the situation of young people really well. So please guide them." it is wonderful when the parents ask for your help in such a way.

You can make friends in the community in a short time. You can say, "Let's go. I'll follow you wherever you go. You need a friend!" Then you should make gatherings. It might be nice to take your friends to a park, eat together, play, and talk to them while they are resting in the shade of the trees. You can give a wonderful speech. Nobody will leave, but everybody will listen very carefully, even if you speak for more than an hour. You should talk about the Principle. There are so many topics. You can discuss the way people were defeated by the decline and corruption of society, or judged by God in history. Using these examples, you can go on to discuss how the consequences of unprincipled actions can affect your friends' descendents for eternity, and how terrible the fall of man is. You can even teach the Fall of Man, and explain how human society really should be. Sitting there in the shade of the trees, you can teach the entire Principle, from the Principle of Creation to the Second Coming and World Affairs, and so forth. People will wonder why you are so wonderful, even though originally they thought you were just a sanitation man in the community. If they become interested in you, then they will meet with you often, and you can deepen the relationships.

Suppose that you hold such gatherings every six months: that is twice a year, four times in two years, six times in three years. If you do such mass witnessing, you will be successful. You will never end up with miserable results. Instead, you can surely bring thirty people into the Church in ten years.

Education in the Workshop

Ten years have approximately 3,600 days. If you visit one house every three days, you can visit it as many as a thousand times. Everybody living there will come to be heartistically connected with you. If you ask, "Can you do me a favor?" they will respond, "What can I do for you? How can I help?" Then you can say, "Thank you; I don't need anything for myself, really. But one thing I hope is that you will attend a workshop on Saturday and Sunday." People will surely say, "Yes, I'll attend." Then you can make an annual and a monthly plan for every family member-from grandparents to grandchildren-to attend the workshop.

People may wonder, "What is he so enthusiastic about? What are the contents that he is so eager to have me listen to?" But once they hear the Principle, they will say, "Ah, yes. It's wonderful! " Once people complete the two-day workshop, many of them will understand the Principle. Then you can say, "The seven-day workshop is even more wonderful, introducing deeper contents of the Principle. In the 21-day workshop, you will be taught even more profound contents." And they will be inspired to attend. This is the greatness of the Unification Church.

If someone has completed the forty-day workshop, nothing can stop him from doing God's will, wherever he may go. He will be able to make people understand what he says about the Principle and he will be able to persuade them to attend workshop themselves. So those who completed two-day workshop will automatically be encouraged to attend seven-day workshop. I regret that we have not yet been able to witness in such environments. If someone wants to devote himself fully to the Unification Church, he must complete seventy days' education. That will take two months and ten days. Then he will be an active core member who will be trustworthy. We must educate the membership this way Otherwise, we don't know when a member might just drift away.

When you talk to new members, you should stimulate them by asking, "How many days workshop have you completed?" Someone may reply, for example, "I finished seven-day workshop." Then you should say, "Seven-day workshop is just the beginning. Twenty-one day and forty-day workshops are still ahead of you. Why don't you attend?" Soon he will attend them. We need to create this kind of atmosphere. You and the new members from your area can inspire and push the people who are behind in their study of the Principle, and your witnessing plan can gain momentum. After someone completes forty-day training you can say, "You don't need to come to the Church center. Instead, please start home church centering around your own home. Please work as my representative in your town. You are destined to go this course just like me. I have laid the foundation on the formation stage for you to work among these 360 homes." Then you can move to a neighboring area and expand your territory.

Restoration Through Organizational Activity

Chose 72 from among the 360 homes, and 12 from among the 72. This is the way of the Principle. Jesus lost his clan-level foundation, which is the foundation for the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, by having been unable to restore 84 people. You should restore this number of indemnity among these homes. If you visit a home many times, you will find out everything about that home. You will be able to visualize even the cat in that home, not to mention the children.

Choose 12 homes out of 72, three out of 12, and finally one out of the three. You should visit and serve at least three homes every week. Serve the people. Broaden and deepen your relationship with them by visiting 120 homes every week. People will find out that you are from the Unification Church. Some will oppose you and some will welcome you. Classify them into A, B, and C categories, and in time you can change and adjust their grades.

If you organize people well, then you can even have trinities compete with each other in making the area into the heavenly kingdom. You can get projects accomplished even just by giving your people a call. For example, you can ask the trinities to make a flower garden, or do a cleaning campaign throughout the entire community. You can become successful by influencing people in the community as a whole on social and environmental issues. Everybody will agree with you. Then you can get so much done, even just by telephone. You can use existing relationships to build new ones. You can ask friends, relatives, and acquaintances of the people you know, rightfully, and without impoliteness, to assist your projects. In this way, you can create a productive environment.

Work it out. Suppose that you yourself serve your three A-type families. Soon they will become friends with each other. If you can raise one person from among them who has good leadership qualities, and work with him, then those three families will come to support you automatically. You can visit them even at dinner time and eat with them and talk freely. Even if you were to visit them late at night, they would still welcome you, and you could talk to them or listen to them as much as you like. If you can win the support of three homes, it is not so difficult to progress to 12 homes. After winning 12 homes, you can go to 72 homes, and finally 360. Thus you can come to manage all 360 homes in your area.

For witnessing, you have to mobilize people. Hold fellowship meetings where you can influence people both vertically and horizontally. Think of the result you will gain after using this strategy for one year. How tremendous this is!

You should start working this way from now. Even if you don't have much knowledge of the Principle, as long as you work hard and make a foundation, you can gather ten or twenty people, and then invite a center leader or itinerary worker to give lectures. Such an itinerary worker can be very important, and we have to strengthen the IW system. Such IW's should have even six months education. They should organize trinities according to the Principle, directly guide the members, and visit the members' home church families every day. If they supply the members with the needed vitality element, their eyes will become big, and their hands and arms and legs will grow strong. These are physical phenomena, aren't they? By working hard parallel phenomena will occur on the spiritual level. I'm talking realistically. Therefore this home church will surely be successful. We are still in a providential age. Do you understand?

