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The Words Of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Historical Perspective

Then I saw heaven opened, and behold, a white horse! He who sat upon it is called Faithful and True, and in righteousness he judges and makes war His eyes are like a flame of fire, and on his head are many diadems; and he has a name inscribed which no one knows, but himself. He is clad in a robe dipped in blood, and the name by which he is called is The Word of God. And the armies of heaven, arrayed in fine linen, white and pure, followed him on white horses. From his mouth issues a sharp sword with which to smite the nations, and he will rule them with a rod of iron; he will tread the wine press of the fury of the wrath of God the Almighty. On his robe and on his thigh he has a name inscribed, King of kings and Lord of lords.

Revelation 19:11-16

Originally I was supposed to fulfill my mission while in my 30's; however, I had to begin all over again because of the rejection of the Christian churches and another 30 years was needed to pay the necessary indemnity Korea was liberated in 1945, and the period up to 1978, two years from now, will represent 33 years of work. This 33-year period is the time to indemnify and completely re-do his course on earth.

At the age of 30, Jesus initiated his public ministry, which lasted three years. My life in America since 1972 is 31/2 years, paralleling Jesus' public ministry. For 30 years I worked in Korea to pay the indemnity for the failure of the Christian churches. On the foundation of that victory I came to America and stage by stage I have been laying the foundation for the worldwide level of restoration.

My first major victory was at Madison Square Garden, September 18, 1974. That represented spiritual victory. In order to bring that American victory back to Asia, I organized the IOWC and we conducted an unprecedented campaign all over Japan and Korea. After the spiritual victory here in America was linked in a physical way to Japan and Korea, I brought it back to America in order to win physical victory on the worldwide level. in short, the spiritual victory went back to Asia, and returned here as a physical victory. I am sure this is somewhat difficult to follow but this has very deep meaning.

Upon returning to America with a condition for physical victory, I commenced a war. Two thousand years ago Jesus' foundation was lost and he could only work defensively. However, a foundation was now laid which allowed me to take the offensive, starting with Yankee Stadium. The final, most dramatic offensive was Washington Monument.

Our victory represents Jesus' intended course of scaling his victory in Israel by going to Rome to make a proclamation there before the Senate. There were several consequences of our victory. First, Jesus' sorrowful heart was vindicated, and because of that, the grieving heart of God was liberated. There have also been many righteous men and martyrs, men of justice whose hearts have been filled with grief and suffering. These people were lifted up too, vindicated and liberated. Finally, my own ardent struggle of 33 years and my own grief were resolved and liberated at Washington Monument.

The Day of the Victory of Heaven
10.4.76, Belvedere

The 40 days' campaign in Washington was equivalent to Jesus Christ's 40 days of ministry after the resurrection. Only after the victory of those 40 days could Jesus ascend into heaven. In the same way I could consummate my physical mission here on earth through the 40 days campaign in Washington, and through winning the victory at the Washington Monument Rally.

The victory of the Washington Monument Rally was the most significant event in human history and God's history. By that victory, the doors of heaven were open and all the barriers were broken down. An intermingling of the waters of life started between the spirit world and the physical world. All the separate compartments were opened up so that the water is circulating. That was the effect brought about by the Washington Monument victory.

The spirit world was liberated; the barriers were broken and they no longer exist. Spirits can now freely come down to the physical world and participate in our physical crusades here on earth. Even if I pass away, the mission will not stop. My mission is consummated; the divine purpose of God has been fulfilled. With this victory, I declared October 4 as the Day of the Victory of Heaven. This was a very special day. On the Day of the Victory of Heaven God truly won His historical war; this is the joy of the earth. There is no question about it.

I am declaring to you that as of today, all the dispensational history of restoration has ended, has been completed; all the conditions of indemnity for history have been met and paid in full. From this moment on, the more opposition we face, the more victories we will win. We will not be harmed or take a beating. Any persecution, suffering, or pressure that the outside world gives us will be returned to us as an equal amount of blessing. It is not indemnity.

This is the new beginning of the new history of God. Therefore, this is the first year of the Kingdom of God, year one of the Kingdom of God.

