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The Words Of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Society and World Affairs

And you will hear of wars and rumors of wars; see that you are not alarmed; for this must take place, but the end is not yet. For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom, and there will be famines and earthquakes in various places: all this is but the beginning of the birth pangs.

Matthew 24: 6-8

The communists are determined to destroy the free world and take over, but we will save the free world and also the communist world. That is our goal. The Unification movement is here for re-creation. The original will of God was corrupted, so we are here to re-create the world. We are that force and movement which will liberate the entire world centered on the true love of God. Our method is home church, through which you can contact everyone.

Today we declare the beginning of the second 21-year course, in which we shall become superior in every way over the evil ideology of communism. Our goal is to create the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, and in order to do that we must liberate mankind from sin. We are committed to rise to the challenge without compromise. If you promise that to me, raise your hand. We'll see you in Moscow.

The Completion of the Providence and Parents' Day
4.15.80, World Mission Center

The communists' goal is always clear -- world domination -- and they are united in that purpose. But the nations on God's side are divided and uncertain. God cannot allow this situation to continue so He raised up Reverend Moon and Unification Church to regroup the forces in the free world and win against communism. The communists seem to be winning, gaining more territory and people every day, but we are winning spiritually. We are not alone, for the entire spirit world is with us. Which population is bigger, spirit world or people living in the world today?

God is watching this tug of war and eventually He will judge who has won. We are on good speaking terms with that judge! God is saying now that He wants us to prove how much we love mankind and show Him that our love is greater than the communists'. Then He can give us the victory.

God is sending us out to home church, to the very family units the communists are trying to destroy. We are making the home the building block of the Kingdom of Heaven. The communists know they must destroy two targets -- the church and the family -- in order to conquer mankind. But God's side is the champion for both home and church in our system of home church. We are now approaching the terminal of God's dispensation.

The First Day and Our Lifetime

You should know that your three seven-year courses start on my victorious foundation on the world level; you are not starting all over again where I did. America knows what I did, so you are working on an elevated level compared to my initial position. From this time on it is definite that communism will decline; when the three key nations of Korea, Japan and America really become one, Russia will quickly decline. This unity will not happen automatically, so who will bring it about? No other Christians have this vision, so the Unification Church must do it. . . .

You should know clearly that the past year marked the end of the period when the Christian nation and world came against us, and now the second three seven-year courses mark the time when nations will unite to fight, and form one free world. Right now only Moonies are willing to fight communism. Even though people don't like us now, because we are effective fighters against communism they will have to come to our side. Fighting against communism will automatically bring the free nations into one.

We are liberating Jesus and liberating God, and liberating the world. Who will lead the world after communism is stopped? The world needs the guiding thought of Unificationism. From 1981 a fierce battle will begin to eliminate the power of communism from the earth. Everything has a time when its fortune is rising or declining. When the fortunes of communism are rising, it is more difficult to suppress, but when its fortunes are declining it will easily tumble down.

Christmas in View of the Will of God
12.25.80, World Mission Center

. . . Korea has a two-fold problem today; one is communism, the other is the United States. Korea is hanging in the balance. The Unification Church has the same two problems, so Korea and Unification Church are really on common ground. The United States is the key to solving these two problems. If Korea and the Unification Church and America can become one, then the entire world can come into oneness. The spiritual, internal conditions are all set, and now the important thing is to translate them into a physical victory. If America can openly welcome me then communism will no longer be a problem.

This is why I came to America to build a base. Even though America has been hostile to me, I have stayed to build that base. President Carter is the 39th president, so the most crucial presidency is coming up. You know the number forty is important; if the next president will truly grab God and stand on His Principle then the world can be changed. If President Carter had done that then the world would not have been overrun by communism as it has. But now President Carter has been beset by so many problems that he hardly has strength to stand. . . .

This is the most crucial and exciting time in America's history, for if you become one with me you can ignite the nation. All you have to do is ignite the spiritual bombs which are ready and you will take off. Our ignition is true sacrifice, and the atomic bomb is home church. All the boundaries you can think of can be eliminated at one stroke. Our Unification Church mission is elimination of all boundaries for the sake of the world. Our job is unification of the world through home church.

