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Tradition and Tribal Organization

When all the nation had finished passing over the Jordan, the Lord said to Joshua, "Take twelve men from the people, from each tribe a man, and command them, Take twelve stones from here out of the midst of the Jordan, from the very place where the priests' feet stood, and carry them over with you, and lay them down in the place where you lodge tonight."

Then Joshua called the twelve men from the people of Israel, whom he had appointed, a man from each tribe; and Joshua said to them, "Pass on before the ark of the Lord your God into the midst of the Jordan, and take up each of you a stone upon his shoulder, according to the number of the tribes of the people of Israel, that this may be a sign among you, when your children ask in time to come, 'What do those stones mean to you?' Then you shall tell them that the waters of the Jordan were cut off before the ark of the covenant of the Lord; when it passed over the Jordan, the waters of the Jordan were cut off. So these stones shall be to the people of Israel a memorial for ever."

Joshua 4:1-8

God is very scientific. He wants to give you what you want, so He gave you home church, where you can fight the battle and do your mission as a family unit, husband and wife together. Set the example for your children, telling them, "This is the way True Parents fought the battle; and you shall fight the battle in the same way." Your children will ask you why we call Rev. and Mrs. Moon True Parents. You can tell them that they are our True Parents because they established the heavenly tradition and way of life. They lived a sacrificial way of life for the sake of others and the sake of the world. Those who do not live that way of life are not True Parents, just parents. Tell them that race does not matter, that Rev. and Mrs. Moon are exemplary, and you are succeeding in their tradition. "I am doing home church in order to become a true parent," tell your children; "Other parents are not true parents, but your daddy and mommy shall be true parents." A messiah is nothing more than a true parent, the one who fulfills true parenthood.

Blessed Couple
6.20.82, Belvedere

. . . Adam and Eve should have been the first forefathers of mankind, the first true parents, but instead they became sinful, false parents. They did not have a true God-centered tradition of love to give their children. They should have set the tradition of true man and true woman living as brother and sister, then the tradition of true husband and wife, true father and mother, then true grandparents. Has the family existed on earth which fulfilled God's wishes? No.

Unless that tradition is born on earth, there will be no God-centered tribe or nation. Until the man emerges who can set the standard and be a model, the rest of the world cannot be set right. We cannot change falsehood to truth overnight; you have to go to the satanic world and demonstrate true love, and only then come back to the origin. It will be a great good fortune to have the tribe and tradition which is truly centered on God. It has been God's dream all this time to set the tradition of love on earth. To make it come true, He will send the Messiah. . . .

Who is the Messiah? Adam and Eve were supposed to set this tradition of love and true parenthood, but that was not done. It was not done 2,000 years ago either, so at some time the Messiah will come to install true parenthood, including all the traditions of love. The original measure or standard would be the True Parents themselves, and then many copies could be made.

If you want to find out how good you are, all you have to do is compare yourself to the measure. The True Parents' mission in the Unification Church is to establish the God-centered tradition of love here on earth by achieving it and leaving perfection behind. The Unification Church is here to become the training center for that love, and you shall be pioneers of that tradition on earth. . . .

You need to consummate the tradition of love on your level, and that is what home church is all about -- becoming a tribal messiah who lives up to this tradition. You are like the copies of the original measure, going out to make more duplicates in your home church. Home church is the most gratifying thing you could have. Without home church you will feel poor and unfortunate.

Do you need the tradition of love? Do it then. The time has come. If you have become a person who inherited God's tradition of love then you love me, and as much as you love me, you can love home church. Then others will love you as you love me. The True Parents' tradition will be fulfilled through your family, where God can visit and dwell. If you practice this tradition, your family will certainly be a dwelling of God. The name Unification Church will not be needed in the future; it is not needed for the Church itself, but for you and your descendants. Without going this route, no one can enter heaven.

You want to meet the criterion and enter the love museum of heaven, and the testing area is home church. There are all kinds of people in your home church area, so it is a microcosm of the world. You should make every single one of them the children of God, so God can dwell with them and ask their permission to do things. The greater the mission and tribulation, the more you will shine in the heavenly museum for eternity.

