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Formula Course

The same night he arose and took his two wives, his two maids, and his eleven children, and crossed the ford of the Jabbok. He took them and sent them across the stream, and likewise everything that he had. And Jacob was left alone; and a man wrestled with him until the breaking of the day. When the man saw that he did not prevail against Jacob, he touched the hollow of his thigh; and Jacob's thigh was put out of joint as he wrestled with him. Then he said, "Let me go, for the day is breaking. But Jacob said, "I will not let you go, unless you bless me. And he said to him, What is your name? And he said, "Jacob. Then he said, "Your name shall no more be called Jacob, but Israel, for you have striven with God and with men, and have prevailed."

Genesis 32: 22-28

You have to make some victorious condition like Jacob did. He wrestled at the ford of Jabbok with an angel, and when he won the angel blessed him by saying that his name was no longer Jacob but Israel. Upon that foundation God could bless Jacob. You must also win a victory by going to home church and securing some condition upon which God can bless the entire world.

Our way of life is like Jacob's way of life. Initially his elder brother Esau wanted to kill him, just as the Christian world tried to kill the Unification Church, but when Jacob finally came back home then Esau's heart was changed and he repented. Jacob loved him and gave him presents and embraced him. The two brothers became one. in the same way the world will finally come to embrace you. That will be realized through home church. My dispensation and victory shall be relived and reenacted so that you can create the same condition. You must repeat my victory. This is the era for the children to repeat the victory of their Parents.

The entire world was my stage. Now I have finished and I am asking you to do the same in your small world of home church. As soon as you unite with this spirit I will be there with you. My victorious pattern and tradition will be your asset. Is there any easier way to go? Unless you build your home church in the world of Cain, you are not qualified to go back to your hometown and restore your own tribe.

Home Church and the Completion of the Kingdom of Heaven
1.1.79, World Mission Center

Jacob went to another country to work and he also fought the angel to establish the necessary condition. Thus, when he came back he was victorious and he was welcomed by his relatives. When Esau welcomed Jacob the foundation was completed. By working to find 84 people you are doing what Jacob did in wrestling with the angel. It is very much spiritual work.

Once you have set up the necessary foundation outside your home you will be welcomed automatically by your relatives when you go home. if you bring 84 people in seven years then your relatives will congratulate you on your hard work and they will listen to whatever you say because you will have established the condition of spiritual victory.

Jacob's 21 years in Haran were necessary to gain first his wife and then his children and then all things. Because Jacob was deceived by Laban after the first seven years, he actually worked 14 years for his wife. This is why you have to work hard for seven years. If you bring in 84 people then you will be qualified to have your spouse and children and then you can become perfected. You definitely need your family, don't you? Even that comes to you in three stages. First you gather people from outside your home as the formation stage; gathering your relatives from your own home completes the growth stage and having your own sons and daughters completes the third stage. Then the tribal position will be formed and on that basis you can go anywhere and accomplish anything.

This is restoration by indemnity. God does 95% and you must do 5%. Your 5% responsibility is to restore 84 people. If you cannot do that, it is the same as being in Egypt and unable to come out. The Israelites wanted to leave Egypt but they could not until the proper time. I drive you out because this is so important that not doing it is the same as dying.

The Start of the 40-Day Witnessing Condition
7.4.78, London

You are going to restore your own tribe, engrafting your own wild olive tree. Before you go, however, you have to complete the journey of Jacob. Before you go home you have to wrestle with the angel and win in the conflict with Esau. Once you overcome all these confrontations you can ultimately meet your own family and restore them.

This home church program is like Jacob's journey of 21 years in Haran. You are going to accumulate your own flock and then fight a battle with an angel, and then go back to meet Esau and your own family. I have gone a great distance to pave the way, crossing the ford of Jabbok on every level -- the individual, family, tribe, nation and world. I paved the way by crossing the ford and wrestling with the angel. You only have to struggle once, however, and restore your own family. When you establish a home church, you are becoming a tribe leader; then I will give a blessing before you go back to your homes. For 21 years Jacob endured all kinds of mistreatment from his uncle Laban. Forming a home church is like this. You are going through the 21 years of Jacob's life course right now. After you are victorious under those circumstances, you will be ready to gather together your family and your things and go back home.