Cross over the Boundary
6.1.80, Belvedere

When the time inevitably comes that the American nation will respect and support me, then our target will become international communism. Even now, what looks like opposition from the American government is actually opposition from agents of communist power infiltrated into the departments of government and Congress. They are creating this atmosphere of condemnation of the Unification Church.

Nevertheless, they will not ultimately succeed; America is basically anticommunist because America loves freedom. When Reverend Moon and the Unification Church emerge in the public mind as champions to fight communism, the American public will naturally support us as their champions. I knew from the beginning that this was our destiny, so I initiated the victory over communism movement in Korea and Japan and now here in America, with our final goal as Moscow. Now you know where you are and what you are supposed to do.

We must be superior to any religious organization in America; our CARP movement should be superior to any youth movement here and our home church system stronger than any other Christian movement in the last 2000 years. Communism is the archenemy of democracy and freedom, but mainly the enemy of God. Furthermore, the moral degradation of American youth must be cleansed. That's why I have been educating you through the Divine Principle, so you are strong and capable, and your moral outlook is secure, pure and God-centered. That is our strength.

True Couple
5.27.79, World Mission Center

Let's say America has seventy million families now. Divided by 360, that's 200,000. If we have 200,000 active members then home church will touch all seventy million American homes and teach them. Then communism can be stopped.

You should know everything about your home area -- who is a good Christian, who has what job, what sympathies people have. Government agencies cannot stop communism. It can be done only through person-to-person contact. This way we can protect American homes from satanic invasion and discourage young people from using drugs and from bad practices of every kind. We can stop the collapse of the Christian spirit. If you are successful in home church and the neighborhood churches are empty because people find nothing there, you can preach in those buildings to a jam-packed congregation.

Our objective is to teach Americans to repent for not understanding Heaven before now. Don't you think that America and the world should do that as well as Unification Church members? We are doing home church to protect what is left of the family. We should not let American families slide further into chaos, but protect them and bring them into harmony to rescue the young people from decadence so that America can survive as a nation. We can expose the communists and their activities and bring community disapproval down on them.

Nothing very complicated need happen. If Christians are willing to realize that their doctrines are incomplete and will simply open their minds to new knowledge then it may only take seven days or even seven hours for them to change. Home church is the line of defense against communism; once we are organized in this way, the communists will find it difficult to move around secretly in America, which they do easily now. Do you think the State or Defense Departments can physically stop communist infiltration? Or could the President revive the sliding Christian spirit? People still listen to evangelists like Billy Graham and Oral Roberts, but every average Unification Church member knows much more than they do. Why then are you silent? Why don't you speak out with what you know? Perhaps it is because you think there is no immediate danger, but if you knew for sure what was happening in America today, you would certainly move faster than you are.

You are in the position of Abel in your home church and your people in the position of Cain, or archangel. They will not want to let you in, but tell them, "No, you need me. I am good." If you win in your area then you are safe and they are safe. But if you lose and are chased away then they will perish as well. Since you are Abel, God is right behind you and the possibility of victory is there for you. If you are educated and really understand what they need to know, then you will win each war you fight and the communists will never be able to affect you; you will be superior in knowledge, spirit, thought and in practical ability.

Your home church people are your Cains and you have to win them. Home church will be like tanks when communism moves against us. The government can't stop communism because no one is dedicated enough. They think they should only sit tight. Do you think the government could win public cooperation and enthusiasm by spending billions of dollars for programs? I have been working on this problem all along, and from any point of view our solution is what America needs. It is likely that the FBI and CIA have sent people to find out what goes on in the Unification Church, but could they find anything bad about what we are doing? We are only trying to protect America; if we don't then the communists will catch this nation. It's as simple as that. Don't you think home church is necessary?

If the Unification Church wins then we will see the remaining barriers begin to fall and the world's people can come much, much closer. This is the last major battle. If Abel wins then the historical war will be finished. In the seven years after 1980 we will launch an all-out war, not just guerrilla fighting. It will be a war of thought, not guns. If we win that war then we can stem the tide of decline and turn America in the right direction, guaranteeing America immense prosperity.

Do you understand now about the position of America? Clearly America is in danger, and do you know what we are going to do about it? The basic element is home church, and when that is done in meaningful numbers then even if the communists sweep this country they can be stopped. If they come before that happens. however, it will be too late.

