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The Words Of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

The Restoration Providence and "I"

And all these, though well attested by their faith, did not receive what was promised, since God had foreseen something better for us, that apart from us they should not be made perfect.

Hebrews 11:39-41

Home church, where everything shall be solved, is the bridge to unite the physical and spiritual worlds.

Let Us Restore Our Homeland and Fatherland
1.14.79, Belvedere

Jesus' disciples worked for the country and the mission, but they did not have home church, so they could only reach a certain level. However, all your good ancestors over the past 2,000 years can come down and work with you, and through working with you in home church they can have instant credit. This is an incredible privilege. This is the only time the liberation of your ancestors can take place. At the same time, the path of perfection for you own descendants will be laid. Because of this condition; you can go to the real heaven, not just the conceptual heaven. if you do not do home church well, those people will blame you, and your ancestors will blame you for not doing more. They know very well what is important in spirit world. All your family, your clan and your descendants-even your country and the world-will connect to this heaven. Don't you want to have that kind of heaven? Now do you know clearly about home church?

Home Church Is My Kingdom of Heaven
1.1.81, Belvedere

When you visit the 360 homes you should have the feeling of visiting your own ancestors and relatives, of going back to your own roots. Those homes in your area represent all your ancestors in spirit world. Among your 360 homes are all the generations of your ancestry; all the different combinations of your blood lineage. London has a unique combination of all races so it is really an ideal spot. This is why I insisted that everyone concentrate here and not scatter all around England. You have many, many relatives all around the world, and even though you don't know what your lineage is I have reached out and brought them into your homes.

Knowing that these 360 homes represent your ancestors and relatives, you have to be determined to hold on to them and restore them all one by one, never letting go. You should have a real fear of failing to do that. If God could do it all by Himself it would be easy but man has to do some of the work, although God pioneers it. God is always following man around, so from the moment you wake up you must be focused on your people. Some people will persecute you and others will welcome you. You should feel grateful to experience God's heart whenever you face opposition and persecution. Even if it is so bad that you cannot do your work you must feel grateful for that. You have the opportunity to experience some of God's pain and by going through it you establish the condition to pay the indemnity of the past.

Be determined to find three families first, then 12, 72 and finally 360. Everything will revolve around that number. The first three will be the most difficult to find but once they come you have a foundation for 12, and then getting 72 will be much easier. Once you meet the requirement of 84 then 360 will quickly come in, all at one time. Do you have time to rest in the park or to go shopping often? Everyone must work with his full heart and dedication. The fact that you are here with me in the right circumstances to do this work is something to wonder at. What you are doing now is not to save other people but so that you can live.

Since I have already told you to work here like this, heaven has already prepared the way for you. You can be very strong with anyone who is opposing you. It is vital that you speak emphatically with such people; you can even be angry with them. This is the perfect time to work hard. If this had happened a year ago you would not have been protected when I came, but now all kinds of controversy is starting. God is handing everything to you at one time.

It says in the Bible that when Mary Magdalene saw Jesus after he had risen from the dead she tried to touch him but Jesus refused her. Jesus had to lay the foundation first of 12, 72 and 84. Only on that basis could he receive his wife. Since he had not done that yet he could not go near even as close a follower as Mary.

You never knew all these details until tonight, but you did know that you were supposed to find one person per month, didn't you? You can even bring 84 people in seven months. it's only a matter of your desire. If you think that seven months is too long then you should be able to accomplish everything in forty days. You know now why you are going to witness to so many people; it is not to make the Unification Church prosperous but for your own individual merit. It is absolutely necessary to understand this. None of the millions of Christians on earth knows this. Do you think God will give them even more blessing then? However humble Unification Church members may be, if they understand all this then God will really treasure them, regardless of how feeble they are.

It is on this foundation that the Second Advent can materialize and on that basis your marriage will become possible. Have you been qualified up to now to be in that situation? Are you going to be qualified? You have the chance to be in that position because God and the True Parents have already done it. When the going becomes difficult do you remember that fact in gratitude or do you complain? . . .

Your real ancestors will live because of this and if you make this foundation your children will prosper, as well as your country. There is only one thing we have to do and as a result everyone will benefit.

The Start of the 40-Day Witnessing Condition
7.4.78, London

Twenty years are the key. Six thousand years hinge upon twenty years, and 2,000 years of Christian history also hinge upon twenty years. If you look from God's point of view at all the failures of history, you would also feel that He must devise a solution and find a breakthrough. What is that solution? The greatest contribution I have made is giving you this great opportunity to overcome the 6,000 year old obstacles. No one could cross them all in an entire lifetime until I made the superhighway, with a special mode of transportation to cross over the whole thing in twenty years. Without cost I want to give it to you.

It has taken my whole lifetime to devise that highway, but I give it away for free. In doing so I can say that my whole life has been lived for you. If you just take off on your own you will never make it. Because I knew this, I have been leading you to the highway. We have a specific goal of breaking down all the boundaries in 360 homes in seven years. By doing it in home church you are actually doing it for the entire world.

No one has known how to start work of such gigantic scope, but I have made the solution small enough to see and finish in your lifetime. It won't even take your lifetime, but only seven years. Once my reputation has been changed and I am accepted, home church may not even take seven years, but only seven months. If you succeed in your 360 homes, you have the credential to go anywhere in the world, because your home church is the microcosm of the world. If you can make those homes your home, you can make the world your home. They comprise the launching pad for your Apollo 11. The real Apollo 11 landed only on the moon. but your Apollo 11 will land in heaven.

Cross Over the Boundary
6.1.80, Belvedere

Are you fearful of this seven-year course? It is almost like an immunization. You must be given the shot. There is no way to by-pass it. Don't try to find a shortcut. Don't be wishy-washy.

All of us are like lepers. There is only one cure. It is perseverance, living through the seven-year course. That alone shall cure you of leprosy. That is the absolute condition. We must learn how realistic this is.

4.16.80, World Mission Center

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