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The Words Of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Mobilizing Spirit World

Behold, the Lord came with his holy myriads, to execute judgment on all.

Jude 14-15

And in the last days it shall be, God declares, that I will pour out my Spirit upon all flesh, and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams, and it shall be that whoever calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved.

Acts 2:17,21

Trough the victory in Washington we fulfilled the conditions needed to liberate the sorrow of the entire spirit world and the physical world together. I declare today that the time has come for the total liberation of the spirit world and the forgiveness of past sins.

In the spirit world there are no national boundaries. Korea, Japan and America do not exist in the spirit world; however, there are different realms based on the different religions. Those who believed in Buddha are in Buddha's realm and those who believed in Jesus live in the Christian realm, and so forth. Throughout man's history individuals in spirit world have always lived in distinctly separate realms and have never harmonized. They surrounded themselves with walls, waiting for the day when the new Messiah would come to the earth and declare their liberation. Only then could they break down the walls and finally unite into oneness. They have been waiting throughout history for this day, but it could not be declared until the sorrowing hearts of God, Jesus Christ, and the True Parents were vindicated. There has been no such day in the past. Today, however, through the victory of the Washington Monument Rally, all the past sorrow of God, Jesus, and the True Parents is vindicated, and today I declare the liberation of all the spirit world. Even at this moment the barriers are broken down.

Now spirit world has formed one world of unification; the territories have merged and everyone can communicate freely, traveling back and forth. Since the spirit world is in the subject position, this unity will eventually be reflected here on earth. According to the Principle, if the three levels -- God, Adam and Eve, and the archangel -- had united together there would have been no fall. Now here on earth that unity has been established between God, the True Parents, and the members of the Unification Church, who are in the position of the angelic world as well as of children. This unity was not made on the level of one small nation; we have achieved this unity on a worldwide level. This is most significant.

What is the significance of this unity? Simply this: Satan no longer has the condition to attack Adam or Adam's family. This means that Satan no longer has any power to defeat the Unification Church and the True Parents. Satan may still attack, but now God is in a position to exact a penalty for that, and blessing will be withdrawn from the satanic side accordingly. From this time on our battle is still going to be hectic but the consequences will be very different. We must press forward in battle and work hard, and then we will see the blessing of the other side shifted to ours. God will transfer the blessing from the other camp to ours.

The wind has changed. In the past Satan was constantly attacking and God's people were always on the defensive. But from this time on Satan will be on the defensive and God's side will begin to attack. If Satan's side attacks us it will have to pay a tremendous penalty, and ultimately we will win.

The entire spirit world is now completely united behind us. The consequences are many, and at this juncture of human history we must understand clearly how to conduct ourselves to avoid being hurt by conditions we might make for Satan; from this time on we should not violate any heavenly laws. As we gather fresh determination to win new battles, our standard must always be to go beyond the intensity of our work for Washington Monument. Then we will always be victorious and the heavenly world will always assist us. . . .

Today we are celebrating the Day of the Victory of Heaven. Our pledge should be that we will maintain the standard of effort that was established by the Washington Monument campaign. As long as we do that then God can be with us all the way, and the entire spirit world will come to assist us without reservation. Can you understand this?

Spirit world is now besieging people on earth. To them the world is small, almost like the size of an ice cube. A treasure chest has been opened but most people are unaware that a new treasure has been discovered and a new power has been released. Spirit world has opened up, but nobody realizes what has happened.

Because of the fall of Adam and Eve, the separation between the spirit world and physical world stretched miles wide. Even though the people in spirit world wanted to descend to the earth to intervene in the life of the physical world, they could not do it because between the two worlds lay a chasm which was in the hands of Satan. Adam was supposed to be in the father's role, but because he failed then all his children failed. Spirit world could not freely descend until the mission of the father was consummated here on earth, and he could open a path to the spirit world. This is the rule of heaven.

God's plan was to work on the individual level with Abel, then with Abel's family, tribe, nation, and the Abel side on the worldwide level. No one could bridge this chasm during the 4,000 years before Jesus' coming.

