Home Church

The Words Of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Our Standard of Devotion

Rejoice always, pray constantly. . . .

I Thessalonians 5:16-17

He who loves father or mother more than me is not worthy of me; and he who loves son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me; and he who does not take his cross and follow me is not worthy of me. He who finds his life will lose it, and he who loses his life for my sake will find it.

Matthew 10: 37-39

Even if you lock the door God comes in every night. Having communion and fellowship with the living God every night should be our life and your home church should be like that. Please have faith in it until it can be done.

Home Church and the Completion of the Kingdom of Heaven
1.1.79, World Mission Center

When I began my ministry, I needed eight hours of prayer in order to work for eight hours. Otherwise, there was no balance and the work was not produced. The American way of prayer is very easy. You sit comfortably on a chair; but in the Oriental way you are on your knees with your head down for hours and hours. Would you like to pray in this way for eight hours, or invest that time in working for home church? if you took the route of prayer, it would be far more difficult. Prayer is not easy.

Home Church and the Battle of Love
1.7.79, Belvedere

Home church should be the subject of your prayer. Pray with a parental heart for your home church people as your children who. are struggling in hell. Your heart as a parent must be grieved and desiring to save them. If you don't have that feeling then you are in a dire emergency; you must open your heart to parental feeling of love toward your people. If you don't have real love for them then push yourself until you do. No one has to teach a parent to love his children. If you feel like a parent to your home church then your love will be the same and no one will have to teach you.

There is nothing more important for you than this. Test your own power of prayer; take one person and pray for him fervently, constantly, without telling him. Pray tearfully for his well-being and then that person will feel a magnetic attraction to you. He won't know why he feels drawn to you.

If you receive in your prayer that you will meet a person at such and such a time, when you go there then that person will come. If you are dead serious then these things will happen. Hypnosis can transfer a person into another state of consciousness, but how much more can prayer change lives. There is no distance or limit to its influence because the power of thought travels everywhere. You can mobilize the entire spirit world by the power of prayer. You have experienced that I will work through your prayers and tell you certain things. There is no limit to the power of prayer.

The Importance of Prayer
4.15.79, Belvedere

The power of love is like a magnet drawing people to you. When you have that kind of mind and pray to God, you will feel as though some strings attach you to the person you are praying for; you are pulling him and he comes to you in response to your prayer. When you pray about his home over and over again, when you visit there you will feel that the people will never let you go. You will know ahead of time that you will run into this person at a certain place, and sure enough he will be there, even if you are late. I want you to have that kind of experience.

The Burden on Our Shoulders
6.11.78, London

What will Unification Church pray for? We ask God to love our home church area. You pray to God, telling Him what you are going to do in your area, asking for His support, and then that night you report and tell Him what happened.

3.29.81, Belvedere

You must really work hard, and then, when you really pray powerfully, miracles can happen in your 360 homes.

Father Speaks to the Crusade
9.5.78, London

How much you devote yourself to home church shall determine the distance between you and God and the intensity of love God can give to you. Set the condition that you love your home church more than your wife or husband, or children or parents. Jesus said if anyone loved his husband or wife or family more than Jesus, that person was not worthy of him. Today I am saying that if you love your own family more than you love your home church and more than you love God then you are not worthy of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Your home church is one small world representing all mankind and the entire earth; it is a microcosm of the whole earth. Where you live or travel makes no difference; your home church is the place where you will become a child of the messiah and enter the Kingdom. Even if you live in Korea and then come to America you will still have to make a home church. No matter where you may go on earth, you must do the home church mission. Even if you went to spirit world now you have to come down to finish that mission because without going through that gate you cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

Home Church and the Completion of the Kingdom of Heaven
1.1.79, World Mission Center

It may take several years to restore your home church, but if you are as good as I am you could restore 360 homes in one year. If your baby is sick, you would drop everything to go to the hospital and try to heal him. If your husband or wife was sick I know you would immediately take him or her to the hospital. Love your territory more than you would love your ailing husband or wife, and then you can say that you loved your territory with a love superior to all satanic standards. There is no question that if you meet that criterion you shall be the messiah of your territory.

