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Providential Numbers

And in the Spirit he carried me away to a great, high mountain, and showed me the holy city of Jerusalem coming down out of heaven from God, having the glory of God, its radiance like a most rare jewel, like a jasper, clear as crystal. It had a great, high wall, with twelve gates, and at the gates twelve angels, and on the gates the names of the twelve tribes of the sons of Israel were inscribed, on the east three gates, on the north three gates, on the south three gates, and on the west three gates. And the wall of the city had twelve foundations, and on them the twelve names of the twelve apostles of the Lamb. . . . And the twelve gates were twelve pearls, each of the gates made of a single pearl, and the street of the city was pure gold, transparent as glass.

Revelation 21:10-14,21

Without bringing 12, 72, and finally 84 people, there is no way for you to indemnify Jesus' mission. Those 84 followers would have formed Jesus' clan. If Jesus had had 12 disciples, the 72 elders would have united to support him, surrounding and protecting him, and then he never would have been killed. The only way to indemnify that is through home church. You must have 84 people as your individual foundation. In the family unit, you can do anything through home church. You could even work up as far as the number 120, the number of followers Jesus gathered after his resurrection. This number can represent all the nations, as well as all angles in every direction. Here in the world, all the numbers from one to ten and 12 to 21 are crucial numbers which are all contained in the number 120. So 120 is a must for every person.

When you go to spirit world you should have 24 elders and 72 disciples. Spirit world is organized according to this pattern, with 12 pearl gates, 12 disciples, 72 disciples, and so forth. Now all that was lost in the history of restoration can be found and restored. Especially in America, at least 12 nationalities will be represented in the backgrounds of 360 typical homes, such as French, English, Italian, etc.

Our Duty, Our Mission
10.5.80, Belvedere

First you restore yourself, then your spouse and then your children. Once Adam and Eve are restored they have to restore their family. The Bible records that Noah faithfully worked hard for 120 years and he saved his family of three sons and three daughters-in-law, numbering eight all together. Those eight were the only ones to be selected when God took them as a seed and destroyed every other person. Yet even after Noah had established the condition to save the entire world, Ham failed and God's dispensation to save the world could not be established because the family failed.

After that Abraham was chosen to take the place of Adam and Noah who failed. Since his was the third family chosen, Abraham had to set the condition to save the world. He journeyed far to prepare and establish certain conditions, but even he failed later when he made his offering. Then Abraham had to stand in the position of Adam, with Isaac in Noah's position and Jacob in Abraham's position.

Jacob led a complicated life in Haran, which represented the satanic world. He worked desperately for 21 years to prepare his foundation, doing something much more difficult than Adam, Noah or Abraham had done. Only after 21 years had he completed the condition to stand in Abraham's position, going through almost impossible difficulties in order to indemnify the failures of Noah and Abraham.

To be specific, he had to restore the ten generations between Adam and Noah, plus the two generations of Abraham and Isaac. He had 12 children to restore the 12 generations and then he had to restore Noah's family of eight by winning over Esau. All this had to be restored in one generation. Before it could be complete he had to subjugate Satan spiritually, fighting the angel at the ford of Jabbok. Only after that could he start horizontal restoration through the 12 tribes. It was the 12 sons and seventy family members that Jacob took to Egypt who formed the foundation for the 12 tribes and 72 elders of Israel.

All those who went to Egypt suffered terrible persecution and many were killed but their race ultimately survived. Moses gathered the 12 tribes and 72 elders and led them out of Egypt, doing on the tribal level what Jacob had to do on the clan or family level. The same principle worked in Jesus' time. He had 12 disciples representing the 12 tribes and 72 apostles representing the 72 elders, and he set the pattern on the national level. Jesus was to gather the Israelites and then go to Rome, where he could have set the foundation to save the whole world.