Home Church Activity Is the Best Training Ground

Why did I start this new system? If the Washington Monument rally in 1976 had not been successful, then neither God nor Satan could have recognized home church, even though we might try. Until that time, we had to conduct nationwide activities. So, it would have been inconvenient, actually, if the Unification Church had grown very much. The members had to pay sacrificial indemnity. It caused potentially less damage to have an excellent minority do this. So we had to do nationwide and worldwide activities with a small number of members. But from now, the number of members will increase, for sure. The strategy to increase the membership is to establish home church.

The reason that ministers could not gain members for their churches, although they graduated from theological school, is that they did not know the home church system. But I have discovered it and now you know about it. You must have confidence that you can establish a church attended by more than 300 members after three years. All our seminarians asked me, "Without fail, let us go to London next summer vacation." They mentioned after they had come back to America that they wanted to withdraw from the seminary for a year in order to complete home church. But I told them, "No." The seminarians must study. We have to make consideration in such cases. But the general membership should go abroad and crusade with a mobile team.

In London, Japanese as well as European members have a hard time because they can't speak English well. However, they can still do the same home church activities, because basically what they have to do is to serve people. If they need some help, they should bring their contacts to workshop. They can lift their guests up and educate them step by step through the formula education program. After they complete the forty-day workshop, they will become the living Unification God. They will gain real lecture capability and be able to give seven-day workshop themselves. It is necessary for everybody to have this capability.

You don't need to have a central training center. You can hold workshop in someone's home. If you set up a clear lecture schedule, the neighbors can attend. Everybody can even eat there, and sleep there. What do you need? You don't even need a penny or a car to have this workshop. Please think about it. This is the most effective way to run the practical aspect of your activities. It is not easy to buy a church center, is it? Yet there must be at least several houses which are even bigger than this building in your 360-home area. One of them must have a garage. If the owner parks his car at his neighbor's house, then you can put mats on the floor and turn the garage into a wonderful auditorium. Then all your problems can be solved.

You should use the forty-day videotapes. God has prepared this convenience for you. After holding meetings with the videotapes several times, you will definitely be able to give seven-day workshops yourself. With practice you can increase your lecturing capability up through the 21 and forty-day programs by enriching the lectures you yourself have heard with your own experiences and impressions of the Divine Principle. Then you will become even more capable than the center director or itinerary worker.

From this point of view, this is the best way of leading members and having them get training through their activities.

Completion of the Unified Realm

Therefore, let's do home church, After the forty-day period is over, an eternal pattern of victory will be established. Is it possible? Is this a realistic speech, or just an empty fairy tale? It is not merely "possible"; you can accomplish it absolutely. The probability of "possible" can be half-and-half, or even just one third. But what I have said can be accomplished 100% in reality. Please think like that.

From now on, our movement will grow rapidly. The tradition has already been established and our Church has gained real substance. The number of members will be a serious issue from now on. There is no way other than home church to gain the membership which will secure our movement for eternity. It is the only solution. Even delinquent youth will eventually return to this Divine Principle movement through their friends, whenever they run away.

Because I have to consider such matters, I am working like a young man. Even though I'm an old man physically, I'm fresher than most young people in spirit and am even working harder than they are. I can accomplish things which seem impossible. The 240 leaders here today should attend a six month training session to study the Divine Principle as well as English. Then you should establish the home church system and an itinerant lecture program, and you will be able to bring more people into the church than if you were to witness to people scattered all over the country. I think this is realistic.

What is home church? It is your homeland. Do you understand? Home church is the base of your homeland. What is the will of God? It is the completion of the ideal of creation, which means the completion of the four position foundation. This signifies the completion of the unified realm centering upon the love God. It is the Principle. If you can expand the four position foundation, you can form the clan realm. In turn, you can expand that realm all the way to the world realm and then the cosmic realm, which is the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in heaven. This is the realm of the dominion of God's love, where you can communicate with God directly. The formula is simple.

Although this is simple, why couldn't we make home church until now? It is because we first had to turn the fallen dominion of Cain upside down, and restore the true dominion of Abel which was overturned by the fall. God has been standing in the position of Abel, which is the original central position. However, God has been unable to take the central role and responsibility. Due to the fall of man, Satan has been taking charge, instead. It was Satan, and not God, who came to have the essential right of dominion. It would not even take God one day to take back by force what fell into the hands of Satan; however, to do that would be against the original nature of God's ideal for the heavenly kingdom.

Love Is the Driving Force of Development

It is the principle of God's love to give out, not just to receive. The direction of the two actions is different. Love flows out from God, not into God. God Himself established this principle. Then what is the origin of love? It is God. Love goes out, and returns with the effect of purifying as it flows. In this circuit, the turning point, or minus point, is Adam and Eve.

As such purifying love circulates, the substantial world is formed. The ideal earth comes into being. Once the unified realm of love is established through the fulfillment of the triple objective purpose in the four position foundation, love returns to God. The love which comes back to God does not diminish. Though the love itself might be slightly less, it returns stimulation to God; and that stimulation presses the "bag of love" in God, which makes more love flow out again! Therefore, love is wonderful. If love is used correctly, it becomes the driving force of development. This is the Principle view. Do you understand?

Even if love is attacked, it multiplies. You can see this in the life of Jesus. Jesus, who had the heart of love, was struck; but he did not perish ultimately. Instead, the more Satan attacked him, the more he prospered. The more people persecute a true religion, the more it will grow. If a religion is centered on the essence of God's love, it can be blessed by God; if a religion reaches the standard, God himself will support it without rest, and its power will be explosive. If you yourself reach this stage, you will become great; you will shoot forward like an arrow. It's wonderful, isn't it?

