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The Words Of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Our Destiny

"You shall therefore keep all the commandment which I command you this day, that you may be strong, and go in and take possession of the land which you are going over to possess, and that you may live long in the land which the LORD swore to your fathers to give to them and to their descendants, a land flowing with milk and honey. For the land which you are entering to take possession of, it is not like the land of Egypt, from which you have come, where you sowed your seed and watered it with your feet, like a garden of vegetables; but the land which you are going over to possess is a land of hills and valleys, which drinks water by the rain from heaven, a land which the LORD your God cares for; the eyes of the LORD your God are always upon it, from the beginning of the year to the end of the year."

Deuteronomy 11:8-12

Do you want to go your own way, or the way God wants you to go? Where will you settle ultimately? I cannot take care of each of you individually, couple by couple, so you have to set your own goal and home church is the way. In home church you can be proud of your husband or your wife. That is your territory and realm.

No man will compare with your husband, and no woman will compare with your wife. Home church is the place for your settlement, so unless you establish the home church foundation you will be kicked out and there is no other world for you to go to. If you fail there then there is no way I can bring you along this path. I instructed you to go and your destination is home church. That is the order coming from the True Parent, teacher, head of state-all in one. When you love your home church you are consummating every order you have received from True Parents, true teacher, true patriot and true saint.

In a few years I would like to have a shrine built to the home church parents, home church messiah, and tribal messiah. You must build your home church in order to be honored by that shrine. Anyone who is successful will have their own shrine in their home church area, and when I am passing by that will be the place I visit and where I rejoice; where it is located won' t make any difference for it is definitely the place I will visit. It will also be the place God wants to visit. The destiny of women is to marry and go where their husbands go. In the same way the Unification Church destiny is to go to home church. This is where you will find your permanent home. It is almost like being given in marriage. Through the home church destiny you will go to heaven, but if you don't then no matter how much you love True Parents you cannot go. If you leave it unfulfilled then that great burden will be left to your own children to complete.

Reflection Upon Life
6.1.79, Belvedere

I am heading toward the heavenly homeland and so are you; we are in a great movement traveling from one continent to another, spreading the message of God and culminating human history. When we go door to door we embrace the people as if they were the world, not just the citizens of their particular country or isolated individuals. A miracle which can change the world is possible in this way of life. Don't you feel we are reaching heaven step by step?

The Age of Repentance
9.1.78, London

After you get married, where will you go? If the husband and wife are alone, they are naked, and Satan can always invade, because there is no fence around them. So what is your destination? Home church. This is the absolute direction and destination. Through home church, we will bring all people and races together into unity.

So after you get married, will you run away on a honeymoon, or will you go to home church?

Blessed Family
6.20.82, Belvedere

The greatest banquet of celebration will be held in your hometown. Actually, the entire content of fallen history has been man's departure from his true home. All mankind departed from their true home. When we restore everything which is lost, we will go to our hometowns and have the ultimate celebration. When you go back to your hometown you can greet your grandparents. You might have been told they had died, but actually no one has died; when we combine the physical and spirit worlds together, everyone is there. At the festival all ancestors from all our family trees will dance around the banquet table.

Before we have this banquet on a worldwide scale, however, we must have it on the tribal level and that is the home church. You will be a tribal messiah, and you will have that banquet first at your home church with your own tribe. Everyone will go outside to appreciate the light of the moon. When that moonshine is accepted by the people, God's heart will be vindicated. This is why home church is the final destination of the providence of God.

The Critical Turning Point of the Dispensation of God
12.31.78, Belvedere

Through home church you will be united with spirit world and your ancestors will come to assist you. Furthermore, you are becoming one with the physical world because your 360 homes represent the world. You are in the position of completed, perfected Adam and Eve, so where is your garden of Eden? That is your home church. Your area is Cain's territory, spiritually and physically. By creating your own garden of Eden in this home church area you are consummating your internal and external dispensation, spiritual as well as physical.

Historical View of the Dispensation
9.18.79, Belvedere

Today's topic is the slogan for this year of 1980: Home Church Is the Base of the Kingdom of Heaven. That is the destiny where true rest lies, where true happiness and joy lies, and even where true life lies. The person who lives and dies in home church is the person who is truly happy.

