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The lifework of the Reverend Sun Myung Moon, now in his 88th year, spans a time of dramatic global transformation from the two World Wars, the Cold War and the dawn of a new millennium. Media and historians record the major political, economic and social developments, disasters and crises, but there are other significant developments that are not given serious consideration by contemporaries. This is especially true of visionaries and founders of religious movements. The life and work of Rev. Sun Myung Moon is one such development that is not widely known. In the pages of this website, you will see evidence of the life of a true visionary, learn about his work to create a world of peace and learn about the profound appreciation for his work and vision by a global network of friends, allies and supporters of every religion, race, culture and profession.

Growing up in impoverished, war-ravaged Korea at the beginning of the 20th century, Reverend Moon began his young life desperately questioning why there was so much human suffering. Through a profound relationship with God, he determined to dedicate his life to ending human suffering and creating the ideal world that God originally planned. His life course includes imprisonment in four countries--North Korea, South Korea, Japan and the United States--enduring torture on three occasions and the worldwide persecution and misunderstanding often accorded a new religious movement. Today he is the leader of a worldwide movement with activities in 190 nations, the founder of organizations and institutions in nearly every area of human endeavor and the leader of a major interreligious peace movement.

According to Reverend Moon, this present materialistic age will soon yield to a new age of spirituality, one based on the universal principle of unselfish service to others and a culture of God-centered families where people of all nations, cultures, races and religions will rejoice together. In the following sections, learn about Reverend Moon's life and work of eight decades to bring about this new era.

Reverend Moon's Life

Find out about the life and lifestyle of the man behind these extraordinary accomplishments. Read testimonies about Reverend Moon and his works from distinguished religious leaders, heads of state and scholars.
(More about Rev. Moon's Life)

Reverend Moon's Family

Three Generations Work for Peace: Reverend Moon is joined in his work for world peace by three generations of his exceptional family. Read about Mrs. Hak Jan Han, Reverend Moon’s extraordinary wife of 47 years, and the accomplishments and dedication of his children and grandchildren to the cause of world peace. (More about Rev. Moon's Family)

Reverend Moon's Teachings

The Teachings that are Revolutionizing the World: 
Reverend Moon is a great and prolific teacher- his sermons and spiritual guidance are published in 400 volumes. For the followers of the Family Federation for World Peace, his religious teachings provide the most clear and profound answers to their deepest questions about life. In this section, read a sample sermon, watch webstreamed presentations of Reverend Moon's teachings and read commentary about the Divine Principle from distinguished religious scholars and leaders. (More about Rev. Moon's Teaching)

Reverend Moon's Works

No other religious leader has founded as many organizations, institutions and projects for world peace and the betterment of society.
Both idealistic and practical, Reverend Moon's works encompass all fields of human endeavor including the religious, cultural, educational, scientific and economic. Learn about these works and read commentaries about their effectiveness.
(More about Rev. Moon's Work )

Dr. Hyun Jin Moon speech video
Hyun Jin Preston Moon, son of Reverend Moon, speaks passionately to thousands of international student leaders, challenging them to work for a vision of peace based on the values of family and religious tolerance and reconciliation. Click here to watch him speak on internet TV.

Download MP3 audio of the Divine Principle, the teachings of Rev. Moon, which have transformed the lives of millions around theworld. Click here to listen to or watch these inspiring presentations on internet TV.  

Middle East Peace Initiative

A Jewish Rabbi and Muslim Leader embrace in a Middle East Peace Initiative Event in Jerusalem. How Reverend Moon brings peace among religions and nations. Click here for an internet TV presentation on the Middle East Peace Initiative.
Bering Strait Project

Bering Strait Tunnel Project

Read about The Bering Strait Tunnel Project, Reverend Moon's newest initiative to bring peace and prosperity between North and South, East and West.
Rev. and Mrs Moon

True Love Quotes

"Our ultimate responsibility is to build world peace, but global peace begins in the family. Harmony, peace and happiness within the family begin with a relationship to the Creator, one of children to parent. Thus, the solution to world peace is to rebind the relationship between the Creator and each family." Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Testimonies about Reverend Moon

New Directions for a World in Crisis
The Editor-at-Large of
the Washington Times
Mr. Arnaud de Borchgrave

He Helped to Make Me a Better Human Being
A Political Science Scholar
Dr. Morton A. Kaplan

The Sole Purpose is Peace
A Muslim Woman Leader
Prof. Datin Dr. Rahmah Haji Bujang

In Praise of the Rev. Sun Myung Moon
A Jewish Scholar of Religion
Dr. Richard L. Rubenstein

See How They Love One Another
A Christian Theologian
Dr. Paul R. Swanson

Rev. Sun Myung Moon: A Passionate Pluralist
A Scholar of Religion
Dr. Cromwell Crawford

History Is the Biography of a Few Stout Persons
A Professor of Law
Dr. Nicholas N. Kittrie, KtSJ

Reverend Moon: A Humanist without Parallel in Contemporary History
A Muslim Journalist
Shahjahan Mian

Unchanging Devotion
Since he Rev. Moon was called by God and Jesus, he never looked back.
Here is the poem "Crown of Glory" he wrote when he was 15 years old.

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