Unificationist Witnessing Material

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Why Not? - Unified Family of Berkley, California - 5 versions (Edwin Ang - Beginning circa 1969 pdf)

Dawn of a New Age - Unified Family of Berkley, California - 12 versions (Edwin Ang - Beginning circa 1969 pdf)

Why we are here… The Unification Church - New Life Workshop - Witnessing pamphlet - National witnessing literature (Philip Burley - Circa 1971 pdf)

Full Circle: The Moral Force of Unified Science - Pamphlet published by the Unification Church (Edward Haskell - 1972 pdf)

Application for Membership in The Unification Church (Farley Jones - Circa 1973 pdf)

The D.C. Striders' Greatest Victory - Pamphlet listing 240 D.C. Striders who have college athletic scholarships - Also lists board of directors (Glenda Moody - Circa 1973 pdf)

The Divine Principle Home Study Course - Six volumes that can change your life! - Pamphlet (Neil Salonen - Circa 1974 pdf)

Sun Myung Moon Christian Crusade Presents: Celebration of Life documents Bo Hi Pak - June 27, 1974 pdf

The Truth about the Reverend Sun Myung Moon: An Official Statement by the Unification Church of America (Neil Albert Salonen - Circa 1976 pdf)

Unification Church witnessing pamphlets: Youth helping youth for a better future; Welcome to the Divine Principle Seminar; Unification Principles Videotape viewing guide; Unification Church, who we are (Neil Salonen - Circa 1977 pdf)

A Mother's Point of View - Pamphlet for Parents of Unification Church Members (Peggy Moffitt - Circa 1977 pdf)-

Home Church mail packet for use in witnessing in the New York City area Won Pil Kim - Circa 1979 pdf

Unification Church witnessing pamphlets created by Unification Church USA Headquarters: What is God's favorite color?; Can a prophet be human?; In 1952 this was Reverend Moon's Church; Maybe you've heard about Rev. Moon. But have you ever heard him?; Let his followers speak for themselves (Neil Salonen - Circa 1979 pdf)

The Origin of Matter - Marxism vs. Moonism - Victory Over Communism CARP pamphlet (Kiyoshi Seino - Circa 1980 pdf)

Down Home Inn Witnessing Literature - Sightseers... Backpackers... Travelers... Welcome to New York! - You are invited to our guest seminar - Find out what's happening at the Down Home Inn, A Musical Coffee House in the heart of Manhattan - Open House Din (Neil Salonen - Circa 1980 pdf)

First Annual World Tuna Tournament - Gloucester, Boston, Provincetown Massachusetts (Paul Werner - August 30, 1980 pdf)

CAUSA Flyer: Who knows where the world is headed? Bo Hi Pak - Circa 1984 pdf

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