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The Words Of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Liberating God

My grief is beyond healing, my heart is sick within me. Hark, the cry of the daughter of my people from the length and breadth of the land: "Is the LORD not in Zion? Is her King not in her?" "Why have they provoked me to anger with their graven images, and with their foreign idols?" "The harvest is past, the summer is ended, and we are not saved." For the wound of the daughter of my people is my heart wounded, I mourn, and dismay has taken hold on me.

Jeremiah 8: 18-21

Your home church is the altar on which you can vindicate the suffering heart of God. God suffered terribly when Adam betrayed Him, and He was in anguish when the Israelites crucified His son Jesus. God suffers when He sees the entire world come against me, but you are going to vindicate all of this at once in the home church mission. God has tasted many failures in history, but by your victory in your home church God will be able to forget them all. You are going to make God glorious and triumphant.

The Birth of Jesus and the Consummation of God's Will
12.24.78, Belvedere

You should be a small Moon and be loved by everyone in your home church area. Both young and old should be in a position to love you. Once the people love you, you will become a messiah to them and they will follow you to the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. When you are the messiah, those who accept and love you will be accepted by heaven. The home church is the altar upon which to present your offering. The anguished, broken heart of God will be healed when we achieve this goal of home church. When we go over this boundary we can move the rest of the world and become the full moon at that time.

The Critical Turning Point of the Dispensation of God
12.31.78, Belvedere

No one knows the history of restoration better than God because He has worked through every bit of it. The first one to be persecuted and to suffer was God. We want to take after God's heart, but how do we find it? By doing the same things God did in the past. That is how we develop God's heart. Without that heart how could we sit near God in heaven? How could anyone who has not suffered share in the conversation or the life in heaven?

I will gather all the contents of what we have done around the world and we will take off like a missile to the universe. God wants us to escape earth's gravity, and this will happen inevitably through dispensational history. All our work is contributing toward that goal. The altar for that offering is home church. How can the person who never did home church be considered to be a serious student? Home church is the arena in which we will go through all things God has done and said and through which He wants us to inherit His broken heart. In that way you can inherit the true individual, true family, true tribe, true nation, and True Parents. Can you say you don't want to do that?

The Dispensation of Restoration and Myself
4.6.80, Belvedere

Until you overcome Cain the stony path of death remains. You must be a pioneer and shed sweat as a living sacrifice. Until the time that your home church people will shed tears and sweat for you, you must keep going. But when you come that far, then you are liberated, and you can shed tears of hope and happiness. Then God will say, "Amen. You have done it and truly you are my son."

Stony Path of Death
4.27.80, Belvedere

How many of you are going door to door, shedding tears for your people? Have you ever thought that God cannot come to those doorsteps physically and needs you to represent Him? You must feel that you are knocking on the door as a representative of God, gathering your heart and love and everything together, trying to penetrate that door and win the hearts of the people inside. You can feel that heart of God, who has come to this door after many thousands of years' preparation. God has reached that door through you but only after many thousands of years of ordeal. He didn't just come overnight.

When you open the door and the person looks at you, you may feel tears falling down your face, stopping your words. Have you ever visited your homes with that heart? Many of you may feel that you don't want to do this but you must go with tears, truth and love. You must knock on each door equipped with these three things. No matter how evil the person inside the house may be, Satan cannot claim those tears or your truth or your true heart of love. As long as Satan is incapable of doing that you will be a victor.

The Return to Tears
10.16.77, Belvedere

Sometimes you want to cry because this life is difficult, but you will understand how difficult it must have been for God in the past. Once you meet someone good you must love him as God loves him. When you are together you won't want to part from him and will want to stay as long as possible. When you really feel his preciousness you will pour out all your energy and want to do still more for him. When you meet strangers with this heart they are not strangers but seem more like your brothers and sisters. If someone is poorly dressed you want to buy him some clothes, even though you cannot.

We can meet good people everywhere and widen the spectrum of love everywhere we go. God's love is returned to you in proportion to what you do. Whenever you visit a house, think that this is the house of a precious person whom God loves. Don't treat him in a casual way but show your earnest concern and respect and he will ultimately accept you. Then the people will miss you when you are away and will want you to come often. We are distributing love to them, not trying to take something away. The power of love is like a magnet drawing the people to you. . . .