Jesus came in the role of the father of mankind, and in him the spirit of God was manifested through a perfected man for the first time. At that time God wanted to pioneer a breakthrough in history. Because of Jesus' crucifixion, however, this pioneering task was accomplished only spiritually. That is why the Second Advent became absolutely necessary. The position of the True Father must be established in order to pioneer complete salvation from the individual level to the worldwide level, as well as to open the pathway to the spirit world.

All the wrong doings and mistakes of the past, including the mistakes of Judaism and Christianity, must be indemnified. The Unification Church thus has a mending mission. By paying indemnity we are mending the mistakes of history in the shortest possible time. You call me the True Parent. Why? Because for you my role is that of a true parent, true father, or Adam. I must mend all of the past mistakes, and step by step bring about wholesome restoration from the individual level to the worldwide level. This was symbolically consummated at Washington Monument, so that the individual failure, family, tribal, national and worldwide failures were mended. Thus I opened wide the highway between this world and the spirit world, so that anyone can ascend or descend without restriction. . . .

Now your ancestors can come down freely on the highway between the spirit world and the physical world. Our ancestors in the spirit world are our allies and will help us witness to others. They will come down in an unprecedented avalanche, like Niagara Falls. They will pressure their descendants, "You must become a champion. Go out and witness. You must do more." They will not only come down to you, but to their descendants who are not yet members, directing them to go to a workshop, or to meet a person from the Unification Church. This phenomenon will happen increasingly.

In the wake of the victory of Washington Monument a far more jubilant victory celebration is being held in the spirit world because they have now been liberated. Now they can freely come to the earth and work with you, their own descendants. From this time on, when you go out on your mission you will receive all kinds of spiritual experiences -- visions, speaking in tongues and special dreams. No only you but many people outside our church will experience these things.

We must sway three countries to God; once God can influence at least three nations, the whole world will tumble into His arms. Presently in the spirit world there is a great deal of competition. Because good spirits can descend first, the country which has more good ancestors will be benefited first, directly affecting the destiny of that nation. We are not just mobilizing Christian spirits, but even Jesus himself, as well as Buddha, Confucius and Mohammed. Taking a father's role they will come down to their own followers on earth. Not many people understand these things precisely, but I can clearly testify to them because I am the pioneer who opened the pathway. What I have prophesied has been fulfilled.

In your prayer from this time on you can command the spirit world in the name of the True Parents, and in the name of the Day of the Victory of Heaven. You can insist that your ancestors in the spirit world must come down to cooperate with their descendants and bring them into salvation. They are supposed to obey, and if they do not you can warn them that they are in trouble. You can give a command like this because you are the direct heirs of the true Adam. Spirit world, including the angels, is in the servant position; the sons of Adam have the authority to command those in the spirit world and they must obey you. Even though they lived 1,000 years ago and are your elders many times over, those in spirit world will listen to you.

The important thing is this: once you seek out the help of the spirit world you must be responsible for yourself and your ancestors. If you falter and fall away, your ancestors will be trapped. In that case your children will suffer because they will have to indemnify your failure.

You have one simple mandate from God and from the True Parents: to have absolute unswerving faith. Press forward and work more intensely than in the Washington Monument campaign. Then the power of God and the assistance of your ancestors will come with you. Any amount of spiritual assistance you require will be no problem. You will only prosper.

The Day of the Victory of Heaven
10.4.76, Belvedere

. . . The year 1976 was a year of history-making events. Because of the victory I won in 1976 here in America, the entire spirit world has been liberated and united. They are in jubilant celebration. All the barriers and divisions of the different denominations and religions have been broken down. Spirit world is enthusiastic in welcoming my work. This is why I could proclaim the Day of the Victory of Heaven on October 4, 1976.

Because there have been great divisions in spirit world, and because it is the world of cause, my strategy focused on it. In spirit world there are Buddhists, Moslems, Christians, and people of every other religion, all in their own separate communities. Since my victory here on earth all these barriers have been broken down. This is why I can proclaim the victory of heaven. There are no more boundaries in spirit world, the subject world of cause. Therefore, sooner or later that will be reflected in the object world of the flesh. Then national and religious boundaries here on earth will be broken down. A wave of spiritual assault is now crashing onto the physical world. The entire spirit world is descending not only to the free world, but to the communist world as well.