Have you truly loved someone else as you love yourself? Have you loved some stranger more than your own wife, husband, or parents? Jesus set a profound criterion of love by saying that if a person loved his parents, spouse or brothers and sisters more than Jesus, he was not worthy of Jesus.

Only when a person loves him more than anyone else can that person have a new beginning. That was Jesus' criterion and having that kind of love is the only way you can inherit the Kingdom of God.

God set the goal in the Garden of Eden and that ideal still remains. That goal continued through the time of Jesus and comes to us today in terms of home church. Whether I remain here on earth for another ten or hundred years doesn't make any difference. I have fulfilled the ideal already and now it is up to you to fulfill through home church. Now is the time for the sons and daughters to fulfill as the parents have done. The criterion is to love you home church more than you love True Parents; then all kinds of miracles will take place.

The Birth of Jesus and the Consummation of God's Will
12.24.78, Belvedere

Those of you who have had love before know how powerful the attraction between men and women is, so you should think of home church as your lover and love your people more than you have ever loved anyone in the past. Before loving anyone you have to fulfill the words in the Bible, "Unless you love me more than your wife or husband and children, you are not worthy of me." You have to love God most. At the same time, what you have done for home church is what you have done for God. Now, take action.

Liquidation and Blessing
5.18.80, Belvedere

Jesus said that he who would find his life would lose it, but he who would lose his life for Jesus' sake would find it. It sounds contradictory, but that is what home church is all about. Your own family in particular will talk about how you love home church more than your own husband or wife and children, and more than your parents. That's why the Bible said that your own household would be your enemy. That's true. You should not worry about that, however, because when your day of victory comes your own family will repent and ask your forgiveness, wanting to follow you.

If I knock on your door at midnight and demand to know where your husband is, I don't want to hear. "I don't know Father; he isn't here yet." I want to hear, "Father, my husband is at home church." Even if all the people who come to see me at Gloucester come at 5:00 a.m., I am not there. No one can find me at midnight either. I am at sea, my home church, with the tuna tribe. Can you be an exception? At sea I can communicate with God and receive many inspirations, so I don't want to stay anywhere else.

Total Self Re-Evaluation
9.14.80, Belvedere

You would want to go to home church in order to bring liberation. You should become an ancestor, a forefather of mankind and a forefather of the home church. If you make a mistake, there will be tremendous accusation from your own clan and your generation. Do you think that what Father is telling you now your children will automatically be able to understand? Do they understand now? How about in the future? Will they be able to understand then?

Your children will know. They will ask their daddies and mommies why they failed in home church. They will ask where the home church is. "You were there, at the final declaration. You listened to Reverend Moon. Yet still you don't have a home church?"

Suppose the instruction was to shed tears and live a tearful way of life for the restoration of home church, because that is the sheer expression of Father's love. Then your children will ask you how many times you were in tears. Your children will say: "Even if you had to neglect me, even if you didn't feed me, even if you abandoned me, you should have followed God's instruction, God's way of life, and the Father's instructions. Why didn't you?" Your children will accuse you in that way. What will you say? There will be no answer.

4.16.80, World Mission Center

A wife will work harder than her husband and a husband will work harder than his wife, loving home church more than they love each other. More than anything else you love home church and concentrate there to find your own kingdom and heaven. Then you know you are entitled to ultimate heaven. Even if you appear in your home church without clothes, they will still welcome you as their savior. This is the new evangelism where we must succeed.

Reflection Upon Life
6.1.79, Belvedere

Instead of loving just your own family or children, or even doing service to your own country, you will do home church. If a husband spends all his time in home church and he doesn't even come home at the regular time, and his wife begins to say, "My husband is making me wait," she is the worst wife one could ever find.

Home Church Is My Kingdom of Heaven
1.1.81. World Mission Center

Are we going to fight this war of love now? You don't have to take my word about this. You have your own faculties for testing whether this is true or not. How do you test it? Go beyond the things and people you were close to; if one of your home church members dies and you feel more sorrow than if your own parent had died, then see whether your people won' t see visions. When you cry daily for their sake, see if they don't respond. You should have such deep feeling for them that you sometimes don't sleep at night for thinking about your home church people. If because you are thinking about them so much you don't even remember how long it was since you last ate, see whether what I have told you is wrong. Any standard less than that is inadequate. Without that kind of heart you can offer them the Divine Principle but they will not listen.