True love derives from God. Once the love flows out, it purifies. When Adam and Eve reciprocate that love, stimulating each other, the energy of love diminishes a little. However, the stimulation of the purifying action of the love returns to God as a greater energy than the love that originally went out from Him and diminished. Love can circulate in this circuit for eternity. We can witness the same process in physical phenomena. When the energy of output, which will be lessened, is augmented by the energy of stimulation, it will produce a greater effect than the original input of energy could do by itself. This action continues indefinitely. Do you understand what I am talking about? A husband and wife who love each other will become closer and closer, day by day, even while they are merely sleeping. The stimulation begins vertically and becomes three-dimensional. It is mysterious, isn't it?

God is indeed a being of love. The ideal realm of eternity, including the physical level, emerges from the point of the purifying action of love. Therefore, if you live by love, you will never perish. Love rules history. Even if you are alone, if you work within three dimensions, being connected vertically, you can stimulate the whole. A man of goodness is always persecuted by his contemporaries. But even though he becomes a sacrifice, his deeds will stimulate posterity, and his descendants will admire him with greater intensity than that with which he was persecuted. This is historical fact; you cannot dispute or ignore my theory. Love alone is eternal. In love you can always discover something new. The more you love, the more you will receive new stimulation and power to develop.

What does man attach most importance to? For a man, it is his wife. Not a wife who opposes him, but a wife who loves him, and whom he loves. This is because such love has more power to help him overcome all the difficulties and hardships of his life than anything else. Therefore, even though he may fall into the midst of suffering, this relationship will stimulate him and cause great strength to spring forth from him. The action of love has such productive and creative power. Now you understand this practically, don't you?

Restoration by Love

Once again, if we had not succeeded at the Washington Monument rally in 1976, we could not have established home church, no matter how desperately we might have tried. This is because God's original dominion as true subject was lost to Satan through the fall of man. God intended to set the standard of restoration by division and purification through the relation ship of Cain and Abel. According to the Principle, Cain, the eldest and first-born son, should naturally have belonged to God's side. Because of the fall, however, Cain went to Satan' s side and instead, only the second son could come to God. This is the heartbreaking tragedy. It is the pattern of the Principle that the elder son should have dominion over the younger son and supervise him; the father should lead his sons on the horizontal level through the eldest. As result of the fall, however, this can only operate as the external form of the Principle. When the younger son, Abel, attempts to take control, God will not oppose his efforts. Since God is the master of the creation of the universe, He has maintained the subject role internally. Externally, however, all rights have been stolen by Satan. So the effective master is not God, but Satan. If God pulls in one direction, Satan will pull in the other. Abel can only work with the force of the Principle, for Satan has claimed the force of love. Satan took the first move and formed the dominion through his fallen love. That is the problem.

How can God work to restore this? It can only be done by God's own Principle. When you follow through with the spirit of true love all the way, some return is produced. This is restoration. The principle of restoration can only operate centering upon love. To those who are bound to the dominion of Satan by love, we must pour out love which is infinitely greater and more abundant than the love in Satan' s world. There is no other way at all for fallen people to be liberated to come back to God. Is it clear to you?

In order to maintain the symbolic order of love, Abel did not say anything, even when he was killed. Historically, Abel has had to shed blood. Not the blood of resentment, but the blood of love. Without such pure motivation Abel could not cut down the arrows piercing the heart of God. As a result of such sacrifice, carried out in connection with the fulfillment of a Principle number, Abel is empowered to bring something back to God which had been under Satan's dominion. This result of the Principle can stimulate the heart of God, and is the greatest expression of charity and good will. Without love, everything comes to nothing. This is the fundamental teaching of religion, and the fundamental spirit of God's dispensation of restoration. Without love, nothing can be achieved at all. Do you understand?

The History of Cain and Abel

All religious people in history have been struck and have had to shed blood for the sake of love. As a result of this foundation, the histories and the living bodies of the true religions have come to be the object of stimulation for God in this world. Christianity is one such religion. Christianity grew as it shed blood. As it was attacked, it restored the enemy. Judaism was the same. A religion which does not operate according to this formula cannot stand as a true religion. Indeed, the direction of the Unification Church is absolutely consistent with this formula. We are aiming to complete the foundation of substance, and this is what makes the Unification Church great. We can recognize the possibility of God's existence right there.

Abel must pay the price of shedding sufficient blood, sweat and tears to restore Cain. Until Cain can be moved to tears through Abel's sacrifice, the stimulation of true love from Cain will never reach God through Abel. Jesus said, "Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand." To whom was he speaking? Abel. Abel must repent first. Abel and Cain must pass through the stage of repentance together; without this circuit being set up the stimulation of love cannot return to God and no foundation of development can remain on earth for God to work. Jesus stood as the Abel on the national level in relationship to both Judaism and Christianity. Accordingly, in this spirit, Jesus shed blood even while he prayed. Through the crucifixion Jesus granted all mankind the heart of love which goes even beyond life itself, and through that stimulation, God could expand His power of restoration and resurrect His Son. The same principle can apply everywhere, in everything. The Unification Church is no exception. I have gone through this course myself.

The Meaning of the Offering

Abel is always attacked first, without exception. However, if man, succeeding to Abel's history and foundation, is always killed, this will cause serious problems. Therefore, offerings are sacrificed in place of man himself, as a substitute. The offerings are presented in front of God and Satan, and represent Abel. The substantial world of Satan is Cain, while the offering, the man, and God are in the realm of Abel. A battle will ensue over who owns the offering and who has the right to claim it.

First, you devote the offering to God. Since the offering represents yourself, you have to offer it after you love it as if it were your own body, your own self. This is the Principle, which man did not understand until now. Also, my whole life exists for the sake of restoration. You should think the same way. Even when you eat or sleep, you should do so with the heart of offering. You must take care, and raise and purify your life, your self, as an offering which is worthy and true. You must become a pure man or woman, and reach the standard of Adam and Eve before the fall.