The Abel's Path from the Providential Point of View
12.30.79, Belvedere

Home church is being done even in the communist world and nothing can stop it. The communists are trying to tear it apart, but to no avail. Eventually the communists will capitulate voluntarily as they are won over by the spirit of truth and love given by you.

Total Self Re-Evaluation
9.14.80, Belvedere

Military power will never stop the spread of communism; the battle must be won within communities and families. Only through home church can you defeat the influence of communism. If you have a good foundation in your area, you will know immediately if anyone comes into your community trying to preach communism. You will be able to prevent such unwholesome influences from invading your area.

Total Completion of the Ideal
2.28.82, Belvedere

Satan knows that this is the most critical and final showdown. If the home church crusade is succeeding then there is no more room for Satan. He must, then, become very strong. If we can go anywhere, including the communist world, doing home church, then that will be the concluding chapter. Satan Js fighting desperately to oppose you. He is having to fight very harsh opposition: us. He is putting up the final offensive battle. In the end, the communists will be used by Satan. That's by far the worst Satan to come in front of us.

World Conference
2.25.80, World Mission Center

Once the home church foundation is established on the clan level, the nation will be automatically protected. How does it work? Satan must go away once Cain humbles himself to Abel; he has no place to dwell when that happens. All over the free world, home church will become successful.

As soon as Abel becomes one with the parents, on the foundation of his unity with Cain, Satan will have to be expelled. Right now, we are in the process of making that Abel-parental unity. This is why we are working so hard to do home church and unite Cain and Abel clans. Once unity is achieved in your home church area, the whole free world will quickly be united with the parents. The free world will be entirely different at that time. Once the home church foundation is successful, the rest of the world will have to follow and success in the communist world will be simple.

As you know, we are dwelling in a new era which was proclaimed on February 22, 1977. Since then the Abel world and the parents have come to the verge of unity; it will happen very soon. Such unity will transcend all national borders. Communism will be throttled with the appearance of home church unity. Communist forces have been unable to expand very much at all since 1977; also, they have been experiencing more and more corruption and breakdown within their societies. On the contrary, we will be experiencing more and more of a revival.

Although the secular free world is also becoming corrupted and is declining at this time, there are some elements within the free world that are reviving and prospering. The element which is reviving is the home church world; it will become more and more prosperous, while every other aspect of the secular world will decline more and more.

Let Us Protect Ourselves
5.1.82, Belvedere

Can anyone remove the chapter of American history that I have written here? Later on in history this teaching will shine even more brilliantly because it is God's Principle, not mine. This is why I am pushing you out to home church, the world where you will become a tribal messiah. The entire universe is ready for restoration but the center is empty. The whole environment is ready for the Kingdom, but the very essence is non-existent.

The relationship of parents and children is confused and the relationship of men and women here in America is void because tremendous chaos and confusion persist. The vertical father-son relationship is not clear and the horizontal man-woman relationships are all confused, so all other relationships are entangled and confused as well. That is the state of this society at this time. We need a policeman to guide all this traffic to the one vertical line where it can all be organized. . . .

Love of God is the key: when you have that you have everything and need nothing else. First there is the vertical relationship of True Parents and true children, and the horizontal relationships you have with each other. We are engaged in many activities and there is nothing we do not do. Many segments are needed to make a complete circle, so we are doing all kinds of things. Because our radius of activity is so wide, some things may appear to be unrelated to the overall goal, but actually it is all part of the same horizontal line of true love.

Home church is our system for filling the void in society. If all of your 360 homes are realigned in this vertical love relationship, would it be a noteworthy happening in America that would draw much attention? It would be like a volcanic explosion, a panacea for society's ills made visible, and in every state people would try to make it work. Many people in history will start out in home church and compete to see who becomes the tribal messiah first. This is the one way we can make unification of the world possible without fighting and killing.