25th Anniversary of the Unification Church
5.1.79, Belvedere

Before we can talk about home church we need to win the individual war. Do you think the person who is defeated in the individual battle will be very successful in the home church? The person who is already defeated as an individual is like a mortally wounded soldier. If he gets up and tries to go to home church, he will only become an obstacle there. In order to go to home church, you need to have won your individual battle, to be strong, healthy, disciplined and absolutely determined. That is the only way you can move on to the home church and bring results.

The person who can say, "I have disciplined myself, Father. I can control hunger and sleep and sexual desire" is ready to march to home church, If not, you cannot win the battle because you don't have a weapon with which to fight.

The 360 homes you are going to visit are full of temptations. You may feel, "They are eating good meals while I am hungry so why should I go to serve them? They are better off than me. Why do I always have to go out so early in the morning and come back so late?" There are all kinds of men and women trying to tempt you. You are out there facing a poisonous atmosphere every day. Why do you go on like that, suppressing your desire? Because you want to win the victory of true love. "I will persevere over hunger and do without sleep because of the victory of true love. I will do away with sexual desires because of the victory of true love."

In the confrontation between good and evil within yourself are you confident to repel Satan? Is it an easy or difficult task? It's almost as difficult as dying. Therefore, unless you really make up your mind to die for victory, you will not win. Unless you commit your life to this struggle, you cannot win. We must win on the first battleground: then we can move onto the second battleground: home church.

We must set the highest example. The battle between the mind and the body is a severe one. If your individual battle within yourself is so difficult, how much more difficult do you think the battle will be within your home church? Don't take it lightly. The road to perfection is very difficult.

You know what kind of criteria you must establish. You must love the home church more than eating or sleeping. You must love your home church more than loving yourself, your parents or husband. With all your heart and soul and mind love your home church.

Love God more than anything else. God is the root and home church is the fruit and harvest of His love. When you come to the throne of God, can you proudly say, "God, I loved my tribe and world representing You, and now I have come back to You"?

Whether or not you can make your heaven depends on this one war. With the five senses of your body you are firing out this love. Will intensity in this battle bring us better results or poorer results? Right now people may not welcome you, thinking, "Oh, that Moonie is always coming, sometimes even twice in the same day." But the time will come when they will say, "Please do more; teach us more; discipline us." 360 home keys will be jingling in your pocket as you walk. The time will come when people will let you come in any time of the day or night. You must win that much of a reputation. If you are trusted to that degree there is automatically hope for building the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, for trust is the foundation for building the Kingdom of Heaven.

Home Church and the Battle of Love
1.7.79, Belvedere

God gave us all a mission and duty, and you are given home church work to do. Can you be praised or scolded by the home church dispensation? Would it be expected that your home church is open 24 hours a day to welcome people or do people find the door closed to them when they visit? Does your home church expect you to visit 100 times a day, or only once? Actually they should want you to visit as much as possible, not just once or twice a day. Would the house itself want you to be the most frequent visitor?

Today is such a beautiful day and this is a weekend, so everyone wants to have a picnic, but even your children would say you should go to home church. That is wonderful. When you come home all worn out from working and collapse on your bed, if Dr. Durst comes by late at night to meet you should he say, "Everyone should sleep because we are all tired"? Or should he ask, "What about your home church"? When he is exhausted, even as he is dozing off his last words should be home church, and getting report from you about home church.

Perhaps you run into a friend you haven't seen for a long time and he wants to take you to a Chinese restaurant; but you should think, "What about my home church?" If you are going to home church right after you eat then the food will like you, but if you are going somewhere else then it won't like you.

The toilets in the fancy hotel bathroom will know that you should be using your home church bathroom instead. Even if it is smellier and dirtier than the hotel bathroom, you belong there. If your home church bathroom is far away, then you have to make that excuse to the fancy bathroom, explaining why you need to use it. The smelly home church bathroom knows that more blessing will come to you through it.