Home Church Is the Base of the Kingdom of Heaven
1.1.80, World Mission Center

Why do we do home church? By doing it, we can inherit the blessing from God; it is our common destiny. We must achieve the level of messiah on every level all the way up to the cosmic. We must build a bridge from one stage to another. As representatives of the United States. you need the messiah. The whole world needs the messiah.

The Present Situation, Centering upon the Will of God
5.23.82, Belvedere

We know that human history is the chronicle of restoration. What is the ultimate point of restoration? Of course it is home church. As home church becomes successful you will go from level to level, and finally to the world; ultimately you will take off and even gravity won't hold you down. You may not know it yet, but this course is the miracle of miracles. The fact that I could announce the providence of home church within 25 years is a miracle; compare that to the little that Christians have achieved in 2,000 years. God sent Jesus to earth for certain reasons, and ultimately Jesus died for that purpose. All of these events are culminated in home church, the center of the dispensation.

25th Anniversary of the Unification Church
5.1.79, Belvedere

Home church is the great finale of God's providence. I started out in the individual dispensation, then moved to the family, tribe, nation and world, fighting all these years for the global victory. After that I liberated the entire spirit world. Now I want to give all that to you as your inheritance. Home church is the final chapter of the dispensational history of God. The ultimate victory celebration will be held, not at the New Yorker or Manhattan Center, but when you can invite Mother and myself to be with you in your home church.

People so far have not known that the culmination of the dispensation of God is home church; religious leaders and saints never knew the final destination. I searched throughout the spirit world, knocking on every door and found the solution; otherwise, you would never know it. The greatest thing is that I have found the realistic way to find all the ideals described in the Old, New and Completed Testament. . . .

Shall we hasten to fulfill home church? . . . . Will you pledge that you will complete home church successfully? The conclusion is that the goal of God's dispensation shall be fulfilled by completion of home church.

Historical View of the Dispensation
9.18.79, Belvedere

The Unification Church has had twenty most dramatic and hectic years of history, emerging on the level of worldwide Christianity in that time. We are not worrying about the family, tribe and national levels, but have proclaimed the second three seven-year courses, another 21 years; that will be the era of total consummation. This is a most wonderful proclamation. Within twenty years we are trying to restore all the failures of Judaism after 4,000 years, and of Christianity after 2,000 years. The fact that we proclaim it can be done and that a new era has begun is in itself an extraordinary gospel and blessing for the world.

Cross Over the Boundary
6.1.80, Belvedere

Home church is a great accomplishment and the pinnacle of Divine Principle. After all the struggles of the Old Testament, New Testament and Completed Testament, home church is the outcome, the ultimate fruit by which the Kingdom of God is going to be achieved. It is the ultimate fulfillment of love.

Home church is not a witnessing method. No, home church is our destiny, the final terminal and the fulfillment of the dispensation. Fallen man must walk this road; that is his destiny More than a man is destined to marry a woman, fallen man is destined to finish the home church mission either on earth or in spirit world. Can you deny it? How can you erect the Kingdom of Heaven on earth other than by fulfilling the home church mission? This is not a dream or fantasy; this is the real blueprint from God. We have arrived at the final terminal. It is our great fortune to see this home church mission in our lifetime and install the pattern and tradition for history. You repeat the alphabet a thousand times a day in your conversation. In the same way, home church is the alphabet of the Kingdom of Heaven. It should become an intimate part of you. In home church you will find everything. In home church you can find God, Israel, Christianity, anything you want.

Home Church and the Completion of the Kingdom of Heaven
1.1.79, World Mission Center

How long are you going to take to do your mission? Are you going to do it as soon as possible, or will you drag it out over a long time? Do you think home church is just another method of doing church work? Or is it the dispensation in witnessing, planned many thousands of years ago? It is your destiny, isn't it? If so, then how long has God waited for home church? Since Jesus came He has been waiting for 2,000 extra years, seeing the sacrifice of many martyrs' lives. People before that have waited for thousands of years for this, and for twenty centuries all Christians have waited impatiently for the Second Coming. The Lord comes for the second time for the very purpose of home church.

Our Duty, Our Mission
10.5.80, Belvedere

Do you know what home church means? Your ultimate destination is God's heart, and home church is your grammar school. When you finish there, you will have finished grade school. When America comes to the truth, you will have finished high school. When the communist world comes, you will have an MA. When the spirit world is reorganized, you will have a Ph.D. Actually home church is everything, and after that everything else is easy, just a few hours' work.