What Kind of Thought Do You Have?
6.10.79, Belvedere

You may feel uneducated and simple, but you can't help but feel very insecure at the course America is taking. There is no intelligent reason to be optimistic. All the newspaper reports are bad. But if this can be stopped quickly and if America can be turned around as a result of what you are doing now, can you refuse to do this? Let's put it another way: sooner or later people will have to recognize that everything is hopeless and no one is doing anything meaningful about this country except the Unification Church. When that happens, you will be the flag bearers and then Americans will ask, "You are the members of the Unification Church. What do you think we should do?" Then you won't have to lecture them but just tell them, "I have been doing the home church, loving the people and teaching them." If you do that, America and the world will come alive once more. Your work won't stop there but will expand and expand to include spirit world.

. . . If everyone does that in America, this country will live. Senators and Congressmen don't have to make long studies about the problem of how to benefit America. They don't have to go to schools and study for years. All they need to do is turn their eyes toward home church and the Unification Church members will show them the way. If they follow that pattern all throughout the United States, this country will live.

. . . You must understand this message and try hard so that when you go to spirit world you will have something to report to Heavenly Father. Without doing that, there is nothing you can say in the spirit world. We have to try and try to set a condition to gain more time for America and let God take care of the result. Keep asking God to postpone the end of America for one year or two years. "During this year I will commit myself totally and get things done in America." We must pray that way to God, asking for an extension.

There is no other way I can explain why we must do home church and what the result will be. Now it is up to you to digest and carry out. Your success will be America's success and God's success. If the Unification Church fails, you can imagine the future of America in a few years. Maybe you can say that America will fade away just as it was suddenly born 200 years ago, but the world will die also if America fails. At least be responsible for the world. Where will God go, where will Christians and religious people go in the face of communism? I have been telling you again and again that this is the most critical year in all of human history. What does it mean? This is a year of indemnity. By doing home church the right way, we will make up for all the failures of the Unification Church.

We often hear about emergencies in the world, but now this country is in such an emergency that martial law should be declared. Will I say it is not necessary to do anything, as though this were peacetime?

I urge you to understand this situation very clearly and to make the foundation for the world's eternal happiness through pioneering home church. Everywhere you go, throw the bomb of love and ignite the people's minds, giving them hope. Show them the way to live.

Eternal Happiness
2.25.79, Belvedere

When I go into New York City I don't concentrate on the skyscrapers. Instead I notice the dirty, dark alleys; the places where the Mafia and the drug addicts are working; I see where the prostitutes and thieves work. My thinking is, "How can I clean up those things?" Isn't it true that somebody has to clean up those things? Should I just leave them alone, or should I do something about them? That's why you are asked to go and do home church. If there are 1,000 evil-doers in your home church area when you first get here, one year later by your example and service you can reduce that number to 800. The second year you can reduce them to 500; the third year, 200. Finally, by the fifth year, there will be no one in your area who is doing evil. You can serve the elderly people in your area. Do their laundry, cook for them, clean their houses for them. I have done such things myself.

Wanting to Live in the Kingdom of Heaven
12.20.81, Belvedere

If you brought people from the street for ten years, how many would actually remain? You could never be a mayor or Senator on that foundation because people would soon forget you. Direct mail is also an efficient method, but it is too costly. For the time being we don't have the budget, so it has been temporarily discontinued, but we will resume when there is money for it. Once home church is successful, direct mail will be very, very effective. This strategy would work in any city. If the leader in Chicago, for instance, does that, he has a good chance to run for political office.

Our Duty, Our Mission
10.5.80, Belvedere

America has many strong defense tactics, but there are many things they have no way to control. There are many problems in this country, such as youth alienation, drug abuse, and family breakdown. How can this country possibly solve these fundamental problems without the help and guidance of the Unification Church? Do you really know this reality? You must go beyond just mentally understanding something; you must know and you must act. You must deeply realize the importance of doing home church.

Total Completion of the Ideal
2.28.82, Belvedere

In the United States, the government is in the Cain position, while Christianity is in the Abel position. Only through the unity of these two positions can this country be acceptable to God. Today, on the contrary, the United States government is dominating Christianity and this is the opposite of what should be happening. The communist world, which denies God, is in the position of the Cain world and the free world is in the position of the Abel world. The Unification Church is in the mother's position, so we are supposed to embrace both sons: the Abel, democratic world and the Cain, communist world. By doing so, the world can accept the Messiah; it can welcome the universal parent.