True Parents' Mission
4.20.80, Belvedere

The True Parents set the tradition, and now you are to follow and set the same tradition and standard on your own. Then you shall be at the same level as True Parents in God's sight.

Completion of the Providence and Parents' Day
4.15.80, World Mission Center

. . . The tradition that Adam and Eve lived in the garden of Eden without the fall would have been the tradition of the entire world because it would have been succeeded to by their children and all their descendants. Adam's tradition was to have been the one God-centered tradition remaining here on earth, the one tradition of home and one tradition of church.

Home Church and the Completion of the Kingdom of Heaven
1.1.79, World Mission Center

I will chase you out to the worst kind of suffering. On the other hand, I am prepared to give you the unprecedented love of God. That is the tradition we are going to build and pass on to later generations. I have never complained while building the basis for this tradition and you also must hand it down without complaint. By living this tradition you are building a bridge between yourself, your tribe, nation, world and the Kingdom of Heaven. Not only you but generations to come will walk across that bridge. By succeeding in your home church, you are building a bridge to the world and you are the pillar supporting it. You can reach out to the world and humanity will cross to salvation across the bridge you build.

When you die in your home church, your people will bring your body to your homeland and make a shrine at your tomb. Abraham and Jacob died as sojourners in foreign lands such as Egypt, and many centuries later their descendants dug up their graves and brought them back to their homeland. But that's not good enough. The Egyptians should have done that, making a shrine for Abraham and Jacob in Israel, but they couldn't because there was no home church. You will live and die in your home church. Then your home church members will honor you. They will bury you in your homeland with great honor and pride. 360 homes will mourn your death, following your coffin to the homeland. If you can accomplish that in your home church, you are a hero and a saint.

Let Us Restore Our Homeland and Our Fatherland
1.14.79, Belvedere

You have to be able to leave your hard work in home church to your own sons and daughters. If you don't have that, what are you going to show them? . . . Without doing that there will be no happiness for you.

The Dispensation of Restoration and Myself
4.6.80, Belvedere

We can see confrontation and competition in every area of our lives. . . . In every arena of competition there is a law, a kind of covenant which clearly sets forth the goal and is derived from the tradition of the past. This phenomenon is everywhere -- in government, schools, families, every facet of our lives. . . .

Our life is already a competition, so we must learn how best to engage in that art. First, we must acknowledge the past and its tradition. Also, we must recognize the necessity of the present time and recognize a certain vision that can be welcomed by the future. These three conditions must be met. . . .

. . . New champions always emerge to surpass the records of the past, and the same is true in religion. What past saints and prophets have said is not the ultimate statement of faith so we look forward to a new record being set. Therefore, we are inheriting the record and tradition of the past, as well as recognizing the present, and going forward to set the record that will remain in the future. . . .

The Unification Church has definitely inherited the traditions of the past and we have also devised a realistic way of doing things. We are not in the clouds but on solid ground. We also have a realistic future vision of how to bring down the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, and we are not just talking about it but living it. What is it? Home church. . . .

The Unification Church is a spiritual athlete in this toughest game. What will the trophy be? The love of God is the ultimate reward. We alone in the Unification Church are talking about the heart of God, the love of God for the world, nation. family and individual. . .

Record-Setter of History
7.1.79, Belvedere

So far it has been my tradition to love the members more than my own children and wife. Some of the 36 couples are sitting here, and if they don't recognize and appreciate my love then they are really traitors. I have loved them more than anyone. I will go home and set the family tradition because this is my remaining responsibility, but you cannot go home until you assume my role on the front line.

I cut all the satanic ties and overcame this world, returning to the beginning point and setting the pattern of the heavenly four position foundation. Now you are taking over and it is your turn to build your own tribe, nation and world. You inherit my tradition now and make it your tradition. Erect your own family, tribe, nation and world tradition. You should be the bulwark in the heavenly fight, the leaders who can say, "Follow me." Will you do that? Do you know this to the bone?

