Unification News for March 1997

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Reverend and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon standing on a balcony on their birthdays, February 11, 1997, in New York, USA. They are formally dressed, wearing flower leis. Rev. Moon's hands are in the air as he sings.

God's Love Partner (Sermon of Reverend Sun Myung Moon)

True Father's Speech to International Blessed Children in Korea (Sermon of Reverend Sun Myung Moon)

A Brief History of True Parents

A Mother's Grief Turns To Joy

A Mother's Impression of Sending a Child to School in Korea

All The Best Friends

An Extraordinary Advertisement

Boxing with Cancer: A Matter of Life and Death

Bright Hope For Bridgeport Hope School

CARP's Absolute Sex Campaign - Frozen But Not Frigid

Children's Book Answers "Where Do Babies Come From?"

Expressions of Faith

Father's Speech in Atlanta Newspaper

In Memoriam Trudi Schenk-Dunser

Moses and Myself as a Providential Person

My Experience as a Student in Korea

Our Children Are Our Inspiration: Families Helping Families

The "Purity Plunge"

The Civil War Over Cultural Values

The North American Leadership 40-Day Workshop A Report and Testimony Dr. Tyler Hendricks

The Phoenix or Rebirth

True Family Values Seminar and Festival at National Headquarters

True Parents' Birthday In New York

Victory Over Drugs 

What The Boston Globe Did Not Want You To Know About Steve Hassan

Tparents Home

Moon Family Page

Unification Library