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God's Timetable

Remember this and consider, recall it to mind, you transgressors, remember the former things of old, for I am God, and there is no other; I am God, and there is none like me, declaring the end from the beginning and from ancient times things not yet done, saying, 'My counsel shall stand, and I will accomplish all my purpose,' calling a bird of prey from the east, the man of my counsel from afar country. I have spoken, and I will bring it to pass; I have purposed, and I will do it.

Isaiah 46:8-11

Whatever you do -- eating, walking down the street, selling papers, witnessing or fund raising -- that is the real battle, the most precious one and the one that will be recognized in history. That's the way your life is today. Yesterday I talked about how establishing home churches will be like bombs exploding throughout New York. Do you have spiritual matches you can light to set the bomb off? Do you know the right time to push the button? If you are sleeping you will miss the time. You cannot do this at just any time. The instructions will come from heaven to push the button, but if you are sleeping then you will not hear them.

You might shrug and say, "Oh well, I can push it next year." The tiny little fingers of women, even if the women are wearing ugly dresses, can do magic if they know the heavenly schedule. The arsenals of the world will have no power if they do not know the heavenly schedule, and all their weaponry will be to no avail. God always keeps time, and if you match His time then there will be a resounding explosion.

Once you know the time and act accordingly, the explosion will disrupt all of New York. Go attend to your task with that kind of realization, wherever you are. On our shoulders we carry the destiny of God. God's rise or fall depends on you. Furthermore, you are the secret emissaries whom God has ordained. Those who want to fulfill the universal revenge against the enemy of love, raise your hands.

God has been waiting for this one moment for 6,000 years. That's the importance of the time we are talking about here. In preparing to have the button pushed at the proper time, many people and nations were sacrificed. All throughout history, during the 4,000 years before Abraham and throughout the history of Judaism and Christianity, God raised up many champions who were supposed to push the button, but no one has done it yet. At this time God is asking you to push this little button. All spirit world is watching, knowing that high noon is at hand and that the showdown is coming.

Time and Our Destined Relationship
4.2.78, World Mission Center

Have you physically visited all 360 of your homes? Everyone should be able to say "yes." When God ordered the Hebrews to leave Egypt by a certain hour one night, messengers were sent to tell all the people. If the messengers missed any home those people would not be able to leave on time, but who would be held responsible? The messenger. Throughout posterity, that messenger who failed to tell a particular person to leave at such a moment would be accountable for his fate.

You are in a New Age Exodus. It is possible for you to bring the people in 360 homes out of suffering but if you fail to tell these people to come out of their yoke of misery and into salvation then you as a messenger are responsible.

The Return to Tears
10.16.77, Belvedere

There is an offensive and a defensive. So far Father has been attacked and we have been defending ourselves. But now the theme has changed. . . . In 1978 Father initiated a gigantic crusade to really turn the defensive battle into an offensive battle. If we had secured the 30,000 members that Father requested we would already have been on the offensive for some time and by now could have influenced the nation.

America is declining. That is apparent. Without a moral change, it will continue to decline. Who has a scheme to save the country? The Administration? Do the politicians have blueprints for turning this nation around? Do the U.S. Armed Forces have the ability? Can the established Christian churches ignite moral revolution?

Everyone is infiltrated by communist elements, even the army and the government. Christian churches are infiltrated so badly that there is an open movement preaching Christianity without God.

We cannot expect a solution from anyone. We can't expect it from the government, or from the churches. Where can we find a solution? The only solution is a spiritual revolution with a new philosophy which can expose the lies of the communist ideology and bring truth, light and hope to mankind. Such a spiritual revolution alone holds hope. Communists talk about utopia, about the ideal world, but their world is violent, a total dictatorship where the ends justify the means. Those are our adversaries: those who believe that the ends justify the means. They can be as deceptive as they want. Yet here stands Sun Myung Moon, the lone champion to halt their advances. Sun Myung Moon is the one who changes their way of thinking, their way of life, their conviction.

The Unification Church is criticized for being strong, regimented and organized, and people say we brainwash. You know that our adversaries are not going to be dealt with easily. If we had our own nation we wouldn't have to fight. However, we have no social foundation, no deep-rooted social organization. That means that we have to begin from scratch, earning the economy, the finances and the organization. It is a life-and-death matter. We start out as a dot, and must build the movement from the very bottom.