To send a rocket into space you need a launching pad, and your 360 homes will be that launching pad for you. As much as you long for me, let them long for you so much that they cannot live one day without you. Satan fears home church because unconditional love is your weapon and Satan has no defense against that. We should march for that goal, giving true love and true education. These are the two most basic goals. You have to digest this yourself and endure all hardship.

Completion of the Providence and Parents' Day
4.15.80, World Mission Center

Before you talk about loving your husband or wife you must set the tradition of loving your children, whether spiritual or physical. Why is that? Because of the fall the Cain-type world exists and we must subjugate it with love, bringing it to the true love of the father-son relationship. When you see a husband and wife in your home church area who have a beautiful relationship of love then you can feel that you must love your spiritual children more than they love each other. That's how you must inspire yourself. Your line will get longer and longer when you acquire the true vertical tradition.

What Kind of Thought Do You Have?
6.10.79, Belvedere

After three years you will have your children, first one and then two and more. I do not support birth control, so have as many as you want. Home church grandparents will always be competing to have your children come to their home to be taken care of. Then your baby will have 360 homes right away. Home church people will give true blessing and honor to your children. "We know your father and mother very well and they are true saints. We saw God through your parents." Then your children will be embraced and loved by your people as precious children. Do you feel that way toward my children? Your home church people will pray for blessing towards yours as well. Your children will go to the same school in the morning with the home church children.

Reflection Upon Life
6.1.79, Belvedere

Where would you engaged couples go to have your children? Where would you go to dance on a happy day in the future? Wouldn't you be happier returning to the home of your own parents? If you wear the glasses of Principle then you know you should go to your own home church to celebrate. You cannot be proud of your family all alone, but only in your home church area. After that what would you become in your home church? Not only the true parents of the home church area, but true parents for your own clan.

The Dispensation of Restoration and Myself
4.6.80, Belvedere

We are ultimately going to restore True Parents Day and proclaim it all over the world. You celebrate True Parents Day with True Parents in the center, but in your home church area you shall be in the parents' position and your 360 homes will come celebrate around you. As far as your tribe is concerned, the day you meet your husband or wife will be your tribal parents day. When that day comes your door will be open 24 hours and your home church children will come from every direction to celebrate. You will have lots of food and enjoy the day together.

True Parents Day and Our Family
3.28.79, World Mission Center

I feel that great poetry will come out of your home church activity, as well as great literature and a great history. Writing a diary you may say, "Today I am in no condition to go out. It's raining but I still must go out because this is the call of God. If it weren't for God I wouldn't do it." There is no greater poetry than that simple feeling, no better writing than that. All you have to do is carry this out and record what you felt.

Eternal Happiness
2.25.79, Belvedere

When you see someone making a mistake you can apply the Divine Principle and learn from it. Then you will find the clear way to win a decisive victory. There will be one chapter of Unification Church history devoted to MFT, with many historical names recorded there. I want to see your names there as people who made history. Home church also needs that kind of men and women. Those testimonies will form an eternal tradition.

To the MFT
1.2.80, World Mission Center

When you have your own clan, what will you teach them? You must have material and tradition to teach them. That is what you will set in your home church. You will make a textbook or manual of love for your clan in home church. Even though you leave this earth for spirit world, you will have written down everything you did.

The Dispensation of Restoration and Myself
4.6.80, Belvedere

Seven years from now all families will be registered. You will then have a nationality. Just as the Father reached perfection, so should the children. In order to enter into heaven, there must first be a united Cain and Abel. The Cain and Abel dispensation must come first.

In the same way, you must first do your Cain-type home church. When you fulfill the Cain-type home church, then the Abel-type home church will come automatically. What is meant by your Abel-type home church is your own relatives, your clan, your cousins and so on. You should organize your rosters and lists for the registration of heaven. In other words, you are given a sort of birth certificate and you are organized into certain tribes. You know that you eternally belong to a certain tribe and you will know to which tribe you belong. Seven years from now everything will be decided by family registration.