First Jesus had to gather three disciples, representing Adam's family, Noah's family and Abraham's family. Centered on those three he could gather 12 disciples representing Jacob's 12 sons and also the 12 generations from Noah to Abraham. Without fulfilling those numbers he could not form a foundation to work with the races of the world. After gathering the 72 apostles Jesus had to begin his substantial work just as Jacob needed 72 before he could accomplish his condition. Without that number, Jesus could not have connected the dispensation to the tribal or national level. If the Jews had accepted Jesus then all these things could have been done at once, but instead he was rejected and the foundation was lost. Jesus had to start all over again by witnessing to his own disciples, first bringing three, then 12 and 72. Then he would have connected that foundation to established Judaism, the race, nation and eventually the world. He tried desperately to do this in three years but he could not make his apostles unite in harmony. Instead they deserted him.

Since Jesus' foundation was lost he could not work successfully 2,000 years ago, and without restoring this there is no foundation for him to work upon when he comes again. We are the ones who must restore that foundation which was lost in Jesus' time. This is the origin of the Unification Church's work. Each of you must be aware of why you need to do this. Because Jesus was killed we inherit the responsibility, even though we come from different races. All members of the Unification Church around the world are descendants of the people who killed Jesus and this is why we must assume the responsibility ourselves for having killed him. This is why we must physically restore the foundation which Jesus has already restored spiritually.

We can ask God for the Messiah to be sent after we each make the foundation of 84 spiritual children, the basic foundation on which the Messiah can come physically. Even then we cannot take many years to accomplish it; we must do it within seven years as indemnity for the 7,000 years of history. No matter what happens, we have to accomplish this goal because without this foundation, the bridge between heaven and earth is not properly established and the two cannot be connected. Jesus was very serious in trying to do that, leaving his home just as you are doing now. The people laughed at Jesus and criticized him, just the they criticize you today.

If Christians had understood and accepted this then the Messiah could have come among them after the necessary foundation had been laid. But that has not happened, and instead Christians oppose us. If Christians had already laid the foundation then no one in the world would have to pay indemnity as we are doing now, but since Christianity did not accept the responsibility, we have to restore that foundation individually. We are working very hard to pay that indemnity.

After laying that foundation, communism must be overcome. As soon as the Unification Church members awaken to their responsibility and lay the needed foundation, God will have no more use for Christianity and it and communism will fade away because the foundation of substance will have been laid.

I am responsible for a different level of indemnity condition than you, but each person must lay his own foundation of restoring 84 people. To do that you must be better than Jacob because you will restore them all in one generation instead of three. Then you can be resurrected or revived, just as Jesus was resurrected on his spiritual foundation. This is the real foundation; so in the dispensation each of you must restore 84 people.

After gathering the 84 each person must survive the world's persecution. If you do that then the world foundation can be laid on which the Messiah can come and be connected to all the nations and the world. These 84 people should not be just anyone but people who are strong enough to defend you. When Jesus was persecuted his 84 people were sleeping, but they should have risen up and declared, "You can kill me but you cannot kill my Lord." Our position is like that of a grandfather; when he is threatened his sons and grandsons will make sure he is not killed. Eighty-four couples are necessary to protect the central core.

We begin first with our concepts but we must become increasingly serious, becoming as desperate as though we were dying. Only after we have done that are we literally building the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. Without doing this we are not qualified to live in the Kingdom on earth, nor can we be accepted in the Kingdom when we go to spirit world.

This also applies to me. Based on the same principle I must have 84 people protecting me. Whereas your situation is relatively simple, I must fulfill a more complex situation on the individual, family, tribal and world levels. This is exactly what I have done. Twelve couples were required representing the formation, growth and perfection stages. Because of the fall of man the number was extended three times so the 36 couples served as the 12 in my case. Next I blessed 72 couples, then 120 and 430 couples, extending onto the world level. To establish the 430 couples was very difficult and I fought with my life under the severest persecution. You must not take the easy way in witnessing either; you must really know the meaning of what you do.

The 120 couples represented all nations, just like the 120 elders who received the Holy Ghost at Pentecost. The 430 couples represented the 430 years of slavery in Egypt before the return to Canaan, as well as Korea's history of 4,300 years on the world level. The number seven, or three plus four, is included in 430, as well as 12, or three times four. Thus 430 includes the numbers three, four, seven and 12. It represents the number that can go anywhere in the world.

