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The Words Of Rev. Sun Myung Moon


When you go to home church don't try to get into someone's living room right away. Go through the back door and then to the bathroom. Your first thought will be, "How can this be a bathroom in the heavenly kingdom? I cannot afford to leave it this dirty Let me clean it." After the bathroom is clean and fresh you can come out and look at the hallway. You will say, "I cannot afford to welcome Heavenly Father in this dirty hall. Let me clean it up."

The person living there will stride up to you and shout, "What kind of rascal are you? Why do you bother my bathroom?" Then you will shout back, "What kind of rascal are you? This is my home. I'm trying to welcome Heavenly Father in this home and no one will stop me. I'm going to keep cleaning your house."

You can tell them, "Don't you want to celebrate at least one of God's birthdays in your home?" The other person will be totally overcome and say, "Is it true? Can we have God in this house?" You say, "All you have to do is try me out free for one week. Whether God is coming in through the door or not, try me out for one week." This is a very effective way to make a sale in America: offer someone a free trial, and if they don't like what you offer they can return it.

Home Church Is the Base of the Kingdom of Heaven
1.1.80, World Mission Center

Your 360 homes are your tribe. If your name happens to be Smith, those 360 homes are the Smith tribe. You can even put a sign up. You can say, "Who built all these homes for them? I came and I am going to build homes for all of my tribe." But then you can think, "I know who built all these homes. God built them for me to give to my tribe and He used Satan as labor. I claim ownership of this place and as the tribal messiah I shall lead my tribe into the Canaan of the modern century."

Home Church is the Base of the Kingdom of Heaven
1.1.80, World Mission Center

After you sisters are blessed and you go to your husband's territory, all you will have to say is, "I am so-and-so's wife." You won't even have to give your name. Will people say, "You're one of those crazy people. Get out of here," or "You are so-and-so's wife! Please come in and make yourself at home. This is your community and your husband is our hero." Would you and your husband feel proud or not? Soon you will have children and when they go to elementary school and meet people in the neighborhood the community will say, "You are their child! Come in. Your father and mother are great people and we love them dearly." Your children will be proud and think, "I thought my mother was rather ugly and I thought my father was a little short, but here they are heroes!"

Host of the Future
10.23.77, Belvedere

At first the home church people will not welcome you but soon they will say that without having you visit them they cannot sleep well. "This Moonie loves me more than God and Jesus love me. He is like my parent. I couldn't have any better parent than him." Later on they will even want you to marry into their family. Each of your 360 homes will want to make you their son-in-law or daughter-in-law. If I were still single would you like to propose to me? This is how your people will feel about you.

Home Church and the Completion of the Kingdom of Heaven
1.1.79, World Mission Center

The retired couples in your area, the senior citizens, have nothing to do all day, and you will be their biggest excitement. Even if the grandparents don't live in your area, they will start to visit their children in your 360 homes especially because they know you will be there. As they get to know you they will want to help you.

After you become good friends with them, no one will oppose your coming to help every day. That way the grandparents have an excuse to visit their children or grandchildren every day, even though those relatives might consider them a nuisance otherwise. They will think they are going to their home church, not to their sons house. How nice that will be for grandparents, who otherwise would only wait for the day they would die. Once you have home church established, it is an open invitation for old folks to visit their families' homes every day. Do you know how miserable old people usually are? Think how you will change their lives when you have 360 homes.

Don't go empty-handed to visit your area. Get up early in the morning and raise some money to buy some candy or cookies and give to the small children in your homes. You can win their hearts that way, and then their parents will like you better. When the head of the house welcomes you, the rest of the family will welcome you too, even the animals. Home church is just that -- the church is your home. How many of you really regard your home church as your home? Feeling that closeness is the only way to do home church.

Our Duty, Our Mission
10.5.80, Belvedere

Your home church people will have their own albums, and since you testify to the True Parents, even though they have never seen Mother and me they will put our picture on the front page, and right next to that they will put your picture. And they will say, "This person is my messiah." if this doesn't happen then our teaching is false. This will happen automatically, not because you tell them to do so but because they desire to do it.

Even if people in your home church area never see me in the future, I won't mind at all if your picture is on the front page of their album as their messiah. Would you ever check to see whether your picture is there? No, because their action would only be done out of the mind of love, not duty. Your picture will symbolize hope and happiness to them.

The Sound of the Bell of the Mind
1.28.79, Belvedere

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