When you live your life that way year after year, you will automatically experience the love of God, which you never want to replace with anything else. Then you will see visions even with your eyes wide open and you will even see me walking in front of you in a substantial way. If you look at something on the wavelength of love, there is nothing you cant understand.

The Burden on Our Shoulders
6.11.78, London

Our task is to overcome the historical indemnity; it is not because we are so terrible, but because we carry the historical cross. This is where we are going now. Though the champion perseveres, he remembers the persecution he received at each level. Finally, he can fight back at evil when he has endured all that. The champion will strike back at evil with the heart of clearing away God's past regrets about His individual, His family, and nation.

Those in the position of the sons and daughters to the Messiah want to indemnify everything that is left in the secular world. We want to do that at an impossible rate, and this is what home church is all about. We will do it with a passionate heart until there is no more opposition.

When there is no more to do in home church, we will shoot straight up to God's heart like a rocket and explode there. How would God feel? He would say, "I don't care if everything explodes; meeting you is what matters." God has been wanting so badly to find the person He can love, and when He sees the one person who remains and comes to Him, that's all that matters. We want to be in the position of saying, "Everything is finished. Hallelujah. Amen." This is where true peace will begin. Amen.

The World of Good and Evil and My Indemnity
9.28.80, Belvedere

If you went to spirit world right now, you would know that what I am saying is absolutely true. People can serve God in many ways; perhaps a great architect might dedicate a beautiful building to God. But when you dedicate yourself to working in your home church area, that is the offering God is most eager to accept at this time. God's greatest pain was at the moment when He lost Adam and Eve through the fall; therefore, God's greatest joy will come when you offer back to Him your home church. By doing home church you are restoring yourself, or the position of Adam and Eve, the angelic world, and all things; and you are offering them back to God. It may seem like a small thing when you are doing home church, but it has the greatest meaning of all to God.

Total Completion of the Ideal
2.28.82, Belvedere

Home church seems to be simple and humble, but this is the only for God to live.

Eternal Happiness
2.25.79, Belvedere

The universe is filled with the electricity of God's love. That circuit is already there, so when you feel that love toward your home church, you are repairing the circuit.

Life of Experience in the Realm of Heart
3.15.81, Belvedere

We are not going to destroy our enemies but will liberate them. We find love by loving them. You will practice this in your home church providence. That is the base of the Kingdom of Heaven. That is where you can learn to bear the burden and taste God's tears and broken heart.

You have your own territory, and as we get bigger we can cover all of New York, then America, the entire world, and the entire spirit world. Finally we will cover God with home church. Home church people will tell God to stay in heaven while they do the work, but He will protest that He wants to be with them. God will shout out, "This is my home. This is my tribe and nation. The fulfillment is complete. Let us dance and sing together."

Ideal Nation of God
2.21.80, World Mission Center

The easiest way to fulfill the home church mission is to go to Africa, to a primitive tribe. It won't take three years; in three or seven months you Will have a beautiful home church. This is why a great movement will begin, from the highest peak to the lowest valley and from the valley to the peak. Establishing a home church would probably be most difficult here in settled, established America. We must begin on this home ground because God needs America, but the era for movement has come and you must be ready for a great migration.

The completion period of the dispensation is at hand. This is my declaration today. This means the beginning of God's liberation, the time when He can say to Satan, "You have been a great opponent of the Kingdom of God, but you will not prevail because my sons and daughters are everywhere. They have been installed as messiahs." When there are millions of messiahs here on earth Satan will not prevail.

I wanted to make this declaration a long time ago, but I could not because the time was not ready. How do you think I feel making this declaration today? The time has come now. I am liberated and I can travel anywhere, enjoying the people and nature in any land. Now I can really appreciate what God has given mankind. You will go to your home church mission because first you must fulfill that mission, but then you will come and join my traveling group. We will have breakfast in New York, lunch in Florida and dinner in Tokyo and our journey will continue until we liberate Moscow.