The offering will shed blood in place of you. For what does it die? It dies for the sake of Cain. In order to save Cain, it dies. This is the fundamental history of the providence of sacrificial offering. For Abel to shed blood and die for the sake of Cain is the highest expression of love. Thus the Bible says, "Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends." This means what I have been explaining. There is no other way for man to make a relationship with God except through offering. Victory or defeat, prosperity or decline, is determined by whether or not such a relationship with God has been established. That is simply how it is.

Completion of the Historical Altar

Now, let me talk about the altar.

There are altars at different levels: the individual level, clan level and racial level. What is the altar on the racial level? It is Judaism. When an offering, sanctified and representing the people, was sacrificed, all the people could shed tears and repent from the bottom of their hearts. The people could kill the offering with the heart that they themselves became the sacred sacrifice, and give the offering to God in place of themselves.

Christianity is the altar on the world level. The era of animal sacrifice ended and Jesus himself became the sacrifice, shedding blood and standing up for God. If people hold Jesus, who lived for God, as an offering in the satanic world, Satan must surrender to them. Thus the necessary condition of restoration can be fulfilled. Christianity is the standard for the altar on the world level; therefore there are countless examples of prayer and service in its history.

What about the Completed Testament era? We, too, live on the extended foundation of the world-level altar. Therefore, the Unification Church and every member within the Church must become greater than Jesus. We have to set the standard that we shed blood for the people of more than 12 nations of the world. The 12 disciples represented 12 nations. Jesus had to shed blood to restore these disciples, who ran away and forsook him. His sacrifice opened the way for 72 elders, successors of the mission and ideals of the Israelites, to be saved. Since the Unification Church must restore through indemnity all that Jesus could not accomplish, it must establish an altar in a multinational environment which contains people representing at least 12 nations.

This cannot be accomplished by a specific high priest. The tribe of Levi, the descendants of the second son of Jacob, took the role of high priest. This was necessary during the time of migration when the people had to move in one certain direction. However, once the people settled down, they had to be free to move in all directions. Consequently, unless each person succeeds to the heart and tradition of the Levites, he cannot walk the dispensational course. Without making a substantial offering, Satan will attack from all directions.

Then what is the Unification Church? From the viewpoint of the history of the altar, the mission and destiny of the Unification Church is to complete the historical altar by erecting it on the substantial level. It resembles the Levite tribe in the time of the Exodus when it was responsible to show the way to the homeland. After establishing an altar, the Unification Church has to establish 12 disciples around that altar. It must create a unified sphere in which the representatives of 12 nations can come together and dedicate themselves to God substantially. The master of the offering and the guests of the altar who represent the 12 nations must be united in order for the offering to be accepted by God. Together they must prepare to offer their entire substance on that altar for the purpose of the whole. This conditional offering must, of course, be maintained over a certain time period; otherwise, the realm of victory will not emerge. Only through such a victorious offering can God restore the substantial altar.

What is the foundation for this substantial altar? Home church.

Three Hundred Sixty Is the Microcosm of the World

Why do I use the number 360? Because it stands for history. One year is 360 days in the lunar calendar. A circle is 360 degrees, containing all angles. Everything coincides in the number 360. It expresses the totality of numbers, the whole year, all possible angles and directions, the entire sphere of three dimensions. Do you understand? It can be divided by 12, representing the 12 months; it can also be divided by 72 and 120, and includes these numbers. Therefore it is also a number which can be conveniently reduced or expanded.

There are four directions of east, south, west and north, and there are four seasons within one year. One year consists of 12 months. The three disciples centered around Jesus represent the four directions; also they represent the four position foundation. The 12 disciples represent the 12 months. They also represent three angles centered on each of four seasons, and these 12 angles make 360 degrees.

The number 72 divided by 12 equals six. There were six members under each of the 12 disciples. Thus, 72 is equivalent to the number six, which represents the four position foundation on earth. The number six and the number four have been taken away by Satan. All these numbers are included in the number 360 as well.

Three hundred sixty symbolizes the entire course of history It also symbolizes all the individuals of mankind who are scattered at different degrees over the earth and have different cultures. The substantial reality which can integrate all of these is a living altar, which in itself is a microcosm of the world. Therefore the peoples of 12 nations must live in the 360-home area.

So you cannot do this in Japan or Korea. Only America and Great Britain fulfill these conditions. In America there are even more than 12 races in a 360 -home area; maybe as many as fifty. England is a similar nation. We can accomplish this plan in an area where all races are integrated centered upon Christianity and thus united with God's dispensation. This can develop and grow as the foundation of the final or ultimate integration of mankind.

So I departed for foreign lands, primarily America, and fought my battle, leading a public life. This was the course centering around 1976. America is a microcosm not only of 12 but even of 120 nations; it is the central nation of the world, and symbolizes the world. Since a foundation of victory has been established there, you can work here in Japan upon that foundation. Figuratively speaking, it is the same as a tree: that is, since there are already roots and a trunk, branches can come out. To restore this microcosm of the world I established a realm of victory in America in 1976. This September is the second September since 1976 and we must go over it. It is always the foundation and growth stages which are the historical moments deciding life or death. It is the time when many troubles can arise. Therefore, during this time, it is possible that many problems will come out simultaneously in Japan and Korea. Satan will use villainous tactics in a final effort to destroy the Unification Church completely. We must use these two or three years to establish home church strongly on a full scale.

Now, for the first time, I can go back to my homeland after having completed payment of indemnity on the worldwide level. Up until now, Korea herself has been a battlefield for the struggle of Cain and Abel. Today, however, the foundation of victory for Abel's side has been established. You can go back to your homeland simply by inheriting my foundation of victory; you do not have to pay worldwide indemnity yourselves.