Next 777 couples were blessed. The four in the number seven includes everything, like the four seasons and four directions. There are three months in each season, and altogether that gives the number 12. These numbers are all symbolic and they are most important to God because in different combinations they fulfill certain conditions. Once these were put into effect then the heavenly families, centering on Korea, could go to every part of the world to fulfill the dispensation. When that was done, the dispensation on the world level really opened up.

On the foundation of 430 couples I could travel around the world for the first time in 1965 and establish Holy Grounds. Man and all things were lost but they can be restored on the basis of Holy Ground. I set up a total of 120 Holy Grounds in forty countries in 1965, and then I could symbolically restore mankind, represented by 777 couples. Every combination was included in this number -- those who failed, those who fought any nation, people of any color skin and marital status. Because of that the heavenly nation can move from one end of the world to the other. Even though you move together in large numbers, Satan cannot say anything because the condition for you to do that is already established. After the 777 couples were blessed it became possible for members to travel from nation to nation to work and I started moving members to different nations.

If you have a family of your own then you qualify to work on the world scale, and on the foundation of your family and race you can go anywhere in the world to help people. You must understand now the meaning of leaving your home to find 84 people. Once the third-seven year course is over you won't even have to leave your home to find 84 people. You will be able to find them by bringing your own relatives, but until now that was not possible.

The Start of the 40-Day Witnessing Condition
7.4.78, London

Your 360 homes represent 360 degrees, meaning all four directions: north, east, south and west; a year also has about 360 days. True Parents have accomplished their victory, and by setting this small condition of home church you are entitled to inherit what they have won. Restore three generations: restore Adam's failure plus Jesus' unfulfilled mission, and inherit True Parents' era, paying indemnity for Christian opposition by doing home church. You have that responsibility. My victory was not won for my sake, but for you. Now I am waiting for each of you to fulfill this miniature condition. Then I can gladly give the entire victory to you as your inheritance.

Jesus Christ bore the cross because a certain number was not fulfilled. He needed 12 disciples, then 72 disciples. There were ten generations between Adam and Noah, and in addition Cain and Abel made 12 generations. The ten generations after Noah until Abraham, plus Shem and Ham make 12 generations. At the time of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob were two vertical generations. In Jacob's time the number 12 was extended horizontally.

In the Unification Church the indemnification of all these generations is done through the 36 couples. Consummating the vertical history on earth, Jacob defeated the angel, won the heart of his elder brother, and had 12 children. Twelve is a central number because it is a vertical number. In each tribe there are six members, and 12 times six makes 72. The Bible says Jesus had seventy disciples, but to be exact it was 72. Twelve would become the forefather's position. Jesus was crucified because he did not have 72, or 84. If three generations had been set up in Jesus' time -- Jesus, children, and grandchildren -- then Jesus would not have been crucified. Certainly if Judaism had accepted him, Jesus could have had three generations. . .

People in this world can be classified into three categories: first are married couples, representing Adam's family; second are couples who live together without marriage, plus the realm of engagement, representing Jesus' position; the third realm is men and women who are still looking forward to engagement and marriage; this represents the Second Advent. You will find all of these types opposing you in home church. Your job is to make them willing to capitulate; this is not a militant goal, but a heartistic, loving goal. Would you welcome me into your home, to every room in the house? Your goal is to be welcomed as openly as that in your home church area. If you really know the formula, you can bring your people to understand the importance of home church in one week and they will join with you.

Core Love and Indemnity
10.22.81, World Mission Center

As you know, there were ten generations between Adam and Noah, then between Noah and Abraham. The Cain-Abel struggle began between Adam's two sons, and continued between Shem and Ham, Noah's sons. Counting these two brothers, there were 12 generations between Adam and Noah. Isaac and Jacob plus ten generations comprise 12 generations from Noah through Abraham.

Jacob was the first to lay the victorious base, and he had 12 children. Those 12, plus the preceding 24 generations, make 36, a very important number. Before Jacob, restoration was vertical, but from Jacob's time on it became horizontal, with his tribe expanding into a nation. Then the historical role of Judaism was succeeded to by Christianity with Jesus' 12 disciples. In Unification Church the first thing we did was restore tribal history, represented by the 36 blessed couples, or three generations of 12. In no other religion is the family called the building block of the Kingdom of Heaven; the Unification Church alone teaches that. Until now religions have focused on individual restoration, but now through the Blessing men and women can be united in God's sight.