Spirit world is 100% with us. Therefore spirit world cannot leave anyone alone who comes to oppose my cause unrighteously, but will chastise them. You will see. I have a plan and God has a plan to fill the entire environment with spiritual power. Spirits will come in a first wave, second wave, and third wave. I have prepared wave after wave to assault the earth. This means that you are in Adam and Eve's position, with the entire spirit world in the archangelic position. Are you, Adam, and you, Eve, going to fall behind the spirit world? Are you going to be led by the archangel? Are you fallen Adam and fallen Eve? Are you the one who brought sin to the world, binding God and bringing tragedy to the world, or are you the one to restore all things to God, bringing liberation to God and to me? Which one?

Who Am I
1.23.77, Belvedere

The time has come to unite the spirit world and physical world, finally ending their separation. That will not occur in a smooth, peaceful transition, but through earthshaking events. Why should that be necessary? An extraordinary confrontation will take place, with God exerting all His power to accomplish His will and the satanic powers desperately trying to stop Him. One such dramatic battle took place in Washington D.C. on September 18, 1976.

The age is now dawning in which Satan will no longer have the power to accuse man in the sight of God. The spirit world may blame others, but they cannot blame the Unification Church. Furthermore, the time has come when all the spirit world on the side of goodness will come down and assist our crusade. With that assistance our work will be greatly speeded up. The time has come for the great spiritual leaders of the past, such as Buddha, Confucius, Moses, past Christian saints and Mohammed, to appear before their own disciples, telling them that they must receive the benefit of the Unification Church. . . .

Until now all of spirit world has been divided by many barriers, but the victory of the Washington Monument Rally broke through all those barriers and allowed the spirit world to become one unified world. The spirits there communicate with each other and now know who the central figures are and where the central movement is. They are traveling in their respective channels to break down the barriers between people in the physical world and create a similar unity here as well.

So far there has been no fellowship in the spirit world between East and West, but now that barrier has been broken. The power of absolute, heavenly love has united the two with God at the center. on earth, the Unification Church is bringing the two cultures of East and West into one, intermingling them by international marriage and international gatherings of members working together. In our Unification Church there is no boundary between East and West.

We have laid the foundation for unity on the individual level, family level, tribal, national and world levels. Anything we bind on earth shall be bound in heaven, and anything we loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven. In the future we will take more and more initiative in world affairs, and you will witness how even our most violent opponents will fade away.

The Spirit World and the Physical World
2.6.77, Belvedere

. . . If we had not had the Washington Monument Rally then no matter what else we did well, the spiritual barrier would still be unbroken and no one could penetrate it. If it were still there and then I died for some reason, it would have meant that my mission was left undone. Then, just as Christianity endured much martyrdom when Jesus left the earth, the Unification Church would have passed through the same course of suffering. If the Washington Monument Victory had not been won, there would have been no way for the spirit world to come down permanently and help this fallen world; it could have only come down sporadically. But everything was all done and no barriers are left. I fulfilled the mission, period. Therefore, on the True Parents' birthday in 1977 I declared a new calendar and a new history. . .

This highway is laid all the way from heaven to the dungeons of hell and the entire spirit world can come down all the way to the bottom of this world. Those in spirit world have been given total freedom to go anywhere they want in the fallen world. A new maneuver has begun because spiritually Satan has to confront these good spirits on earth. Spirit world has to be cleansed, and in order to do that they have to harvest goodness. The final separation of good and evil has begun, which is why everything here on earth is being polarized. Schisms are automatically seen wherever our movement is active, as Cain and Abel divide in the churches, academic world, everywhere.

When we confronted the satanic power before 1976, the Cain side always prevailed because of overpowering satanic strength, and because of the spiritual barrier there was no way good could prevail. Since the victory of 1976, however, this barrier has been removed and spirit world can freely come down. The good side is inevitably going to win and increase and not take any more beatings. This is why I told you that this is a year to be bold and strong, a year of marching and leaping forward. Don't be a coward.

The Dividing Peak of Restoration
1.15.78, Belvedere

On February 23, 1977 I declared the beginning of the new age. That was the precise time when Abel's indemnity ended and Cain's indemnity began. If our devotion is greater then the communists' then God will fully work with us. . . .