Unless we build our own foundation, who will do it? Will the Christian churches help us? Will the universities? Will social organizations? No, they will not. Furthermore, instead of leaving us alone, they oppose us. They allow themselves to become tentacles of communist opposition. They are trying every way they can to halt our advancement. . . .

We must make a breakthrough. We must climb up the top pinnacle and erect our flag there. I want you to understand our initiation in 1980 of the second three seven-year courses. This is the most crucial turning point of history An emergency has now been declared. Don't go after those who welcome you: go our after those who oppose you. Father did not come to America to be welcomed by the American people. He came for the opposing and negative people, in order to convince them. You must do the same. This is a new plateau, a new height, a new standard. A new chapter of history is being unfolded. Doff t look down. Look up, proudly. . .

This is the final showdown. It is time to do it. We are like a fireball or a bullet . . . We just cannot say that we will take a few years to prepare. Not at all. We don't have time. We are already running on our way toward the target, That is the home church system. Home church is truly God's incredible plan and strategy. It will eliminate all room for Satan or communism to take over.

5.19.80, World Mission Center

Now it's up to you how long you will take to be successful enough to invite me to your area. Don't you want to be successful in this? Then you must have some idea when you can invite me. It won't depend on me but on your progress. Once you make up your mind, you have to promise before God with the seriousness of having a dagger stabbing you in the side, "No matter what happens to me, nothing will stop me. Once I make up my mind I will go straight forward to the goal." If at all possible finish it by June 1981.

I feel that you could do it rather easily within that time. If I had to do it, I could do it much earlier than that.

You have accumulated much failure in the past, so I am thinking that we will indemnify past failure within this year and eliminate that debt. Is that good or bad thinking? So should I just shrug and say that you've done your best, or keep driving you and make you understand why you need to be pushed?

I know you have tried hard and yet you failed, so you have to be driven out much more before we can expect to achieve success this time. Home church came into being only last year, and by being successful there we can indemnify all the past failures I have just pointed out. Everything that you left undone will be offset by home church success. Don't take many months or years, but do it in the shortest period of time. Make a plan and accomplish the goal. If we can set many records within this year then later members will have a much easier time and America will become livable again. America is about to go down the drain but your success can prevent any further deterioration. This is why time is so precious. I am expecting to have many people who will establish records during this one year.

Eternal Happiness
2.25.79, Belvedere

If there had been 30,000 core members in America by 1978 then even if I were to leave, America would be secure. After being educated for three years those members could be strong enough to take care of America's problems. If they were educated well enough and could witness to ten new members each over the next three years, then those 300,000 people would be enough to do home church throughout the entire United States. This was my original plan. Don't you see that our schedule is very tight? Can you say you have to rest and take care of other things first?

You don't have to wait until 1981 to start, however. If you decide that you are ready now then this is the best time to start. Then you will be ahead of schedule in 1981 and you can be the winner. Even though seven years is allotted you, you don't have to take that long. If Americans work efficiently then three years is enough. If a few people like me got together to do it, I honestly think that three or four months would fulfill the major dispensation.

The Abel's Path from the Providential Point of View
12.30.79, Belvedere

Next year is two more weeks away; at that time you must really do home church, not just make preparations.

Home Church and Myself
12.14.80, Belvedere

This year's slogan is: Home Church is My Kingdom of Heaven. You are not doing home church as any favor for me. It is your kingdom of heaven. I don't want it to take you 21 years to finish; everything should be over in the first seven years.

History of the Providence Through Restoration by indemnity
2.10.81, World Mission Center

The time will come when we will only need to do broadcasting on television and radio in order to reach many homes. This will help the home church providence immensely. Three hundred and sixty homes can be connected to a wire which will be hooked up to a certain circuit and you can organize closed circuit television throughout your own houses. You can be your own broadcast company.

You don't even need to take seven years. That is too long a time. You could probably even do it within seven months. If Father had a 360 home area, he would go out to the frontline in order to fulfill his home church dispensation. Father would have done it in far less than seven months.

In the future, 21-day training sessions won't even need to assemble. We can send the contents of 21-day training through television. People can receive the workshop in their own living room. They will also take a test by reading the questions on the television screen. They will then write the answers, mail the test and get back their results in the mail.

In this advanced era, the things that at one time would have taken seven years to do you can do easily. In ancient time, seven years was quite a long time, because these things were not at easy disposal. However, today, it is so easy to do things within even the short span of seven months.

