The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1995

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We go to Heaven through True Parents (January 1, 1995 - Cheon Seong Gyeong: Book Six, Chapter Three, Section 1.3 pdf)

A Historic Year (January 1, 1995 10:00 A.M. - Sutaek-Ri Training Center, Seoul, Korea pdf)

True Ancestor and True Nation (2/5/95)

True Ancestor And True Nation (Another version 2/5/95)

True Ancestor And True Nation (One more version 2/5/95)

True Ancestor and True Nation (February 5, 1995 - True Parents' Birthday at the World Mission Center, New York, New York pdf)

February Leaders' Conference (2/7/95)

Perfection of the True Self and Safe Settlement of the Family (3/5/95)

Perfection Of The True Self And Safe Settlement Of The Family (another version 3/5/95)

The Sao Paulo Declaration (March 31, 1995 pdf)

The Sao Paulo Declaration (3/31/95)

Sense of heaven and earth (April 1, 1995 pdf)

Soul and spiritual mobilization (April 1, 1995 pdf)

The New Hope Farm Declaration (April 3, 1995 - The First Jardim Declaration pdf)

New Hope Farm Declaration (4/3/95)

The First Jardim Declaration (New Hope Farm Declaration): Absolute Faith, Absolute Love and Absolute Obedience (April 3, 1995 pdf)

Declaration for the Blessed Family (4/7/95)

The 360,000 Blessed Couples (April 7, 1995 - Excerpts pdf)

April Leaders' Meeting (4/11/95)

April Leaders' Meeting (Slightly different version 4/11/95)

April Leaders' Conference (4/17/95)

The Age Of Great Victory In The History Of God's Providence (4/23/95)

Henceforth, We Will Hold Global Blessing Ceremonies Focusing On Japan, America, and Germany (May 1, 1995 - Excerpts pdf)

I'll now pass on to all of you the exercises I did to keep myself alive during my incarceration (May 24, 1995 - Jardim, South America pdf)

The True Family and I - South American Address Given in 16 Countries (6-7/95)

The Purpose of God's Providence of Salvation (June 7, 1995 pdf)

The True Family and I (June 7, 1995 - Brasilia, Brazil pdf)

June Leaders' Meeting (6/9/95)

June Leaders' Meeting (Different version 6/9/95)

Strengthen the Power of your Conscience (6/25/95)

Strengthen The Power Of Your Conscience To Possess The True Love Of God (June 25, 1995 - 19th Annual Unification Theological Seminary Commencement pdf)

July Leaders' Meeting (7/8/95)

Leaders' Meeting at East Garden: Report on True Parents' South American Tour (Peter Kim - July 8, 1995 pdf)

The Time of Youth (7/23/95)

The Time Of Youth (Another version 7/23/95)

The Time of Youth (Another version 7/23/95)

Establishing a World of Moral Principles (August 20, 1995 - Youth Federation for World Peace Korea Rally pdf)

Religion and the Ideal World (8/21/95)

Religion and the Ideal World (August 21, 1995 - Hilton Hotel, Seoul, Korea pdf)

True Knowledge, True Family and World Peace (8/22/95)

True World Peace (8/22-24/95)

True Knowledge, True Family and World Peace (August 22, 1995 - Twentieth International Conference on the Unity of the Sciences and Sixth International Congress of the Professors World Peace Academy pdf)

Media in the Twenty-first Century: Focus, Roles and Responsibilities (August 22, 1995 - Thirteenth World Media Conference pdf)

A Truly Peaceful World (August 23, 1995 pdf)

A Truly Peaceful World (August 23, 1995 - Third World Peace Conference pdf)

The 360,000 Couples International Holy Marriage Blessing - August 25, 1995 (Sunhak Institute of History - Published August 25, 2019 pdf)

Become a Standard-Bearer for Justice (August 27, 1995 - Second World Culture and Sports Festival Hanmadang Games pdf)

I dreaded the coming of August 25, 1995 (August 28, 1995 pdf)

The 360,000 Couples Blessing Is Unprecedented in History (August 30, 1995 Excerpts pdf)

Where Is The Base For The True Ideal? (9/3/95)

Original Family And Blessed Family (10/1/95)

The True Foundation Day For The Nation Of The Unified World (10/3/95)

The spiritual and physical worlds can be completely united (October 5, 1995 Excerpts pdf)

America is the Rome of the Twentieth Century (October 5, 1995 - Cheon Seong Gyeong, Book 12 pdf)

The time has come when I can marry hundreds of thousands of couples and send them out as tribal messiahs to the world (October 29, 1995 Excerpts pdf)

God Is the Incorporeal Subject Partner (October 30, 1995 - Cheon Seong Gyeong, Book 1: True God pdf)

Special with Father times in Kyiv on November 13, 1995 (Maarten Meijer - March 6, 2022 pdf)

Ukrainians and Russians need a good teacher and a good religion (November 14, 1995 pdf)

True Family and I (November through December 1995 - World Speaking Tour)

December Leaders' Conference (12/8/95)

December Leaders' Conference (12/8/95)

We Have To Restore The Original Seed (12/10/95)

Ecumenism in the Americas: Toward One Christian Family Under God (December 13, 1995 - Speech to Christian Clergy pdf)

God's Chest And Our Chest (12/31/95)

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