A puppy in your home church area will bark at you when you come. Though the dog cannot talk, when you ask why he barks, he would say, "This is my way of welcoming you." If you really have a loving heart, the dog will understand. He will stop barking and start licking you. Once he comes to love you, he will welcome you with a different bark when you come. Even the mice and birds in your area will recognize you when your heart communicates with them.

If you and your fiancée have a long-standing date to visit the Statue of Liberty, and while you are there you buy a can of Coke to share, the Coke will say, "You think you are enjoying this, but it would be better for you to be drinking water in your home church." Wherever you go, things will ask why you came there instead of going to your home church.

The bench in the park will blame you for not being in your home church. If you stop in a restaurant for a quick lunch, the food will really protest that it should not be eaten by you. Even though you eat only leftovers in home church, they will be better for your body. Ask each bench, each bathroom, each drink and meal if they have their mission, and they will say, "Yes, but we have no connection with you." When you go to sleep in your bed, tell it, "I know I should be sleeping in my home church, but please forgive me this one time. When I wake up I will do twice as much tomorrow." Spiritually everything talks.

If you go out to enjoy nature, all the creation there will feel that you are not a good person if you are not in your home church. It is the same as townspeople finding a ten-year-old running around playing when they know he should be in school. In the same way, nature knows spiritually that you should be in home church.

Always before now you felt you could freely drink water or go to the bathroom or drink Coke anywhere, anytime. But after hearing me this morning you will feel the creation protest against you everywhere you go. That is a good thing if it makes you feel more connected to home church and less free than before because everything will remind you of your mission. I have bound you, not just with one rope, but with ropes all around you, attaching you to home church. In a sense you have lost your so-called freedom, but is that good or bad?

Our Duty, Our Mission
10.5.80, Belvedere

True love is the target you are shooting at through doing home church. Home church is like the gun and the goal is true love. Have you ever truly thought that the number of times you served people in your home church area was the number of times God visited that area? You must think about how much God is present with you, walking with you. God is not dwelling with you when you are lying comfortably in bed with a full stomach. The time when you are very hungry and fatigued is when God is with you. Sometimes you may be sick to your stomach and you feel you cannot go out. But knowing that your home church members are waiting for you, you don't want to disappoint them and you walk out the door, almost falling down. That is the time when God is with you.

Seeking the True Master
11.29.81, Belvedere

Maybe you think, "Father talks too much about witnessing and 360 homes; I will do it sitting in my living room." There are some things which happen if you set the right condition, and some things you have to do with your hands. How nice it would be if home church would work by setting the condition; for instance, if you could write down names of 360 homes on a big piece of paper and every day make some drawing, and say, "This will serve as condition of having visited my actual home church every day." But it doesn't work that way.

Just as I worked hard, you also have to work hard and do everything as I did. That kind of effort is needed to make home church successful. Heaven on earth is where your ideal and your love dwell. Home church belongs to you, and when you really work at it, all your surroundings -- including your ancestry and your supporting spiritual world -- will come down and help you accomplish it. You will find that the spiritual world actually helps you very much, but you will never know until you really do it.

Home Church Is My Kingdom of Heaven
1.1.81, World Mission Center

Do you like home church? Do you want to do it alone, or together? Can two become great at the same time? There is only one greatest person, not two, so should you go alone or together? You know it is difficult to become the greatest. Is it greater to work for the world, or for the nation? Would you then choose to work in America, or in another country? Would you go to a desert or to the jungle? Would you rather go to the part of Africa where white people are persecuted or where they are welcomed?

How much training do you need here to meet that challenge? You know what I will say to you even before you come; I keep telling you to suffer more and work harder, even if you feel it is impossible. Should you ignore or welcome that kind of teacher, even if it is painful? You feel like you are dying now, don't you?

The Things We Want to Be Proud Of
10.25.81, Belvedere

What kind of a member would you want to be? Certainly you want to go up, not down; but if you are not following my direction, for example in doing home church, are you going up or down? You may be capable of saying "yes" and giving pledges but how much have you actually carried out?

Total Completion of the Ideal
2.28.82, Belvedere

For four years, I have been telling you that you must work hard in home church, but how much actual work have you done for the sake of home church? Our whole objective is to invite God to dwell with us. Are you making a base for Him in home church? Within your own minds, how much do you want to go out and do home church? Your words alone do not prove anything. Too often American young people say something but cannot carry it out. How can such a standard be trusted?