Tribal restoration represents the condition to restore all mankind. Mankind can be divided into three areas -- married couples, engaged couples, and people still waiting for engagement. We have to restore the couples who married without God's approval, so I had to make some provision for them. They are represented by 12 of the 36 couples. Jesus came as a bridegroom but was never able to have his marriage supper, and this is the position of people who are waiting to be married; these people are represented by another 12 couples. The other level is that of virgin boys and girls, who belong to Jacob's generation. . . .

The root of the Unification Church tradition begins in the fundamental concept of God's creation of the Kingdom of Heaven, and that begins from Adam, Noah, Abraham and Jacob. From this analogy you can see that I am in a position truly to initiate the Kingdom of Heaven on earth on the horizontal level. No one in history could proclaim that, but now you know why I can.

The ancestors in history have accumulated a record of failure, but the 36 couples I assembled shall restore those failures and succeed those people as the ancestors of mankind. The number one is represented by 36. Thirty-six husbands plus 36 wives altogether make 72 people in this system. The next blessing was of 72 couples, representing the expansion of the 36 couples. There is always Cain and Abel in restoration, and without unity between them the heavenly dispensation cannot be consummated. In creation one is divided into two, and then the three of them should come into harmony.

Out of 12 there will come 72, another horizontal expansion. Twelve and 72 together make 84, the total unit of the ancestry of mankind. That represents the vertical and horizontal unity of the Cain and Abel families coming together; 84 represents them all. In every dispensation there were Cain and Abel, such as Shem and Ham, Jacob and Esau. The pattern of history is the struggle of Cain and Abel. The number 72 is really the condition for unity of Cain and Abel.

If Jesus had been able to accomplish the perfection of the number 84, he never would have been crucified. This number is the rock, the foundation which cannot be shaken, upon which Jesus could never have been killed. The number 72 is also the manifestation of Jacob's journey to exile in Egypt, leading a tribe of seventy people. Based on this principle, you restore the 7,000-year biblical history of God; that is represented by fulfilling this number 84 in seven years, you are restoring your ancestral tree and also your tribe, both the vertical and horizontal.

If Jesus had fulfilled this and John the Baptist had fulfilled his mission, no one would have had to testify very much about Jesus because that foundation would have had a magnetic pulling power. Jesus needed to establish the tribe first, and then go from there, multiplying through the children. Because that foundation was not laid in Jesus.' time, it had to be laid in this contemporary dispensation. Jesus left on earth the concept of the ideal of the bride and bridegroom, but that has to be fulfilled in the family. So the family is the basis for the modern dispensation.

Do you have your own 12 and 72 disciples, totaling 84? In the realm of the Unification Church do we have it? The number 12 is represented by the 36 blessed couples, and 72 by the 72 blessed couples, so we do have that foundation. Now the Unification Church can grow and expand, children will multiply and the tribe will get bigger.

Twelve represents the family, and 72 represents the tribe. In ancient times there were 12 tribes and 72 elders among the tribes. 72 divided by 12 equals six, or six parts of 12 each. Six plus one makes seven. The Bible mentions that Jesus had seventy apostles, but the true number must be 72. This seven is crucial. When seven families are united into one, every door will open as they move forward in the kingdom. There will be no wall they cannot break through. . . .

Why 360 homes? As husband and wife, you will take care of 720 homes; again, the significant number of 72 is included here. 720 represents the world: 12 represents the family, 72 the tribe; 720 is an expansion of the tribe, so it represents the world. In these 360 or 720 homes, all the dispensational numbers are included. . . .

. . . You have to fulfill your 84 within home church; without that you cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Jesus could not open the ultimate heaven because he did not have the foundation of 84 on earth. I came to lay that foundation, and in the same way you must unlock the number 84.

Total Self Re-Evaluation
9.14.80, Belvedere

Three hundred sixty homes came out of 120 times three. After Jesus' crucifixion, 120 of Jesus' disciples gathered together in the upper room of Mark's house. They prayed, and when the Holy Spirit came down a new dispensation began.

