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The Words Of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

The Value of Home Church

The sun shall be no more your light by day,
Nor for brightness shall the moon give light to you by night;
but the LORD will be your everlasting light, and your days of mourning shall be ended.
Your people shall all be righteous; they shall possess the land for ever,
the shoot of my planting, the work of my hands, that I might be glorified.
The least one shall become a clan, and the smallest one a mighty nation;
I am the LORD; in its time I will hasten it.

Isaiah 60: 19-22

We come to realize, therefore, that we actually have a great privilege in being able to build and live in home churches. We are going back to the garden of Eden and building the structure of God's ideal creation from the very beginning. In God's original concept He wanted Adam and Eve to perfect themselves and create the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, beginning in their own home, multiplying a host of children, and then opening heaven in spirit world. Then all the generations on earth would automatically follow their parents' path to heaven.

Home Church and the Completion of the Kingdom of Heaven
1.1.79, World Mission Center

You must become individuals of true love, multiplying into true love families, tribes, nations, universe and spirit world. This will be wonderful. How can you become true love individuals? I have given you the greatest gift, home church, where you can be resurrected into the realm of true love. There is no greater power than home church, where you can attend True Parents, bring in new brothers and sisters and create the Kingdom of Heaven on the earth.

Victory of Home Church (Morning Address)
1.1.82, World Mission Center

Home church is a far more precious gift from God than becoming heads of state or kings and queens. Once your home church people welcome you wholeheartedly, the entire spirit world will welcome you. Suppose you should drop dead in your home church area. Don't worry, because you are not really dead; you will be resurrected into the highest place in spirit world, where everyone will glorify you. You would like to dwell in the same place in spirit world as I do, wouldn't you? Even though I may be letting you endure suffering at this time, my ultimate plan is to take every one of you with me, arm in arm, to the Kingdom of Heaven. At that time, you will be a true victor. You can take off, non-stop, to the Kingdom of Heaven.

When you declare your victory, following in the footsteps of Rev. Moon, and you ask God to accept you, God will say, "Amen!" In that case, every place is your dwelling place; everything that God and True Parents possess shall be yours, as well. There will be no separation between God, True Parents and yourself. When you go to spirit world, you will encounter the martyrs, whose suffering on earth was much greater than yours. What will qualify you to go to the Kingdom of Heaven before them? Why will you be entitled to go to a place that those people are not? Your one qualification that is superior is that you met the True Parents in your lifetime; and you did this in the realm of home church. Spirit men do not have home church, but you do. This is an incredible blessing, one which is hard to believe.

Victory of Home Church (Midnight Address)
1.1.82, World Mission Center

Unless you are smarter than me, you have to follow my example. This is why I have been going such a difficult, foolish-looking way, and I know that everyone will thank me in the future. This is where you meet God and where you meet the True Parents. What more could home church offer?

When you know this, you can hardly complain that things are difficult. Whoever completes home church is already in the family of the heavenly kingdom, on earth and eternally in spirit world. There is nowhere such a person cannot go. Even after you go to spirit world, you cannot work freely on earth without the foundation of home church. Jesus had to return to earth because he did not have a foundation on earth. But if you have that foundation, you can freely visit.

While you are doing home church, imagine the history you are making of the royal kingdom. There is nothing else to be proud of, either here or in spirit world. I have set an historical record and you will set a record also in home church. That will be your source of pride. Once you are successful your name will be registered in the book of the heavenly kingdom. Do you need home church or not? Can you go to heaven any other way?

Also it will represent your graduation from Unification Church; you won't need Unification Church any more. You should feel that you don't need to have someone looking after you. If you know what you should be doing, why do you need someone giving you direction? If you really carry this out with confidence, it is the same as praying and you will get instant cooperation from God. Certainly you will find God in home church.

Home Church and Myself
12.14.80, Belvedere

Imagine God looking over the four billion people around the world. Imagine Him hand-picking them one by one. Suppose God or the spiritual world hand-picked you and gave you this chance to do the home church providence. Now, I am hand-picking you to do the home church providence! Don't you feel honored? You should be very grateful. You should continue to say, "Yes, God hand-picked me!" How precious it is! Father has walked the entire home church providence and fulfilled and accomplished it. He has had so many experiences; he knows precisely how to do it. Now he is allowing you to inherit the same experiences. You should be all the more grateful. You should be crazy about it.