Today in the Light of Dispensational History
2.23.77, World Mission Center

The Washington Monument Rally represented the peak of persecution and the peak of success as well. Until that time Satan always demanded indemnity of Abel, but after that time God demanded indemnity of Cain. Cain's nature is to want the other person to pay indemnity, but since Abel has won the victory he can now demand indemnity from the angel.

This is why last year I gave the order to go on the offensive. I had never uttered that in my life but starting in 1976 and 1977 I encouraged our leaders to sue the people who were persecuting us -- the New York Times, the deprogrammers and certain government agencies. During the time I was still paying indemnity I never said a word or tried to strike back when opposition came. I kept trying to love our opponents and never moved to oppose them in turn. During that time Abel was struck and beaten mercilessly but now Cain will have to pay indemnity. I ordered all Abels to move forward and have Cain pay indemnity. Now is the time when all the blessings will start to come to the Unification Church. . . .

This is indeed a new era, the new age of indemnity. The harder you work now, the more the Cain world must pay indemnity. England is in peril and we must do something about it. When you appeal sincerely to the people but they do not listen, it is not you who will be hurt but they who must pay indemnity. You know the story of David and the giant Goliath.

On February 23, 1977 I declared the beginning of the new age. That was the precise time when Abel's indemnity ended and Cains indemnity began. if our devotion is greater than the communists' then God will fully work with us. . . .

There is one more reason why this is the age of new dispensation. Since I have fully paved the way of indemnity you too can come back again. It means that after you go through indemnity you can go right back to your family and restore them. This is why New York has already started the home church movement. If Cain and Abel come into perfect unity then the parents can be restored. if you bring your Cain-side family into unity with your Abel-side family then you can restore the family as true parents. After becoming children of True Parents and one with your Cain and Abel families you will have actualized the foundation to restore heaven on the family level. . . .

Since True Parents have already paved the road you can come all the way out of hell as an individual. You won't remain there but will go right back to where you started from and form a connection to increasingly higher and higher levels and finally to the world level. Outwardly the Unification Church is in the world level dispensation. In England also you need to form the pattern of the twelve tribes; once that is realized it will form the unshakable beginning of heaven. No one will be able to undermine it.

Who will lay that foundation? Whoever makes that unity is the ancestor to the true clan and naturally he will find himself representing the nation. Two countries like that will be the ancestors of the world. if you then go beyond the world level, for the first time you will be able to go to the same heaven as the True Parents.

The twelve pearl gates described in the Bible open in all different directions. Now we are at the stage of competing to see which clan and which country will open this way. It is a competitive age on the worldwide scale. This is why each country is competing to see whose country can be restored first . . . . The nation must understand that what we are doing is for its survival . . . .

In the past the best that mankind could hope for was individual salvation, but now we can save races and nations and the world. This is a new age. Again, once this minimum indemnity is done, the painstaking indemnity necessary on Abel's side is finished and the law of indemnity is transferred to Cain. Before this, even though we had a thousand, we would never expect one hundred added on top of it, but now if we have one thousand we can have ten thousand added to it. With this being clear right in front of your eyes, shouldn't you work yourselves to the bone and accumulate every minute of effort possible?

Home church activity should be carried on here in England, just as in America. You have to make your own church in order to accumulate the necessary foundation. in the past the best you could hope for was to be saved individually. You had to detach yourself from Cain because otherwise you would be engulfed by him. Once you are saved, however, you must go right back. That is a vast advancement in restoration. . . .

After realizing these facts you can work harder than any other religious people on this earth. At best they had only a possibility of individual salvation. Now that universal salvation is here don't you think spirit world would dance in spite of itself? That is exactly what is happening. The law of indemnity and numerical formulas work precisely. Now do you have even a vague idea about the age of new dispensation?

The Age of New Dispensation
5.14.78, London

The New Age has dawned. on February 23, 1977 I declared the year one of the Kingdom of God on the foundation of the victory of Washington Monument. Always in history Cain was in the position to attack and Abel received a beating, but from February 23 on, that relationship was turned upside down. After that day I knew victory was ours and I gave the direction to go on the offensive against the Fraser Committee. I never said that we should only defend ourselves, but that we should counterattack. Then Congressman Fraser was on the defensive. He thought he was going to judge us as criminals, but I told our members that we were the judges, not him.