4.16.80, World Mission Center

If you can't finish this in seven years then it might take another seven to finish. Actually, if you don't finish in seven years it will take three times as long, or 21 years. After that you will have no more chances.

The Start of the 40-Day Witnessing Condition
7.4.78, London

The battle on the frontline is always neck-and-neck. For you to be victorious soldiers of heaven, I have to send you out on the frontline. This is why in 1978, I declared that New York was the frontline and when the victory comes, the frontline soldiers will get the honor. The victory doesn't come in an office or in the headquarters but on the battlefield. Our frontline is home church. In the last 45 years, the entire course of the dispensation has been set, and now I am giving it to you, asking you to finish in seven years.

The First Day and Our Lifetime

1987 is seven years from now, but you don't have to take that long either seven months or even three years is adequate. If you fail to do it in seven years then it will be postponed for 21 years, and you don't want that. If we neglect the time of the dispensation then you will literally shed your blood at the hands of communists. You know it, don't you?

Stony Path of Death
4.27.80, Belvedere

The next seven years are crucial, so don' t waste them.

Total Self Re-Evaluation
9.14.80, Belvedere

I want you to make your base so you can practice this love, and that territory is home church. It will happen within seven years if you consistently make effort now. Then if I am passing by to another destination some power will pull me to visit you. Life goes by very fast. Already five months have passed in 1979. If you had met one new person each day and really poured out your heart imagine what extraordinary things could have happened. You could have converted 150 people. Start today and renew your energy. That's what Heavenly Father wants, what your wife or husband wants, what your children want and what all of your relatives want.

Time is not merciful enough to slow down for you. You have to keep abreast of time because time will never relax its pace. You can finish school in four years, but with extra effort you can graduate in three or even two years. Our Unification university is the same-it all depends upon your own effort.

Reflection Upon Life
6.1.79, Belvedere

I don't want you to go just two hours to your home church but to pay constant attention to it, going six times a day if necessary. If the men go 12 times, the women will go 14 times. Later you will just stay there, not sleeping, but even just standing there. Neither male nor female will budge for fear of being outdone. You can go on seven-day fasts together. Don't you think the home church people will come to stare and see what is happening? You wont have to visit them because they will visit you first! When they can come to find out what is going on you can give a speech or cry or anything. Are you fully determined to do even that?

25th Anniversary of the Unification Church
5.1.79, Belvedere

. . . To witness to every single American would take 8,000 years at the rate of 100 per day.

So when are we going to do that? We don' t have that much time. New York has 2,620,000 homes, and if each home has five people, that totals 13 million. That means in order to witness to everyone in New York 7,000 Unification Church members would be needed with each one having 360 homes. If all those members work as intensely as I have been tuna fishing all season then all New York will turn around. Then the rest of America, and thus the world, will automatically turn around within ten years.

Our Duty, Our Mission
10.5.80, Belvedere

You should feel that your life here on earth is endlessly precious. "Why is time running so fast? Slow down. I have more work to do. I must build the kingdom and do more home church." That's the way you must feel in your life.

Let Us Restore the Homeland and Fatherland
1.14.79, Belvedere

Particularly if you succeed in home church and become a tribal messiah, your name shall be known throughout history. Once the third seven-year course is over and the door of the Kingdom of Heaven is wide open, all future posterity can meet the qualifications easily because of you; they will have you as ancestors. That is the authority God wants to bestow upon you. In three generations of twenty years each the work will be finished, with my generation, your generation, and finally your children's generation.

The greatest virtue my own children can demonstrate is loyalty, absolute love and obedience. In that case, they will go freely with me. But if they don't demonstrate obedience, they will have to go through 21 years themselves, as well as their children. Always three generations are needed for fulfillment. You are joining me in the third seven-year course and if you fulfill in this victory you can indeed become the ancestors of the world race.

The qualification to become ancestors is available only once in history. This is your extraordinary privilege; do not lose it, but seize it and fulfill it, leaving no regret behind. Are you willing to participate in my ultimate victory? I actually started the home church program in 1978 so by June 1981 it will be 3 1/2 years old. When you first heard about it, something didn't click, but every day you are understanding its meaning more deeply.

I was born for this mission and lived it and fulfilled it. In the same way, you are born for home church, for making a victorious path there. Through home church, your victory can be everywhere. It will continue victoriously until all heaven and earth become the Kingdom of Heaven.

The First Day and Our Lifetime

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