Parents' Day
4.8.78, Manhattan Center

All this inheritance can be completed in seven years -- 3 1/2 years as a single person and 3 1/2 years as a couple. That is your responsibility. When you restore your family, together you shall enter the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in heaven. You come to me and I chase you out to the world, just as Jacob had to go to Haran. In 21 years, he restored his family and acquired wealth and then returned to Canaan. in the same way, you go to restore Cain-type home church and then Abel-type home church and then return to heaven. That is your destiny.

Jesus' mission was the same. God sent His son to the satanic world to create a Cain-type and Abel-type tribe and enter the kingdom with his family. If Rome had united with Israel at that time, the whole world would have become one. This is why Christianity moved from Israel to Rome, going to Western civilization first, then moving around the world and returning to the Orient where it originated.

The First Day and Our Lifetime

First you do 360 homes here, in another country, establishing the Cain type 360 homes. Then you go back to your country and receive the Abel type 360 homes. That is your inheritance. First you do it here and then you go home and do it again. Actually, when you do it here and then return home, you don't even have to do it over again, really. You work hard here to make the Cain type 360 homes come under you; then automatically you will be welcomed in your own home without doing anything.

You must think about Jacob's fight against the angel, at the ford of Jabbok. The Dover Straits are just like the ford of Jabbok. You must fight against the angel, or anybody who is in the angelic position, the position of Cain. Who is Cain? First Cain opposes Abel, but as Abel proves more and more that he is good, Cain stops fighting and says, "You are not bad; you are good." You have to subjugate Cain, not by using force, but by teaching him.

As soon as you have restored Cain from a murderous Cain to an obedient Cain and become one with him, you are in Adam's position. Then you can go back to your own country and the situation will be good. You can start to work in Abel's position.

This is why we must establish a typical home church here in England. It is like a mathematical formula; it works 100%. We must establish some step-by-step witnessing formula which applies 100% everywhere in the world. Until now you were not eligible to do that, because you did not win over Cain. Now you are working here with 360 homes and when you are really successful at serving them and they accept you, then you can come into Adam's position. Then you can go to your home, and your family will automatically receive you.

When you go to your 360 homes they won't welcome you at first, but you must keep on working and little by little their minds will change. Later they will really be thankful to you. You must accomplish this in three years. No one can go immediately to their home and witness there. it is against the dispensation. Even Father could not do that in the very beginning. Father had to leave everything behind and go to other countries and win over those countries. Then he could go back to his own country and his own country could automatically welcome him. Likewise, you come here to London, do this work and win the heart of the 360 homes, deployed world-wide in London. Then you go back after that and your families will welcome you.

Father Speaks to the Crusade
9.5.78. London

The indemnity of the archangel is achieved when the good spirit world, at your command, chases out the bad spirit world from your area and enables you to restore God's ideal. In that way you reverse the fall by exercising your proper dominion over the angelic world. Such is the meaning of home church.

Let Us Protect Ourselves
5.1.82, Belvedere

When we see someone in a movie walk into a wilderness, we are attracted because that is exactly how we are about to set out. There are a million people living around us but there is not one whom we can call a true person. It's like being in the wilderness looking for human contact. You can keep a diary of the corrupted person you were teaching and how in time he came to trust you. Maybe you think it will take three years to rehabilitate him, and if you can manage to do that in one year it will be a miracle. Write down your idea about him. Are you keeping a record?

Do you set out for the home church in the morning with a happy mind, or are you almost in tears to have to go out there? The only way you can go out to home church is with great expectation of finding a treasure of a person, to find your lost relatives. Do you think this is only dreaming or make-believe? No, the person who is successful in home church is the one who recovers the lost people, the lost country, the lost spirit world. Everything that was lost will be recovered by the successful home church workers.