Creation of the Realm of the Abel-Type Archangel

You cannot return to your homeland until you win over your 360-home area, which is your five percent responsibility in Cain's realm. After you win your victory there, people in your homeland will welcome you as the people of Korea welcomed me. Three hundred sixty homes are your five percent responsibility to inherit my worldwide level victory. You must absolutely go through this course. All those who go through the course of restoration must do home church at the price of life. Those who do not do home church have no value, even if they are well educated. You must clearly understand this. The Abel side, centering around myself, subjugated the Cain side on the world level. There is no Satan that can accuse me, no matter where I may go in this entire world. By repeating my victory on a smaller scale you must win the right to go back to your homeland.

Your homeland represents the realm of the original or restored spiritual archangel. However, the realm of Cain is the realm of the fallen archangel. But you must create the realm of archangel which is not fallen. At the time of Adam and Eve, the angelic world seduced Adam. But you must surpass the standard where the angelic world could the cause fall in order to establish the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. Thus, the realm of Cain, the realm of spiritual children representing the archangel on the horizontal level, should not harm Adam. On the contrary, they must support Adam. Through winning spiritual children you must make a condition horizontally to restore the support of the angelic world for Adam before the fall. The cultural sphere of Christianity is the Cain world, and you must go into it and reorganize it, forming your own group there. Then you can return to the central mission of forming your own Abel nation. This is difficult to express, but do you understand what I am talking about?

It coincides with the Principle. If Adam and Eve had perfected themselves by going through the formation, growth, and completion stages with the support of the archangels, there would not have been any fall. Adam and Eve would have grown into the direct dominion of God. Because of the fall, however, everyone came under the dominion of Satan, and the realm of Cain has expanded over the world. In the age of the second advent, the world of Abel must accomplish a condition to subjugate the world of Cain on the worldwide level, and open the way for the individual, family, clan, nation and world to return to God and be restored. There is no other way. Without the Abel world subjugating the Cain world, no matter what you may create, it will belong to Satan. No matter how much you may produce in the realm of Cain, it will belong to Cain.

Therefore, a dividing point is necessary. In order to make such a dividing point, the realm of the archangel before the fall must be created on earth somewhere. In the fallen world, Satan, who was an archangel, has dominion over the spiritual and physical substantial worlds. Therefore you must create a substantial foundation that overcomes the dominion of Satan spiritually and physically. Your Cain sphere must support and obey you absolutely as Abel. This is the only way for the realm of Cain, which is the realm of the fallen archangel, to be restored and for true Adam's world to be realized.

Jesus was destined to go this way. Rev. Moon goes this way. True religious people have to forsake the world in order find the way of salvation. Buddha was the same. He left his homeland and his loving parents behind. Jesus also left his homeland. Unless we can victoriously subjugate the sphere of the fallen archangel spiritually and physically on the worldwide level, we cannot return to the Kingdom of Heaven.

The Principle of Saving Cain

It is difficult for all people to go back to God at once. Therefore God lets one person go through all the courses of indemnity from the individual to the world level as a representative of the world, and then grants him the qualification to be a parent to mankind. Then whoever comes to have the relationship of child to that person heartistically can inherit his accomplishment any time -- day or night, spring or summer. After inheriting the victory from the True Parents, he can return to his own parent.

Thus you must restore through indemnity the worldwide victory in your 360-home area as your portion of responsibility. If you can successfully stand in subject position to 360 homes, then they will become one with you. Then you can go back to Eden; you can return to your homeland. And when you return there, the position of the second son becomes the position of the first son; the positions are reversed. Up until this time in providential history, Abel has been sacrificed in order to support and to save Cain. Satan has been attacking, and God's side has been sacrificed. Once we come into the domain of the Principle, however, the archangelic realm must be sacrificed instead of Adam's realm. Originally the angelic realm was created for the sake of Adam. From now on we have to let the sacrificial elements of Cain's world make indemnity conditions instead of Adam's world. Do you understand? It is to save Cain himself that we do this.

There is a principle involved in saving Cain. The purpose of the archangelic world is to support Adam. Because we are now entering into the domain of the Principle, the archangelic realm must serve Adam for the sake of Adam's prosperity even at the price of life. Everything will turn right-side-up from now on: we are at the turning point where the new world begins. Up until now Satan has attacked people and taken them to hell by using the Principle. But now God can use the Principle to bring people into heaven. The foundation of 360 homes representing 12 nations, which you inherited through my victory over 120 nations, is to restore the clan foundation among the 12 tribes which was lost through the crucifixion of Jesus; and it is the living altar for the completion of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

If you make determination and work hard, you have already won the victory spiritually. Since you have achieved the victory spiritually, all of the spirit world will come and support you. All you have to do is substantiate the victory. As long as you shed sweat and continue to witness among the 360 homes, you will never be killed. Christians were accused of conspiring to take over a nation, and were persecuted and martyred. However, no one will concretely persecute those who commit themselves to a 360-home area and invest themselves into it. Even though someone may say, "Go away!" you will not go away. You wont need to wander around and create disturbances. Even when you witness on the street, no one will persecute you. At worst people might say, "Well, at least he's doing something. But I don't know what it's all about."

Making the Foundation of Worldwide Victory for the Restoration

If Jesus could have established a foundation for tribal restoration, he would not have needed to witness or perform miracles. He would only have had to give birth to children, and pray and report to God as he led his life. The Kingdom of Heaven would have begun at that time. The descendants of Jesus' direct lineage would have spread all over the world. Once Jesus were to establish the model system for the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, it would have appeared automatically.

By fulfilling in the home church system, you will achieve more than even Jesus could achieve. Your 12 disciples will not be like the disciples who betrayed Jesus. You can restore the 72 elders, also. Then you will have completed the foundation for tribal restoration, and this represents victory on the worldwide level. In other words, if you can accomplish this, then you don't need to go and restore the world. You won't need to go to Africa to establish your own foundation for world restoration.

