The Words of the Becker Family

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In Sweden, the churches are like museums without any spiritual atmosphere (Fridhilde Bachle [Becker] - April 4, 1970)

I cannot imagine living without knowing the truth (Friedhilde Bachle [Becker] - May 17, 1970)

The beautiful churches in Stockholm are empty (Friedhilde Bachle [Becker] - June 17, 1970)

I feel that the ice is breaking now and I can take up the proper missionary work (Friedhilde Bachle [Becker] - July 30, 1970)

Satan works most openly, walking around as a "roaring lion" (Friedhilde Bachle [Becker] - August 30. 1970)

I pray every day on the Holy Ground for the restoration of the world (Fridhilde Bachle [Becker] - September 16, 1970)

Report on Sweden at the Second European Conference (Friedhide Bachle [Becker] - October 31 -- November 2, 1970)

With 8 days of fasting I will help to restore this country (Friedhilde Bachle [Becker] - November 30, 1970)

His confidence and His love becomes deeper and deeper (Friedhilde Bachle [Becker] - February 3, 1971)

My Anger against Satan becomes greater (Friedhilde Bachle [Becker] - March 20, 1971)

The translation of the first 6 chapters of the Divine Principles in Swedish have been finished (Friedhilde Bachle [Becker] - May 7, 1971)

We fasted together 10 days and 7 chapters of the Divine Principle have been translated (Friedhilde Bachle [Becker] - June 1, 1971)

Sigrun and I fasted together for 20 days (Friedhilde Blachle [Becker] - July 9, 1971)

We are very grateful for the international meeting (Fridhilde Bachle [Becker] - August 7, 1971)

I went back to my beloved mission field (Friedhilde Bachle [Becker] - October 2, 1971)

Truth is taking its course towards victory! (Friedhilde Bachle [Becker] - October, 21 1971)

We shall try to get more influence in 1972 (Friedhilde Bachle [Becker] - January 1, 1972)

Cosmic springtime has already started through our True Parents (Friedhilde Bachle [Becker] - February 17, 1972 pdf)

Prayers of heart open new ways (Friedhilde Bachle [Becker] - April 22, 1972 pdf)

Our Unification Church was very positively spoken about (Friedhilde Bachle [Becker] - May 18, 1972 pdf)

The manuscript for the Swedish Principle book is ready (Friedhilde Bachle [Becker] - July 31, 1972 pdf)

Swedish Family Report for November 1972 (Friedhilde Bachle [Becker] pdf)

We in Sweden now have Swedish language Divine Principle books (Friedhilde Bachle [Becker] - April 1973 pdf)

The Swedish Family goes witnessing (Friedhilde Bachle [Becker] - May 1973 pdf)

The Swedish Family testified to the activities of our Master and of Unified Family (Fliedhilde Bachle [Becker] - July 1973 pdf)

The government gave our Swedish Family permission to sell books on the street (Friedhilde Bachle [Becker] - August 1973 pdf)

Our Book Stand in Sweden Attracts Passersby (Friedhilde Bachle [Becker] - September 1973 pdf)

More Principle Translated Into Swedish (Friedhilde Bachle [Becker] - October 1973 pdf)

Members from Norway, Sweden, and Denmark meet in Sweden (Friedhilde Bachle [Becker] - November 1973 pdf)

In Sweden, we are proud of the success of the Day of Hope tour in the USA (Friedhilde Bachle [Becker] - January 1974 pdf)

One World Crusade Team Launched (Friedhilde Bachle [Becker] - April 1974 pdf)

Oh! Glorious Eden, Jardim of Delight, in the Beauty of Creation, Let Us All Rejoice! (Robert Becker - February, 1999)

One hour alone with your spouse can completely change your relationship (Kaori Becker - January 16, 2019 pdf)

Let Your Passion Pay the Bills: Start an Experience-Based Business in 30 Days (Kaori Becker - July 19, 2019 pdf)

Our Weekly Check-In as a Couple and how it's Influenced Our Relationship (Kaori Becker - October 17, 2019 pdf)

Unificationist Robert Becker inspired to paint live-streamed National Sunday Service emcee Kaeleigh Moffitt - Activated by how the lighting shaped her face (Demian Dunkley - March 22, 2020 pdf)

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