Eternal Happiness
2.25.79, Belvedere

In home church you are trying to restore everything. This means that you will find people there to raise and restore as parents, as husband or wife, as children, and so forth. Because of the fall you lost everything, but in home church you find everything to restore, including your tribe, country, and world. Everything was lost, so if you don't restore it, you have nothing.

Life of Experience in the Realm of Heart
3.15.81, Belvedere

The Old Testament era involves offering material things that can be accepted in the sight of God. The New Testament era means becoming adopted sons. The Completed Testament era means becoming parents and giving birth to the true children of God. I have laid the foundation for the Old Testament, New Testament and Completed Testament eras and installed parenthood and finally completed the foundation for world restoration. Now you are in the position to be welcomed by the world. Your remaining duty is to finish the task by establishing home churches. You are responsible for 360 homes and there you will set the conditions for the Old Testament, New Testament and Completed Testament eras. You will fulfill those ideals in that small world of your own and I want you to be a true messiah to those homes.

How can you become a messiah to those homes? You must be a parent first and then have sons and restore the material world. Because of the fall Adam lost all three elements, but now you are given the opportunity to restore what he lost and offer it to the True Parents, who in turn will offer it to God. When God receives it He will offer it back to the True Parents, who in turn will offer it back to you.

The name of your world is "home church" and it is the altar on which you offer God your three greatest gifts. In ancient times the altar was always covered with blood because the animal sacrifice had to be cut, but now we ourselves are the sacrifice and we have to shed our tears, blood and sweat. When you go to your home church and restore all three of these offerings, you will find a true home when you return from your mission. Once you have that foundation, you are a son of God and the rest of the world is in the position of adopted sons. it will be easy to influence them, therefore, because they will already be in a mood to be obedient. Then there will be no more persecution. You will be free to go back to your hometown to restore your own tribe; your home church will be your Cain tribe and your own physical family will be your Abel tribe, and when you head both of them you will truly be king of that world. Upon that foundation you can restore the position of parents. That is the Principle.

The Completion Period for the Dispensation
11.12.78, Belvedere

The Old Testament era was the first stage of the dispensation, and its center was focused on material. The New Testament era is somewhat more advanced, with man at the center of the dispensation. In the Completed Testament era, what would assume the central role? Love of God's heart, or shimjung. Hasn't this been the sequence of God's orderly steps throughout history? We have arrived at a new concept -- no one so far has been seeking or conceived of a heartistic God, but we are even talking about heartistic man and heartistic all things. They are all one in the realm of heart.

We can achieve all that in one generation through our heart, body and all things, corresponding to the three levels of dispensation. If we do it within ourselves, we can erase that problem. What has the Unification Church achieved? We can solve the failures of history within our own lifetime and settle them all. We can achieve what people failed to do in the Old Testament and New Testament eras, and enhance our love so that one day we can become true men. That's what history has mainly been striving for.

Fundraising is a part of restoring material. Then through witnessing we find people. Through home church we find heart. Once we have a clear idea and work at it, this can all be finished in seven years; home church needn't take a whole lifetime. Don't you want to invest a good seven years?. . .

To reach this destination, your course will lead you to all things of creation and to mankind. . . . You are always fund raising to catch people for true love. You are fishing to catch people for love. When you fundraise you give not only your result but also your own money, donating it to help build the bridge so all those people can cross. You must contribute not only material but also men, and give them with God's heart. We dedicate our families to that bridge, centering on love. When we recover our nation we offer it, and when we recover the world we offer that to God also. For the sake of true love we shall recover the universe and dedicate it to God.

Not just one or two things but all things will be gathered for the offering, plus men and heart, our property, our bodies, and our heart. When we dedicate everything we have to God, it is the same as offering all material, all people, and all their heart. Whose property is it then? God's. Something may be yours, but since you dedicate it to God, it becomes His. Your ownership is external, and God's ownership is internal. All of this can be indemnified in one individual.