Even if Korea opposes me I will never perish, because I have already established the worldwide foundation for restoration through the victory at the Washington Monument rally. The 127 nations where we are doing missionary work are in the role of John the Baptist. We have entered a new era in which the sphere of John the Baptist on the national level has spread throughout the world. Therefore you gain the right to claim your home church no matter where in the world you might be, even outside your own country. By winning this living altar, you can restore all the altars that have been lost hundreds and thousands of times in failure. Everything will be over. When you go back to your homeland, you will be able to forget about "restoration through indemnity." You will be able to receive God's blessing, give birth to children, and embrace and love each other. This is the Principle.

Since we are going the course of restoration into Canaan on the worldwide level, we have many burdens to carry. If you have children, it is very difficult to visit even 120 homes, isn't it? It is indeed a burden. Still, you have to do it. There is no exception. The young as well as the old must go this Principle course. When you return to your homeland, your clan foundation will be connected with the world. But unless you follow this Principle course, you will not be able to establish this foundation.

I am also destined to follow this course. Following the Principle, I wed Mother in holy matrimony in 1960. Then Mother had to go her own seven-year course. It is Adam's responsibility to educate and guide Eve. Eve must be recreated by Adam.

Following the Heavenly Law

I have no ambition to become famous in the world. I have offered this kind of thing to Heaven. In my daily life I don't have any such an idea in my mind. Rather, I feel that I am just a worker. I have left it up to God whether or not He blesses Unification Church. It is His business. You have to become a person of such pure heart; you have to be disinterested in this sense. History will not accuse you even if you start your mission in hell. Are you really such kind of people? If I hear members murmuring, "Oh, if I do this, then Father will probably bless me," or, "Why doesn't Father bless me? I have been working for so many years," I will get angry I never said such things myself, and I have not taught you to do that. If I had had this kind of ambition then I would not have endured 33 years of persecution. Do you understand? You look as if you understand, but I don't know if you really do or not. Satan knows the contents of the Principle clearly. Do you think he will withdraw from you easily? I discovered all the secrets by heavenly law, by the Principle, and established proof for my theory to substantiate it. Then Satan could not do anything but had to retreat. This is the formula of restoration.

I have accomplished a great thing in my own life, in my own generation. Think about it. It took millions of years for God to establish the foundation just to send one Adam. By contrast, in my own generation, I completed family and individual restoration, and fought against Satan to fulfill the indemnity conditions for the completion of family, clan, national, and world restoration, up to the restoration of spirit world. It sounds like a lie. But it is not a lie at all. It is fact, indeed.

Still, I do not want to be famous in the world. I have not been proud and I have not complained. Instead I felt that I should do more. So many things have to be done. All my life I have been busy, working hard to establish the worldwide foundation and the tradition. I feel that even if I should die now, there would be no problems in the future.

Do you understand what a wonderful master I am? You might think I am a troublesome person, but I am very influential in the spirit world. I'm sorry to speak to you like this, but it may be true.

The Restoration of Parents

Do you understand that home church is the place of promise? You can trust the home church system. It is the way home. You are not yet true Adam and Eve. You are still children of the archangel, so you are only adopted children. Unless you can subjugate Cain, the archangel, you will not become an adopted child in substance. You must win this victory and then return to the homeland.

The Cain-type home church of 360 homes represents the fallen archangelic world which is to be restored, and the homeland represents the original archangelic world. When the fallen archangels of your Cain-type area achieve unity with the archangels in your homeland and become one with them, then you, as a parent, can be restored. You can bless them on the foundation that they embraced each other as brothers. This is the Principle. A fallen parent must be restored through Abel. If the fallen sphere of archangel, represented by Cain, and the original sphere of archangel, represented by Abel, do not unite, the restoration of parents cannot be realized. For example, God's will could only be fulfilled when Jacob and Esau united with each other. Also, when the democratic world and the communist world are united into one, the Lord of the Second Advent will appear as the parent of the world. We cannot deny history, where everything has happened according to this principle. It is the main principle of the history of restoration.

The restoration of the historical altar enables the original, victorious heaven to be restored to its rightful position. The mission of the unified soldiers is to erect the holy temple of the heavenly kingdom after returning to their homeland. The sacrificial act of shedding blood, sweat, and tears along the way will be admired and praised by the clan, nation, and world.

There are two aspects of man: the body, which represents the external archangel, and the conscience, which represents the internal archangel. When these two become one, original character is restored. When husband and wife become one, a family centered upon God is established. Parents live centered upon their children. The four position foundation operates in such a way. In Oriental tradition, people extend both hands when they greet their elders. This is principled. When you hold out both hands, Cain and Abel are united.

Do you understand? You might not have understood this in the past, but please understand it clearly from now on. It is my purpose in coming to Japan this time to teach this principle so that every member can clearly understand it. This is the first priority. By connecting external tribal restoration to the foundation of the head family in our homeland, you can do what even Jesus could not do. By achieving clan restoration on this level, you can gain the foundation of victory which is connected to the world. That will enable you to jump up to the world of God Himself.

Movement for Settlement

If we can just establish the tradition which is based on this principle, the world will be restored automatically, without any fighting. Therefore, this principle is great. Because God knows the great contents of this principle, He has persevered through the thousands of years of the history of human culture, looking forward to this one day. When we understand this, we have no time to rest. As for me, I have no time even to face my opponents and fight them. There is no time; I am too busy. You should also establish such a tradition.

It is now 1978, and only three years are left in the third seven-year course. It is not yet finished, and the Blessed families have been working very hard. I admit it. But when the course is completed, you can go back to your home church and live there proudly. It is the way that the Blessed families must follow, so you have to invest your whole life into it. Since I have already taught it to you, then I am not responsible for whether you do it or not.

In the future everything will be organized based on home church. We won't need center directors. Everyone, including the national leaders and center directors, will have home churches. Isn't it your ideal to realize the Kingdom of Heaven where Adam can be connected to God directly? We will enter a wonderful era of God's direct dominion on the worldwide scale. Satan will have no place even to step on the earth, and he will lose everything, completely. Don't you think so? There will be no sinners. All the people in the 360-home areas will repent, and a heavenly society will be established. Men, women, young and old will march forward to the goal.