Persecution and Blessing
5.1.80, Belvedere

God's will shall be physically consummated in this home church system, in which you will find the consummation of all human history, the will of God, and the entire ideal of creation. I am asking you to become a tribal messiah to that home church.

The Birth of Jesus and the Consummation of God's Will
12.24.78, Belvedere

All men want to have a destiny with God, but I want you to know that God has already set the appointment to meet you in home church. God is waiting for you in your home church area. Jesus is there and so is the Kingdom of Heaven. Everything you have been craving is there. I am out there. Don't come here to meet me, but go to home church.

Home Church and the Battle of Love
1.7.79, Belvedere

Home church is truly our gospel, an amazing blessing from God. Through home church you can find and restore everything-there you meet God, the Messiah, Cain and Abel, and all the historical missions. It is really a wonder world.

True Couple
5.27.79, Belvedere

We have reached the most logical conclusion that we must have a showdown with the world in the next seven years. We are now walking into a most crucial time. I can say that all is done and finished; all the foundations I needed to accomplish have been laid. Even the physical foundation, such as fishing, boat-building, and various industries, has been laid.

I can go anywhere in the world, and even if I died right now I would not be a failure. No one can overshadow my accomplishments; no cloud can hide them, whether I live or die. Now the time has come for the major role to shift from me to you. You are going to build the kingdom. I paid the debts of sin of the past and laid the groundwork. This whole dispensation will now be consummated for you in your home church of 360 degrees. That is your world, the microcosm of the globe.

Total Self Re-Evaluation
9.14.80, Belvedere

If each one of you clearly realized that home church is the destiny of our movement then you would give your life for it, and my presence here in this country would be irrelevant.

Home Church and the Completion of the Kingdom of Heaven
1.1.79, World Mission Center

The completion of the home church mission will really be your liberation and you will be free to enjoy your own home, elevated in the heavenly kingdom. Religious people usually talk about individual salvation, but we are talking about salvation for the tribe, nation and world. No one can bypass this. Everyone has to squarely face the mission of home churches.

We know the concept of the Kingdom of God and we have precise instruction about how to achieve that kingdom. It will be done through home churches and this is the completion period of the dispensation.

It is most important that we can talk about the conclusion of God's dispensation. Today, on November 12, 1978, I am commissioning you to be messiahs, to go to your world of home churches and fulfill that mission. Will you do it? Those who will do it, raise your hand. Go out to your home churches and don't return until you finish the mission. Even if you die there you will be victorious. I am going the same way and doing the same mission but on the worldwide and universal levels. You will live, eat and sleep there and have activities there, and when you are victorious there you will return to heaven.

The Completion Period for the Dispensation
11.12.78, Belvedere

Those who cannot do home church well cannot become national or world leaders because you will always be faced with Satan's accusation that you are unqualified. No matter how much education you have, until you fulfill this one condition you cannot be accepted anywhere else. Eventually you will do home church because each year it is getting easier as the Unification Church and Reverend Moon are more widely accepted.

Historical View of the Dispensation
9.18.79, Belvedere

You start out in home church, then tribe church, nation church, and universe church. It's all up to you now. Go ahead. Home church is the beginning. After you do that, you can do as much as you like, but home church is the bare minimum.

Liquidation and Blessing
5.18.80, Belvedere

This year's motto is: Home Church Is My Kingdom of Heaven. As I already said, in the past two years home church was not that very near or personal to you. So far, you may have thought of home church as a kind of witnessing technique, or an innovation of the Unification Church. But it is the heavenly way. Home church is your personal affair; it doesn't belong to anyone else. It is your personal matter on earth and in heaven, not the Unification Church's.

Home Church Is My Kingdom of Heaven
1.1.81, World Mission Center

Home church is our destiny, so pack up to leave the New Yorker. Would you accept my challenge to be victorious champions in home church so we can all rejoice over restored families?

Restored Family
1.21.79, Belvedere

The Unification Church today is on the road to Canaan on the worldwide level. Twenty years have passed. Normally, there is a forty year period in which to reach a goal. We have got to make it during the next twenty years. During this period, the first generation comes against us, the rebellious generation. God normally must judge them and even offend them. Just as in the case of the Israelites, they cannot be given the right to enter Canaan.