Home church is very much like a tithe of the world dedicated to God. More practically, we bear all the faults and sins of that area. You must become completely one with home church before you can offer it to God. How can you become one? When you know that, then the whole problem can be solved. Home church now is more like the satanic world, or external world. We have the experience every day that our minds and bodies, or internal and external aspects, always fight. Who is the real master of the world? Even though small in number, those who are in the internal realm are the masters.

One way to become united with others is to obey and follow. If your home church people believed you were a messiah in their area, then instantly you and home church would be in heaven. If a person is willing to give you everything he owns, then we can say he obeys and follows you. Religion has been teaching people to have this quality, to follow and obey. The religious world began in a small area, but throughout history it has been enlarging. . . .

. . . When man is obedient and follows, no persecution is necessary. But usually God has to let good people be persecuted, and when they overcome He will share the blessings with them. But that is less desirable. God lets Satan strike you, and then God recovers all the blessings that Satan stole.

Since it is difficult for fallen man to be obedient, even with religious training, he inevitably is surrounded by struggle and persecution. Adam was not obedient to God; since the chosen people would not unite with Jesus, God let them strike Jesus, but He then took back their blessing. it is the same at the Second Coming.

This pattern recurs throughout history; from the individual to the world level. . . .

On each level man and all things will form a bridge to the goal. . . .

Persecution and Blessing
5.1.80, Belvedere

In the next year, the formal beginning of the next three seven-year courses, responsibility lies with you. For the first three seven-year courses the main responsibility was mine. God's Day will be your God's Day; Parents' Day and so forth will be yours. You must experience fundraising before you can really celebrate Day of All Things, for instance. Without witnessing under difficulty you cannot really experience the meaning of Children's Day. Only after that will God's Day and Parents' Day be yours. Then you can continue as a family. if you have not gone through those things then you cannot truly celebrate each day.

The beginning of the second three seven-year courses is your time. If you really work diligently then you can do in seven years what it took me 21 years to do. That is really shortening the dispensation. In those seven years not only the country can be stabilized and brought substantially close to God, but the foundation for the world dispensation, including the communist countries, must be made as well.

Before you can celebrate Day of All Things, you must restore all things. The money you make as a foundation will be restored for the sake of the world, connecting directly with the world. The money you make fundraising is given to the Church, to be spent around the world for the sake of the world. Then the money you dedicate can be a condition for restoring all things, and you can celebrate Day of All Things.

After you restore all things, you must restore lost sons and daughters; this was the original order of creation, so you must restore them in the same sequence. Three sets of sons and daughters plus Adam and Eve make a family of eight members, as in Noah's family. When you go witnessing for three years you have to restore that minimum number of three men and three women; then together with your wife or husband you will form a family of eight people. Then you can celebrate Children's Day. All your spiritual sons and daughters will work the same way you do, for the sake of the country and the world. When they have become one with you, you will have a spiritual foundation upon which God can bless your family in a physical way. in the same way that you follow me, your love for your spiritual children must be so great that even if you mistreat them they will hang on to you; you should love and educate them to that extent. Only after bringing that number of people and restoring all things are you qualified to celebrate Parents' Day.

On that foundation God can dominate first parents, then children, then all things, and Satan cannot accuse any one of them. Then you can celebrate God's Day. That is the Principle point. it must be clear in your mind. So far you have been doing these things, but without knowing clearly why. Only by following this Principle pattern are you qualified to celebrate the heavenly holidays. Because I have set up these days, everyone can take advantage. In my case it was done in reverse sequence, setting Parents' Day first, then Children's Day, and finally Day of All Things. But you will do this in the original sequence of all things, children, and then parents, and finally God's Day. . .

This means that things will proceed normally in your course, whereas I had to work backward in restoration. If mankind hadn't fallen then a course of working backward in restoration would not have been necessary. What happens is that the backward course meets a strong forward-moving wave as the satanic world pours out persecution during the 21 years. The second three seven-year courses differ from the first because now you are returning to the normal course of development, restoring all things, children, parents and God's position, in that order. This is the inevitable course of all mankind, whether it is difficult or easy.