The Completion Period for the Dispensation
11.12.78, Belvedere

Although many countries have tried to stop me and even now the U.S. government is trying me as a criminal, another realm is very happy and excited. All of good spirit world and the realm of God is very eager to assist me because they understand that I am working to establish and maintain God's freedom, the highest level of goodness. If God Himself were here on earth, He certainly would have been arrested, put on trial and jailed; but once He was able to gain freedom, He would be able to create the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. At that point, God could live happily with His people within a truly happy, free world.

What, then, is the meaning of home church? It is the way to give God an area in which He can dwell according to the way He wishes. it is a place where there is no antagonism against God but everybody wants Him to come and live with them. This was the original plan of God; but because of the fall, all the doors of the world have been closed against Him. Barriers and blockades have been erected.

The original plan was for all people to travel freely within the world and to enjoy total freedom on all levels -- individual, family, etc. Once he left the physical world, each individual was supposed to enter the Kingdom of Heaven in spirit world. This was the original plan but because of the fall, nothing remained except the individual level of freedom. Ultimately the purpose of home church is to shatter the walls which obstruct all the other levels of freedom.

Each individual, as the center of the universe, occupies the position which can liberate God. You are in the center of your family, your society, your nation, and ultimately the entire universe, and you can create the freedom of all those other levels. How can you do that? By doing home church.

if this is the truth, then Satan is really in trouble; he can no longer dominate any part of this world.

Do you really feel home church is the most important thing in your life? Do you consider how important it is to liberate God through doing home church? For the sake of God, there is nothing we cannot do. We can go into the desert and turn it into a garden; once God is dwelling in that desert, it will literally be a heavenly palace.

Certainly every person here wants to gain the love of God. What should you do then to receive that love? It is very simple -- work for the sake of God's freedom and then He will be able to give all of His love to us. We won't have to ask for His love but it will be given automatically. All problems and barriers will be broken through when God's love can flow freely to this earth.

We must win the freedom of God and we must maintain it. How do we actually penetrate all the barriers and the levels between ourselves and God? Is it really possible? How can you penetrate the barriers in spirit world? By doing home church successfully you can create the condition to achieve the breakthrough on all those levels. Home church is incredibly valuable.

If you accomplish only the level of messiah to your home church clan, you can still go to spirit world with the highest level of accomplishment. You will receive credit for having secured and maintained God's freedom. In other words, you will receive the highest level of credit for a much lower level of accomplishment. This is because once that basic level of God's freedom has been established, Satan will have no right to remain in your area. Who moves into your area when Satan moves out? God.

Be confident that you are indeed the tribal messiah, standing on a great foundation. What is our basic purpose? It is first to gain God's freedom and then to protect it and maintain it. At that point, God's original love will be able to pour out on the horizontal level. God's love has certainly always been here, but the world had no physical connection with it. Home church now can serve as that connection. Very quickly the world will be nourished by that love from God; the mood toward peace will grow and the past days of war will disappear.

Let Us Protect Ourselves
5.1.82, Belvedere

The world is a desert. It is such an incredibly evil world; but you found one man who has the secret capacity for perfection. Furthermore, you inherited his entire treasure. You received it free. Your teacher is appealing for you to listen and to understand and fulfill your part. This ambition of Father's is two-fold: first, that you shall receive extraordinary blessing from God; second, that the world will benefit because of you. That is why Father is giving you such exact instructions. That is why he is pouring out his heart in such an extraordinary way.

If you truly know the heart of God and the heart of Father, and you hear this without being brought to tears, you are like a stone; you are not an emotional person. When you walk to your home church area, tears will fill your eyes and streak down your cheeks because you appreciate the privilege and blessing to be able to do it.

This is our path. It is the homecoming. Father has returned home this way. Each of us must feel that we are now following in his footsteps. Each of us must feel that we are going home. We must feel that in the footprints that we make, God Himself can return. We are creating the path for God to return.

You should return to your original home. You will be joyous, dancing and singing. You will find no limit. Once you fulfill, then for the rest of your life you will have nothing much to do. You will rejoice over it. The rest of your entire life will be a celebration. Every day will be a banquet. You will have achieved so much that nothing will diminish. This is lifetime joy.

4.16.80, World Mission Center

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