That has not been done very successfully, so, for that reason, we have to make the foundation from the very bottom. The very bottom is home church, then progressing to tribe church, nation church, and world church. Who has to do this? The Unification Church is committed to doing this, but I have already fulfilled those levels.

Victory of Home Church (Midnight Address)
1.1.82, World Mission Center

I am sending you out to bear your own fruit in home church. The worst wars in history began with tribal wars; so unless we indemnify tribal war, we cannot indemnify national war. Therefore, you are doing this in home church. By setting up your Cain-type home church and later your Abel-type home church, you can bring them together; then the ideal shall become reality. This applies to black, white and yellow alike. Of Noah's three sons, two could not fulfill the dispensation. Shem represented the yellow race, Ham the black race, and Japheth the occidentals. Shem and Ham could not fulfill their dispensational roles at the time, so Japheth took their place. This was only because of his dispensational position, not because of his individual qualities.

White people should love black people, and both should love yellow people. All races must love each other; otherwise, racial war is inevitable, and white people would suffer the most as a result. I am determined to prevent racial war. Communism is behind the scenes pushing for global racial conflict, but we are trying to unite the races. This is why our work is going strong in South America and Africa. Who will do that unless we do it? Other Christian churches? Other religions? Many churches today are too self-centered to actively promote racial harmony. I have undertaken this most difficult job. When I first came to America, I prophesied what would happen to this nation and all of it has come true.

True Parents' Day
3.25.82, World Mission Center

In giving the love of God you should not get behind anyone. Suffer more and love them more. In that love all kinds of people and all five colors of skin are included. If you are a white brother, would you visit white people first? If you are black, do you visit in the black community? Actually, it should be the opposite. Black people should go to white homes and white people go to black homes. That is the way we can destroy all the barriers of racism.

The Birth of Jesus and the Consummation of God's Will
12.24. 78, Belvedere

Instead of visiting homes of other white people, whites would rather go to Spanish homes, black homes, oriental homes. That's restoration. How much history has been moving upward!

Restored Family
1.21.79, Belvedere

We will create the tribe that can mobilize on the spur of the moment. Abraham was mobile, Jacob was mobile, and their families were all mobile. The Israelites in Egypt were mobile. The men of God all took off and the exodus began. In Korea I obeyed the call to go to America, an unknown, hostile land. I did not hesitate. In the same way we are going to create a tribe of people and leaders who will not hesitate to take off, whatever the command.

You are becoming the true parents of your tribes. Your people must grow in the love of God so that they can embrace the rest of the world in love, all five colors of skin. You can become the glue to put all the pieces of the world together. I organized my tribe to include not only Koreans, but everyone. In my tribe there are all the races you can think of -- black, white, yellow, red and brown. You must organize your tribe in the same tradition. When you set the goal and begin marching on, move straight. Don't be distracted by what you see on the left or on the right. If you meet a roadblock and detour around it, what will happen? Your generations will follow that same winding way. What would you do under those circumstances, being aware of the people who follow you? Take the obstacle apart rock by rock and continue forward.

We are not going to fear any obstacle, and therefore, our way of life isn't going to be easy. When God's command comes, whether 1,000 or 2,000 members in New York have to move immediately won't make any difference. We will just pack up and disperse over six continents. Don't ever think that only America is our concern. Those six continents and five oceans are all our territory.

Parents Day
4.8.78, Manhattan Center

Many movements to make external unity are coming into being, like the European Economic Community, and no power trying to block this trend of unity can succeed. America persists in being very nationalistic and the communists are increasingly protectionist, but that is not God's will. I come from Asia, but do I proclaim Asians as a superior race and discourage other races? No, we are color blind and the True Parents are parents of all races in one family. There are no barriers in the Unification Church. No one can halt this because spirit world already has its barriers broken down and the physical world is destined to reflect that.

Which race has more numbers in spirit world? Asians outnumber everyone else. If the present barriers persist then naturally the yellow race would prevail by virtue of numbers, but I don't want that to happen. I would like you to create home churches which are beyond national, racial and economic boundaries. There is one God, one family and one church. If white Americans go to Africa and create home churches then there is no way Africans can oppose that and send them away; if they do then Africa shall decline. The angelic world and Adam's world have become one already and that is the trend of the future. No one can prevail against the trend of the future and even Satan must surrender. You can go out with full conviction and confidence that ultimately you shall prevail. Trust me and you will be victorious.