Courtroom trials have always been an arena utilized by Satan, but the time had come for it to be the place where Heaven judged Satan. We took the offensive against the New York Times and Congressman Fraser by suing them and in Japan we sued the major newspaper. In Korea and Britain also we filed suits and each decision so far has been a victory.

The second stage of a providential course is always the most difficult, and in the three years after Washington Monument the second year brought both the full strength of Congressman Fraser's confrontation and his defeat. . . .

The whole world knew about the confrontation between Congressman Fraser and Reverend Moon. The Minneapolis Star tried to help Mr. Fraser's campaign and it ran a four-page article criticizing Reverend Moon and the Unification Church. The Washington papers also supported Mr. Fraser wholeheartedly. Again, everyone felt that Reverend Moon and the Unification Church were finished, that even though we had won the Washington Monument victory we were now defeated. It was a very close race and on election night Mr. Fraser declared his victory. The situation resembled the angel and Jacob wrestling at the ford of Jabbok. it was a tense battle because Jacob was wounded, but still he struggled and in the final moment he defeated the angel. in the final minute Mr. Fraser was defeated. After that victory people became more cautious; after all, Mr. Fraser had brought all kinds of accusations against me, but ultimately he was defeated.

All the Old Testament, New Testament and Completed Testament conditions are fulfilled and now my order is for you to trust me and boldly go out and fight for God and the True Parents. Even when I told Bo Hi Pak to be a David and go fight Goliath, I realized it was not an easy job for that Korean country boy with a flat nose and yellow skin to speak up against the US. Congress. But he obeyed and won and Goliath fell. You are Davids, and no matter how big the Goliath, he will fail if you listen to me.

Congressman Fraser came against us in the name of the U.S. Congress and democracy, but I told Mr. Pak to go out in the name of God. That was David's power as well. When you speak in the name of God the entire universe and spirit world come together with you and you are no longer small. The satanic side has exerted all its pressure against us and hit harder and harder, but now they are surrendering. All these things had their roots in the Washington Monument victory, and without it none of these victories could have been won. . . .

Our weapon against the satanic world is going to be love and the family. The free world has many animal-like families and we have to cleanse their attitude and lift them up. Will they feel animosity when you bring judgment to them? No, because your judgment will be saving them. The time has come for resurrection and home churches are important work. We are going to work in the fundamental unit of the home, bringing the gospel and the cosmic spring there. Now you know that we can bring down the Kingdom of God on earth and it is no longer vague to you. Since we have won spiritually we have declared victory physically and persecution will decrease.

Those who oppose you will pay a great penalty. Do you believe it?

Washington Monument
9.18.78, London

In the sight of God the work of the Fraser committee does not represent one individual alone. It represents the entire secular world, not only the power of the United States but the power of the whole world that opposes God. It is the symbolic enemy of God, a symbolic focal point. In America's history there is no equivalent example of a united government effort to suppress one religious movement. My position is that of one small David going against Goliath on the world level, and by knocking him down in the name of our Heavenly Father his power has been brought down to the ground.

On the foundation of that symbolic victory I am now planting the seeds of home churches wherever I go, in England, Japan, Korea. The root of those home churches is Belvedere. You belong to that root and I would like to connect those home churches of the world to this Belvedere. This is the home church of home churches and you are really in the central current of this age.

The Completion Period for the Dispensation
11.12.78, Belvedere

Do you think I could be opposed any more than I was in 1976? The worst has been overcome. No one said I was defeated at Washington Monument; the world was defeated by one single man. But what did I fight with? With the principle of showing the world true love, of overcoming the force that opposes God. Until that time, no matter how much people criticized me unjustly, I did not do anything against them. I tried to return love to them, and I simply persevered.

God wanted me to bring Him into love, not in a plush, comfortable living room but in the abyss of misery, bearing the cross. That is the point at which God wanted me to bring Him to love the world, showing love at the point of greatest pain. With only a handful of supporters on earth and in the worst possible persecution, I showed true love to the world, love that God could recognize. On this foundation the Day of Victory was proclaimed, four years ago today. Furthermore, on February 22 the next year I declared the beginning of a new era, stating that whoever opposed this established foundation would be the one who received suffering. The more people opposed us, the more ground they would lose and the more we would gain.

