The Words of the Yoon Family

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Oriental Thought and Unified Science (Se Won Yoon - November 1972 pdf)

How to be a Successful Spouse (Jung Ro Yoon - July 2, 1999)

Postponement of the 2nd Fishing World Cup (Tae Geun Yoon - September 17, 2003)

2006 Korean Speech Contest (Moonsook Choi Yoon - March 27, 2006)

Lovin’ Life Ministries Spreads the Breaking News in Malaysia (Kevin Yoon and Doug Burton - June 21, 2011 pdf)

5th Fishing World Cup in Spain (Taegeun Yoon - February 5, 2012)

Jeong Ro Yoon: Universal Peace Federation in Korea Launches National Workshop Tour (March 29, 2013 - Translated by Lymhwa Kim pdf)

Launching Ceremony of the “UPF Peace Ambassadors” (Jeong-Ro Yoon - February 21, 2014 pdf)

Universal Peace Federation’s Japan heals Japanese-Korean Relations (Jeung-Rho Yoon and Eiji Tokuno - June 15, 2014 pdf)

UPF Russian Conference (Jeung-Rho Yoon and Jin-Hwa Chung - June 15, 2014 pdf)

Hoon Dok Family church and Heavenly Tribal Messiahship in Mongolia (Chan Wook Yoon - October 10 - 12, 2014 pdf)

Hoon Dok Church activity in Mongolia (Chan Wook Yoon - December 2014 pdf)

The 10th Anniversary of True Parents’ Visit to Mongolia (Chan Wook Yoon - October 16, 2015 pdf)

Married Couples Blessing in Mongolia (Chan Wook Yoon - November 14, 2015 pdf)

Announcement regarding personnel changes - Jung Ro Yoon: Chairman, Hyojeong Forum and Vice-Chairman Segye Times (Sung Il Cho - January 13, 2017 pdf)

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