Christmas in View of the Will of God
12.25.80, World Mission Center

In these homes you are a servant of servants, then adopted son, true son, and parent to your people. That is exactly the path I walked from the very beginning; this is what my life has been all about. Now you are doing what I did, but in microcosm. This is your key to open the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. Unless you are victorious in your 5% responsibility, you cannot be united with me. Do you understand?

Total Self Re-Evaluation
9.14.80, Belvedere

I started talking about home churches last year and now you know according to Principle why I emphasize this concept so much. Do you want to go or do you want to be pushed? Where would you begin? You will start out as a servant, without sleeping or eating, caring for the people. Then the people will love you and spirit world will come down. if you start out as a servant of servants then soon people will want to help and spirit world will participate. Then you will be elevated to the servant position and soon to the adopted son's position. Your people will all want you to come to their home. You would like me to come to your home, wouldn't you? Then why wouldn't the rest of the world want to have you come and stay with them?

This is the way you will truly become sons of God. You will start out as a servant of servants, but spirit world will come together around you and they will never leave you alone down there. You will be elevated stage by stage to receive the Blessing and then become a parent, a tribal messiah, and a national messiah. It may take 3 1/2 years or it may take seven years, and if you cannot do it in seven years it will be expanded to three courses of seven years, but you have to go through it on some level.

The Completion Period for the Dispensation
11.12.78. Belvedere

Who is the Abel figure in this dispensation? You are the Abel figure yourself. And all 360 homes will more or less oppose you because they are in Cain's position. We must go through the Old Testament age. The Old Testament age is a servant's age, even the servant of servants age; and you must work like servants. When you do that and the people recognize you, you will become like an adopted son. Gradually they will understand that you are better than their own son. Then all the families will respect you for what you show them and they will say, "Please lead us. Please be around my home, and lead the whole family." They will beg you never to leave your home, the 360 homes. You won't accomplish this by force, by threat, or anything like that. You will just keep serving, and teaching them the Principle. Then they will listen to you naturally.

Father Speaks to the Crusade
9.5.78, London

You yourself are superior to Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden and all those who follow you will also be superior. That's the ultimate goal. You will come under the direct domain of God and be led by Him. Every day we are moving toward the direct domain of God and bringing our tribe with us. As you know, there are three stages of formation, growth and perfection. The Old Testament was the servant era, the New Testament the adopted son era, and in the Completed Testament era we will become the direct heirs of God. Ultimately you will be elevated to become true parents yourselves, but first you must become a direct son or daughter of God. Unless you pass through that stage, how can you become a true parent?

The Critical Turning Point of the Dispensation of God
12.31.78, Belvedere

In the satanic world you struggle with Cain, the elder brother. On the way in, Cain goes first as the eldest. Next, Satan must willingly surrender to Abel, and then on the way back Abel is in front and Cain behind as younger brother. This sequence must be repeated at each stage, going out to the satanic world and then back again each time. You start out as servant of servants, then servant, then adopted son, stepson, then true son; next you restore Eve, then Adam, and finally you become united with God in the eighth stage. Number eight represents a new beginning.

No religion has known this secret. Most religious people have tried to go directly to the top, for they didn't know they had to encircle the satanic world, pay indemnity, and win the heart of Cain. You have to tread the way of God's tradition, which means going to the satanic battlefield, starting at the bottom as servant of servants. How many stages have you covered? How much have you been following the law of indemnity, and how much do you have left to pay?

It took God thousands of years to cover each step. Where would you go to restore the birthright? To the satanic world. I came to America to win the birthright. Only after restoring it can I move forward another step. I am elder brother to you, right? According to Unification Church tradition, then, when I assign someone to be a leader I am not giving him authority to command, but a commission to go down to the world to show an example of hard work. . . .

Now the second three seven-year courses are beginning, and I must give you clear direction. God has been following this tradition and principle, so I am no exception. For the last 21 years I have done exactly what I am explaining to you today, indemnifying 2,000 years of Christian history. Even though I faced persecution the whole time, I created a ladder through the eight stages to the direct dominion of God's love.

