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"But seekfirst his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things shall be yours as well."

Matthew 6:33

Now the company of those who believed were of one heart and soul, and no one said that any of the things which he possessed was his own, but they had everything in common. And with great power the apostles gave their testimony to the resurrection of the Lord Jesus and great grace was upon them all. There was not a needy person among them, for as many as were possessors of lands or houses sold them, and brought the proceeds of what was sold and laid it at the apostles' feet; and distribution was made to each as any had need.

Acts 4:32-35

Any responsibility you have is secondary; the primary mission is witnessing and home church. You have to spend more time witnessing than in your own work. How can you ever imagine you will save 240 million Americans without doing that much? If there were an easier way to save 240 million people, God would do it because His heart is a heart of love. Do not hesitate to suffer and make yourself a sacrifice. God's one son, Jesus, gave up his life on the cross. I don't ask you to do this for me but for the sake of mankind, for rebuilding the nation and the world. Do you think this is principled? Then we must live the Principle.

The Critical Turning Point of the Dispensation of God
12.31.78, Belvedere

This next seven years is the time for you to demonstrate what you are and what you can do. Home church is the primary dispensation and anything else is secondary. I am declaring to Unification Church members all over the world that this is the Parents' Day which ends the first 21-year course and begins the second 21-year course.

Completion of the Providence and Children's Day
4.15.80, World Mission Center

The Church is like an office for the families and the society, but the home church is where the parents and children can live, and where God can dwell.

In 1981 I am hereby giving you home church as your ground. Even the News World staff members should work hard at home church in addition to their newspaper work, and then they can in no way be blamed by Satan. If I call Dr. Durst and he is nowhere to be found because he is in home church, he can be excused. That is our most important priority. If one of the East Garden guards is missing all night, but in the morning he appears and says, "I was at home church," instantly everything will be forgiven.

Nowhere else in all of history was anyone else given this kind of priority and privilege. So as long as you go to home church, all else is secondary.

You want to take care of your family, but if you take care of your home church instead, someone else will help take care of your family. Sometimes I will also help your family. But that does not mean you should think that if you are doing home church work you do not have to do anything to take care of them. If you think like that, it is not right.

Home Church Is My Kingdom of Heaven
1.1.81, World Mission Center

I know that some engaged couples, women especially, are telling their finances that home church is nice, but they should be more concerned about getting a degree soon, so that they can do more in the future. "There is no opportunity for you in home church," they say. Don't you suppose I have thought about that, and God has thought about it as well? What is your mission? If there is a person who has no confidence to do home church now, but wants to be released for ten years to do what he thinks is important, thinking that he will come back and do home church later, then he should step forward and speak up.

Home church is one basic thing you must do as Unification Church members. It is more important than school, than your marriage. Those things can wait, but not home church.

Our Duty, Our Mission
10.5.80, Belvedere

Perhaps you are an editor on the newspaper and hardly have time to do home church. But you regularly eat and go to the bathroom; are those things any more indispensable than home church? You can always shorten the time of going to the bathroom or eating. Save a few minutes by not chatting with people; all that time added up might save an hour, and then you can go to home church. If you don't go to home church, it means you have not established yourself as a subject of love. Then how can you love your spouse or children? If you reverse the correct sequence, it will never work.

|3.29.81, Belvedere

I have done what God has directed me to do in this country. If people do not respond to my direction, I cannot do anything about it. I have taught you deeply, explaining everything to you. Are you actively involved in home church? You say, "I have been too busy to do home church," but you must realize that I am far busier than you and I have been doing what is necessary for God's providence continuously. How can you think you are busier than I?

Let Us Protect Ourselves
5.1.82, Belvedere

More than anything else, home church is top priority. Push aside everything else to do home church. For whom are you going this way? Not for the sake of the Unification Church and not for the sake of God or True Parents, but for the sake of yourself, your children, and your posterity. For that reason, you must go to home church and be victorious.

Victory of Home Church (Midnight Address)
1.1.82, World Mission Center

Can the News World members think they are unable to do home church? How can they not do so and still fulfill what they have to do? Such people simply have to witness to someone better than they who can take their newspaper position and free them to do home church. There are many, many things I have to take care of, even things that are not really my responsibility, and my schedule is so full that it doesn't include much sleeping time. I have to manage to find time to do everything.

God never scolds a person for doing more than he should. If you cannot go personally to do home church then you can carry on through phoning, and there are other ways besides going personally. If a person has many complex responsibilities, doing many things at once, it is that much more his blessing. I will take notice of such a person and use him more and more.

Unification Church and Heavenly Law
3.1.79, Belvedere

The newspaper has to come out, and if you are literally too busy then you can at least go to your home church area and sleep there. If you cannot do the work, at least you should take a look at the work and say to yourself, "That is what I must do." If you cannot go to your area for one day, you should at least take a look at your home church. Spiritually, there are many people really waiting seriously for you. You don't feel that because of your less intense spiritual sense.

