The Words of Sun Myung Moon For 1994

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1994 God's Day Addresses And Day Of Victory Of Love Leaders' Meeting Instructions (1/1-2/94)

Perfection is from True Love (2/6/94)

Truly Thank You, All Perfection Is From My True Love (2/6/94)

Yeon Jin Nim's Birthday (2/12/94)

Who Was I? (2/13/94)

Who Was I? (Excerpts 2/13/94)

True Parents and the Creation of the Ideal Family (2/15/94 - excerpt)

True Parents And The Creation Of The Ideal Family (February 15, 1994)

The Time Of Liberation In The Providence And Our Safe Settlement (2/27/94)

The Time Of Liberation In the Providence and Our Safe Settlement (February 27, 1994)

The Focal Point Of Settlement Which God Desires (3/6/94)

Peace and the 21st Century - The Fundamental Principle of True Peace (3/26/94)

Peace and the 21st Century -- The Fundamental Principle of True Peace (March 27, 1994 - Founder's Address pdf)

The Fundamental Principle of True Peace (March 27, 1994 pdf)

The Fundamental Principle of True Peace (March 27, 1994 - Second World Peace Conference of the Federation for World Peace pdf)

The Settlement Of True Love Begins From The Top Central Position (4/17/94)

True Father's Forty Years Of Life Alone (4/24/94)

True Father's Forty Years of Life Alone (Excerpts 4/24/94)

Establishment of a World of True Heart-Centered Culture (5/1/94)

Building a World Imbued with Heart-Centered Culture (May 1, 1994 pdf)

Building a World of Heart-Centered Culture (May 1, 1994 - Address at the Fortieth Anniversary of the Founding of HSA-UWC pdf)

The New Family Pledge (5/8/94)

Directions to Unification Theological Seminary (UTS) Faculty (May 13, 1994 - East Garden, Irvington, NY pdf)

Blessing Is the Key to Perfection of the Ideal Family (June 9, 1994 - Excerpts pdf)

Create Your Ideal Family to Save the World (6/26/94)

The Ideal Family Is The Base For Peace And Unification (7/24/94)

The Time is Right for Godism (7/26/94)

Youth Federation For World Peace (7/26/94)

Youth Federation for World Peace (July 26, 1994 - Co-Founder and Co-Chairperson's Address pdf)

Let Us Realize And Pledge That My Family Is A Representative Family (7/31/94)

My Family Is A Representative Family (7/31/94)

20 Years of Ocean Work (8/1/94)

Unlimited resources from developing the ocean bed (II) (August 16, 1994 - Cheon Seong Gyeong, Book 12: The Pacific Rim Providence, Chapter 1: Sections 1.2 pdf)

God's Word is Alive (October 9, 1994 - Excerpt)

The Dispensation to Gather and Unite 7,000 Ministers (October 9, 1994 - Excerpt)

Adam's Family Is Not Dead (October 9, 1994 - Excerpt)

Jesus' Forty-Day Fast and Prayer and Three Temptations in the Wilderness (October 9, 1994 - Excerpt)

Jacob's Strategy and Esau's Sorrowful Wailing (October 9, 1994 - Excerpt)

Forty-Year Wilderness Course preceding the Worldwide Restoration of Canaan (October 9, 1994 - Excerpt)

Father Addresses Japanese Women (11/3/94)

Explanation Of The Meaning Of The Family Federation For Unification And World Peace (11/23/94)

Find Your True Self (11/23/94)

Find Your True Self (another version 11/23/94)

November Leaders' Meeting (11/23/94)

Who Are The Parents Of Heaven And Earth And The Unified World? (11/27/94)

My Life Of Faith (12/1/94)

Let Us Find Our True Self (12/4/94)

December Leaders' Meeting (12/22/94)

True Father’s words to Second Generation, ages 14-22 (December 24, 1994 - Tyler Hendricks' notes from simultaneous translation (with images of original notes)) pdf)

Total Calculation Or Accounting Of God's Historical Providence (12/25/94)

Accounting Of God's Historical Providence (12/25/94)

Excerpts from the Midnight Speech, January 1, 1995 (1/1/95)

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