It took me sixty years to create this ladder, covering 6,000 years of history. How long will you take? Your job is easier because the pioneering work has already been done. God wants your share to be done quickly because He is anxious to restore the Kingdom of Heaven. He wants you to get your job done in six years and six months, so I am teaching you exactly how to do that. This mission still has eight distinct stages, so I want to give you the condition of doing the whole course in microcosm. If you really accept and welcome this course, it doesn't have to take even six years, but only six months, because the foundation I have laid is so powerful. In time the whole world will accept me, and then that job won't even take six months.

Now you know the tradition: restoration by indemnity for the sake of restoration of heart. Heartlistic restoration by indemnity is the tradition. The starting point is the servant of servants position, then the position of servant. A servant has a master, and I know you expect the worst master. When you become an adopted son, your adopted parents will be the worst animals to you. Your step-parents will be the worst in the world. When you become a son, your loving parent will train you to be a great man of God by giving you harsh tasks. If you think about yourself and complain all the time, do you think you can win?

When you visit 360 homes, you will be kicked 360 times, but still you must go. You have to shed blood, but even if you die at home church you will still be better off. We can thank God by telling Him that by being a servant of servants we know His heart and the ordeal He has been through. No matter how difficult your life is, don't ask God to comfort you. To be a son of filial piety means to comfort God when you are in the worst position.

When you are suffering, God already knows it. You should rather plunge yourself to the place of death before praying to God to take away your suffering. Even if you die in fulfilling your mission, God will resurrect you.

Core Love and Indemnity
10.22.81, World Mission Center

Please understand you must pass through the rigid judgment of word in reality and personality. Once these two steps are passed then the third, the judgment of heart, will be passed automatically. Why do we have to witness and fundraise under persecution? By going through that troubled situation we learn to love others and our hearts will be formed. . . .

. . . By knowing the word completely, by carrying it out and then recreating heart and love we will become like Jesus, True Parents, and God Himself Now you can understand how strictly this must be observed. . . .

If you decide that you will not attempt to keep the law in every detail but will just love True Parents and God, disregarding home church and so forth, you will not be able to pass the three judgments. You must know all the heavenly laws. Furthermore, you cannot promise to do it and then renege. It is a very deep thing to achieve all this and not at all easy. Since we are heavenly citizens we have to realize this more deeply than any worldly citizen. In doing this you are going step by step to heaven; there is no choice about going an easier way to heaven because this standard way is the easiest.

Unification Church and Heavenly Law
3.1.79, Belvedere

Because of the fall, God lost mankind and all things at one stroke. Restoration of all that will come through one man, at one time. The experience of the realm of heart and love begins with reversing that pattern of worldly love. Loving the Messiah more than anyone else is a painful experience. If you love the central figure of restoration more than anyone you used to love, you will be surprised to find that your love for your other loved ones is even stronger than before. . . .

The pattern in this world of hell on earth may look the same, but it springs from a different lineage. The one element that drastically changes everything is this element of love. Giving up everything to love God does not mean you will not love anything else; only after loving God first can you love others as well. When you work according to Principle in home church, the people there will treat you just like you treat me. if you have loved me very much, your home church members will feel the same toward you.

Restoring that tie of love with your home church people is greater than any other achievement or success in life. This principle you are following here applies also to spirit world, and is the broadest heavenly law. When you tour your home church area, you can think that you are doing the same thing God did when He inspected His creation before Adam and Eve fell. In that realm of love Satan has no place. He simply cannot exist there. Only if you live according to satanic law can Satan be there. Four generations --God, True Parents, you, and your children -- will be connected, four elements in three orderly stages. Home church is absolutely necessary in order for you to be there. Loving your home church area is the beginning experience of the realm of heart for you. Through that you will ultimately be connected to God and the whole universe, and serve as a bridge to the universe.

Life of Experience in the Realm of Heart
3.15.81, Belvedere

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