Until that time there were walls around the individual, family, clan and so forth. But now the walls are broken down and love is free to travel anywhere on earth. Therefore, many international marriages have taken place and will continue to take place.

At the same time, there have come to exist a family, clan, nation and world surrounding Reverend Moon. With what was it organized? With matching and blessing, the organization of heavenly families. After that there is no valid way in God's sight for anyone to stop me. On that day, Satan signed his defeat and acknowledged my victory. I knew that from that day on the communist world must start to decline, that the year 1978 would be the peak year for communists to flourish, and afterward they would slide down. Because that was settled, the second three seven-year courses could be proclaimed. Without that victory, they could not have been started at the right time.

The Day of the Victory of Heaven
10.4.80, Belvedere

I have made a most important declaration: all the historical debts of the past have been paid. Now the time has come when I can focus completely on building. The time has also come that Mother and I can take some rest. At the outset of this talk I said the Kingdom of Heaven is the place of Sabbath and true peace. No satanic power has any right or condition to claim True Parents' family or the Unification Church movement. We are above their accusation.

The final role the American movement will take in addition to what the True Parents and the Korean and Japanese blessed couples have done is a 2 1/2 year condition by the blessed couples. I want America to go ahead on a global scale and show in front of God and Satan the determination of the American blessed wives to go to the CARP movement for 2 1/2 years. it is the final condition the women are going to undertake in America. If this final condition by the American blessed couples is fulfilled then even if you volunteer for such things there wont be any opportunity. This is the final chance. After that the home church crusade will be wide open and home ministry will be our way of life.

Home Church Is the Base of the Kingdom of Heaven
1.1.80, World Mission Center

Since Satan strove very hard, God had to say to him, "All right, go ahead. Take over the world." But God knew very clearly that according to Principle satanic dominion could not last beyond one full cycle of sixty years. Satan can have from number three to six, or thirty to sixty years. In other words, one complete cycle in the history of communism is finished, and in the next thirty to sixty years it will go in a different direction, forming a smaller cycle. The communists' power will decline in thirty to sixty years' time, but it would happen in an even shorter time if the free world really united together. . .

When I began my tough march toward the goal, I determined that I would go over the hill of sixty years of age successfully. Why sixty years? Because I already knew God's plan and knew that in Divine Principle Satan's reign could not go beyond sixty years, and that his second cycle would begin his decline. Then at that moment I would climb up for the sake of God and humanity. I knew that the glorious, victorious day was coming, so in order to be ready when that day came I wanted to get all kinds of qualifications ahead of time. . . .

Now the completion of one giant cycle of sixty years has finally come. Now I am beginning a new circle, and that circle has no limitation. I can make it as big a circle as possible. it is going in another direction, but instead of stopping it is going to make many big circles, one after another. . .

You joined with me and we are completing the circle of sixty years together. Where are we going down to? We are going down to home church and there we will find even more thrust and firepower. What you will find is that home church is the base for the Kingdom of Heaven. Home church is like a gasoline tank and you are going down to the home church like a fireball. What do you think will happen? The explosion will lift you all the way up, and give you the speed you need to go all the way to heaven in one stroke.

My very special, secret weapon that Satan couldn't find was home church. I prepared it like a secret bomb and now it is complete. The time has come to ignite it. The time has come for the fireball to land. Then home church will become a launching pad to the Kingdom of Heaven. That is why this year's motto is: Home Church Is the Base of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Grateful God's Day
1.1.80, World Mission Center

Today's subject concerns restoration of the homeland and the fatherland. Do you have a homeland? Where is it? Is your homeland the place to which your father and mother are trying to kidnap you? So far in history true men haven't found a homeland. Then how could they have a fatherland? God told Abraham to leave his native land because it was no longer his homeland. In order to give Jacob the name Israel God chased him out of his homeland so he could overcome the danger of his elder brother's wrath. For nearly 2,000 years the Israelites were wanderers all over the world, chased from their homeland. Christianity was driven out of its homeland and went to Rome, where it suffered. Christianity has been wandering around the world. If Christians had truly found a homeland, would they be persecuted and killed? Even Christianity hasn't found a homeland where it is welcome.