We all say we want to be righteous persons, but what is a righteous person? The righteous person is the one who will go against any odds, any difficulties, as long as the right path is clear. For example, Abraham's prayer in the Bible was for God to spare Sodom if there were only ten righteous people in it. God answered that He would. This is the very same position of Moonies today. When you follow my direction and work diligently in your home church area, you will be the righteous persons before God in America. Because you are righteous, some day all your home church members will also be righteous. By observing the way you sweat and shed tears for them, those people will find their hearts reviving; they will eventually have the strength and life to behave as you do.

If you are only focusing on when your wedding will occur, you are certainly not serious enough. America is literally in a last-minute position, so how can you be concentrating on your marriage? The country has to be alive first before your individual and family situation can be secured. How can you think about how you look, whether or not you have nice clothing and makeup and so forth, when the country is in such spiritual danger?

. . . But now we are engaged in a spiritual war, and nothing else is more important than winning that war. Do you understand that?

Some people say, "I need to study more; then maybe I will be able to do home church," but they have not realized the urgency of the situation. Your shoes should wear out from walking in your area. The number of pairs of shoes you wear out will be your pride and your record of accomplishment in the future. Spirit world is always eager to help you, but you must create the conditions that enable them to do so.

Let Us Protect Ourselves
5.1.82, Belvedere

What did Father explain to you before you went out? Three months ago Father showed you exactly how to do home church. He explained precisely the meaning of home church and the reasons why you must do it. You forgot, and you did not do as Father told you. Anyone who memorized what Father told him three months ago and never forgot it and tried to work according to that direction all the time, raise your hand. Who never forgot? Only a few people are confident. Most of you don't raise your hands. You all forgot. Even if you understand completely you may have difficulty; but how can you ever accomplish if you don't even understand?

From now on we must always think, "Home church, home church, home church," like crazy people. "Home church, home church": that is my place, that is my objective. Everything you see and everything you think about should be connected in your mind with home church. If you can't change your thinking, then mankind will continue to live in hell. We must cross over that borderline. This is the 5% responsibility that each Unification Church member must fulfill.

Have no idle time, and no sleeping time. Don't talk here at the center, but go to your own area and talk there. Once you come back in the evening, do not talk, but instead, pray about your area. Don't even chat. Go to your area and talk there. Here, you should pray.

You must really work hard, even with pain. Even if you collapse you must go and still try to accomplish. Maybe it is all right for you, for one individual to perish: later somebody will pick you up. But what about the world? If you don't succeed in your 360 homes, who will be responsible for them?

Father Speaks to the Crusade
9.5.78, London

How can you say you are dedicated if you have restored only two people in five years? If you had married five years ago you would probably have at least two children by now. When we are really dedicated we should each be able to bring one person a month and 12 people a year. Even at that rate, in one lifetime of witnessing we could each restore only 600 people. How can we save the world by restoring only 600 people? Even the leaders have only brought a small number of people. If some members bring only two people in five years they may bring only twenty people in a lifetime. How can you expect to go to heaven if you bring only twenty people in your lifetime?

This is a very serious problem. You already know that your result has not been good and this is why I am encouraging the home church concept. Starting tomorrow, concentrate on your area very faithfully. Within seven days you must be able to find one home which welcomes you. You can stay there and then you wont have to come back to the center except on Sundays. Stay in your home church and witness from there.

Everyone of you must do that, but I know that not many people are confident yet. When the seminary students came I chased them out the same day they arrived and told them that if they didn't find a place to stay they should sleep in the park or railway station or go witnessing at night. You must do the same thing and try your best in the next seven days to find a home which can accommodate you.

Because you have had a center to sleep in and meals to eat every day, you came back and said you couldn't find any place for a home church. You could go on like this for weeks and months and nothing would happen! The seminarians have been out already for a week and will continue for several months. Starting tomorrow you must look for a home which welcomes you and witness from there.

