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Attending True Children

But if some of the branches were broken off, and you, a wild olive shoot, were grafted in their place to share the richness of the olive tree, do not boast over the branches. If you do boast, remember it is not you that support the root, but the root that supports you.

Romans 11:17-18

I have loved the members in the Cain position more than my own children and wife. You must become crazy about Cain, and in the process sacrifice your own family. That is proper. After doing that then you can come back to love your own children and wife. Even now at East Garden it is rare for Mother and me to eat together with all the children because most of the time I am meeting with the Church leaders at breakfast, lunch and dinner. Even now I still live that way of life.

As my own children mature and think about my past and my mission, they will truly come to love and understand me. Even after I go to spirit world, the remaining leaders and 36 couples will love them as much as I loved those people, or even more. That is the best inheritance I could leave them. That is how I am opening the door for all mankind and all history to love them.

Children's Day and Tradition
11.20.79, Los Angeles

The true saint is not one who cares only for his family, but who cares first for others before his own family, even those who care the least for him. We can define the good God as the God who sacrifices Himself for the sake of others. I, too, have lived according to this principle. I have sacrificed my immediate family, even Mother, for the sake of the Unification Church. It is very seldom that I eat a meal with my own children; I usually eat with the Church leaders from all over the world. They are the ones who are sitting right next to me and Mother, eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner; our children are not there. Sometimes when I am eating a meal with the children and some of the Church leaders come in, I immediately send the children to the kitchen to finish their meal and give their seats to the Church members. My children, as well, must have Cain to enter the Kingdom of Heaven; they cannot enter without Cain.

For True Father and True Mother, there are two types of children: true Abel-type children and true Cain-type children. The true Abel children must be able to unite with the true Cain children. I have been working for them, in their place, fulfilling their role to bring about this unity; so, for that reason, my true Abel children must be grateful to me. On the other hand, the true Cain children must unite with the true Abel children; without that, there is no place for me to stand. There are two kinds of children for Adam: direct heirs and adopted children. Unless these children are united, the world cannot be restored.

This is the reason why, during 1981, which is the year of the final consummation of my 21-year course, I have been able to give Blessing to the true Abel children. Ye-Jin-Nim was engaged and married; Hyo-Jin-Nim was engaged.

Victor of Home Church (Midnight Address)
1.1.82, World Mission Center

For the first time I can pay some attention to my own children. I never paid attention to them before now. The True Parents' children are the representatives of all mankind, and when they suffer and are unhappy, it means that mankind is unhappy. To preserve their well-being, I had to assist the well-being of mankind. It is your turn to liberate me. Will you give me liberation? So far, when I traveled it was always for the mission, and I would always take leaders around with me, so I neglected my own children. Now I will take my own children and embrace them. When you finish your home church dispensation, you can do the same with your children.

Right now you suffer and you have an abnormal situation. Some blessed couples are sending their children to their parents, or to the nursery, but they will not be shamed. Outside people will accuse you by saying that you don't even take care of your own children. Never mind. The time will come when your home church people will embrace your children and want to take care of them. That is beautiful.

Why have my wife and children come last? We must love the Cain world first. Love your enemy first and then love your own family. By doing so you are completely free from Satan's accusation. Not only can Satan not accuse you any more, but Satan will have to obey you. You can command him, "Satan, you know what I have done. Can you duplicate it?" Satan will have to reply, "No, sit."

Always look at God's own history. God always sacrificed His closest one in order to save the enemy. Jesus Christ was the only begotten Son of God, yet God sacrificed him in order to save God's own enemy. You have your own home church where you will love the people first. Liberate them before you do anything for you own children. When you liberate your home church and then come back to take care of your own children, everyone will embrace you.

Are you ready to liberate me from all my burdens? Instead of liberating me, all the leaders are always bringing me more decisions to make. They still rely on me for more help in finances and inspiration, but that day is over. You should be independent and go ahead like a locomotive. I don't even have one home of my own to dwell in. You may think I have East Garden, but that's the Church's property. Do you want me to have a home of my own? The time has come for me to look after my own children.

Now is the time for you to do home church with all your heart and soul. in the meantime, the true children must have their well-being taken care of for the sake of mankind, for their suffering will reflect the suffering of the nation and the world. When Ye-Jin is over twenty and gets married and has children, if she is still going through suffering then it is not good for the sake of this nation, or you, or the world. This is because your children's path will follow the pattern of the true children's course. We have to completely smooth it out and lay the highway so that they can go forward easily. It is actually for your sake that I am now going home to take care of the true children. That is for the sake of the future. While I am doing that, you become frontline soldiers.

When you do home church in seven years and really give yourself, the time will come that your home church people will say, "You are father and mother to home church. We will liberate you and take up your mission. You don't need to come here because we shall work harder than you do. Don't worry about us." That should happen now here. You should say to me, "Father, don't come. We don't need you. Go to a big resort and stay with your children and have a wonderful, peaceful, glorious time. We shall take over the battle." Would you do that? Then eventually you will be treated just like that by your home church.

History of the Providence Through Restoration by Indemnity
2.10.81, World Mission Center

Before your physical child arrives you had better start loving Cain's children so they will love your child. I never paid a lot of attention to my own children; of course I love them but I paid more attention to the 36 couples and gave them precedence. Even now I am not able to pay my full attention to my own children. In other words my own children are being sacrificed for the sake of the world without their even understanding it. That is why members from all over the world want to serve and love my children. It is only natural.

Once you give birth to children you will take the position of true parents. If you love your Cain children first and they make unity with your Abel children, you will successfully fulfill your position of true parents. That is what we are striving for. If you don't want to go this way it means you don't want to be true parents and ultimately you don't really want to get close to God. Only after you have become true parents can you go to Heaven. What else can we do but go this way?

It seems that every other word which comes from some of you is "my" and "mine" -- my fiancée," or "my wife." Have you ever thought about Cain's fiancée, Cain's wife? It is your business to worry about Cain's love and marriage even more than your own.

In Search of Our Home
7.11.82, Belvedere

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