Through this microphone, everything will be recorded for history. Today, the day after Parents Day of 1980, you are hearing Father's own words and you see him in the chapel of the World Mission Center. You are hearing everything unmistakably clearly. A photographer should come to capture this historical moment. No one has any excuse. Today all of us are hearing clearly about the home church providence. We will keep a record of this most historic day. It is an historic declaration. You will be tremendously blessed just by the mere fact that you attended this meeting.

4.16.80, World Mission Center

I want you to go ahead 24 hours a day, and set the record. That has to be your determination. This kind of treasure is greater than any treasure. It is greater than any diamond. This kind of treasure is even greater than the entire earth. Still you cannot imagine the value that we have here. How many of you really know the value you are going to have in your home church area by representing me? Many may even disregard that value and say, "Well, my family is more important, my Ph.D. is more important, my savings are more important."

In that case, you must repent for one thing. "Father, it is such a beautiful spring, yet I couldn't shed enough tears for your mission." When summer comes, "I want to shed more tears in my home church area. The fact that I couldn't do it in my country makes me so regretful. This autumn I didn't do it enough. Not even in winter. My deepest regret is not having done enough in my home church area. I didn't receive enough persecution every minute of the day."

World Conference
2.25.80, World Mission Center

I worked my whole life to complete the home church foundation. I did it throughout the world, but even though you just do it locally, you can establish the same condition. When I gave you permission to do it, I gave you the most precious present in the whole world, the most important thing I have. Don't think that home church is a passing thing. It is the precious result I worked for.

Our Duty, Our Mission
10.5.80, Belvedere

This is a transitional period: we are entering into a new era, a new plateau and history of faith. Therefore, this is a critical moment for you and God. Last night I spoke to the department heads about the true meaning of home church. Home church is the greatest gift God and True Parents can give mankind. It has never existed before and will not again in the future. When you make this gift yours by fulfilling it, you will definitely become a son or daughter of God. I have prepared this precious gift for you for my entire life of sixty years and now I freely give it to you. You can make it yours in six months. This is an incredible opportunity.

The Importance of Prayer
4.15.79, Belvedere

When you go out to home church, always think that you are escorting God and True Parents to your home church area as your guests. When God walks down the most miserable alley of your home church, what will He think? God's eyes will flood with compassionate tears. How many thousands and thousands of years have passed before home church could emerge? I have spent my entire life in creating home church. The home church system is set up to bring all of mankind into brotherhood. As mankind becomes one brotherhood then the dwelling of parents becomes a reality. Think about that fact when you have your home church; there mankind and the Parents and God are dwelling in one brotherhood. How happy, how wonderful! That is the consummation of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

When God goes back to spirit world, you can go there with Him. You must have a close relationship with God, like a wife following her husband. Then God can never leave you. This is the special pride of the Unification Church which no one else has. We have sought the True Master and we have found the True Master, and we have a practical method of having the True Master dwell with us -- home church.

Seeking the True Master
11.29.81, Belvedere

Your homeland is the place where your parents and true love live, and where there is a longing for true brothers and sisters. There is complete freedom in that homeland. Today it's true we don't have that freedom in the Unification Church. Because we have a mission to complete we are working in a disciplined crusade. Not only you are bound by your mission; I am too. At this time, living within this discipline is freedom and brings substantial tranquility because when you finish the mission you will have the entire homeland and father world at your fingertips. Then you can live and breathe it and enjoy it for eternity

Therefore, home church is infinitely precious. It's almost like landing on the final terminal of God's dispensation. You can't even compare it to Armstrong's landing on the moon because then four billion people on earth watched. But when you land in the home church, all the billions of people of history will be watching from spirit world. You were not anyone special before, but by meeting with me and the Divine Principle, you have become an historical person, a great saint. You can be proud. Is there anything you can't spare for this?

When you open your eyes, you will realize there is nothing more precious. No amount of dollars or diamonds could buy this life and no accumulation of earthly money could equal your worth. Compared to your position in history, the president or monarch of a nation has no honor and appears worthless. You are the universal Moses of the modern day, leading mankind into Canaan as the tribal messiah. Moses didn't even know clearly why he had to do the things he did, but you know because you have the truth.