This does not mean, however, that you can relax instead of working hard. . . . Members on the front line should also find their home church in the area where they have been working. Everyone should make a movement for settlement; this is our future. The age of migration will be over. You will be able to go to Africa if you wish, however, because we will have entered the age in which such decisions can be made freely. In the past, national borders stood to accuse you if you tried to cross them. Now, even though you may still have some trouble, it will not be a problem for God or Satan. Those borders will be opened to free travel eventually, anyway.

You must feel that you understand this now more clearly than you see your own face in a mirror. This is more true than eating when you're hungry or sleeping when you're tired. It is more true than loving your wife or children.

Love Your 360 Homes More Than You Love Me

You have to love your 360 homes with your whole heart, and more than you love me. . . . This is the standard. If you do, the same angelic world that supported me in winning worldwide victory will praise you. My teaching is, "Love your 360 homes more than you love me." You don't need to worry about me any more. Say, "Father, you don't need to come here for many years because I found someone whom I love more than you. I don't need you any more." That is fine. I will not complain, even if I am a stepping stone for all mankind. Instead, I will feel more hopeful. This standard will determine whether or not your children are born with heavenly value, and whether or not your descendants can become famous people.

You understand how to do it now, don't you? You must serve and love more than anybody else. Even more than Father, or God. You should serve the old people, imagining that they are your own ancestors from many generations ago who are born on earth again. If you meet someone like your brother, love him as you love your own brother. If you meet someone like your elder sister, love her as you love your elder sister. When you meet a beautiful girl like your younger sister, you must not think, "What a beautiful girl! I would like to marry her." You must not entertain the emotions of a fallen man, or restoration will not take place. You should love her more than your own possessions; and you should love her for God and True Parents, not for yourself. You must have such a heart. Then the environment will certainly come to be attracted to you.

People in the spirit world are competing with each other, centering on the 360-home areas. If you work hard setting the right standard, the movement will immediately expand all over Japan. In order to return to the homeland, you must have the external archangelic realm united with you.

There you will unite with the original archangelic realm. When these two realms become one centering upon you, you can go to the Kingdom of Heaven. This is the Principle, and the truth of history. We absolutely cannot deny it.

I suffered tremendously and worked so hard in order to discover this truth. I feared the day of restoration more than a criminal under death sentence fears the execution day to come. . . . If I were to become a failure at the last moment, it would have brought serious consequences. And if there could have remained a way for God to forgive me then, it would have been the way of eternity, through the condition of death. It wouldn't matter if I were crucified. That was my heart. Can you understand what I am talking about? When I was about to come before the Washington Monument rally, I felt as fearful as if I were going to an execution ground. If I had made even one little mistake, the entire cosmos would have been turned upside-down. My entire life would have been in vain. Since I was in such a perilous situation, God sympathized with me. He mobilized the entire spirit world, and brought success to the rally. I am grateful to God. At the time of the investigation by the Frazer committee, I won the victory by trusting in God. This is the spirit of God.

Victory Through Sacrifice

I pitied the miserable Japanese refugees who came back from Manchuria after being defeated in the Second World War. I guided them and showed them the way to South Korea. If they were hungry, I fed them. In this way, I loved my enemies. I would encourage them, "Have hope. You should return to your homeland, and die there." Through this, although the present generation of Japanese may have nothing to do with me, their sons and daughters will be benefited by me, and thus indebted to me. In the same way, your descendants will certainly join with me.

The phenomenon of cause and effect is fearful. I did so many things for America. But once Americans become indebted to me, they have to redeem their debt, even with interest. The same is true for England.

I have been working thus far, considering all these things. People say that Rev. Moon has become the most unscrupulous and notorious king in the world. But I am not such a person. God Himself will testify, "He is not ill reputed at all, but well reputed." God has been protecting me on earth wherever I might be. When I was hungry, God sent someone to feed me, not once, but many times. I am like a performer in a historical drama. After I die, my life will be documented in movies which will make people cry. You also should think of yourselves as such stars in the play of history. So you must not complain. You are going to make a masterpiece.

There are no words to express adequately how wonderful this philosophy is. You can conclude that if you are attacked, something will be paid back to you together with interest. People will be able to understand this after they become educated. In this moment I feel inexpressibly sad and happy; even if I should die now, I have no regrets. But your mission is still left undone.

Home church is easy; you don't even need three years. If you do it with tears, you can accomplish it in half a year. If I were doing it, it wouldn't even take that long. We are in a wonderful age. The time is coming when the liberation of all mankind will be the absolute reality. Even though one man had to lead such a sacrificial life for so long, a whole new age could be established. The same principle applies to atoms: once one atom explodes, it creates a chain reaction and a much, much greater explosion. With this principle, the universe was formed.

Anybody can do home church. You should love your own children only after reestablishing your original position through home church. Right now you are mobile, moving around. We are still in the period of the forty year journey into Canaan. Within these forty years, everything will be solved completely. We have to solve all problems to realize the unified world.

Returning to Your Homeland

Although our work has been so difficult up until now, it will become much easier from now on if you do home church consistently. Do you think it is possible? You cannot understand this merely through truth; you must unite with me in heart. When you go back to work after this speech, you must do this more energetically than a rocket which has been launched. If you don' t, you will not be a center director any more. You should become an IW and send everyone to their home church areas all throughout Japan. And you should play the role of archangel and protect the members. Just as an archangel should have helped with the perfection of Adam, you Unification Church members who joined earlier should take the position of archangel to younger members and help to recreate them as true Adam and Eve. It will be your achievement to create many clan-level messiahs. Your position as a true subject according to the heavenly standard and hierarchy of heart will be decided by the number of such messiahs you have helped. You cannot complain. God is just and fair and He has been persevering.