Did Jesus have a homeland? He gave up his homeland. He even said to his own mother, "Woman, what have you to do with me?" There was no relationship between them for he didn't call her "mother" but "woman." Jesus never acknowledged his brothers, but said that those who did the will of God were his brothers and sisters. The place where believers are dwelling is not yet the fatherland. . . .

Where is the destination and ultimate homeland of all men? Where can truth dwell in prosperity and be secure? It is a logical conclusion that the Unification Church today is heading toward establishing the heavenly homeland, the mother and father country of the heavenly people. It is our job to build the homeland. . . .

The true land is not a fantasy of our dreams or in spirit world. The homeland and father country is going to be right here on earth where we are going to build one nation. That fatherland is the one place you can call your homeland. However, so far we cannot claim any nation in the name of God. Does God dwell in Washington or Moscow? Our duty is to build the homeland and father country centered upon God. . . .

Satan created his homeland rather than God, and this has expanded onto the worldwide level. Every saint God sent to bring restoration of the homeland and father country posed a great threat to the satanic world and was killed. Therefore, God's people have historically been wandering, searching for and craving truth. Abraham, Jacob, Moses, Jesus and Christianity have all been wanderers. I also have been a wanderer, with no place to really anchor myself yet. . . .

I want you to understand that the true desire of God is to find the homeland. The true desire of the great saints is also to find the homeland and expand it into the true country of God. That's the hope of mankind and all religious people. . . .

Therefore, I want you to understand that at this very moment of human history the entire attention of God is focused upon you. Jesus, the saints, spirit world, all of history and mankind are watching you and what you do.

So far no one has known how to find the homeland. Do you know? Home church will not just make you a messiah to those people but also true parents to them. That is God's goal. If those home church people are really grateful and willing to sacrifice for kingdom-building, then we can talk about expanding into the father country. You shall be superior to any past saint, servant of God or patriot in history. That will be our tradition. . .

We are jumping from one land to another. First we are entering the homeland and then jumping to home country, to home world and home heaven. How would you create the homeland? Home church is the formula by which we can find homeland, father country, home world and home heaven. When you love your home church more than you love anything else under the sun you can unite the entire world. The only way to unity is through love. In the home church you are like a star shining in the darkness. More stars are visible at night, so when God looks down at the world He will see one, two, ten, one hundred, a million lights and soon their light will melt into sunlight. Then God will come down, saying, "Let's have a tour, Reverend Moon, come beside me. Invite all the people you would like." Then I will invite all the heroes and heroines of home church.

Let Us Restore Our Homeland and Fatherland
1.14.79, Belvedere

We know that Satan is occupying the entire world, that there is no place Satan cannot claim as his. A certain part is God's, but Satan also occupies the individual's body and sometimes even his whole mind, and especially the environment. . . .

Satan is the power or influence which exercises satanic dominion. Someone must appear on earth and dispel that power. Who can drive that power out of the environment? The Messiah is to do it. Jesus was supposed to do it, but he could not. When he comes again, the Messiah is to expel all the satans from this world. When Jesus failed to complete that mission, the foundation was lost from this earth, and became like a drifting cloud which never settled down in any one place. Even though it encompassed the entire world, it was only on a spiritual level; there was no solid foundation on earth.

Because Jesus was crucified and had to give his body to Satan, there was no such thing as a Kingdom of Heaven on earth. This is precisely why he must come back on earth in the flesh, to accomplish what was left undone.

What is the Unification Church supposed to do? It must pass on to the world the spiritual Kingdom of Heaven which Jesus accomplished. In order to do that, someone had to go to the spirit world -- standing in the presence of Jesus, God and Satan -- and win the victory, with Satan recognizing that this person won the inheritance from Jesus himself. For this reason, I went to the spirit world and got the inheritance; it was approved by God and Jesus, and even Satan had to endorse it.

Upon that foundation I had to fulfill the same thing on earth. In order to do that, I had to cut off all the claims Satan has had on the physical body and the earth for the past 6,000 years. Through the Unification Church, I had to disconnect all the ties and claims of Satan on the world over the past 6,000 years.