There will be a serial number assigned for 12 different tribes, which will be lined up in accordance with whether or not they completed the home church providence. You will discover that the faster you walk, the sooner you reach the goal, the more quickly you can be registered.

These 12 tribes will be linked to the entire world. In other words, the basic tribes of heaven. It is logical. Even from the point of view of the Principle it should be this way. When Father proclaims the perfection and the completion of the mission, it means that Father can be registered as a victorious True Parent. God will put His seal of approval on it. Satan will attend the ceremony and will bear witness. Even he will admit that the True Parents achieved the goal.

4.16.80. World Mission Center

One of the things I will announce at the leaders conference tomorrow is that each family name will create one circle or tribe, like the 12 Jewish tribes. In the second seven-year course all the people of one tribe will be assigned to a joint home church area which will be the tribal home church. One hundred Smiths will have one hundred home church areas, and they will cooperate as one tribe, going from one place to another, sponsoring events and encouraging people. When the Smith family is united to do this, all the Smiths around the world will be proud and a good competition will be started.

The Jewish home churches will compete, plus the British, the Japanese, and so forth. The time has come when mankind will be organized into tribes. Now it is possible because I have consummated my three seven-year courses. Now it is the children's era, and Abel must truly become the leader in the elder son's position. All of you are given the right to hold the elder brother's position. With that authority you can lead all your younger brothers in the Cain world. Therefore, we will mobilize one tribe and nation. The dispensation is now moving to a higher stage.

The Jews will become three tribes and move Israel. Irish people will form their tribe and move the Irish nation, and so forth. There are many components in America and all of them will be organized in the tribe system, and then move to the national level. The non-Principled people will be in the Cain position, to be led by the Abel world. The world will come to a true understanding of the Unification Church, so how could they continue to reject us at that time? Why are all these things happening at this time? If it is true that God is the center of true love, then inevitably it will happen.

In America we can find all nationalities and races. That is naturally why I came to America. Once the process of organization is done and home church succeeds here in America, particularly when tribal organization is accomplished, there will be a link made to the entire world because America is a microcosm of the universe.

Liquidation and Blessing
5.18.80, Belvedere

The unity of mind and body is on the formation level, whereas the family is on the growth level; each one of you is responsible to create at least your own tribe. To enjoy life here on earth you need to establish at least the tribal level.

There are three levels vertically and also three levels horizontally. Vertically speaking you have yourself, your father, grandfather and great-grandfather, or at least four generations. Horizontally, there are brothers, cousins, second cousins and distant cousins. That's the makeup of the tribe.

You must try to restore this system symbolically; that is the ideal of home church. Involving your own great- great-grandfather is not essential, but you can find people in that symbolic position.

Once you have restored this tribe, all human beings can be related, no matter how far back your ancestral tree goes, even up to the hundredth great-grandfather. All of us are virtually distant cousins. As long as you have this base in your tribe, that represents all mankind. From the dispensational point of view there is Adam's age, Jesus' age, and True Parents' age. Home church stems from this concept. When this principle is welcomed by the world then the world and society will start to turn. . . .

Always you go through three stages to reach perfection, and this whole concept is implanted in the home church system. When you consider your family as a foundation, then home church will make a clan; then a tribe will be formed on the foundation of the clan, and then a nation. Then clan is formation, the tribe is growth, and the nation is perfection stage. Home church members have to restore all nations; home church is the device for doing that. In the next phase the nation is on the formation level, next the world on the growth level, and the universe or cosmos, including the spirit world, is on the perfection level. There are always three stages.

The Divine Principle always includes three stages of three stages, which make nine stages, plus one, which is God; and this makes ten, a complete union. Union with God is number ten.

Mainstream of the Dispensation of God
11.19.78, Belvedere

Once one country is restored, the rest of the world can come easily. Centering on that, assignment will be made to 360 homes around the world. When home church is done in a country and it is restored, those who have done home church there will be privileged to become citizens. After that, however, the privilege will be unavailable.