Women who have children are very busy, but they still have to go back to their homeland through the way of home church. Up until now, members of the Unification Church raised great disturbances everywhere for the sake of the world, but now that age is over. All you have to do is send a letter, saying, "Father, Mother, I am going back home." A few years later you will pack all your belongings and send another letter, saying, "I have not been able to be dutiful to you. But now I am coining back home, and I will become more dutiful to you than any son or daughter is to their parents in all of Japan. So please wait for me." Previously you left your home and have been persecuted ever since. You have had the experience of praying all through the night in tears. But you will not need even one tenth of such effort to restore your own clan. If you explain the Principle to them, and explain that you have endured persecution in order to have one day in which you could meet them again, they will repent in tears from the bottom of their heart. One day, even one night, is enough. When your relatives shed tears before your tomb, the one who died for the sake of the parents, ancestors of many generations before, who have been in the spirit world, will return to the earth. They will become your descendants. Such a reversal will take place.

The mission to accomplish this on the national level is much greater, so you must work harder. It is my way of life. Do you understand clearly?

The Formula Course the Unification Church Is Destined to Go

You cannot become a clan-level true parent unless you unite the Cain-type and the Abel-type archangelic world together and they both admire you. To become a true parent means to become a messiah; it means to become a king in the name of Christ. For example, when I stand on the world-level dispensation, Mr. Kuboki stands on the national-level dispensation. Similarly, you have responsibility to be masters in your own areas. Anything or anyone that is not connected with the master will eventually perish. It is the prayer and the desire of all who belong to a master to be touched by him. Do you understand?

The Unification Church, as the representative of God, must first make the condition of restoring all things, the entire universe, and next, the condition of restoring fallen Adam, who will be the nucleus of that universe. Therefore, we must witness. By being successful in witnessing, you can gain the power to make the spirit world support you. Thus the position of your heavenly, true "self" can be determined and fixed. Then you can achieve the standard of individual perfection. After that the standard of family perfection will be achieved by gaining the object realm of your clan. You cannot change this principle.

The person who does not have dominion over all things cannot love the will of God, according to the Principle. The one who cannot witness cannot love others. Unless someone is the kind of person who can sacrifice himself voluntarily, he cannot become a central figure in the dispensation of God. The ideology of centralization, of uniting with a central person, is very important; I have led the Japanese movement with this ideology Going beyond the races, wherever I may be, heart is there, and people are restored. Unless you set the heavenly standard of carrying out indemnity on the national and world levels with heart and desperate effort, and establish a foundation that God can recognize, I will accuse. God lost everything through heart in the fall; therefore, everything must be rebound to God through heart. When you restore material as well as true personality and heart, God is happy.

This is the formula course which the Unification Church must follow. Therefore, those who committed themselves to the Church must set up the indemnity condition to restore dominion over all things. They must also go out and witness for three years. After three years, the 12 main disciples of your 360-home area will elect you as Abel on the world level. They represent the foundation for organizing the fundamental family foundation of Adam and Noah, consisting of eight members, which will become the standard in the future.

Jesus had to carry out this dispensation. He worked on it spiritually after his resurrection. But I have done this substantially. I accomplished it at the age of 25.

Looking Forward

When you go back, tell members to move out of the center. You should make them establish a foundation in their 360-home area, and go and meet them there. Guide them when you visit them. This is not just a story. Please do it in Tokyo. Since you, the Blessed families, sacrifice your families and support the members as you visit them in your role of archangel, it is natural to think that they should welcome you in their homes. What belongs to the parent will be given to the children.

Everything belongs to God, not to any person himself. Unless you offer your money to God and then receive it back from God to use it, you cannot have any heartistic relationship with restoration. . . .

Society will be destroyed by the welfare, or social security system, in America and in Europe. I cannot agree with it. New York has deteriorated; thieves are increasing in number day by day: welfare causes the increase of a "ghost" population. Norway is a difficult situation: nobody will work. If someone has a company, he might even close it down because he can get more money through welfare than through his salary Such a trend may even begin in Japan. If a people has surplus money, it is better for them to make plains out of mountains, taking responsibility to work for even the lowest wages, than to be idle; a people which works hard in this way will have a bright future.

If you view society through the Principle, you can clearly see how the world will be from now on. I have been suffering and working hard all my life. There have been so many vexations. Yet, I have to give all my accomplishments to people I don't even know, with no compensation. God does the same: there is no other way. If I were to think of myself, I could not follow this course. But the Principle is different and points to the public way.

In the future, I will visit home churches. Without giving any notice I will visit a world famous home church and stay there for about a month. The people of 360 homes will say to me in tears, "Father, please come and stay with us. Lead us in celebration! We will do anything." The number of people who visit you from different parts of the world will be your source of pride. It is not like that at the moment, however, since it costs so much money to receive a guest. In the future, if you welcome the guests and pay their expenses willingly, no matter how many of them you may have, God will bless you all the more.

So, when you return to work, you must do as I have told you. You are being sent out as my representatives. It is the responsibility of the IW's to accomplish the mission of the archangel, which is to support the creation of many tribal messiahs in each part of Japan. I have done all of these things myself.

Don't neglect old people. Old people are in the position to have the most intimate relationship with God. After all, God is oldest of all, isn't He? Those who love elderly people have an intimate relationship with God. They can relate with the eternal past as well as the eternal future. According to the Principle, those who love old people and children will be welcomed throughout the cosmos wherever they may go. The spirit world will remember best the one who serves the old and helps them to go to a higher spirit world. Such a person will be blessed. Therefore you have to be dutiful to your parents. Be loyal to the future even more than you would be to a king.

You have to serve your children as if they were kings. Such children will never become delinquent. Then, in turn, if a people serve a king as the center of the nation, as if they were serving their own children, that nation will prosper. Confucianism teaches that people should serve a king, but not their children. However, the Unification Church looks at the future.

9.23.78. Tokyo, Japan

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