Twelve represents the number of the family. Jacob's family had 12 members and 12 children. Seventy-two is the number for the tribe. Twelve plus 72 makes 84. That is the number of the tribe. Seventy-two stands for the number of people in Jacob's family who went into Egypt. They went to Egypt as a tribe. It is a minimum tribe of Israel, represented by 72.

Abel-type people started with 72. That is a tribe. Israel started with 72. One hundred twenty is represented by three times four. The key number is three. Among 12, normally three are excellent; that is the ratio. That is why Jesus had three major disciples, Peter, James, and John. Of those three, Peter was selected as the chief disciple.

In order to come up with an elite of 120, you need 360 to choose from. At the same time, you want to create 120 trinities, and for 120 trinities you need 360. These are all the theoretical reasons why we say Father decided to have 360 homes comprise a home church area.

4.16.80, World Mission Center

What do 360 homes mean? Three hundred sixty has every number in it. It contains three, four, 12, and thirty; every crucial number is there. You have also heard of the 36 couples, the earliest marriage which took place in the Unification church, haven't you? You also know that the one year is composed of 360 days in the lunar calendar; there are 12 months of thirty days. Also we divide the globe into 360 degrees. Finally, there are four seasons of three months each in the year, making up the number 12.

Father Speaks to the Crusade
9.5.78, London

. . . Three hundred sixty homes represent 360 degrees or all directions. One year of 12 months is a complete cycle of seasons or 360 days according to the lunar calendar. Three hundred sixty contains both numbers 12 and three. The 36 couples represent the entire history of mankind. So everything is included in 360 homes.

Everything begins at zero degrees, and continues around to ninety, 180, 270 and finally 360 degrees, which is the original starting point. Satan is trying to block our way, but we are pushing ahead. At every point people try to discourage you from continuing, but still you will continue around to 360 degrees, accomplishing everything for their sake as well as yours. After you cross the peak, there will be less and less persecution.

Home Church and Myself
12.14.80, Belvedere

This is why I gave you each 360 homes. Why 360? There are 360 days in one year; that includes 12 months, as well as the numbers three and four. All the heavenly numbers that God uses are there. It also means every single year of history, including all the families and thousands of generations who have lived. That is the same as an extended form of the 36 couples, which represent all human ancestry. Everything is represented in 360.

The Start of the 40-Day Witnessing Condition
7.4.78, London

The Bible talks about the 144,000 who wear white gowns; if we have 144,000 home churches, we undoubtedly can sway the world. Do you know this is the truth?

Total Self Re-Evaluation
9.14.80, Belvedere

The Book of Revelation speaks about the 144,000 who will wear white robes. If there were 144,000 truly dedicated people, that would be more than enough to change the entire world. Those people are about to come out of home church. With 144,000 people we could cover twenty cities the size of New York, like Tokyo and London, with 7,000 people in each city. Then those cities could be turned around toward God. Don't you think the entire world could be converted to Divine Principle by that many people?

Our Duty, Our Mission
10. 5.80, Belvedere

The Book of Revelation says that at the end there will be 144,000 people gathered together, and they will be lifted up into the Kingdom of Heaven. But what the revelation is saying is that in the end we need 144,000 home churches around the world, through which we will be lifted into the Kingdom of Heaven.

History of the Providence Through Restoration by Indemnity
2.10.81, World Mission Center

God works only through specific numbers. Noah's family had three sons and three daughters-in-law, plus Noah and his wife, making eight people altogether. If you witness to three people and eventually they get blessed then that number is automatically established. Next you will establish the number 12 and after that you can go back to your own homes. Later your work will be connected with the foundation I have laid and you can claim it as your own; then you will always be in the position of parents yourselves.

The Age of New Dispensation
5.14.78, London

The year of 1980 has dawned with great hope and glory. In 1980 we can find a very important number, eight. As we learn in the Divine Principle, the number eight denotes a new beginning and new hope. The Unification Church just welcomed the 1980's. Now what is the goal and direction of our movement? This year our job is to undertake substantially the home church providence.

Home Church Is the Base of the Kingdom of Heaven
1.1.80, World Mission Center

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