You must be careful to follow the pattern faithfully. The leaders are a bridge between you and me, but I will also tell you how to do this mission. Even Mr. Orme must understand and carry it out. We must raise our standard very quickly and understand that this is a heavenly army because in the future we will have to fight communism, the foremost enemy of God in Europe. The Western way of thinking is very weak and the communists will dominate that kind of person because they are much stronger. We must be aware of that and become equally strong. The communists are gaining ground in nearly all countries now. This is a serious, life-and-death matter,

We are in London but we should not have an easy, comfortable life. How can you eat and sleep if you have brought only two people in five years? I do not want to be called Father by such people. How can you say you joined the Unification Church to help do the work? If you really think about God and His will, how can you be so weak? How can you sleep and eat if you cannot witness enough? How can you expect to be blessed? You are not doing it for me or anyone else; you are doing it for your own benefit. Without having many spiritual children you won't go anywhere in spirit world. You must decide that you want to be intensely active. You only have your physical body for a short time.

Do you realize that each person must win at least 84 spiritual children in seven years? It is the fault of the leaders if you did not know this. How can they call themselves leaders if they do not make sure the members are informed? How many of you know that we will be restored only by paying indemnity? If you don't pass your examinations at college after four years then it is easy to fail again and again; if you try your very best the first time but you fail then you are not encouraged to try once more. You may try your best to witness but if you fail then you lose confidence. If you get married and your husband wants to have children but you keep putting it off, what will happen? You only have a certain number of years in which you can give birth to children,

This formula applies to all generations and we are no exception. That's why we have to fulfill the formula of 84 people, and only after that can we sleep properly. If you must rest then only do it at night. How can you go to the movies unless you have finished this? When I go to a movie it is only because I have done my work and then I take a few people with me so that they can have some enjoyment.

If it is very hot you cannot even buy some cold drink. If you are really busy finding your spiritual children then how can you be satisfied with getting a drink? If you are really sensitive and serious about this then you won't even know if your hair needs washing or your clothes need mending.

The Start of the 40-Day Witnessing Condition
7.4.78, London

I want you to understand that God will never appear halfway through a situation; He will always wait until the end. If He assists you too much in the middle of the mission then you will have to pay too much indemnity, and God doesn't want you to suffer in that way. You can say to God, "You are my spectator, and I will never let you down. Just sit and watch how I am doing."

Home Church and the Completion of the Kingdom of Heaven
1.1.79, World Mission Center

I want you to set a record of wearing out shoes from walking so much. I don't want you to ride too much to your area, but walk and sweat more. When you wear your shoes out, they are your museum pieces. When your clothes are torn and worn out, they belong in your museum. If you are attacked physically and your blood stains your clothes, don't wash it out; that is your museum piece. If you are stabbed, save the bandages. The number of museum pieces you have will determine your place in heaven.

Total Self Re-Evaluation
9.14.80, Belvedere

I want to set the tradition of home church here in America because this is the shortest cut to the world. Would you like that? Then here is straight talk: die for the mission.

Let Us Restore Our Homeland and Fatherland
1.14.79, Belvedere

As Unification Church members we must know clearly that it is our mission to unify; before we can do so we must observe and digest. This is reasonable, like all the laws of creation; it applies on every level of family, society, nation and world. I want you to become like that and be a subject of the whole world, being appreciated by God and respected by all mankind. That is done through home church.

The Way of Prosperity and Defeat
3.1.79, Belvedere

In witnessing you are selling the love of God and Divine Principle. Now put your heart into witnessing and meticulously prepare whatever you need. You must be different from before and your influence will touch the people. Raise your flag and don't hesitate to say you are a Moonie. You have to be exemplary in your neighborhood. In the winter shovel snow and in the summer tend the gardens and streets in the neighborhood. The first house to have the snow shoveled should be the Moonies' house. Then people will come to solicit your services for themselves, and they will need only one third as many people to help them as before. This kind of thing has an impact on people.

Mainstream of the Dispensation of God
11.19.78, Belvedere

If you say that you don't like the public way, then you are retreating to hell. Only if you go the public way are you doing good work and going the way you are supposed to. Have you ever stopped to think that after you have done home church in America you will go to other countries, and even spirit world, and do home church? You can feel that in the future millions of people will act according to your direction.

Are you going to go into the arena of home church now? That's the ring in which you fight the championship bout. You must truly know the public way, for once you turn to the private way you will decline. You always have to check yourself in this matter.