Even though God was very sympathetic to their situation, God had to judge them: the first generation could not enter Canaan, but all died in the wilderness. The second generation, belonging to Moses, could enter Canaan. Yet even Moses, representing the first generation, could not himself enter the land of Canaan. Instead, Joshua and Caleb, the second generation, entered. This is the pattern for the future of the world. Today we are living in the age equivalent to the wilderness period. Just like the Israelites after their Exodus from Egypt, we are wandering in the wilderness.

What do you think would have happened if the Israelites had been welcomed by the Egyptians? In that case, Moses would not have been thrown out, but he would have become a prince and then king of Egypt. The peoples of Israel and Egypt would have intermarried; Egypt's identity would have been lost and everyone would have become Israel. The culture of Israel would have become strong and would have absorbed everything. Even though the population of Egypt would have been larger than the 600,000 Israelites, there still would have been intermarriage to keep the tradition of Israel alive. Moses would then have become king. The culture of Israel certainly would have prevailed.

Today, Rev. Moon is in the position of Moses. If people truly accept Rev. Moon, then there will be no boundary between our movement and the national culture of America. They will, in a sense, "wed" each other in international marriage. Soon Unification culture would absorb them.

Because Father is in Moses' position today, if the first generation comes against Father they will not be given a chance to enter Canaan. They will be destroyed in the wilderness. However, in order to show mercy, to give them a better chance to be saved, Father is dragging everything out.

Yet Satan knows these heavenly tactics. He created the evil ideology of communism, and while we are not doing too much but waiting, communism is encroaching into every facet of the free world. Therefore, before it is too late, there must be an ultimate showdown between the godly forces and the satanic forces. We live in that era today. This is the time. The United States and Soviet Russia, with two conflicting ideologies, are confronting each other on the world level. The Unification Church is in the middle. While we are going through the period of these second three seven-year courses, Satan is frantic and his forces are rampant throughout all societies. They want to make their ultimate assault against the free world. . . .

What is the situation here in America? It is almost like Moses' tribes. Without knowing that Moses had gone up the mountain to receive the inscription of the Ten Commandments, the people became faithless. They made a golden calf and began to worship idols. There are so many idols in our world, so many things are mere carnal desires: drugs, immorality and the like. What sort of idol has America made? The golden calf is only symbolic. We have made a materialistic way of life the thing to strive for. We worship the almighty dollar.

This is the kind of scene in which God cannot do too much to help man. However, what happened at the time of Moses? Moses just became emotional and upset. He worked very hard in order to receive the Ten Commandments, but when he saw what the people were doing he threw down the tablets and they broke into pieces.

Today, Rev. Moon is in the position of Moses. But he is different from Moses, in that he is enduring. He will not do what Moses did in uncontrolled wrath. He is giving the truth, giving the Word. Instead of breaking the Word, he is feeding it to the people. . . .

If the communists resort to violence, Rev. Moon will stay on top. He has the means to stop them, since self-defense can be applied in those situations. Just as God said to Joshua and Caleb shortly before they went into Canaan, Heavenly Father has told Father to be bold and strong. The second generation should be bold and strong. . . . What would you like to become? Should you be like Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden, or like Joshua and Caleb in the time of Moses?

There will be seven years of great turmoil, which means seven years of communism. This is the final, ultimate war of mankind. It is the war of ideology. After twenty more years, Father will celebrate his eightieth birthday, marking forty years since Father and Mother installed True Parenthood.

Today we live in the wilderness. We have to clear and cleanse ourselves so that we are not accused by Satan. We should not make a blunder so that Satan can pick on us. We should be free, leaving Satan behind as we enter Canaan. That is the next twenty years. Altogether, it will have taken forty years.

Before they left Egypt, the Israelites married, and as married couples they moved into Canaan. It is the same thing in the Unification Church. We have mass, international, interracial marriages which will help us to create strong forces when we engage in the final battle against Satan in order to go to Canaan. . . .

In this 21-year course, the seven-year course we are initiating is just like the Israelite people circling Jericho seven times. For seven years, we will surround the secular society all the time, without food, without rest, just continually running around it. Then America will change. America will turn around. America will repent. In other words, Father is looking at America as a gigantic Jericho. In our home church, we must just keep on.

4.16.80, World Mission Center

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