The Completion Period for the Dispensation
11.12.78, Belvedere

Before we can have a family recognized by all, we have to have the foundation of home church. You must really know how important this is. When home church is successful in your area, gradually people will gather together and a nation will be formed, without effort from you. This is possible not only in America, but anywhere in the world. You can go to any country and start this foundation. The home church movement can be worldwide; even moving into communist countries. Externally governments may try to stop home church, but spiritually they can have no accusation.

It is very clear what we have to do now. We will be patriots of home church. Home church is the foundation to go beyond national boundaries. Only after being successful in home church are we worthy of having our rightful position in spirit world. That is the indemnity condition for you to fly up to the world level, beyond Satans accusation. By realizing the incredible significance of this time, the Unification Church members must come into unity and focus on home church as never before.

Declaration of the Ceremony of Unity Between Spirit World and Physical World
3.28.82, Belvedere

For the first time in history people came from what could be called enemy countries to serve one nation. Every country, at one time or another, has been an enemy of England. America fought the War of Independence against the British, Germany was an enemy in the Second World War, as was Japan. Every member who works in this country is from an enemy country. At no time in history has this happened. Can you say that this is a historical thing?

This is not only an event in world history, but it is also very religious. It is dispensational because Jesus taught all Christians: "Love thy enemy." This is the completion of the New Testament. On that foundation we are going to plant God's heart for the first time. Historical enemies will come to help each other. Where, then, is the worst enemy? There is no longer any worst enemy, because the enemy himself has come to work for that very country which used to be its enemy. . .

You must also understand that London fits this dispensation perfectly, because it is a cosmopolitan city. You find every type of person in London, just as in New York. Actually, 12 countries must be represented within the 360 homes to set the condition for these enemy elements to be restored and harmonized. When Father took everything into consideration, London was chosen. London is not just a local city but a city of the world, isn't it?

You came here to England. This is not just one country, really; there are people here from 12 countries, so this is like the whole world. If you win here, you have won the world, not just one country. When you go back to your respective countries, you will stand on the victorious foundation of having won the world. Then you can go and work for your country in an easier way. After you witness successfully to three people you will have established this condition; then you can go back to France or to America and make an Abel-type home church with no opposition.

Father Speaks to the Crusade
9.5.82, London

Here we are breaking down all the barriers of race, language and nationality. We can give up all these things because we are bound by stronger bonds and values. When you really know this as you enter your home church, all heaven and earth enter with you. This cause is worth living and dying for, worth investing your youth for. The providence is unfolding at this time in history, and somehow you are one of the first to participate. The weight of history is moving forward with you. As soon as we succeed in that territory of goodness, no more negativity will be generated by the media, by the Christians; even the communists will not affect us.

Territory of Goodness
10.14.79, World Mission Center

Our purpose is to elevate the moral standards of society, revive the churches, and stop communism. All this we accomplish through the work of home church. Then an entirely new world will emerge. There are seventy million homes in America, and divided by 360 that makes 200,000 home church areas. Is it impossible to have that many members covering the whole United States? If you witness to 100 people a day then you will only cover three billion people in 100,000 years and it would still take over 1,000 years to cover all America. But if 200,000 people do home church, all of it could realistically be done in our lifetimes.

Unless you have home church, you have nothing to do with me! It is a bridge between this world and the heavenly world, and there is no way to reach the heavenly world without crossing it. If you choose not to do it then you have to give up the heavenly world.

I expect there will be a great movement of population soon because all the home church areas will be filled and people will have to go to other countries to do this. People will emigrate by thousands to do home church. Unless you do home church well, you will have no container for the blessings God wants to give you. Satan hates home church most.

After home church is completed there will be no national boundaries and then we can live anywhere; we won' t have to stay in any country where we are unwelcome. If your home church is successful, then I wont have to prepare separately for the march on Moscow; home church will open the way for the rally in Moscow.

In spirit world I can go directly to God now. Isn't that what you would like also? I did home church on the world level, meaning that all boundaries and prejudices will disappear. Since the victory in 1976, I have talked about home church and why you must do it. When you clearly understand this, you wont need an Abel figure but can do it on your own. Otherwise, you need someone to help discipline your life. Once you finish home church, you can live anywhere in the world. This is not easy.