Let Us Restore Our Homeland and Fatherland
1.14.79, Belvedere

Don't you see that the simplest member is better than the president of Harvard, or the president of a nation? Why then are you powerless? Why is something still unresolved in your brain? Now do you know what you are? You can feel that by doing home church you will be the best leaders of America. Don't you feel that your home church area is too small? You can get a loudspeaker and wake people up with your speaking, and go around America. If you really understand your situation, you would say 360 homes is too few; you would ask for a national or world church.

Persecution and Blessing
5.1.80, Belvedere

I want you to know that the term "home church" is a most precious one. Many, many saints, wise men, prophets and Christian martyrs have waited for the day of home church but they did not have the luxury of seeing it. They did not have anyone to set the highway straight by paying back all the necessary indemnity. There was no way home church could start before I came. Only because I have paid all past debts can we now undertake home church. I want you to know how precious the gift of home church is.

In the future being deprived of the right to do home church would be the worst sentence to pass on anyone, worse than prison or electrocution. The age has come when home church is that precious. Everyone will be so eager to have a territory for home church that if they can't have their own area they will feel they are in the worst hell. Do you clearly know the value of home church? Do you know that in order to establish the foundation of home church God and I have worked desperately hard to pay all the indemnity? Many, many saints and martyrs have shed blood in order to achieve the home church dispensation.

Home Church is the Base of the Kingdom of Heaven
1.1.80, World Mission Center

The worst punishment that could be passed on you by the Unification Church would be depriving you of the right to do home church.

Total Self Re-Evaluation
9.14.80, Belvedere

God's ideal failed to be realized in the garden of Eden and again at the time of Jesus. This is our opportunity to restore those past failures. In order for you to have this home church territory, however, great sacrifices have been made. God, Jews, Christians and all of mankind have been paying terrible indemnity for this home church dispensation even to start, but all their sacrifices shall bring resurrection.

The Birth of Jesus and the Consummation of God's Will
12.24.78, Belvedere

. . . What is the price tag of all this? Actually human history has lasted 800,000 years, not 6,000. For 80,000,000 years the world evolved and the population of the earth has been in the billions. During this time God and mankind together could not raise up even one perfected Adam. How much sacrifice was paid during that time? You have no idea.

God had to restore one Adam; Adam had to restore one Eve, and Eve had to restore Cain and Abel, who then must restore all the tribes of the world. Could they ever figure out how to do it without knowing the Divine Principle? Finally in the 20th century one man was born through whom God has accomplished the restoration of all history, and also through whom the course of home church was given so that everyone has a way to get to heaven. All this was done in one short lifetime. This is an incredible victory! This is so valuable that you couldn't exchange it for the whole planet.

What price tag can you put on that victory? If one person dissents and says he doesn't want to go that route, would the foundation of the Kingdom of Heaven be shaken? Never. If each member has 360 homes, less than two million members could reach all mankind. Later on when people can't find 360 homes nearby, there will be a great movement as they look for an area for themselves. It is such an incredible story that it is hard to believe; you can believe it if you want to, but whether you say yes or no, or good or bad, it doesn't count any more.

Core Love and Indemnity
10.22.81, World Mission Center

This year our motto is "Victory of Home Church." We appreciate home church because it is the result of 6,000 years of religious history. Going through the home church providence enables us to launch ourselves like a rocket back to our source, God. It literally took thousands of years to arrive at the point where we are. If you wanted to, you could spend another 6,000 thousand years retracing the steps of Biblical history, but if someone could guarantee that by going in a certain direction you could get back to God in a shorter time, wouldn't you jump at the chance? This is the value of home church.

The Deep Desire of Our Original Nature
2.14.82, Belvedere

How much do you feel responsible for following my words? I have been using all kinds of analogies and explanations, but how many days during the past week did you go to your home church area? Home church has more meaning and value to your life than anything else; if you don't live up to this responsibility now, you will be judged severely later. Throughout history, religious people have made tremendous sacrifices; millions have been martyred for their belief in God. Because of the cumulative merit of all that sacrifice, home church is now possible.