The Public Way and Private Way
1.11.81, Belvedere

Father sees that you have not met a certain standard. You still have not done enough. If you continue at this stage, you will decline. Father is the judge. Whatever Father pronounces will happen. Father has told us that communism will decline. Now we will bear witness to it. If Father says that America will decline and her residents will not continue in their prosperity, then America will decline. This is truly a fearful age. Judgment is now at hand.

The Bible talks about seven years of tribulation. This is it. Father spent 21 years in tribulation. Your condition will be to go through these next seven years of tribulation. The Bible spoke of such tribulation as at the time to meet the Lord. When people meet the Messiah, they are put in an incredible position, to receive incredible persecution.

Yet if you know you are going the right path, even when temptation comes, if you don't change your love or your focus and just hang on to it until the end, then you will surely win. You will see. Perseverance is the quality we need. Then you will come to fulfill the prophecy the Bible speaks of. Then God's Will, will be done. Father's wish will come true and everything will be fulfilled.

What kind of dispensation is home church? It is the conditional seven-year dispensation. Father was supposed to walk seven years of tribulation but it was prolonged to 21 years. During those years, incredible temptation came but Father withstood it all until he finally achieved perfection, and completed everything. He went all the way to the end. And he did it with love. He did it with love. He never lost sight even for a moment. Father was always there with love.

America is enemy territory in a way. She is truly trying to destroy Rev. Moon and has placed herself in the position of his enemy. Yet Father doesn't think in those terms. Father loves America. Jesus prayed on the cross for God to forgive the people because they didn't know what they were doing. He asked for the forgiveness of his own enemies. But we must move on; we must go over the Mount of Calvary without dying, without being killed. We must bear the cross as we live. It is essential that we keep on going.

4.16.80, World Mission Center

Wherever you go you are standing on the Principle. God has given you the stage -- your home church -- where you can practice this. Season your life with life power, love power and ideal power in your home church. To get a degree from home church, you have to work day and night. If you want to become a Ph.D. you have to write a dissertation. Sometimes people devote many years to preparing on Ph.D. dissertation. This cannot be done in your way, but must be done in God's way.

Things That Are Important to You
2.1.81, Belvedere

From here do you want to go to breakfast or to home church? Do you want to rest or go to home church? You might have been sick and tired of hearing about home church every day, but after today's sermon it is a beautiful word, isn't it? Do you really feel that way? Do you love home church more than your watch or dress or yourself?

Spring Season of the Providence
4.1.79, Belvedere

If you can't bear to leave your area and you stay there awake all night then spirit world will visit those 360 homes for you. Spirit world will show each one of them that you are standing in the neighborhood and not going back to your home because you miss them so much. After having this dream or vision, when they open up their door you will be standing there. This can actually happen. Just as spirit world, Adam, Eve, and God must work as one before the Kingdom of Heaven is realized on earth, you also will have to experience this before heaven can be realized in your area.

Everything you do should be centered around you area. If you have to go to the bathroom, go there. When you cry, you must shed the most profound tears in your area. The best things that happen in your life should happen in your area, things that you cannot forget for eternity. When you become old and look back and say those were your happiest days, you will have the foundation for eternal happiness. That is where God's love and ideal will be left. I experienced that while I was in prison, and even now I can feel the same everywhere I go. These things are happening even now, not only at the early times. The standard is the same for you as for me, but it will work only if you are complete in your feeling of love for that area.

Eternal Happiness
2.25.79, Belvedere

Let those 360 homes be like your own children's homes. Go out there and stay up all night talking and look at the rising morning sun together with them. You must have the conviction in your heart that you are God's representative to them. You needn't think of visiting only during the daytime but also at midnight. If you go out there and wait to meet a certain person, staying up all night and cheerfully praying under those circumstances. then as long as you are there America will never perish.

The Return to Tears
10. 16.77, Belvedere

When you go to your 360 homes, determine which home will stop you. You have to be able to go to all homes freely. Will you welcome me when I come to your home or will you close the door and tell me to go away? Whenever I come to visit you, you feel you want to welcome me, even if I am unannounced.