Home Church and Myself
12.14.80, Belvedere

Now you are undertaking tribal and racial organization centering on yourself, and in doing so, finding and restoring the external Cain-type country. Then the counterpart Abel-type country will automatically be restored. If you fulfill in your external home church then the internal home church, namely your physical family, will automatically be restored.

Korea has forty million people. If sixty million home churches are done here, then automatically forty million would be done in Korea without even trying. According to the Principle, if you complete the external then the internal will come automatically. I am applying this principle now.

When the time comes, there will be great movements from one country to another. When we concentrate in one place and secure enough people, that will bring the automatic restoration of the number of people found in Korea. This is the application of that same principle. Until we reach that maximum number, you have the privilege of going into any country. Cain and Abel must become one before the Kingdom of Heaven is realized. No matter how good an Abel you are, no Abel alone can qualify for heaven. The gathering of European members in England for witnessing is kind of preparation for the great movements we will undertake one day. Our members doing home church all over England have no concept of nationality. . .

The people who are deeply engaged in home church can move along with me and continue home church in some other place, but those who did not do home church cannot move on with me. That is the privilege of a selected people. The Third Israelites might be in Korea initially, but those who are privileged to go with the Messiah to another country are those who have successfully done home church. I did not decide that; it is the Principle. . . .

In the Abel position, you are going to home church, which is in the Cain position, and after making oneness with home church you can claim your parents. This is Principle. This situation applies to the whole world. I came here in the father's position, Abel's position, to America, the Cain country, which did everything to oppose me. This Cain represents the people of the whole world. I have loved this country more than the Abel country. After doing that I can go back to my home country and it will automatically unite with me. After that, the parents on the world level can be restored. This is the same principle which works in home church for individuals. Do you understand clearly? . . .

By this same principle all free countries will come into one, and because of that the communist countries will automatically be restored. Beyond that, we will restore hell and then all other parts of spirit world will be restored. Through this principle, spirit world will be liberated. How soon will that liberation take place? Almost at the same time liberation takes place on earth.

When I return to my original country, the people of those countries that cannot go along with me will feel miserable. Before that time you must become qualified and your country must qualify. Now you know much about every aspect of the importance of home church. If I explained this to you only in regard to a very high level, you would think it has nothing to do with your situation. But now you know that you are working on your level with the same principle that applies to this large area. Since the day of migration is not far away, I am telling you these things now.

You can see that America is one big nation, but it is greater than one nation in the sense that it can connect directly to the world. It is possible to say that America equals the free world. If America understands then the communist world will be restored immediately; but if it fails, I will have to fulfill this in a smaller nation. If that happens then America will see the time when it will even be ruled by one of the South American countries. . . .

The closer America becomes to the Unification Church, the greater the deterioration that will take place in the communist world. . . .

I know the deadline America must meet, but I will not say exactly what year it is. If you completely, 100% obey and work with me then during this time you can establish at least a condition on which I can extend the time and remain and give us more opportunity to fulfill sixty million home churches in this country. Can you say that I have not carried out my mission in America? I keep telling you that I have already done my part for you. I taught you everything about that. This is a very serious time. This is not just one country, one household, one clan: this one country is like one world, and the fate of America rests on you.

Even if the Russians do not listen, there is a way to make them listen. But it will be much more difficult to do if we do not succeed here in America. If America does not go along with the dispensational timetable, America's situation will become worse and worse. There is absolutely no room for mistake. This is the Principle and the Providence; this is God's plan. So believe that America will really experience difficulty if you do not meet the deadline. Do you think this is just my talk, or this is the Principle point of view? The deadline will come some time in the next President's term.

The period from Abraham to King David, then to the period of captivity in Babylon, and then to Jesus' time each contain 14 generations. Thus, from Abraham to Jesus' time there are 42 generations; actually we regard them as forty generations because Abraham, Isaac and Jacob count as one generation. This fortieth president comes at a period equal to Jesus' time, when the country will rise or the country will fall. So no matter what situation you find yourself in, be very brave and audacious. Stamp on whatever the circumstances you are in and bravely go in whatever direction God tells you to go, regardless of what people think. Then you will win the victory. Otherwise, you'll be dragged down into defeat.