A fighter may be a champion on a local level, but if he loses in the national fight then he's a loser. Someone might say, "I've been in MFT for ten years and I've worked harder than anybody else but I didn't do home church, so you mistreated me." Can you say that? Fundraising was not a waste of time; the person who fundraised in a principled way will have an easier time doing home church. You may think, "I'm not doing home church now because I'm fundraising, but I will do it so well that I could support all my 360 homes." If you fundraise with that attitude then you are connected to your own home church. When the fundraisers start doing home church, they can be successful in a short period of time. I brought you up to the world level and the universal level, the champion position.

The Public Way and Private Way
1.11.81, Belvedere

You are the wings of the Unification Church, the aspect which is responsible for our financial foundation. Since I set up this year's new motto I am sure some of you wonder what you can do about home church, since you can't settle down in one place. The most important thing you should know is why we are doing home church. I told our members to do home church. But MFT activities are also the result of my direct instruction to you. This is your mission for God's dispensation.

There are many other missions in our Church apart from the regular home church dispensation. Many other brothers and sisters are doing special tasks. The important consideration, however, is whether a member receives his instructions wholeheartedly and fulfills them to the utmost.

Home church alone could not fulfill all of God's dispensation; it must be united with all the other components to make up the heavenly victory. Your attitude, or the shape of your mind and heart, is important, and second, how much time you invest in your task. Finally, how much drive you invest to overcome any difficulties is of concern. Ultimately speaking, your commitment, persistence and determination that what you do is vital for the ultimate victory of God is the key point. Each activity is crucial in the direction of God's dispensation, so what is important is how well the different components come together to fulfill one central goal. Because we are focused on that central goal, we need many different departments and elements that will make a wholesome self-sustaining entity which can push toward the goal.

I would like you MFT members to think that you have an important mission to do and that you will do your best. If you are doing home church ten years from now you should feel that you will do it in the shortest possible time based on your hard work on MFT. Here you are reshaping yourself to resemble me, and when your home church opportunity comes later, you will knock it over in no time.

To the MFT
1.2.80, World Mission Center

If someone is in a special staff position which is necessary for the wellbeing of our Church, I will give special consideration and allow him to do home church later, but still he must do it.

Our Duty, Our Mission
10.5.80, Belvedere

If the home church people have money they won't consider it theirs but think how they can use it for home church work; 360 homes will be one family's work and they will want to spend money for that. In another twenty years you will be approaching your fifties, and by that time you will be assisted by many people. This is really a prime time now.

Reflection Upon Life
6.1.79. Belvedere

We are not only doing spiritual work, we are actually laying the foundation for our grandchildren. Suppose you have a deep relationship with the people who buy the News World from you. If you can explain how good ginseng tea is for good health, they will want to buy some. Once the people trust us they will rely on our services. We can start a mobile department store and a grocery delivery service and supply their daily needs with a loving heart. What we are doing today is laying a many faceted foundation for the future. Your 360 homes will all become like your own home.

There are limitless resources which we can pioneer and the time will come when you can just call people on the phone instead of running around door to door. There will be supporting organizations and people will want to give everything for the sake of New York, not just a weekly tithe. How about you; can you even do the tithing? We will be in a position to really lift up the life of the city and open the door to a much better future.

Host of the Future
10.23.77, Belvedere

There is great room for developing this home church idea. Are you interested? You have heard about indemnity but so far I have paid all the indemnity on your behalf. Why don't you just follow along and live the easy way of life now? Or now that I have paid so much, will you pay enough to lift mine away? Am I going to buy you the equipment for your home church or will you buy it yourselves? Then it will become your property and you can start your own church.

Where God Resides and His Course
3.19. 78, Belvedere

You decide one thing: what level you want and what territory you would like to take. Do you have your home church assignments? Did your leader recommend it or did you decide to do it? Your 360 homes represent the entire world. . . . When you need money, go ahead and make money; when you need people, find people. Don't beg anyone for help or money or support. You should say, "I am the one who will create the money, people and whatever else I need. I will provide them." if you work three times as hard as normal people you will do all these things.

Mainstream of the Dispensation of God
11.19.78, Belvedere

Earn the money you need on your own and lecture to your own people. You don't need anyone else to teach for you if you become a great lecturer on your own.

Home Church and the Completion of the Kingdom of Heaven
1.1.79, World Mission Center

You may say, "I will go to home church, Father, but please help me; I have nothing. You must buy me a house, you must buy me an automobile, you must buy me food and clothes. Then I might go." Is that the way a messiah acts? No. We came as True Parents and gave you our sweat and labor, heart and soul, to lay your foundation. And we are inheriting everything to you for free.

Blessed Family
6.20.82, Belvedere

I am training you to provide not only for your family but also for the 360 families and homes in your area. The only way to do that is to forge ahead without all kinds of indecision and doubt. Once you know you are going in the right direction you don't need to question over and over again what you are doing, you just need to do it.

In Search of Our Home
7.11.82, Belvedere

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