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The Words Of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

The Base for the Kingdom of God on Earth and Home Church

How much sacrifice has been paid to reach this point in providential history where we could establish the base of the kingdom of God on earth? There has been tremendous sacrifice. So much blood has been shed. So many nations have been destroyed. They just vanished away What was the original desire of all those who have been sacrificed in history? Their ambition was to come into the possession of all of heaven and earth. But sadly, without fulfilling their dreams, they died as sacrifices to open the way for fallen man to be restored. In order to avenge them, and to clear their minds, we are now doing home church. Home church can bring comfort to them. I am the one liberator who can mend their broken spirits and bring them to fulfillment.

I am sure that history will repeat itself in your 360 home area. Many chaotic things will even happen there. You are going to be a target, and people may even try to kill you. But after you flee from danger, you will come back and fight again. You should think, "In the shortest possible time, I am determined to pay indemnity for 360 homes, no matter what. Even if really awful things happen, that would be the chance to pay the indemnity all at once. I welcome it!" Then Satan will appear from the spiritual world to challenge you. He will say, "What?! You're a champion of God? You're even a liberator? Huh! I've never heard such a ridiculous thing." But you keep working hard, and reply, "Yes. I am a liberator. I am a representative of God. My body is His body. I'm the subject of this area, and I'm responsible for these 360 homes. They are my world; they are a microcosm of the entire world. No matter how hostile it may be in the beginning, I will keep coming back, and eventually I shall be welcomed. In the end, people all throughout my 360 home area will welcome me as their messiah."

Therefore, love everyone. Love even the beggar, and the disabled. It doesn't make any difference. The messiah should love everyone. Even if you just bring some glass into your area and hold it up and say, "This is the messiah," let the people believe it. Let the people believe in you.

You should not want to do home church so that you yourself can be liberated. You should do it because you want to liberate 360 homes. It is your own planet earth, your own small planet. Do your absolute best to bring liberation there, and put yourself last. Your 360 homes should receive all the blessings first, and then you can follow them. Think of yourself as a shepherd. Care for the sheep and send them into their dwelling quarters first. Then you can enter and take rest.

There are three levels of ownership in the world. One is public ownership; second is private ownership; and third is heavenly ownership. We should put all we have, both private and public things, under heavenly ownership. A false sense of possession is the worst enemy of man. When you go by heavenly sense, you provide for needs out of the heavenly fund. Even when you give someone a dollar, don't give out of your own pocketbook, but give out of the heavenly fund. You can give the money for whatever material is needed from the heavenly treasure; so the person who receives it is benefited not by me, but by God. The spiritual world will operate through that kind of relationship. And God will reimburse you ten times over.

In conclusion, we must put everything under heavenly ownership. Wipe away all past concepts. We have to live according to such a new concept.

Instructions to International and United States Leaders
11.26.78, Boston

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