Total Completion of the Ideal
2.28.82, Belvedere

You are in the position of Adam and Eve. That means that all the sacrifices of history have occurred because of you. Christians were tortured for 400 years for you, for the consummation of your blessing; the attempts to exterminate the Jewish people were for you; the Christians who are suffering and dying under the yoke of communism do so for your perfection the perfection of Adam and Eve.

When we reach the consummation on this kind of foundation, we must turn around and bring liberation to all. Spiritually, we are responsible to liberate our ancestors; physically, we have to liberate our posterity and the present and future generation. You are in the position of bearing the sins of the universe, and you must liquidate them. You are bearing the cross. However, I hope you won' t do it out of duty, but voluntarily, because you want to.

So do you now know the value of home church? You are alive and strong; how can you say you cannot do it? How many of you can say, "I definitely need home church"? Who will say, "Yes, Father, I will do it at once; on July first, I will make a new beginning"? You will spend your honeymoon in home church.

The most important thing is to gain spiritual children. I have told you how to restore your relatives and parents by writing them letters. Write to your physical brothers and sisters, your relatives and friends. Don't dismiss this suggestion lightly and say you tried but had no results.

Blessed Family
6.20.82, Belvedere

When you think about 360 homes really cry and really be serious. How important it is, how sacred it is. You are crossing a bridge between the satanic world and the heavenly world. You become a bridge so that people can go through you; everyone in hell can go through you to the heavenly world. You must understand that Father has spent all of his years and God has spent 6,000 years just to make this bridge between the satanic world and heavenly world so that everyone in the satanic world can cross this bridge and go to heaven. That is exactly what you are doing.

Father Speaks to the Crusade
9.5.78, London

Who is going to break down the barriers in the spirit world? They won't be broken down up there, but only when we do certain things here on earth. The key is on earth, not in the spirit world. The Unification Church is doing this job here on earth, breaking down the barriers between the different compartments of denominations, tribe and race. We do certain things in the dispensation to make this schedule work, and to explain the meaning of home church. When we unite the central religion vertically and unite the tribe horizontally, this unit together will cover the entire earth. Certain indemnity is paid for the sake of the world, in the world microcosm which is home church. God will recognize what you do in your home church system and give it value for the sake of the entire world. Therefore, what you do in the small home church system will have universal value.

Mainstream of the Dispensation of God
11.19.78, Belvedere

If something happens within your home church area it is not just an isolated, local incident. It is literally a world affair and even a universal affair. If someone sprains his ankle in your area, it is as significant as if some prime minister sprained his ankle. The time has come when God's attention is focused upon the small home church areas; those areas are the most important to Him. Just as with the Falklands which is such a tiny place with more sheep than people -- why are the leaders of the world so excited about it? If the United States President loses sleep over the Falkland islands, certainly it is not strange that God would be very excited and interested in home church.

Let Us Protect Ourselves
5.1.82, Belvedere

Home church is the public way. I have given you the best present mankind has ever had. With this weapon and this food, you should never be defeated. Today, jogging is in fashion, and that's good. Like dedicated runners who jog each day, you should jog to home church. You will destroy the walls between individuals and families, the walls white people put up to keep out other races, and you will enable everyone to move back and forth freely.

The Public and Private Way
1.11.81, Belvedere

You have all kinds of people in home church in America, but in Korea every person has black eyes and black hair. Here each person looks different, however. On the other hand, American home church is difficult because of negative public opinion. Furthermore, there is no longer a real American tradition and culture; today people are individualistically oriented. But that's why doing home church is a worthwhile opportunity. Will you just be spectators, or will you do it?

Cross Over the Boundary
6.1.80, Belvedere

You will see much jealousy and even hatred in your home church area, but that is just an expression of love in a wrong direction. It is love, albeit deviated love, so once it is re-directed in the correct way, it will be equally as strong. How good it will be when it is turned around 180 degrees.