Our Duty, Our Mission
10.5.80, Belvedere

The greatest weapon we have is the power of love. The entire world will be influenced by it and bow down to you. What is needed are people who will initiate home church, and when that is all done you will register as citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven. But that registration will be conducted by families, not individuals. This is not my concept, but God's.

Since this is God's original concept. I have no choice except to follow that tradition.

The Completion of the Providence and Parents' Day
4.15.80, World Mission Center

If you win the older people and the children of your area then everyone will automatically come. When you initiate home church the ratio is one to 360, and when the first person is won it will turn into two to 360, or one to 180. When it increases to three on your side, it will be one to 120. Even though it starts out one to 360, eventually everyone will accept and your whole area will be one family dwelling. As far as you are concerned you will be looking at your whole area as one house.

1981 is the final year of the third seven-year course, and from that year until 2000 the entire world will be organized into home church.

True Couple
5.27.82, World Mission Center

Now I have declared the beginning of the second three seven-year courses, in which the reorganization of mankind will take place in our lifetime.

True Parents' Mission
4.20.80, Belvedere

Three generations will be linked in love -- True Parents, you, and your home church people. When I come to your home church area I want you to say, "It is very good," and hear your people say, "It is very, very good." Then you can say, "Yes, thank you, True Parents and home church. I feel very, very good." Home church will be the base on which a society, nation and Kingdom of Heaven on earth shall be erected.

What was the messianic role? The messiah is perfected Adam, the head of the family and of his own tribe, the father of mankind. At the same time he is the king of all people in parental heart. He is coming with dual purpose-to become the parent of mankind and also the king of all people. You don't use the term king in referring to your own family, but only when you are talking about many other unrelated people. In home church, therefore, you are becoming a parent to your people; since your area represents the world it includes all races and peoples. You will love them as a parent but govern them as a king, teaching them the truth and teaching them the heavenly moral standard.

In the Unification Church we learn how to become a true parent and king of true people. When home church is completed and perfected, no sovereign nationhood will be needed. No matter how people criticize, this will be done because it is God's will. Home church is the altar where you and your family go to pray and present yourself as a living sacrifice; that will be the most beautiful thing to behold in the future. Again, there will be three generations offering that prayer -- God, you, and your children -- united in one prayer. Horizontally, True Parents, you and your children are three generations.

Historical View of the Dispensation
9.18.79, Belvedere

Now the history of restoration by indemnity is over. The time will even come when your prayer is not necessary. Once the dwelling of God is with men, whom would you pray to? You will just talk to God directly. Once the foundation is established, the pattern of tradition will do all the work -- the tradition of serving parents with filial piety, and obedience to the heavenly government. Citizens would automatically be elevated to the Kingdom of Heaven. That is the dream world, the utopia man has sought for so long. That day is at hand. . . .

Once the home church system is completely established, we really don't need any formal organization. The Divine Principle will be taught in the school system. We wont need church leaders any more. This is not bad news at all. We have a most glorious life, and with this goal we shall march forward until the last day of final victory.

History of the Providence Through Restoration by Indemnity
2.10.81, World Mission Center

When the home church system is consummated, no leaders will be necessary in areas, states, and so forth, because each of you will communicate with God directly.

Total Self Re-Evaluation
9.14.80, Belvedere

What is the final stage of restoration? Not the coming of the Messiah, but home church. When you accomplish home church, there will be no need for churches any more, for every home will be a church. Then Dr. Durst's position, and even HSA will no longer be necessary. You won't have to go to church or pray, but only live by the law of the heavenly country; then you will automatically go to heaven. When we finish home church, God will have His own nation, and people there will only have to observe its laws, not go to church. When we love everyone as an extensions of our own families, that in itself will be heaven. If this does not become reality then Divine Principle is just another ideology that doesn't work.

Our Duty, Our Mission
10.5.80, Belvedere

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