If traditional Christianity had welcomed me instead of opposing me, its spiritual foundation for the realization of God's ideal could have been used as a starting point and been connected directly to the physical foundation. if Christianity had united with this responsibility of the Unification Church, then 6,000 years of indemnity would have been completed. . . .

But the Christian churches failed to unite with the Unification Church, so it has had to hastily organize and re-indemnify the 2,000-year history of Christianity in a period of twenty years.

The timing was exact; all the highlights of indemnity were fulfilled in this country by 1976, which happened to be the bicentennial year. The major conditions of indemnity were accomplished through the great events including Yankee Stadium and Washington Monument. This stood on the foundation of the 200 years that have passed since America's independence.

There was tremendous persecution and opposition, as every kind of organization opposed us during 1976. Because we were successful although we were opposed, we gained a physical victory which qualified us to represent Christianity and the country itself. That was the foundation of victory which established a condition by which the physical victory could be won; it only became a matter of time after that.

At the same time we inherited the spiritual accomplishments, we could begin the new foundation to establish the physical heaven on earth. In other words, from that time on, Satan no longer had any justification for separating the spiritual entity from the physical entity. That also means not only that the spiritual heaven was accomplished, but also that the inner work could begin on the physical foundation of heaven on earth. Both were secured, internal and external.

After securing the mind and the body, we can go one step further, to the environment in which we live. Once the foundation was formed, spiritually and physically, Satan had no justification for accusing me or dividing the foundation I had laid. The next thing we had to do was to push this foundation further out to include our environment. . . .

When we confront Satan he will oppose everything we do in order to knock out this threat. But when we win over the opposition, Satan has to withdraw. Because of my victory, Satan withdrew and had to acknowledge that I won not only the keys to the spiritual heaven, but to the physical heaven as well. This is the reason I can now say that the Kingdom of Heaven is in both the mind and the body.

Then where is Satan now? He has been pushed out to the country, tribe, clan and family levels -- outside the perimeter of mind and body. Even that opposition is not full-scale; now that Satan has suffered defeat, resistance is sporadic and no longer all-out.

But here we can observe that even while I am being persecuted, our Unification family has spread around the world. Though I was persecuted, I was not wiped out, and in addition my family, the blessed couples, and Unification members around the world are well. . . .

This means that opposition was directed towards me not only on the personal level, but also on the family level, and even all the way up to the world level. When the opposition ended, the result was not only my personal victory, but the victory of those connected to me -- the family, the clan (blessed couples), the nation (the church can be considered as the nation), all the way up to the world level. It was a successful completion of the indemnity condition. Satan attacked on every level, and his retreat automatically means that I have won the victory over the world level. In other words, the condition was prepared upon which the world level-not just the country or clan levels-could be restored. . . .

The Unification Church is linked with me, so since my victory was recognized even by Satan, the Unification Church will no longer receive any persecution on the level of mind and body. Still, when we go out to the environment and home church, then we will in fact meet opposition. Satan's limit is now set. He is allowed to go only to the home church level. On the foundation of home church, I have given this entire inheritance to the members. From this time on you are personally working in the home church area representing me.

Home Church Is My Kingdom of Heaven
1.1.81, World Mission Center

Home church has become the Unification Church trademark and is a very special word for us. Do you feel in your hearts that home church is a necessity? Many believers and religious people in history have talked vaguely about heaven without truly knowing how it could be developed. Jesus announced that the kingdom was dwelling in the midst of the people, but even he could not say that it was here on earth. I would like you clearly to know that the pronouncement of home church as a means of establishing the Kingdom of Heaven here on earth is truly an historic event.

Home Church and the Battle of Love
1.7.79, Belvedere

We won a victory at the Washington Monument, but do not be boastful or vain or arrogant. This is the worst thing you can do. Thus far we have fought together in a collective battle, but from now on each individual will fight his own battle to show how worthy he is, so an even greater battle is ahead for each of you. In the collective public crusade we won a great victory, but unless each of you shows himself individually worthy and deserving of God's blessing, unless each of you is individually victorious, your foundation of our public victory is going to be in vain. The era for the collective unified campaign has passed, and from this time on will be the era of individual achievement, in which you must prove your worth in the sight of God. it doesn't matter what city or state you work in. You must emerge as a champion on the universal level and win in that final battle. The blessings from heaven are all packed up and ready to be shipped; now is the era for distribution. You are the ones who must be worthy to receive the package from heaven to distribute. Those of you who have confidence and can pledge yourselves unquestionably as sons and daughters of God, raise your hands. Look at your hands, and at the same time examine your hearts to see whether or not they show the same thing.

