Articles From the November 1997 Unification News

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Photo of Reverend Sun Myung Moon smiling and giving the "V" for victory sign. He is wearing a suit and tie. Circa 1997

Children's Day Speech (Rev. Moon)

International Leaders Meeting (Rev. Moon)

Super Highway of True Love (Rev. Moon)

True Fatherís Words East Garden (Rev. Moon)

Preparations for the Upcoming Blessing (C. H. Kwak)

Victorious March To RFK (J. H. Pak)

"Spirit Talk" Is On The Air!

A View Of Korean Culture

Blessing Web Sites

Change in New Jersey Unification Community

Chicago Ministers and the Blessing

East Garden Reports

In Memoriam - Izilda Ernestina Withers (Nee Lima) 1945-1997

Modern Times - Part Two

Montana Blessing

Mountain Tigers, Mountain Rabbits

Nature Of God And Man; The Purpose Of Life

Old World Ends, New World Begins

Pure Love Alliance National Summer Tour

Reflection on a 21-Day Condition and PLA

Response to Negative Times-Picayune Article

Secrets for a Successful Marriage

Slow Train to Moscow

The Neutrino and the Blessing Ring

True Family Night in Ukraine

WCSF III Press Conference

WCSF Welcome Letter by DC Mayor

World Culture and Sports Festival III - Schedule Looking for Web Links

Tparents Home

Moon Family Page

Unification Library