You must realize that indemnity is transferred now, and that this is not just the time of individual restoration but world restoration, all at once. Until now you sacrificed and lost and gained nothing back, but once the foundation is laid you will never lose anything. Now if you fight more you will reap more.

Before now God could not help you freely because by His doing so you could never win your independence, but now that the foundation has been laid by the True Parents God can endlessly support you without your losing anything. This is the reason why if you work hard you can get so much help from spirit world. Many impossible things can happen now. You have to really know that before you can have any power.

The Age of New Dispensation
5.14.78, London

This November I completed two very important ceremonies. One was conducted to unite all religions centering upon the central religion, not only here on earth, but most importantly in spirit world. The other ceremony was to unite all races centering upon the central race or representative of God. These two ceremonies were for one purpose -- to create one total unified world in spirit world as well as unity here on earth. The road is open now because the spiritual condition has been set to clear away all racial and religious barriers. When you are flying you can go in any direction, and now in the same way you can go in any direction here on earth and gain the victory. Whether people believe in a certain religion or no religion at all doesn't make any difference now; once they discover the truth they can come directly to the central point because spirit world has already demonstrated that oneness.

The spirit world is subject and whatever happens there will be reflected here as the influence of that realm helps to break up the barriers. When we are elevated to the true sonship of God, the rest of the world will be elevated to the status of adopted sons. Since even adopted sons are obedient to God, this is equivalent to restoring the angelic world. Therefore, descending spiritually from heaven will be much easier and the work on earth of those in spirit world is completely possible. In spirit world national boundaries are not recognized any more, and therefore, it will be the same here on earth. In the Unification Church we no longer recognize national or racial barriers because the world is one nation of God and we act on a worldwide level. Adam had three sons, of whom the white race is represented by the third son, the black race by the second son, and the yellow race by the elder son, but altogether they are one family. . .

The ancestors of all races were united with the central race by the ceremony performed in Korea. There have been many religions on earth, but the conditions have now been made to bring them into unity surrounding this central Unification Church religion. All the races have become one centering on the heavenly tribe. The internal unity of religions and external unity of races together make up one total unity. The key word to remember is that all spiritual barriers have been broken down and everyone will be able to go around the world freely. Now more Asians and Europeans can come to America and Americans can go abroad. A great deal of movement will take place in this unified world.

When you move deeply and strongly America will feel the impact. In home churches God can have direct control and spirit world can pass freely. In the past spirit world could only descend for a time, but now they can stay and work continuously. There are no barriers to the movement of spirit world on earth now and everywhere is our home. The declaration of this new concept of home churches is in itself great proof of the victory of God's dispensation.

The Completion Period for the Dispensation
11.12.78, Belvedere

On November 2, 1978 in Korea I held a special ceremony for the events to take place in spirit world and here on earth which completely break down the barriers between religions and between clans and tribes. Since this ceremony, spirit world no longer recognizes the barriers and boundaries between religions and between different surnames like Jones or Smith. Now there is no longer a distinction; it is all one family. These barriers are broken down so that each individual can go freely throughout the entire world without any restrictions. Now it's up to you. You are going to be the one who mobilizes spirit world. You can now command the spirit world to come down here and help the earthly dispensation.

Mainstream of the Dispensation of God
11.19.78, Belvedere

This is the final dispensation here in America and when the pattern of what I have achieved here is expanded it will form the cosmic dispensation. Spiritually speaking, every victory you need has been won. There is no other victory left to obtain; the conquest of spirit world has been accomplished, and now all we have to do is translate the spiritual victory into physical victory. Since this cosmic level of condition has been set, you can go anywhere in the world and there will be no barrier you cannot cross. When we are able to work freely all over the world, the same situation will be seen in the spirit world. Now in the spirit world there is complete freedom of movement through all spheres. The time of disputes between denominations and religions is over.

I want you to become a tribal messiah. Does a heavenly king rule by using his fists and power? A true king rules for eternity by love. Kingdom building has both the spiritual and physical aspect. You doff t have to worry about the spiritual side because I have secured that kingdom. Now I want you to have the opportunity to participate in the physical kingdom building.