The disintegration will not take place exactly after forty generations, but perhaps will linger on until the 43rd generation. During that time the country will experience continued decline, until at the end of the 43rd generation the communists can do whatever they want with America. At that point America will find absolutely no hope; the illness will have progressed too far by that time. This is the deciding point. I won't wait any more, but will decide soon whether I must leave this country or not. The other day when I was speaking this way, someone said, "Father, let's not think like that." But whether you think or not, you have to go according to the Principle. If Principle directs you that way then there's no way to escape.

It is possible that at the end of the 43rd presidency I would have to evacuate all Unification Church members from this country. Then America will become like Sodom and Gomorrah. I know that the years of the dispensation of restoration are very exact, and they never compromise or wait. Therefore, I am serious and am telling you now like it is. This is the time where you have to grasp the way you will make this country live. It's a life-or-death question, not just a question of trying the best you can. Either you do it or not do it.

Your life is at stake here if you are to do it. For four years I have been telling you to be serious about America. If you really cry with your home church, then there is the possibility of this crisis being put off for maybe a few more years. During this time we can both work out America's situation. But if you don't cling to it then the time will just pass by and America will have no hope; it will not even get an extension. . . .

If America is going to decline then it is going to decline fast. If you are to make some strategy against an enemy, you have to know his viewpoint. The enemy is just as smart as you. I see that this is the way communism will act. If you can imagine the possibility of these things, then why not the communists? How soon will it happen? This can happen any time. This is why I have placed so much emphasis on CARP activity, and created Ocean Church. If we really make America pay attention to what the home church is doing, they'll realize that this is the way for America to survive. Then in three years all America can make a positive issue of the Unification Church, and then America can live. I see the possibility that America will succeed, not fail. That's why I emphasized CARP, starting last year, and this year am beginning Ocean Church. I have prepared for a long time and now I am telling you to be desperate and do it.

If you have any doubts, the time is not far away when you can see whether I was right or wrong. I am even thinking that if we have many boats then we can transport many of our members to Africa and other countries. But if you leave behind a failure, this country will never be the same. If you have a victory in your country and then you go to Africa, that is very different from going on a foundation of failure. . . .

I am risking a great deal to do this; my own life is at stake. If this does not work, there's nothing God can do about it either. It's up to man's 5% responsibility. If America does not sufficiently change itself, a time will come when God will tell me to leave America. Think about that in the deepest way.

If we don't do this correctly then think about the persecution that will come in the future, for generations. If you don't act in the right way then we'll have one more cross; we'll have to carry this out under the oppression of communism. The second three seven-year courses are not my responsibility, but yours. You will be successful on your own or suffer on your own. Either way. . .

You understand that this is very serious thinking. How we. work in America for the next four years, the duration of the fortieth presidential term, will absolutely determine America's situation. If in the next three or four years Americans move to God's side then America will prosper. . .

Have any of you here ever thought with this seriousness for the future? No one. If you listen to me, don't you feel that what I am saying is very awesome and fearful? I am fearful about it myself. The serious consequences one way or the other are directly tied up with the Moonies. You must conclude whether or not you will do that. Do you understand how serious the situation of home church is now? Without home church becoming successful, there's no way to succeed; through this timetable there is no way for us to get around doing home church.

Our Duty, Our Mission
10.5.80, Belvedere

Each individual must preserve his central position within the family, society, and so forth. Where is that central position? It is in the home church. By defending the realm of God's freedom within your home church, you are defending all other realms of freedom under Him. Your 360 homes represent the entire world so when your area is living within the Principle, God will have a condition to move into the entire world. You will see sharp changes of direction within this world toward the side of goodness. A very effective time for God's providence will be happening.

Let Us Protect Ourselves
5.1.82, Belvedere

Home church is your base of heaven, where you pour out your sacrifice and where you come for love. When the world atmosphere changes, the two most difficult activities we have -- witnessing and fundraising -- will be sheer pleasure, almost effortless. People will come like Niagara Falls and then the money will pour in. If you truly unite with me then it won't take even twenty years, but only seven years to change the world atmosphere.

Cross Over the Boundary
6.1.80, Belvedere

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