Life of Experience in the Realm of Heart
3.15.81, Belvedere

The amazing privilege is that we can do this work together with our loved ones. In the history of God that was never allowed until now. Jesus died on the cross 2,000 years ago a lonely man. Now not only your own husband or wife but your children are with you. The time will come when you will go to restore your parents. That time will be hastened when you do well with your home church members for they are in a position to assist you. You must fulfill the home church of Cain before you go back to your hometown and tackle your Abel home church. Therefore, this is the hope for the salvation of your own tribe. It is unprecedented in history to be able to build the Kingdom of Heaven with your wife or husband, children and parents together. Did such a luxury ever exist in human history? No.

This special privilege is bestowed upon you but if you are just sleeping and don't know anything about it or its value, it will be shattered into pieces. How many Christian clergymen and theologians are seriously studying Unification theology? You have no idea. Soon Korean ministers will come to the United States and try to evangelize for us. A Christian minister from India came to New York, studied Divine Principle and was completely amazed by it. He became a member and now his ambitious goal is to shake the Indian continent. He has that faith and ability. Unless you do it now, you will have to give up your place to those who are coming last.

In Africa there is a special Christian group with five million devotees. If these people become united with me and want to do home church in Africa, the entire population of Africa will not be enough for them because there aren't enough homes for 360 each. Then the Africans will go to Europe, Asia and America. How can you not wake up when you hear this kind of news?

Today is the emergency turning point in the dispensation. People were martyred even for individual salvation, but now you can save the tribe and the nation at one stroke. For this, what would you hold back? Nothing. Is your mind bubbling with enthusiasm? Once we do this, there is no question that America will be revived and see the day of resurrection. The goal of achieving eternal world peace is close at hand.

The Critical Turning Point of the Dispensation of God
12.31.78, Belvedere

Now, when you are young you will visit a great variety of homes and have the precious experience of learning about human beings and human affairs. By associating with many different types of families you can experience many different things which you will then call your own. If you are with a beggar you will be able to relate to him because you have learned what it is to be a beggar. You will treat rich people in certain ways because you understand them. You will understand the working people and the uneducated people because you have associated with them. By going through every kind of experience you can become a harmonizer, bringing people together from every part of life.

Only someone with a wealth of experience can harmonize the nations, the poor and the rich, the learned and the uneducated. I have experienced all these things so I see into your hearts.

The Ones Who Can Receive God's Love
10.1.77, Pasadena. California

The messianic hope is that rope. For thousands of years the Jews waited for that life-line. Christianity has been waiting for 2,000 years. We are all chained to the ground by the world that holds us, so even if we grab the rope there is a chain preventing us from taking off. Our job is to be prepared by cutting the chains so that we are always ready to take off. That is the spiritual victory we must win. . . .

Once every several thousand years the rope passes overhead. The Unification Church is that rope, so we are the ones who grabbed it. It is a once-in-a-million opportunity, so would you just casually grab it with one hand? Or would you bite it and wind it around and around your body and legs so you cant be separated? You all have the rope, so how intensely would you become one with it? You are winding it not only around your body, but around your 360 homes, and even the root of the rope will come down-that is home church.

When you wind the rope around your home church area, you will experience every conceivable type of human affair here on earth, all the sad and joyful stories, tragedies and loves. When you hear all these situations and cover them with the blanket of God's love, it will all be healed. It is truly good fortune that God has given us such a privilege and responsibility

Liquidation and Blessing
5.18.80, Belvedere

Then it doesn't make any difference where you go. You can go to the dungeons of hell and still have spring all around; I will be there with you and God will be there with you and you will never be alone. Spiritually I will take you by the hand and lead you in each direction. That discovery of new value and the sense of permanent love cannot be found in a comfortable classroom. That kind of experience can only be obtained through knocking on the door of the Harlems of this world. By that experience alone can you taste love, which is why I am pushing you out.

The Tradition of the Unification Church
12.11.77, Belvedere

Success hinges upon this one project -- home church. By succeeding here, you have already loved God and the world. You are trying to become the atomic bomb of love, pouring love out in your home church area so much that you totally forget yourself When you hear the word home church you will remember that you suffered for it, but also that this is where you fulfilled and won your own victory. This is the place of hosannas. Since you suffered, the shining glory will be more valuable for you. No one can take away that love because you earned every bit of it through your suffering.

Home Church and the Battle of Love
1.7.79, Belvedere

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