Without winning the spiritual victory, no matter how much you do in the physical world Satan will always claim it. But now that I have won the spiritual victory and anchored the foundation, nothing can shake it. In the spiritual kingdom which I have already built no one is idle. All of spirit world is coming down, making a fence to protect us. All the great saints who died many centuries ago and the founders of the great religions are working to shield you and help you win the victory.

Who is on the front line to resist spiritual infiltration? The saints in spirit world are protecting us like the guards who protect a palace, repelling all the spiritual negativity.

The spiritual turning point was marked by the crucial victory in 1976.

Home church can easily be surrounded and protected by the spiritual victory I have won and there is no way it can fail. The spiritual power we can employ for the home church is many thousand times greater than anything the satanic world can mobilize. All you have to do is unite with True Parents' spirit and intent. Make controversy; go ahead and create good trouble. The world is plagued with evil trouble so let us become makers of good trouble.

I came to America to be opposed by the world, and now I want you to go to your home church to be opposed by that mini-world. I have won my home church here in more than 360 homes. Since I came here as sojourner and have finished by home church, I have the right to go back to my hometown. That's why last year I went to Korea and had a special ceremony on November 2 to break down all the remaining barriers in the spirit world, liberating everyone from the barriers of religion and race.

In that ceremony I eliminated the barriers between my tribe and all other tribes of the world. I also broke down the barriers between the Unification Church and all other religions in spirit world. Because of that ceremony the door is wide open, and whether a person believes in some religion or no religion at all doesn't make any difference. There is absolute freedom now and everyone has the opportunity to hit the jackpot. There are no more barriers in spirit world or on earth. That was done by my succeeding in home church. You can declare to the spirit world, "Because our True Parents set the condition there is no longer any barrier between their tribe and our tribe. There is no longer any barrier between the Unification Church and the religions of the world. All good men of conscience in the entire spirit world and here on earth must come forward to participate in the kingdom building. I am here to enlist your support." You can pray that way.

You can also petition God, "You are my Father and I'm your child. I am going out to do home church as a tribal messiah and as your representative. Please send down one regiment of angels to come with me." God will listen to that prayer. The angelic world exists solely to assist the true children of God. So far the angelic world could not come to help very much because you belong to the fallen generation. Now by doing home church you can become the true children of God and before all of heaven and earth you can request the help of legions of angels. In home church we set the condition to liberate the world, the condition that we truly loved mankind. By that condition God will forgive the entire world.

In 1976 we crossed over the final barrier to perfection, leaping into the direct dominion of God.

Home Church and the Completion of the Kingdom of Heaven
1.1.79, World Mission Center

On the foundation of all these victories I have explained I could conduct a special ceremony for the liberation of the spirit world. As long as spirit world was not liberated it was divided into compartments with many, many boundaries, but on November 2, 1978 at Chung Pyung Lake I conducted a special ceremony to break down all those barriers.

Historical View of the Dispensation
9.18.79, Belvedere

1976 saw the culminating victory of heaven and earth and that year Moonies were in the headlines everywhere. I really went on the offensive on April 30, 1973, for 3 1/2 years. On that day America granted me permanent residency here and in the next 3 1/2 years I consummated the worldwide level of restoration. When the battle was won in 1976, it meant that restoration of all past history was consummated. On September 18, 1976, the historical victory was won and then on October 4, I declared the Day of the Victory of Heaven. February 23, 1977 was the declaration of year one of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

The spirit world has been compartmentalized over the ages but the victory of heaven meant that there would be no more barriers. For this purpose I conducted a special ceremony on November 2, 1978 in Korea. After unity was made between Great Britain and America, as subject and object, I entered Korea in 1978, and conducted a special ceremony to demolish all the boundaries in spirit world. Until February 23, 1977, liberation was given only to the religious realms in spirit world. The rest of the spirit world has always been divided up into the many family trees and nationalities. On the foundation of religious unity in spirit world, I could lift all the boundaries between tribes and nations on November 2, 1978. By liberating my tribe and linking the entire world to it, one tribe in heaven was formed.

Now the entire non-religious world can unite, meaning there is no more separation in spirit world. Now the entire spirit world is descending to work on earth as a unified force. By the time the third seven-year course is completed, there shall be no more opposition here on earth.