I know the spirit world so well. I know its system and organization inside out. At present that world is invisible to you, but the assault of the spirit world upon the physical world is almost like a hurricane or a typhoon. Soon the new heaven and earth will open up in front of you. I know that timetable so clearly. It is coming, and it will bring a new world and a new way of life. When an extreme high pressure point and an extreme low pressure point confront, the impact is great and the result is new form. We might say that an historical typhoon has come to blow in front of the Unification Church, and the high and low pressures will clash and explode, opening up the way for us. That time is not very far away. The spirit world and the physical world are getting closer and closer, and I must lead you and this movement in the right direction.

. . . Today you must set your respective individual goals and pledge your life to bring victory to Heavenly Father. Today is the day to plan your own campaign, your own Washington Rally. Follow in my footsteps, in the tradition I have set, but resolve to move even faster, to go even farther. That should be your determination. Think ahead to 1980, to the end of the third seven-year course, and what kind of victory you will have won by that year. By then the Unification Church will stand upon an invincible foundation. Visualize that day. From now on you don't have to walk each step but can race forward, progressing by leaps and bounds. That's the way our movement will grow from this time on.

So from today you are the representative of God and the representative of the True Parents. You are another Sun Myung Moon. With that dignity and that confidence and that sense of responsibility you can forge ahead, no matter what the difficulties and hardships, knowing there is nothing you cannot shatter and that you will move on to the final glory, the ultimate victory. In my youth I could not win such a victory, because we had not yet prepared the foundation. I could not rejoice as you can today, because we had not yet prepared the environment for such a victory. But the time is ripe for you to win similar victories, if you harbor that same ambition. That you can escape the suffering I endured at your young age gives so much comfort to your True Father.

We successfully consummated that rally, that proclamation, and now history has moved on to another chapter. So from this time on I want you to know that you are my representatives. Each of you is another Reverend Sun Myung Moon. Go out, win the world. Forge ahead to the ultimate goal, giving your life as your investment.

Untitled Address to Conference of U.S. and International Leaders
9.20.76, Belvedere

Brothers and sisters must truly unite so they can share life together. Today I am declaring a new beginning: the leader-centered movement is over, and the member-centered movement is going to begin. Why should it be like that? If the head of the family thinks only about himself, the family is unhappy. Only if he worries about the whole family can they be successful and happy together.

The Unification Church is one family. I am concerned and worried about each one of you, and you should be concerned with each other as brothers and sisters, and together come to parents. What we need now is an environmental Kingdom of Heaven. if you only move in one direction, that is no good. You must move in 360 degrees, in all directions.

My teaching today is this: as much as you love God and True Parents, you should love the world and unite with it. Don't shy away from adverse conditions, or from smelly or ugly brothers and sisters. They are the ones who need you. Willingly participate in the dirty places and make them fragrant. Don't run away from problems, but face them and conquer them. God feels greater joy when He sees that you love each other more than you love Him. Parents want to see their children loving each other more than they love their parents. The 36 couples are the elders of our Church, and this rule applies to them as well. Unless they love the true children and the members more than their own families, they are the enemies of our movement.

Our ultimate goal is Canaan. While we are marching toward Canaan, our supreme duty is to follow orders, but once we enter Canaan we don't live by commands but by love. This is that time. We are arriving now, and we must live in a God-like way. The second three seven-year courses have been announced. in the first 21 years we marched toward Canaan, and in these 21 years we shall live by love.

I am teaching you that you should love one another as much as you love God and True Parents. Then the dwelling of God is with you, and Mother and I shall be with you. Because this day marks the beginning of that new era, I called this the Historical Children's Day.

Historical Children's Day
10.28.81, World Mission Center

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