Home Church and Myself
12.14.80, Belvedere

If you have been working diligently in home church for the past three years, this is the year that you can finish and graduate. You can joyfully participate in the Blessing and then live in the home church. How many days are you spending in home church? If you are serious about doing home church, should you live in the New Yorker Hotel? You should be living in your home church area. It is very easy to live in the New Yorker, because you can hide behind your door; but home church is not an easy place to live. The New Yorker was purchased for the sake of the world; it is the World Mission Center, not the American Mission Center, or the New York Mission Center. Because you have not yet gone to the worldwide dispensation level, you are not really eligible to live in that house. You must go to the home church and complete the providence there; then you can live at the New Yorker.

From now on, everybody must go to do home church. Those of you who accomplish your work in home church will then be qualified to come and live at the New Yorker. You will be in the position of good children, coming to live in the home of your parents. But trying to stay in the New Yorker without making any serious effort in your home church is not good. The rooms are not there for everybody; you blessed families must move into your home church areas -- including Rev. [Won Pil] Kim and Mr. [Joong Hyun] Pak -- without exception, you must all go out to your home churches. Although some people may think this is unreasonable, you will be infinitely grateful when you see that you are heading for the Kingdom of Heaven. I'm very serious. What I am asking you to do is the bare minimum, compared to the real value of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Everything depends upon how much you serve and set the indemnity conditions. Parallel with those conditions, your blessings will descend upon you. All your ancestors will come down to your home church area, and the ancestors of the people in the neighborhood as well. When your effort exceeds the level of effort made by anyone previously, Satan will pack up and retreat from your area. You will see that those people who were adamantly opposed to you one day will change, like a miracle, the next day. Those who continue to give you a hard time will receive instant judgment from spirit world. You will see this with your own eyes. After their chastisement from spirit world, those persons will change, too. During my lifetime, I have seen many instances of this, too many to describe. The same things will happen to you in your home church area.

Victory of Home Church (Morning Address)
1.1.82, World Mission Center

Do you have your Cain area? Are you Cain or Abel to your home church area? The fact that I have entrusted you with home church means I have approved you as an Abel. It's up to you to work hard and pray. How nice it is when you can consult with one of your people when something needs to be done and see it through to the finish. After one or two years they will understand you much better and try to do this work with you. You never know when the result will come; as long as you work hard now then the result will definitely come. How beautiful it will be when the result comes unexpectedly.

The Abel's Path from the Providential Point of View
12.30.79, Belvedere

How much have you devoted yourself? One year, two years, ten years, twenty years? By doing so, you attract the attention of God, and He has to look at you and come down to you. True love is the major theme by which you connect one woman, one man, one family, two families, a hundred families, 360 families. When one new person is linked, you rejoice over his birth as the new true child of God. What a joy it is to see the emergence of a new child of God. With this in mind, how can you neglect to go out every day and night? When this movement of love is spreading out to the worldwide level, the Kingdom of God is bound to appear.

Seeking the True Master
11.29.81, Belvedere

Before I undertook any task in this country I met the major leaders here -- such as most of the Senators, including Senator Kennedy, and President Nixon. I met the former president Eisenhower. Go to the famous and well-known people in your area. You should feel that you will contribute more to your area than they do and love it more than anyone. You can say proudly to the parents that you love their children more than they do, and to the children that you love their parent more than they do. You love them more because you love them with the unselfish love of God.

Completion of the Providence and Parents' Day
4.15.80, World Mission Center

You never know who you will meet when you go witnessing door to door. You might find an important man who later on might save the whole nation. You must be prepared to meet such a person. Even though you are tired you should visit one more home at the end of the day because that may be where you meet the person who could save the nation. You may have visited a hundred homes and not met the man who could save the nation, but he might be in number 101. If you live like that then God will lead you to such a man.

Wherever you go with that heart, spirit world will prepare for you. Always think that you are going to find someone whose heart you can connect with the heart of God. You are reaching out to heaven and that door you knock on is your stepping stone. We are always searching for that special, righteous man, and if you are walking with God's guidance then all of a sudden, without realizing how it happened, you meet someone and you are sure he is that man. You can experience this not only once but several times while you are witnessing. It should even be a common thing for you.

The Burden on Our Shoulders
6.11.78, London

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