Once unity was achieved on the spiritual level, the home church dispensation could begin on earth. Since every tribe in spirit world has been liberated, we can now organize the true heavenly tribes. Your home church area is your tribe. Actually we are ahead of schedule; God originally planned that home church would begin in 1981, after the third seven-year course, but because all the debts of the past have been paid, I could advance the time.

What we are talking about is almost like a dream. The home church dispensation does not recognize national boundaries or racial boundaries. You can transform every place you go into a place where the Messiah is no longer needed. Initially you are in the position of messiah, but you can be elevated to the true parents' role. When parents and children are united into one in home church, the Kingdom of Heaven on earth is a reality there.

Territory of Goodness
10.14.79, World Mission Center

True Parents are the foundation of the Unification Church. Our Church family grows as more people come, widening that family domain in spirit world as well. As that passage is increasingly widened, greater numbers of good spirit men can come down to spend time with us. The intense wish of all the billions of spirit men is that the Unification Church can arrive at the culminating point. Suppose Unification Church is accepted on the national level; automatically an equivalent amount of area will be opened up in spirit world. Will opposition increase or decrease at that time?

When the horizontal line is drawn on the world level, the perfect vertical line will come down and all of creation, both spiritual and physical, will be encompassed. . . .

God is comfortably standing on our side. We can project that there is no opposition beyond this horizontal and vertical line on the world level. Our opponents will give up, and automatically we will prosper. Why should this happen? From this point on, the three elements of God, Adam and Eve, and the archangel have a legitimate right to be in the same place. Until this point, these three elements had no guarantee they could stay together; somehow they were separated. According to Divine Principle some vertical relationship is possible, but no horizontal relationship among them was ensured. Once we pass above this horizontal line, however, a new domain of Principle is opened where these three elements can be together, and Satan has no place. He knows this very well.

This sounds easy to explain, but to reach this point took thousands of years of history and all of my life. Now that which has been separated has come back into unity. For the first time we are entering the era of settlement. Until now we have been moving around, but now both the physical and spirit worlds are settling down.

Until now the spirit world could come for periods of time to help, but they could not stay continuously. Since February 22 the spirit world can work continuously with us. Now the vertical line, representing spirit world, and the horizontal line, representing physical world, are united centering on true love and True Parents. We have great hopes for the 34th through the fortieth years, expecting that things will be settled one by one in proper order. The 1990's will be completely different from anything mankind has previously witnessed. At that time, opposing Unification Church will be simply ridiculous.

Declaration of the Ceremony of Unity Between Spirit World and Physical World
3.28.82, Belvedere

The more work we do here in the physical world, the greater will be the spiritual phenomena affecting earth. Spiritual assistance will be equally strong because that realm is like the angelic world, in a position to serve the victorious Adam and Eve. In your home church you will exercise your authority to direct the spirit world to assist you. You are given that authority.

True Couple
5.27.79, World Mission Center

Amazing things will take place. Your ancestors will come and assist you because they themselves are one with you in your position. Just as Jesus' ancestors worked with him, thousands of yours can work horizontally. Even if they were not very religious, as long as they were good people they can share this privilege. This is because the blessing that has been given to you is extended to the realm all around you, to your ancestral community.

Home Church Is My Kingdom of Heaven
1.1.81, World Mission Center

Your position in the home church is that of Adam; the spirit world is in the position of archangel and they are subordinate to you. Therefore, God and the angelic world must come to help you.

Victory of Home Church (Midnight Address)
1.1.82, World Mission Center

One thing you should feel from this sermon is that the time of fulfillment of God's dispensation is drawing very near. Now is the time when the founders of the world's major religions, namely Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha and Confucius, themselves, can be called to work directly on this earthly plane. The foundation has now been laid for this to happen. What kind of work do you think they will be assisting in? Certainly, just as everyone else both on earth and in spirit world, they are called to do home church work and to receive that heavenly certification.

Your ancestors have direct access to you and your inheritance. Therefore, when they assist you in your work they receive their heavenly certificate along with you.

Until this time, your 360-home area was under the dominion of Satan, the chief criminal of the angelic realm. He was able to divide it up according to his desire, with the help of the Cain-type people there. But you are working with the perfected Adam and you have the assistance of the good angels, as well as God Himself. When you go to your area, those good angels will work with you and chase away the evil angels. That kind of confrontation will literally take place. Until now, Satan had the greater strength and advantage over good people on earth. Even after much prayer, tears and indemnity, good people could make Satan retreat for only a short time and in a small way. Now, however, we have not only achieved equal leverage with Satan's power, we have also achieved a dominance over him. You will see the truth of this.

. . . You must deeply realize the importance of doing home church. When you go out to your area, you can command the spirit world, in the name of God and True Parents, to come and help you; and your command will have effect. More and more spiritual phenomena will be occurring in our favor. Soon you will start to hear the crumbling of the walls of that castle of Jericho.

The best foundation for being able to command the spirit world, including all your ancestors, is to follow the direction and example of the True Parents. By doing the things that the parents do, the children become true children in reality as well as in name. The children incorporate the tradition of their parents and then, pass it on to their own children. You should have absolute confidence to proclaim to anyone, "I am proud to be a Moonie." You should never try to evade the issue; when someone persecutes you, demand of him some reason for his attitude. . . .

At this time, we have a direct connection with the highest realms of spirit world. All the great people there, including the founders of the world's major religions, are ready and eager to help in God's work. The direction of my prayers has changed greatly since last week. From now on, I am directly appealing to those highest spiritual realms and they are coming down to participate directly with us. Accordingly, your prayer should change, too. Your prayer can be strong and short, "Heavenly Father, whatever True Parents are planning, let it be done." And you, too, can directly ask spirit world to come and help you with your mission.

Total Completion of the Ideal
2.28.82, Belvedere

At this time, the home church area is in the position of Adam and the spirit world is in the position of archangel. You must connect the two and bring unity. The fall occurred because of a conflict between those two positions, but now, we must bring them into harmony for the purpose of restoration. Your home church is directly connected, of course, with the spirit world because of all the ancestors of the people living there. Since the fall, spirit world and physical world have continually been in conflict, but it is our duty to unite them.

Once you make the foundation in your area, you make it easy for the good spirit world to come freely to the earthly realm. Satan has had a claim on your area, but when you enter it spirit world wants very much to make unity with you, their Abel. The people in your areas are under the impression at this time that Moonies are bad; but they will change their attitude toward you totally once they see how good you really are. In turn, those home church people will pass the word to their own relatives.

From the base of home church you can bring down the good spirit world and drive out all the satanic elements. The satanic realms will become liberated and the heavenly realms will grow wider and wider.

Let Us Protect Ourselves
5.1.82, Belvedere

In order to bring down help from spirit world you must do one thing: demonstrate a spirit of service and more loyalty and piety than anyone else in history. Then your ancestors will come down to your home church area and join with the people there, wanting them to bow down to you. That is how these two worlds will be united and how you can set the condition of having subjugated the entire spirit world and physical world. There is no other way you can gain this condition.

Historical View of the Dispensation
9.18.79, Belvedere

You must experience having such a deep fellowship that you don't want it to end, even when it becomes two or three o'clock in the morning. It should be an experience that people wish could last forever, and if you are truly doing home church out of love then you will surely feel it. When such people come to a family meeting at home church they feel they can breathe, and when they return home they long to be back there again in home church. You are the powerhouse to generate all that.

If you create that kind of atmosphere then certainly God and spirit world will become one with you. When you open your spiritual eyes spirit world will be a living reality to you. If people experience that kind of uplifting love of God in home church then when they go back out on the New York streets they will stare at the familiar sights of cars and buses and feel that a thousand years have passed since they last saw those things. Nothing will look normal.

The Sound of the Bell of the Mind
1.28.79, Belvedere

Your home church members will see visions of me and of you also. When they are open like that then they will live eternally in the same spirit world, and realize they are to live as the same family. Love will open their eyes. You link that to your home church and they will link it to another home church, and yet another, and it will be an unbreakable chain of love which no one, not even God, can cut. This link will be directly sustained by the spirit world.

25th Anniversary of the Unification Church
5.1.79, Belvedere

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